It had started about half a year ago, the whole friends with benefits thing, Valentines Day actually. The night of Faye's no boys slumber party. Cassie had left, probably for Adam and Melissa left about an hour later because, after the scare with devils spirit, she wanted to go home.

Diana was going to leave to but Faye had said 'What'1s the point in leaving now? You're here so let's watch some fucked up b-list horror movies. 'sides you don't like driving at night, or whatever'

Diana knew she had to get the 'or whatever' part in just to seem like she didn't care.

Diana agree to stay an both girls settled into the basement sofa and began watch some gory movie. Diana wasn't paying any attention to it though and only realized the movie was over when Faye whispered into her ear "Forget about him"

"Who?" Diana had mumbled trying to make out she wasn't thinking about Adam

"Look, I'm trying to forget about Jake and you're trying to forget about Adam, how about we help each other out?"


Faye grinned, leaning forward until her lips were inches away from Diana's "Surprise me"

Diana arched her eyebrow, she would be lying if she said she wasn't intrigued "Really?"

"If you want to. Just someone to be your go to, no feelings involved and trust me I can make you feel great"

"So what? Just a booty call when you're feeling lonely?"

"Exactly. No feeling attached like you do with Adam. Just plain old sinful sex"

"It wouldn't be plain or old with me" Diana said with a grin and Faye was slightly surprised but grinned back.

"I bet it won't be"

"So are you just going to sit there talking or are you going to kiss me?"

Faye smirked, leaning forward and push her lips roughly on to Diana's making her fall back on to the sofa, Faye hovering over the top of her.

It didn't take them long to get used to each other before they know it there clothes were scattered all over the floor.

And that's pretty much how it started. Friends with benefits. Sex with no feelings. And Diana was cool with that for the first few months because for those months she woke up alone every time but then she started waking up with Faye next to her, then she would wake up cuddles up to the girl and then she woke up with Faye running her hands through her hair and everything started to change.

She couldn't give a damn about Adam anymore, he could date Cassie, she didn't care but what she did care about was seeing Faye flirting with the jock or the new boy and she got jealous. She hadn't meant to start to feel something for Faye, of course she hadn't the girl was about as emotionally available as a rock and she knew her heart would be shattered one way or another bit Faye just seems so soft around her, caring even.

She tried to stop seeing the girl but she called every other night asking if he could sneak in or if Diana could sneak out and Diana couldn't say no.

"What is wrong with you?" Faye panted looking down at the half naked girl underneath her.

"Ooh, you care now, huh?"

"Not really, you're just downing the mood"

Diana rolled her eyes lightly pushing Faye off of her and grabbed her shirt, pulling it over her head before fumbling with her jeans "What's your problem?"


"Really? Nothing?"

"That what I said isn't it"

"Hey don't snap at me, I haven't done anything wrong!" Faye snapped hopping off the be and standing square in front of Diana "What's up? Is miss Diana 'uptight' Meade coming back?"

"Fuck off" Diana snapped, striding up to Faye.

"Why are you acting like you hate me?" Faye growled

"Maybe I do hate you? Maybe I hate every single fucking thing about you" Diana was now nose to nose with Faye

Faye smirked, pulling Diana's face towards hers. She had honestly expected the girl to push her off that's how angry she seemed but instead Diana pressed her up against the wall, lifting her up enough so that she could wrap her legs around her waist.

"Angry sex, I like it" Faye breathed when Diana began kissing down her neck.

"Shut up" Diana all but growled biting down on the girls neck and it should of hurt, it would have if it was under any other circumstance but right now, it just turn Faye on more.

"Yes ma'am"

"God, you should get angry more often" Faye panted, falling back onto the pillow. She let her head fall to the side to look at Diana frowning when the girl was on the edge of the bed, pulling her clothes on "Where are you going?"


"You can stay for a while, you know?"

Diana just shook her head and climbed to her feet.

"So what? You're just going to up and leave? After that"

"What do you want me to do? Stay and cuddle up with you only to be kicked out after a half hour?"

"You know what was because my mom came home"

"Yea, once. Not all the other times!"

"Why does it matter? We had a deal, right? Just sex"

"Exactly, that's why I'm leaving"

Diana stood up to leave but Faye reached over and grabbed her wrist "What was that about? You've never been like that before. There has to be something going on"

"Ooh Faye Chamberlain, noticing something about someone who isn't herself, wow" Diana tried to take her hand away from Faye but she just tightened her grip.

"Why are you acting like this? Like it isn't just sex?"

Diana tightened her jaw and yanked her hand away, leaving the room before Faye could stop her. The girl took a deep breath and heading down to her car, groaning when her phone beeped

'what the hell, Di?'

Diana threw her phone onto the passenger seat and drove the short drive to her house. Once she got there she shut off the car and leant her head against the wheel.

Faye probably knew that this wasn't just sex to her anymore so she would probably avoided her. It was probably for the best considering Diana was almost sure she was falling in love with Faye, which was most definitely not a good idea.

Sighing, Diana climbed out of her car and walked towards her house but before she would walk inside a body collided with hers

"Oh, Diana, sorry"

"Cassie? What are you doing here?"

"Just came over to see you. Are you ok?"

"I'm fine, I just need time to think"

"Hey, you're not fine. What's going on?"

Diana sighed "come in" both girls walked into the house and went up to Diana's room.

"So what's going on? You look like you're about to start crying"

"I think I'm in love with someone"

"Wow, really? Who?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you"

"Try me"


"Faye? No seriously, tell me the truth"

"See I said you wouldn't believe me"

Cassie's eyebrows shot up in shock "Seriously? Faye? As in Faye Chamberlain?"

"Yea, I wasn't supposed to be about feels though"

"What are you talking about?"

"You know valentines? We were both upset about Jake and Adam so Faye made a proposal. The we have sex, just sex, no feeling"


"But I couldn't, at first it was fine but then she started acting sweeter and like she actually cared. I just, I couldn't stick around knowing that it meant nothing to her"

"Have you thought about telling her?"

"I think I did. But she just let me leave, didn't even run after me"

"Maybe she's just as scared as you are"

"I doubt it. It's Faye we're talking about"

"Just give it time ok? I've gotta go, my grandma wants me home but text me if you need me to come over later ok?"

"Thank you but I think I'll be ok"

Cassie nodded " Faye isn't the bad girl she makes herself out to be, not ever she can have sex with someone for half a year without at least feeling something"

"I hope you're right" Diana mumbled, letting Cassie quickly hug her.

"I will be, I've gotta go. See you at school tomorrow"

Diana let herself fall on to the bed, burying her head into the pillow. How could she of fallen in love with Faye? She knew how, there was a lot of reason to fall in love with her but not many people got to see the side of Faye that Diana had the past few months. No one got to see the kind of caring not so bitchy Faye apart from Diana and, on occasion, Melissa.

Diana let her eyes droop closed, she was up all night with Faye last night here was no point in fighting it.

When Diana finally woke up it was dark out side an it wasn't to her own accord. The girl reached over to her phone that had Cassie's name across it but it also said three am

'come down to your door, it's important'

Diana groaned, wondering what kind of mess she got herself into this time. She slumped downstairs and opening the door, frowning when Faye stood there "you aren't Cassie"

"Ooh, what a disappointment" Faye mumbled sarcastically.

"Seriously where's Cass..." Diana stopped when Faye help up Cassie's phone "You stole her phone?"

"Well I know you wouldn't come down if it was mine"

"I'm not doing this tonight Faye, go find yourself another booty call" Diana mumbled, trying to close the door but Faye put her feet over the threshold

"I'm not here for sex"

"Then what do you want Faye?" Diana groaned sounding a little exasperated.

Faye took a breath "to give you this" Faye pulled out a lily from behind her back "I know it's your favorite"

"What's this for?" Diana asked, taking the flower from Faye, trying to figure out what possible angle the girl was working.

"Read the card" Faye pointed towards the little white card on the stem

'I love you. Will you go to the movies with me... Or whatever'

Diana laughed at how Faye has somehow manage to seem a little charming and still include 'or whatever'

"No games?"

Faye shook her head "No games. What happened this morning, it made me realized that maybe, just maybe, you felt it to. I did try and come after you but by the time I wasn't, you know, naked you'd left. Then I had to think and I talked to Cassie. I know, Cassie! But she just told me to get my act together and apparently she'd seen me stare at you in circle meetings, or whatever" Diana looked at Faye, she'd never seen the girl be so open and, to be honest, totally venerable "I mean it, ok? At first it was just about sex and forgetting Jake but after a few weeks Jake was never on my mind, it was always you. And at first I thought it was just because you wore those dresses that made your legs look awesome but it wasn't just sexual thoughts going through my mind it was crap like 'what would Diana like for dinner' 'I should probably go to this stupid circle meeting because Diana will be mad if I don't'" Faye licked her lips slightly, stepping forward so that she was toe to toe with Diana. She moved a strand of hair behind the girls ear before mumbled "'Diana has the most amazing eyes I've ever seen'"

"You can't just change your mind about all of this tomorrow, Faye. So if you think you might, please, just leave"

"I'm not going to. I'm sure about this, just like I'm sure you're amazing in the sack"

"How can you still seem a little charming even when you say things like that"

"Because I'm being romantic, or whatever"

"Or whatever"

"Yea or whatever"

Diana grinned "You want to come in?"

Faye shook her head "I'm doing this properly. Dinner, a movie, walk you home, kiss you on your door step the whole load of fucking clichés"

"Seriously? We've been sleeping together for the past six months"

"Yea, but let's start again"

"Start again?"

Faye nodded "Hi, my friends call me Faye but you can call me whenever you like"

Diana laughed "That was the worst"

"Ooh yea, you think you can do betterMeade?"

"I lost my teddy, can I sleep with you tonight" Diana ran her finger tips lightly down the side of Faye's face before wrapping her arms around her neck.

"Clearly both of us lack some serious game"

"Are you going to come in or what? Just sleeping. I promise. I just don't want you driving home in the dark"

"Sure I'll come on but just sleeping. No funny business" Faye warned pointing at Diana as she walked into the house.

Diana held up her hands in defense "No funny business"


"Faye? Isn't it a little late to be having friends over?" Diana's dad mumbled sleepily making both girls jump

"Uh, yea. But we have to work on, uh..."

"A school project" Faye finished, gaining a glare from Diana.

"You know what? I don't want to know just don't, you know, kill anyone"

Diana just nodded pushing Faye into her room "A school project, really?"

"What? He bought it didn't he? 'sides my brain was to focused on getting you in here" Faye wrapped her arms lightly around Diana's neck

"Hum, what happened to 'no funny business'?"

"Who said that?"

"Uh, I'm pretty sure you did Miss Chamberlain"

"Don't know what you're talking about"

"I bet you don't"

Faye smiled, running her hands through Diana's hair and whispered "Cliché is over rated"

"it is" Diana began guiding Faye backwards towards the bed "How about we stick to out prior arrangement but this time, it's more than just sex"

"But you'll still go on a date with me? To the movies?"

"Or whatever" Diana mumbled and Faye smirked.

"Or whatever" she said back just as her knees hit the bed making her fall back onto the bed, Diana hovering over her.

"I love you, too. By the way"

"I know"

"Ah, there's the Faye I know"

Faye smiled, pressing her lips on Diana's cheek "We should sleep, it like half past three and we have school tomorrow"

"Faye Chamberlain turning down sex? Are you feeling ok?" Diana teased, placing her plan over Faye's head.

"Funny, but like I said, it's not just about sex anymore"

Diana nodded "Let's sleep" Diana crawled of off Faye and climbed up the bed to rest her head on the pillow.

Faye smiled, also climbing up the bed and falling down next to Diana "I'm sorry" the girl mumbled, linking her hand with Diana's.

"For what?"

"Not telling you sooner. I mean I knew I was falling in love with you a month after we started sleeping together. I should of told you"

"It's fine, Faye. I should have told you how I felt too"

"I will try. I won't be the perfect girlfriend like Adam, though I will let you use my eyeliner, which I doubt he did. Anyway I won't be perfect but I will try to be, I..."

"Faye stop. You don't have to prove yourself to me, I don't want you to be perfect. I like you the way you are and you're right. Adam didn't let me use his eyeliner"

Faye chuckled "Not shocking, really. That dude has a problem"

"What about tomorrow?"

"I reckon he'll still have a problem then to"

"No, us. What about us tomorrow?"

"What, you mean are we going to hold hands and making out against the lockers? Hopefully"

"So you don't mind? The fact people will be staring at us, taking about us"

Faye shrugged "I'll be making out with you against a locker, I won't ever realized people are staring"

"Ah right, of course"

"No but seriously, who cares what people say, right? Just as long as Adam stays away"

"He's dating Cassie"

"Pft, that dude doesn't know what or who he wants"

"I don't want Adam, why would I When you're going to share your eyeliner with me"

"Ah, I get it. Using me for my eyeliner I see where I stand now"

"No, not just your eyeliner" Faye arched an eyebrow and Diana wrapped her arm around the girls waist pulling her closer "Your abs are also a bonus" Diana dragged her nails lightly down Faye's abs before turning her back to her "Night"

"You're a tease Diana Meade!" Faye mumbled into the girls ear, wrapping her arms around Diana's waist and pressed her front flush against her back.

Diana just hummed, settling farther in to Faye's front.

"Goodnight" Faye pressed a kiss just below Diana's ear before settling into her pillow