Two months, that's how long they'd been officially dating for and it still pissed Adam off.

Not that that was all Faye cared about but it just added extra pleasure to see him glaring at her.

"Still, after two months, you enjoy this?" Diana asked, smiling up at Faye who was leaning over her, her forearm pressed against the locker above her head and the other hand on her hip.

"What are you saying you don't enjoy it?"

"I didn't say that, I just thought you would get bored of it"

"Nope, never" Faye smiled, leaning down to kiss Diana when Melissa and Adam appeared next to them "What do you want, eyeliner?"

Adam just rolled his eyes, looking from Faye to Diana and Melissa just grinned at Faye's protectiveness "Are you both coming to the meeting tonight?" Adam asked, his eyes not moving from Diana.

"Well we're there every week, aren't we?" Faye growled, moving closer to Diana

"It's just we have to try and figure out who this second Blackwell child is"

"We'll be there!"

Adam nodded "Do you want to head to Biology?"

Diana nodded, pulling the collar of Faye's jacket until the girls lips smashed off of hers making Faye squeak slightly "I'll see you at lunch" Diana grinned, pecking Faye on the cheek before heading off to class.

"Well well, I never thought I would see that look on Faye chamberlains face"

"What are you talking about?" Faye mumbled, still feeling a little dazed.

"The 'holly crap I can't believe that girl is mine' look" Melissa grabbed Faye and began dragging her towards math.

"I dont have that look on my face"

"Yes you do. But at least Diana hasn't turned you soft"

"Psh, no one turns Faye Chamberlain soft!"

Faye was sitting in her basement watching tv, it was torrential rain outside, probably a storm. Faye could hear it all the way in the basement and this place had no windows.

Faye sighed when there was a knock on the front door "Mom, are you going to get that?!" a few knocks later Faye realized she wasn't "Mom?" Faye called walking up stairs and towards the door, apparently her mom had gone out without telling her. Considerate.

Faye opened the door and before she could even register who it was a pair of arms wrapped around her neck and a drenched body slammed into hers.

It didn't take long for Faye to realize who it was, she'd woken up to that scent countless times before.

"Diana? Baby you're shaking, what's wrong?" Diana didn't say anything she just held tighter on to Faye's neck "Diana you're soaked through. What were you even doing out at this time!" Faye pulled Diana into the house and closed the door, pulling her sweater over her head and then pulling Diana's shirt off "Put this on" Faye pulled the sweater over Diana's head before looking at the girl "Diana, talk to me. Say something, anything"

"It's me"

Faye frowned, realizing that the girl had been crying "Come on" Faye grabbed a hold of Diana's hand, dragging her down to the basement before yanking her sweats off and wrapping her in the duvet "Ok, Diana talk to me. What's you? What's going on"

Diana frowned a little, staring blankly at Faye's hands that had grabbed on to hers "I'm evil"

It took Faye about half a minute but everything clicked together "You're Cassie's sister?"

Dianas lip twitched upwards slightly, looking up from their joined hands "Out of everything that's what you're upset about?"

"You're Cassie's sister" Faye said, scrunching up her face a little "Little miss not so innocent is your baby sister"

"That's not exactly what I'm worried about" Diana said chuckling slightly.

"Then what are you worried about?"Faye asked, scooting closer to Diana and wrapped her arms around her shoulders.

Diana sighed, leaning her damp head on Faye's chest "I'm a Blackwell"

"You are. So? The only bad thing I can this of is being Cassie's sister"

"I'm evil, Faye!"

"What?" Faye looking down at Diana who was focused on her fingers that were running circles on Faye's arm "Diana look at me" Diana looked up at Faye through her eyelashes "Do you really believe that? That you're evil?"

"I'm a Blackwell. A Blacoin. It's in my blood to be evil"

"Di, a puppy has move evil in its blood then you do" Faye put her finger under Diana's chin and pushed her head up to look at her "You are not evil, ok? Nothing about you is evil and that's not going to change. Cassie has always had that thing about her, the potential to just snap, you know? But you, you couldn't be evil, not with that smile"

Diana smiled, letting her head fall back onto Faye's chest "You have no idea how much I love you"

"And that's another reason you couldn't be evil" Faye mumbled into Diana's damp hair "Evil people don't do love"

"Cassie loves Adam"

"No they were 'written in the stars' that's different. Hearing something like that can make you feel like you're in love with someone"

"what if you got told something like that about us?"

"It wouldn't matter, I already know I'm in love with you" Faye ran her hands through Diana's hair "When did you find out?"

"Not long before I came over here. I didnt- I couldn't..."

"Diana calm down, it's ok"

Diana nodded "I couldn't deal with it on my own. I needed you" Diana whispered out the last part making Faye tighten her grip on her.

"And I'm here, I'll always be here"

"Even if I do end up evil"

"I wouldn't let that happen"

"You wouldn't be able to stop it"

Faye shifted so that she could lay down with Diana in between her and he back of the sofa "I would. I would do anything, die before i saw you turn evil" Faye whispered, running her hands through Diana's hair.

"Don't say that"

"It's the truth. But I know it wouldn't come to that"

"I hope not"

"I love you, don't you ever forget that, ok?"

"I didn't know you were such a softy" Diana mumbled letting her forehead rest against Faye's shoulder.

"Only for you, beautiful" Faye whispered into Diana's hair before kissing the top of her head "You should get some sleep"

"What were you doing before I came over?"

"Just watching tv. I was really bored actually, I was going to drive over to your house but I know you would of went all kinda of kung fu on my ass for driving in a storm"

"You're so whipped"

"And, strangely, that doesn't bother me"

"I love you"

"And I love you"

Faye stretched, reaching out to grab onto Diana, frowning when she wasn't there "Di?" Faye mumbled sleepily, looking around the room getting up when the other girl wasn't there.

Faye headed up stairs, noticing the girl sitting in front of the fire with her legs brought up to her chest.

Faye frowned, sitting down behind Diana and wrapped her arms around the girls waist. Diana automatically settled back into Faye, resting her head back on Faye's shoulder "Baby, what's the matter?" Faye whispered into Diana's ear before placing a kiss under her ear.

"Couldn't sleep"

Faye sighed, resting her forehead on Diana's shoulder "You aren't evil, Di"

"That's not what it is"

"Then what's going through that head of yours"

"My dad isn't my dad"

Faye frowned, she hadn't even thought about that "He is"

"Haven't you been listening? I'm John blackwells daughter"

"Yea, sure he's your biological dad but Charles brought you up. He might not be your biological father but he's been there since you were born"

"That doesn't mean anything"

"Of course it does! Any idiot can have a kid but you have to earn the title 'dad' and Charles did. I don't know if he knew you weren't his or not but he's been there for seventeen years, and he's been your dad for that long, why does this change that?"

"I'm just confused"

"I know you are but this isn't Charles' fault and it isn't yours either" Diana sighed, turning to look at Faye. Faye smiled a little, pushing some hair behind Diana's ears "You're so beautiful" Faye mumbled looking deep into Diana's eyes "And I love you so much"

"I love you too"

"You wanna stay up here for a bit? Just chill in front of the fire"

"You have marshmallows?" Diana asked and Faye smiled, kissing the girl lightly on the nose.

"I like your thinking. Be back in a second" Faye jumped to her feet and walked into the kitchen grabbing a bag of marshmallows and two long knifes before walking back into the living room.

"Come lay down with me then" Faye lied down as close to the fire as she could with getting to hot and pulled Diana down next to her before handing her one of the knives.

"I've never done this before"

"Really? Well I'm glad to be your first time"

"You have no idea how much easier you're making this for me"

"That's what I'm here for right? To make you feel better"

"What about tomorrow?"

"We don't have to go to school of you don't want to but I think you should tell the rest of the circle about you being the Blackwell child"

Diana nodded, pulling her s'more out of the fire and picking at it with her fingers.

"Just don't start spending sisterly time with Cassie? I already wanna rip that not so innocent little head off but if she steals you away I will go all kinds of kung fu on her"

"Like anyone can replace you"

"And just you remember that" Faye smiled, dropping a kiss on Diana's nose "I love you"

Diana smiled. There was a soft side to Faye that she only saw but this was a whole different level of softness from the other girl "I love you"

Faye grinned, pressing her nose against Diana's cheek before pecking her on the cheek " If anything ever get to much you come over here ok? And if it's me that's getting to much then, as much as it would kill me, go to Adam or Cassie"

"Why would it be you who gets to much?" Diana asked, resting you head against Faye's and looking into the older girls eyes. Diana frowned when Faye didn't saying thing and just looked over into her eyes "Say something?"

"Sorry, your eyes just distract me. Especially now, with the fire and all. That was always my favorite part about you, your eyes"

"And here was me thinking that I would have been my legs or something"

"Oh, no, you have banging legs but it's always been your eyes for me"

Diana smiled a slightly dopy smile. Faye had a way of turning her brain to complete mush "You wanna go to bed?"

"Do you? Because I would be more than happy just to lay here" Faye pushed Diana's hair back behind her ears and rested her hand against her cheek "Just talking"

"I know you would but I feel like I've done enough talking for one night"

"Race you upstairs?"

"You're on" Diana grinning, hopping to her feet and taking off up the stairs.

"That was cheating!" Faye called, rushing up after the girl and reached out of her when they got to her room but before she could get a grip on her the door slammed closed and she was pressed back lightly against the door without Diana even touching her "Solo magic? Hot"

Diana smirked, pressing her palms on the door either side of Faye's head.

"What else can you do?"

Diana just shrugged and without moving Faye's shirt was ripped clean off of her back.

Smirking, Faye put her hands on Diana's cheeks "God, I love you" she whispered, pushing herself away from the door and taking Diana's bottom lip between hers.

"Faye?" a voice called as the front door slammed closes.

"Fucking really mom?" Faye hissed, leaning her head against Diana's who just grinned.

"Faye? Why was the front door unlocked?"

"Get ready for bed, I'll go deal with her" Faye said, kissing Diana's top lip before pulling a spare hoodie over her head "Diana stopped by, she was upset but everything cool now"

"Is she spending the night?"

"Yup. We're just going to bed"

"Ok, behave"

"Whatever" Faye mumbled, jogging back upstairs.

"Everything ok?"

"Fine" Faye sighed, falling down on the bed next to Diana "What a cockblock" she mumbled into her pillow making Diana laugh.

"My dad is going out tomorrow, we can spend the night there ok?" Faye lifted her face of the pillow and smiled at Diana "What?"

"You called him your dad"

"Well he is. You were right"

"Aren't I always?"

"Arrogant" Diana mumbled, pulling the covers up over both of them before running her fingertips under Faye's hoodie, gliding them up and down the skin on her back.

Faye smiled, resting her cheek against the pillow and looking up at Diana "Do you want kids?"

That question threw Diana a bit. She wasn't used to Faye talking about their future "Yea but not my kids they would have to be yours"

Faye smiled at the answer "Why?"

"I want to draw a line under this Blackwell stuff. I don't want my kid to have black magic"

Faye nodded "Not until we're at least twenty five though, so don't go getting me pregnant"

"Wouldn't dream of it"

Faye reached out, wrapping on arm around Diana's shoulders and pulled her down to lay down next to her "Let's get some sleep, love" she said, kissing Diana's head.

"You'll be here when I wake up?"

"Of course. I sleep longer than you do"

"I love you"

"I love you to"