"Hey fag… in a nice way." Spencer mocked .Brendon whipped his head up and gave spencer a piercing glare, only to return to cradling his head in his knees in depression. Spencer sat next to Brendon and nudged him in comfort. When Brendon didn't lift his head spencer decided to put on a serious tone.
"Who's the new Ryan in your life then?"
Brendon thought to tell him but realised he didn't actually know his name.
"I … didn't actually know" there was a sullen pause
"Oh wait! I know their band was called we are in the crowd or something?"
Brendon felt a sudden excitement as he remembered at least that much. Spencer looked confused and suddenly realised what he meant. "The tall one!?" Spencer exclaimed.
"Yeah?" Brendon said waiting for what spencer was going to say next.
"You mean Jordan?" he asked, amused.
"I don't know … do I?" Brendon said slightly frustrated.
"Yes, yes you do!" spencer exclaimed jumping up in excitement.
Both Brendon and spencer were standing staring at each other with anticipation.
"Where's their trailer?" Brendon asked.
"Down there" spencer said, pointing to a tour van .
"Ok I think I'm going to go down there."
"What? No Brendon-"
"I want to"
"What are you even going to say?"
"I don't know I'll figure out something – I always do"
"Try not to –"
"BYE SPENCEE" Brendon said as he turned away and rushed off into the night.

Brendon knocked on the door of the trailer, only realising that he really did have no idea of what to say.
"Oh hey Jordan…" he said as tay opened the door "I mean can I, um, see Jordan " he said nervously.
"Ummm suree" Tay replied slightly confused
"Jordaaann" she shouted "Brendon Urie is here to see you"
"Oh hey "Jordan said rushing towards the door as tay walked away from the awkward situation.
"Um hi, sorry I couldn't um, hang earlier, I was sweating like crazy" Brendon explained.
"Urm that's ok. " Jordan said again with a hint of confusion.
"Well I was thinking, maybe we could hang out now…" Brendon said.
"Sure, let me get my coat well go out drinking" Jordan exclaimed.
"No, I can't I don't drink … much "he added in a slight whisper.
"Don't worry, I'll teach you "Jordan said, grabbing Brendon by the wrist and whisking him off out. As they began walking they also began talking.