" So what are your preferences ?" Brendon asked jordan .
" What why ?" Jordan asked
" I'm just curious " Brendon replied smiling.
"Wow am I that obvious? " Jordan replied chuckling back
" Sooo" brendon asked
" Well I'm gay " Jordan said " what about you ? " Jordan asked back
" Undecided but leaning more onto the gay side I think " Brendon replied
" Great " Jordan said back " its a land of magical rainbows on the gay side "
Brendon gave a slight giggle at Jordan comment . " Sooo what do you want to do ? " Brendon asked
"let's go out drinking" Jordan exclaimed.
" What ? Drinking " Brendon replied nervously
"No I can't , I don't drink …much " He added in a slight whisper , he couldn't drink , he couldn't loose his head , it was more than once that after a day of drinking , he had found himself in another boys bed.
" ill teach you "said Jordan grabbing Brendon by the wrist and whisking him off outside . After an hour of searching they finally found a pub to their liking , jordan quickly began having a friendly conversation with the barmaid , the way he flirted with her would almost make you think he could be straight , by the end of 5 minutes he had already gotten them a discount on the drinks "he's so good with people" Brendon thought , he couldn't help but think what else hed be good at .
"6 shots please" Jordan ordered
" What ? 6 ? Jordan no – "
" 5 are mine don't worry man " Jordan cut him off.
" Oh ok " chuckled Brendon nervously . He didn't want to loose his head too much , I mean he had to control himself and whenever he drank.
" To friendship " Jordan said as he raised his shot glass
" Right , to … Friendship" Brendon replied slightly annoyed. Jordan had admitted he was gay and was still saying " to friendship" , this made brendon even more eager to gulp down his shot quicker than ever.
After Brendons 4th shot and Jordans 7th jordan proposed a game ." Its called never have I ever" he said." You say something you've never done , and if I've done it I drink "
" Okay Ill start" Brendon proposed , he was feeling a lot more comfortable with himself now .
" Never have I ever… " Brendon began
" … Had an actual boyfriend "
Jordan looked at him shock eyed and gulped down his first shot .
" Really ? Never ?"
" Well I am kinda new to this " Brendon replied
" You have slept with a guy before though right ? You're not like a … Like a butt virgin ?" Jordan asked in a uncomfortable tone.
" Oh no I've slept with other guys " Brendon said " I just wasn't fully concious of what I was doing "
" Rigghtt , I'm urm , not gonna ask the details of that " Jordan said somewhat awkwardly ,Brendon gave a slight chuckle to Jordans comment and they continued with the game .
" Never have I ever had sex … With a girl " now it was brendons turn to be shocked . He opened his eyes wide and gulped down his 5th shot .
" Never ? " Brendon asked
" Never. " Jordan said back .
" Oh don't worry dude your not missing out on anything . Vaginas . Defo not as great as butts "
" Oh don't worry " said Jordan " I've had plenty of guys to compensate " said Jordan and then he topped it all off with a mischievous wink that just made Brendons heart melt.
As they continued with the game , each found out more about each other but the side affect was brendon was getting more intoxicated by the second .
Jordans POV
Jordan was so glad hed decided to take Brendon drinking , he was a really fun guy when he was a little drunk , and Jordan was liking him more by the minute . Being drunk and all he still remained more elegant and articulate than Jordan was sober . Maybe it was the drinks but was Brendon getting hotter or what ? By the end of it Jordan drunker , giddier and more aroused than hed ever been , he just wanted to kiss Brendon more than ever. As he thought of ways to achieve this , he remembered how his first boyfriend had gotten him to kiss him .
" Ok Brendon I've got another game to propose " Jordan said drunkedly
" I will get this salt " he said picking up a salt shaker " and give it to you " he said giving him the salt " and you put it anywhere on my body you want , lick it off and then drink your shot . Got it ?" Jordan smiled . Brendon raised one eyebrow and then broke away and gave a short chuckle . "Okay you asked for it" Brendon said in a evil tone . He then got the salt shaker and shaked it on the inside of his arm
" What the hell is that ?" Said jordan "my arm ? That's the best place you could find ? " Brendon gave a smile as he licked Jordans arm . Jordan felt a shiver go through him as Brendons tongue touched his skin . As Brendon took his shot he whipped his head back exposing his collar bones , they were so prominent and strong Jordan couldn't help but lean in , as Brendon lowered his head back into position , Jordan came to the realisation of what he was doing and quickly snapped his head back . Brendon gave him a look that suggested confusion .
" Haha got dizzy there " Jordan lied nervously.
" Right " Brendon replied with a smile " you're turn" he suggested
"Oh ok " Jordan said. He wasn't sure he still wanted to do this . After that look he was nervous and wasn't sure Brendon would approve of a kiss, but as he stared at Brendon he realised he wanted this more than ever no matter the cost .
"Here " Jordan said shaking the salt on brendons face .
" What are you doing! " Brendon said laughing as he tried to get away from the salt
" I'm trying to put it on your lip ! If only you stopped squirming !" Jordan laughed back .
Coming to the realisation of what Jordan was trying to do Brendon stopped squirming and lay his head back smiling while he let Jordan sprinkle the salt on his lips . He then put his head back up and let some of the extra salt pour off. Jordan then began licking the salt off Brendons lips . He nipped and licked as Brendon shivered in pleasure at Jordans touch, once all of the salt was cleaned Jordan began kissing Brendon and as he felt Brendon kissing back he could also feel warmth running through him . Jordan began to feel warmth spreading to other places too.
Brendons POV
" Let's go back to our trailers " Brendon suggested breaking away from the kiss. He was drunk out of his mind anyway the last thing he needed was to feel anything more towards jordan , he just wanted to get back to his trailer and get Jordan back to his.
As they walked back to the trailers Brendon fell a few times as Jordan ( who seemed to be able to hold his liquor a lot better than Brendon ) managed to save him from severely injuring himself.(So much for the elegance Brendon thought ) As they approached Brendons trailer Brendon took Jordans hand and their eyes locked as Brendon grabbed the back of Jordans head and pulled him into his embrace. As Brendon kissed Jordan , Jordan couldn't help but feel his pants getting tighter .He kissed Brendon harder as Brendon slipped out a moan . He pulled back in and a agonizing moment slipped pass as Jordan searched for Brendons warm lips again . " Wait let me get this door open " Brendon said as he slapped his pockets realising he didn't have his keys " SPENCERRRR" he shouted . When there was no reply he began banging on the door making more noise than ever
"OPEN THE DOOR ASSHOLE" he screeched as Spencer's voice came back
"ok, ok calm down what are you on your period or something ?" he replied in a sleepy annoyed tone . As he opened the door he became shocked " Jordan ?"
" Yeah yeah Jordan , move out the way " Brendon said pushing Spencer out and grabbing Jordan and pulling him into his room. As they continued to kiss Jordan noticed Brendons pant growing larger too . Their kisses deepened and each were desperate too get more of each other. Brendon began to pull off Jordans shirt while jordan tried too unbutton Brendons jeans . Within a few seconds both were left in nothing but their boxers .
Jordans POV
Jordan began to feel nervous . The kisses were getting too intense and he was literally aching to get inside brendon . He had to break the kiss , he had to wash his face and calm down. And so he did .
"I'm … Just gonna go to the bathroom one second"
"Ohhkay" Brendon said in a exasperated voice.
Jordan almost ran to the bathroom and slammed the door. As he turned the light on he became aware of himself . Leaning over the sink he began washing his face , and looked in the mirror at himself. He sat on the toilet seat and tried to calm himself down . Brendon suddenly burst in and rushed over to Jordan kneeling down to kiss him . Jordan then got up and kissed brendon back ,letting a slight moan slip through his lips.
" Come on " Brendon suggested in desperation " come to bed"
" Okay I'm coming " Jordan said giving Brendon a long kiss . " You go I'm coming " he said. He took a minute to compose himself and then walked back to the bedroom …
Brendons POV
Brendon was waiting for jordan on the bed as Jordan had left him . In his boxers. As Jordan entered the room he noticed The moonlight shining through the window was flattering on brendons face. He looked to delicious to resist.
"Finally Brendon said jumping out of bed and nearing a very nervous Jordan . Jordan couldn't understand why he was so scared , he had had sex with guys more times than he cared to admit . But as Brendon neared his and stared deeply into his eyes , he couldn't help but have a incredibly instinctive urge to run . Brendon not at all nervous began kissing Jordans neck , slowly going lower and lower finally reaching the waistband of Jordans boxers. Jordans heart was about the beat out of his chest as Brendon pulled down the waistband exposing new flesh . Brendon continued kissing the newly exposed area making jordan moan and grunt in ecstasy . As Brendon went lower Jordan began to feel his worries slipping away and just more arousal replacing it . He was so hard he felt as though he was about to burst and now was aching for Brendon to relieve him from this pain …