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The next evening Severus made his way to Simona's private quarters and knocked on her door. They were beginning their nightly patrol around the dungeons and the main hall. Severus was glad for a walk, his insomnia had started to play up again since his meeting with the Dark Lord. The raid on Greater-Morton was just three days away. He hadn't been on a raid for a number of months, and he was definitely not looking forward to it.

Almost instantly the door flew open to reveal a slightly haggard-looking Simona. It looked as though she hadn't been sleeping either, she smiled politely at him. The wager was still in force after all and closed the door behind her.

"How many points are you hoping to deduct tonight Severus?" Simona asked as they started their patrol down their corridor. Severus looked at her and tried not to smirk.

"As many as possible," he replied simply. Severus had had a hellish day, his students were not turning in very good potions, which worried him seeing as though he was teaching NEWT level students. It did allow him however to deduct 50 points from Gryffindor, which cheered him up somewhat. He was oddly looking forward to his patrol with Simona, she was bound by a wager to be nice to him, and it seemed she enjoyed deducting points almost as much as he did.

"So how was your day?" Simona asked after a few moments of silence. Severus sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He hated banal chatter.

"Terrible, how was yours?" Severus asked with as much politeness as he could muster. If Simona was going to continue asking questions, he would have to try and think of some of his own.

"Let's just say Gryffindor won't be winning the House Cup this year," Simona said self-assuredly. Severus scoffed, his lips upturned into a smirk. The woman had really turned more bitter with age. A trait he saw in himself.

The two Slytherins continued to patrol the dungeons, Simona walked two steps ahead of Severus, it meant that Severus could emerge from the shadows and make a more dramatic entrance. It was something that amused Severus greatly, to see the fear in a student's eyes when he appeared in front of them. Turning a corner, Simona and Severus stopped in their tracks. Just ahead of them were two students, canoodling in an alcove. Simona turned back to Severus and he nodded at her.

"Good evening," Simona said as loudly as she could as she approached the students. They jumped, as if shot and broke apart. Severus stood in the shadows, watching and waiting for his time to strike.

"Hello miss, fancy seeing you here," said one of students smugly, male, most likely a 6th or 7th year judging by the size and a Gryffindor. Simona growled at him.

"You're not supposed to be out of your rooms this late, leave. Now," Simona said rather sternly. The Gryffindor scoffed and shook his head.

"I'm 17 now miss, surely I can do whatever I want," the boy said, puffing out his chest. The girl beside him giggled.

"Whilst you're at Hogwarts, you do as I say. Now get back to your room," Simona snarled, her temper rising. Severus continued to watch, realising that Simona was losing control of the boy.

"And who's going to make me? Look at you, I bet you're not much bigger than Professor Flitwick," the boy said with a cackle. Severus flinched, making fun of Simona's height meant a one-way ticket to somewhere painful. Deciding that as much as he disliked the cocky 7th year, he didn't want to see him permanently scarred by Simona's wicked temper, Severus stepped out of the shadows.

"I am. I must say Mr Peterson, I am impressed by your vigour. This must be the… 3rd poor unfortunate soul I have caught you with since term began?" Severus asked silkily. That was a lie of course, but it didn't stop him from watching with great amusement as the boy's face dropped. Simona's arms folded and she stepped back, effectively letting Severus take the reins. The other Gryffindor girl's mouth opened and closed in shock.

"You're a pig, Aiden," the girl said in disgust, slapping the Peterson boy very hard across the face and storming off in tears. Aiden watched as the girl ran away and narrowed his eyes at Severus.

"What did you do that for?" Aiden asked in exasperation. Severus moved towards Aiden and towered over him. Severus had never liked Aiden, he was a smug, self-assured and conceited boy. A typical Gryffindor and with his dark hair and dark eyes reminded him too much of James Potter.

"Don't you ever, ever speak so disrespectfully about another Professor in front of me again. You would do well to remember my warning Mr Peterson. 30 points from Gryffindor for your impudence and if I ever catch you out of your common room after hours again I will have you expelled," Severus hissed. Aiden shrank back and ran away, not hazarding another glance back towards the two Slytherin Professors. Severus watched with satisfaction as the Gryffindor fled.

Straightening his robes, Severus turned and noticed Simona staring angrily at the ground, her nostrils flaring and her hair looking as wild as Hermione Granger's. It looked as though her pride had been hurt.

"Simona?" Severus asked gently. Simona's eyes snapped to his, her emerald green eyes were ablaze with anger. Realising that now was not the time to wind her up, he decided to tread lightly.

"Aiden Peterson is a tough student to deal with. Perhaps I shouldn't have inflicted him on you. I apologise for his audacity," Severus continued.

"There's no need to apologise Severus, I shouldn't have let my temper get in my way," Simona sniffed. Severus felt his irritation rise slightly but remembered himself. 'She is a Slytherin like yourself, her pride is hurt. Do not make her suffer for it.' He thought to himself.

"I find it useful to channel my poor temper into points loss. It makes suffering fools a lot more entertaining," Severus commented with a raised brow. This seemed to appease Simona slightly as shot him a minute smirk.

As the two Slytherins made their way up near the Great Hall they spotted another student out of bed. Severus looked at Simona and she nodded again. It seemed as though she wanted to take the lead on this one, and not get 'saved' by Severus. Severus understood that Simona obviously wanted to make up for her loss of control earlier.

Simona approached the student but was taken aback when she noticed the familiar face. Severus' eyebrows raised as he noticed the student too, he remained in the shadows and watched as Simona regained her composure.

"Nico, cosa stai facendo fuori dal letto?" (Nico, what are you doing out of bed?)The woman asked, half in shock and half in anger. Severus had no idea what she had just said but judging by her daughter's reaction Severus knew Nicoletta Sforza was in for a ride.

"Mamma, io non ti ho visto lì," (Mum, I didn't see you there) the small girl said in surprise. She was still dressed in her robes and her hair was as unruly as her mothers.

"Non si può essere fuori dal letto dopo ore. È contro le regole della Scuola," (You cannot be out of bed after hours. It's against school rules) Simona growled at her daughter. Nicoletta flinched and ran down the stairs towards the dungeons. Simona breathed a sigh of relief and spun around to face Severus.

"I'm sorry you had to see that," Simona muttered, her hands curled up into fists. Severus almost felt sorry for her, she was obviously disappointed in her daughter being out of bed and her pride was wounded once again.

"I didn't see anything, just a professor berating their student," Severus replied smoothly. Simona's head bowed slightly as a sign of thanks.

The two Slytherins set off once again on their patrol. Simona was silent, most likely replaying the scene with her daughter Severus thought. 'Perhaps some conversation might snap her out of her mood'

"We only have three days left until the bet finishes," Severus said after a few minutes of silence.

"I'm surprised it has lasted this long," Simona replied dryly. Severus scoffed, it was surprising that they had been able to not bite each other's heads off, especially after their past. However, it almost seemed as though they had moved on from their now petty argument in their 5th year, so upon reflection it wasn't actually surprising at all.

"I disagree, At first I would say that it was difficult to be in the same room as you without wanting to cause an argument. But now I think these past two weeks have shown that we can actually get along," Severus said thoughtfully. Simona looked at him, her eyebrows knitting into thought. Severus watched whilst she considered what he had said, a number of emotions ran across her face; confusion, reflection and finally agreement.

The rest of the patrol went quite smoothly. Simona seemed to be able to rein in her poor temper in the form of making a 2nd year Hufflepuff cry. Severus was greatly amused by that and felt a certain sense of pride in his fellow Slytherin. In fact Severus would even go as far as to admit that the evening spent with Simona was one of the most enjoyable evenings he had had in years, seeing as though all his other patrols he had ever spent with other Professors were uneventful and dull.

Severus walked Simona back to her quarters, stopping as they reached the door.

"Until next time," Simona said with an exhausted sigh. Severus looked at her and nodded, she unlocked the door and was about to step in when he stopped her.

"Tonight was… enjoyable," Severus said with as much pleasantness as he could summon. Simona looked at him in surprise. Her reaction irked him somewhat. 'Is it so hard to believe that I can have a good time?' he thought to himself in irritation. However the feeling left as soon as it arrived as he realised he was 'Severus Snape, miserable git extraordinaire.'

"It was. Goodnight Severus," Simona said as she got over her shock. Quickly opening and closing the door behind her before Severus could say anything in return.

Severus stood staring at her door for a few moments. Spending time with Simona when they weren't under the watchful eye of Minerva McGonagall and not at risk of being tortured by the Dark Lord was surprisingly pleasant. For a fleeting moment he wondered if they could spend more time together. Remembering himself and their painful past he scoffed to himself and went back to his own quarters. 'Don't be foolish Severus, you're not friends. You're colleagues,' he thought.

Severus sat in his quarters alone with half a bottle of Firewhiskey to keep him company. Ever since he lost Lily he had taken to drinking himself into oblivion whenever times were tough, and for Severus it seemed as though all his times were tough. The Dark Lord had returned, initially Simona's return to Hogwarts sent Severus down a drunken spiral towards inner turmoil. However he could see things were starting to change, the thought of the raid on Greater-Morton in three days time made him want to drown in liquor but now he had someone who was going in the same situation as he was. Simona, and tonight proved that they no longer needed to rely on a bet to be nice to each other. Perhaps the two had moved on after all.

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