Volterra, Italy
May 9th, 2008

Volterra was not much different than Sienna on the whole, with its hustling bustling streets, crowded marketplaces, and seas of tourists. However, unlike Sienna, Volterra was more reverential and lively, with a nonexistent crime rate. Not even the worst kind of scum and villainy would think of setting up a base of operations from within the beautiful city.

Of course, if he tried to anyway, they'd discover that the Volturi had gotten there first. And after being there for thousands of years, they had grown to become pretty territorial.

Demetri however, was not. He had never been one to stay cooped up in one spot, and much preferred to travel to far off, exotic places, and meet new and exciting people. Of course, in his line of work, killing them usually follow suit, but to him that was just another benefit.

As he and his loyal partner Felix made their way through the crowds of tourists and approached the bombastic, marble doors leading into the Volturi's underground fortress, Demetri couldn't help but grin. Although he didn't consider himself a sentimental creature, he did always like the feeling he got when he returned back home, or rather, the closest thing he had ever had to "home", another mission accomplished.

Upon entering the Volturi's palace, Demetri and Felix could clearly see that they had remodeled while they were away. The reception area now screamed 1960's office, veritably empty with the exception of a lone woman, the latest of the Volturi's human receptionists, at her desk next to a large, heavily bolted metallic door.

The woman, dark-haired, slender, and quite attractive in her shimmering red dress, noticed the two approaching.

"I don't care what you think," Felix whispered in Demetri's ear, "She's way hotter than Bianca."

Demetri smirked. "But what about Gianna?"

Felix frowned. "Nope, not even close. And c'mon, why'd you have to mention her? You know how I feel about that..."

Demetri laughed. "So sorry, Romeo. It won't happen again."

"Well sorry we can't all be cold hearted bastards like you, old friend." Felix teased.

But before Demetri could rebuttal, Desedaria interrupted, clearly not amused by the pair's banter. "Demetri! Felix! Where have you been? Aro has been expecting you for ages!" She said, while pressing a little red button on her desk to buzz the two in.

Demetri sat on Desedaria's desk and wrapped his arms around her flirtatiously. She scoffed and quickly moved out of his grasp.

Demetri frowned playfully. "Lovely Desedaria, what gives?"

"Me, given an ounce of encouragement." Desedaria responded flatly, moving closer to Demetri and lovingly eyeing the fresh new suit he had donned. "You've never taken me to dinner looking like this. You've never taken me to dinner..."

Demetri grinned and clasped her hands, pulling her close. "I would, you know. But I've always thought you deserving enough to skip the frivolities, Desedaria."

Desedaria leaned against Demetri's head and whispered in his ear. "Flattery will get you nowhere - but don't stop trying."

But the two were soon interrupted by the metal door behind them slowly turning open to reveal Jane, a young member of the Volturi guard, one of Aro's personal confidantes, and someone who Demetri personally didn't care for.

Jane frowned at Demetri and Desedaria. "Classy Demetri. Getting bored with having your own personal whore?"

Demetri smirked. "Jealous, Jane? And as you mentioned it, what Heidi and I do during our days, we keep to ourselves. But our nights...well that's between her and me, eh?"

Jane glared at Demetri, ignoring his quip. "Aro wishes to speak with you immediately."

"Whatever you say. Always good to see you, mother hen." Demetri chuckled, winking at a fuming Jane and patting her on the head as he walked by. Felix followed suit, sparing a moment to wink at Desedaria, who blushed.

Felix caught up with Demetri as the two began their trek down the labrinthyian corridors that made up the Volturi's palace.

"Always the women, eh, Demetri?"

"Of course, old friend." Demetri replied. "That is my curse."

Felix chuckled and separated from Demetri, going down another hallway as Demetri approached the throne room of Aro, Caius, and Marcus, grandiose and medieval in nature.

Upon Demetri's arrival, Aro rose from his throne and approached Demetri. Caius and Marcus stayed seated, their ageless eyes locked on Demetri, as if to study him.

"Ah, Demetri! My favorite soldier has returned!"

He reached out his hand toward Demetri in to read his thoughts. Demetri however, preferred people, especially Aro, to stay out of his head, and did not return the sediment, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"With all due respect," Demetri retorted slyly, "I wasn't under the intention that we were fighting a war...sir."

But Aro, unfazed, simply winked at Demetri and returned to his throne. "Not yet. Now, kneel, my friend."

Reluctantly, Demetri followed Aro's command and kneeled before the throne.

"Zeus is dead. He won't be causing any more trouble."

Aro frowned in mock disappointment. "Such a shame. But, rules are rules, I'm afraid."

"Sir," Demetri asked, "You said something about a war. To what war were you referring? What's coming?"

Aro smiled and put his hand around Demetri, walking him to the balcony in the throne room which overlooked the picturesque Volterra skyline.

"The world is changing, Demetri. Our kind has drastically altered since our inception. And now, there are even whispers of revolution against us who generously lead them. And these whispers can all be rooted to one source, one particular event that changed everything."

Immediately, Demetri remembered the event Aro was referring to. "The stand off." he replied. "The Cullens and the hybrid child."

"Precisely. The Cullens' blatant disregard of our laws against the immortal children seems to have started a fire. And due to the alliance they had so lovingly created, that fire is spreading. Quickly."

Demetri was confused. "What the hell do you want me to do about it?"

Aro looked at Demetri, his voice dead serious. "They need to be reminded of the order of things. You and Felix are to take six of our best guardsmen and go to the Cullens' territory. Watch over their every move, and if they make any sort of indiscretion, any at all, you are to sort it out. Quickly. I don't suppose that should be any difficulty?"

But Demetri wasn't convinced. "With all due respect, our last encounter with the Cullens was over a year ago. Why are we choosing to act on this now? And in such a foolhardy, dangerous manner?"

"Because things are worse now, dear Demetri. Far, far worse. So I am asking to to go in there, quickly and quietly, and do what is necessary to restore order."

Demetri scoffed. "Through what means?"

Knowing he knew full well the answer to his question, Aro ignored Demetri. "Again, I trust this won't be a problem? Particularly for a vampire of your talents."

Demetri hesitated. Both his gut and brain were screaming the obvious at him: everything about this assignment was wrong, and if he failed, he could start a war, and not one the Volturi were prepared to fight.

But that was the glory of it. Because he wouldn't fail. And as far as he was concerned, the Cullens could all burn in Hell.

"No." Demetri said. "No problem at all."

Aro smiled. "Excellent! Good luck, my dear Demetri, as always!"

But as Demetri strolled casually out of the throne room, Caius and Marcus's cold piercing glares still locked on him, he had only a simple reply:

"I don't need luck."

As he left the throne room, Demetri was greeted almost immediately by Renata, a slight, frail, yet cool and collected young woman who served as Aro's personal assistant and bodyguard.

"Welcome back Demetri." she greeted him. "Can I offer you any assistance?"

"Of course, Renata." Demetri smiled. "I need you to go find Felix and tell him to pack his toothbrush and pajamas and gather up the boys. We're headed to Forks in about an hour. I don't -"

But Demetri was interrupted by the presence of a familiar essence in the area. And then he remembered that he couldn't leave without spending a little time with his personal source of entertainment around the palace. And Demetri's type of entertainment could be more than a little time consuming.

"On second thought," he corrected himself, "make that an hour and a half."

"Very good, sir." Renata smiled. "Have a nice trip, sir."

"Thank you, Renata."

And as Renata set off down the corridor, Demetri made his way to his own personal living quarters, mostly bare, but with the occasional trinket or souvenir from his previous missions placed about the shelves. And standing in the center of it all, flirtatiously smiling and scantily clad in a red satin corset (and very little else), stood Heidi.

Demetri smiled. "Hi honey. I'm home."

Heidi grinned. "I've been waiting patiently for you."

"Yes, well it seems your patience isn't to be rewarded." Demetri said nonchalantly. "I have a plane to catch."

"That's too bad." Heidi pouted with mock sadness, strolling up to Demetri and wrapping her arms around him and sensually kidding his neck.

"When did you say you had to leave?" Heidi whispered in his ear.

Demetri looked her in the eyes. "Immediately."

In response to this, Heidi unbuttoned her corset and let it fall to the floor. Demetri fondly scanned her bare picturesque body, very much like an artist examining his masterpiece.

He chuckled. "Well, almost immediately."

Smiling, Heidi threw herself at Demetri and the two fell to his bed, used only for little romps such as this, passionately kissing and tearing at each other's clothing, as the door slammed shut behind them, leaving Demetri thoroughly entertained for the next hour and a half.

Home sweet home...