Title: Of Friendship and Death

Author: achat

Fandom: Gundam Wing x Digimon (Adveture 1 and 2)

Rating: T

Pairing: Yamato Ishida x Duo Maxwell; Heero Yuy x Wufei Chang; Quatre Winner x Trowa Barton; ...

Summary: The last fight of the DigiDestined didn't end as well as in the series. Now, years after, Yamato lives together with his boyfriend Duo MAxwell, who himself has a big secret he's not sure how to tell. Can their love survive their secrecy and the new problems arising? 02xMatt

What the author wants to say:

Hello everybody!

I don't know why but I suddenly got the urge to write a GundamWing-Digimon-Crossover! I know it's not a usual pairing but I like the idea. I hope you do, too. ^^

Because English is not my mother language there may be some (or lots of) language mistakes and I would like you to tell me the worst ones, so I can get better. I have to admit, writing this fic is not only for fun but also for practice. Why not combine the pleasant with work?

So, but I don't want to talk so much, so please, enjoy the first chapter!

1st Chapter

"I'm off! See you tomorrow!"

Wufei looked at him rather unhappily. "Maxwell, why do you think you can go now? We are not through with the case! There is still much to do and we need everybody to work on it to solve it as fast as possible!"

Duo just shook his had and grinned a little bit. "Sorry Wuffers, but I told you weeks ago, that I would go home today early. And it's not a live-or-die situation, so I think you can do without me today!"


Heero signed his lover to be quiet and nodded to Duo.

"Have fun today, but I expect you to be an hour early tomorrow, understood?"

Duo just rolled with his eyes and nodded to his working partner, thankful that at least he was not against him. Wufei shot his lover a dark look, but that never disturbed Heero I the slightest, after all, he was the owner of the most feared death glare in ESUN - perhaps in the whole universe.

"Duo and Matt have their six month anniversary today, Wufei, or did you forget? Duo bugged us about it for weeks, if I remeber correctly."

"Oh." Seemed, like Wufei really forgot. Then he nodded slightly (still angry about being calles 'Wuffers'), accepting Duo leaving. Happily the young long haired man bounced off.

The sun was shining Duo noticed and it sent a smile on his face. The weather was perfect for what they had planned. They wanted to celebrate their 6 month anniversary going surfing at the beach of Kamakura, a little town besides Tokyo, where they lived. But before that Duo had to pick up his boyfriend. His boyfriend.

Duo still couldn't believe it. After Trowa and Quatre (really no surprise here) and Wufei and Heero (big surprise here!) announced their partnership, Duo had often felt left out. He hadn't wanted to intrude in his friends new found happiness and often stayed away to give the couples time together. But he himself had felt so alone. He himself couldn't believe to ever be able to find a boyfriend (he was gay, too, yeah, so what?). He had been a terrorist, after all, had killed lots of people, had been a street rat and had a big paranoia from war. Especially his paranoia was something, none of his partners were able to handle. One of his dates – a psychiatrist - had managed his paranoia, but as Duo told him he had been a Gundam Pilot, he had run for it.

Nobody wanted to be close to a Gundam Pilot, they were dangerous after all. Murderers.

Duo sighted.

And then Matt came. The first time Duo had spoken with him he had felt like speaking to Heero Yuy in blonde. Matt was equally closed off, silent and unsocial as the perfect soldier. It was funny, really. Perhaps that had been the reason why Duo, who had resigned himself to be alone for the rest of his life already, decided to try it one last time. Duo had had a crush on Heero once and he fell for Matt really fast.

And Matt…. Once he got out of his shell and developed an interest in Duo, it kind of just happened. To be honest, it is not normal to start a relationship with sleeping with each other and asking for names afterwards, but it worked for them.

And now, six month after they both worked the courage up to start an official relationship, Duo had decided to confess everything to Matt. The blonde already knew that Duo had fought in the war, a war Matt himself had stayed completely out of. Matt had experienced the nightmares Duo suffered from and accepted the security check Duo had to do every time they went somewhere. He dealt with all that remarkably well, for a civilian even better.

And now Duo decided it was time to take the last step and see, if Matt really loved him, no matter what. If he could accept even the darkest side of Duo, if he could accept his past as a Gundam Pilot and Shinigami, his second half.

"Maaatttt! Hey!", he shouted, seeing the blonde man standing at the side of the road. Matt, wearing a blue jeans and a black shirt, nodded to him and stepped aside, as Duo parked on the side of the road. The long haired man hopped off the bike and drew his boyfriend in a bone-crushing hug.

"How are you! Oh, I'm so happy to see you! Wufei almost didn't want to let me go, but he would never be able to stop me from seeing you! I hope you didn't have to wait long? I came as fast as possible and…" He was silenced by the lips pressed shortly his own. Duo blinked. It never happened that Matt showed his affection in public, mainly because it wasn't proper in Japan, not even for heterosexual couples, god forbid homosexual couples. And while Japanese simply were to polite to say anything, Duo could see and feel the disgusted and disapproving looks they got. He didn't care. His Matt had just kissed him and that was all that mattered! He was happy!

"Shut up. I don't want to know how many speed limits you broke on your way here." Matt answered, the words way colder than his actions. Duo could see the content glint in his boyfriend eyes. Matt just didn't know how to express himself in words. But Duo could live with that. He was used to it. He had Heero as a partner, you know?

"You got your things?", Duo asked and Matt just lifted up the bag sitting beside him.

"Okay, then hop on, I'm driving us to Kamakura!"

"Oh no!" Matt responded and shook his head, "I'm driving. I like to live a while longer and really don't trust you behind a wheel, no matter what king of vehicle." Duo groaned. He wasn't that bad, really! He just sometimes forgot that it was a bike he was driving in the normal traffic, not his Deathscythe in space. But then he shrugged and threw the keys to Matt, who catched them with ease. When Matt drove, at least he wouldn't get a slip...

The surfing had been fun, Duo had to admit. Really fun. Even if Matt looked like a drowned rat. Duo couldn't help and started to laughed at the disgruntled looking Matt.

"That was really the first time you tried surfing?" Yamato asked slightly amazed. Duo agreed. "Unbelievable, you were better than me and I at least stood on a bord already, even if not very often. But still…."

Duo proudly stuck out his chest. "What can I say, I'm a natural! In everything!"

Yamatos lips curved upwads. "Mh."

They were sitting in a nice restaurant on a little island near Kamakura, looking at the sea. It was already dark and you could even see some stars in the sky. But Duo didn't pay them any attention, he didn't even see them, much less was able to enjoy them. He had to tell Yamato the truth. Now. If he didn't do it now, he would never be able to work enough courage up to do it.

"Yamato? I… I have to tell you something" he started, poking in the rice bowl with one of his chopsticks. His counterpart sat up straight. It was rare that Duo used Yamatos right name, not the nickname, so it meant that he was really serious. And that alone didn't happen very often.

"So you finally decided to tell me whats bugging you the whole day?" Matt asked into the silence, that stretched between them. Duo startled.


Yamato just looked at him with his cold blue eyes.

"I may be blonde, but I'm neither dump nor stupid. Something is bothering you. You tried to hide it, but you can't, it seems to be too big for it."

Duo smiled. It was a sad smile.

"Even if you look like you don't care about anything you are still much more perceptive and observant than anybody would give you credit for. Mat…"

"His lover sighted and leaned forward over the table, resting his head on his hands.

"Just say it." And that was all. No more persuading, no more digging, no curious questions, just one demand. That was so typically Yamato Ishida, Duo couldn't help but grin.

"You remember when I admitted to have fought in the war?" He asked then, carefully and still undecided on how to breach the topic best. Matt nodded.

"Yeah. After you nearly killed me when I tried to wake you up from one of your nightmares."

Duo winced as he remembered that particular event. Never had anything like this happened with one of his former lovers before. And that incident hadn't thankfully repeated itself, but ever since then, he was slightly frightened to sleep besides his lover. Frightened that he would one day wake up just to find out that he had slit Matts throat in his sleep.

"We have talked about that. You spoke with a psychiatrist after that and I learned how to wake you up from a nightmare relatively safely. It was a onetime thing."

"Yes. And it's not about that incident. I want to talk to you about my part in the war."

Yamato stilled. Suddenly he seemed more alert, his eyes never leaving Duo. A slight frown marred his face.

"What of it?" The suspicious tone hurt Duo slightly but he should have expected it. He had never talked to Matt about anything concerning the war, not even which side he fought for. He had kept his opinion about it to himself, not wanting to let the war disturb his relationship with Yamato. And, subconscious most likely, Matt had done the same. He may be a civilian, still he should have a opinion about the war, about the outcome, but he never talked about it. In their relationship it had been an off-limits topic. Until now. It was time to change it.

"I think I avoided it long enough, you should know the truth. It is only fair that you know who exactly you are dating. I'm not sure how much you know of the war, of the fractions involved. It was pretty confusing sometimes, eh? Even I wasn't sure for who I fought at one time or another…"

"What I know of the war? Not much", Matt admitted, "at that time I had some… some big personal problems. I have seen the news but didn't actively follow the events."

Duo nodded. "Tell me what you know, that will make explaining easier for me."

Yamato stroked a streak of blond hair out of his face and his gaze drifted to the sea. An eagle was croaking over their heads.

"I think it all started with the colonies sending the Gundams down to earth, although I believe the peace was shaky already at that time. The alliance took that as an offence and attacked the colonies, tried to destroy the Gundams several times. Unsuccessfully, I think. The Gundams killed some people on a peace conference or something like that…", Matt hesitated, unsure and thinking hard, "then I'm not sure. It got confusing. At one point Oz overtook the Alliance and fought for earth. The colonies had White Fang – I'm not sure when these came into the picture. And the Gundams were still there but I don't know, for whom they fought. Only that they fought. For the colonies, too, I believe. Sanc was attacked at one point. I remember it being in the news. Then White Fang tried to destroy earth", here Yamato shuddered slightly. It was certainly not nice to remember that event. "Oz opposed them. The Gundams, too, if I recall correctly. There had been this broadcast of part of the fight from two Gundams. One belonging to White Fang? I'm really not sure. And then they stopped White Fang. The Earth Sphere United Nations were founded. That's about it."

"And I think I have never heard you talk so much" Duo joked. He was amazed about how much his boyfriend could remember when he said, he hadn't paid attention at that time.

"A lot of it I read afterwards", Yamato shrugged. "And, what had been your place in it?"

The grin was wiped out of Duos face instantly.

"I… I was a Gundam Pilot, Yamato. I was Gundam Pilot 02. Shinigami." He whispered it, but as he saw Yamato stiffen he knew the blonde had heard his words. Duo braced himself for rejection. Silence spread between them. Duo didn't even dare to breathe out loud. He didn't want to loose Yamato, but he woudn't force him into a relationship. Duo hoped, prayed, that his decision to tell was right. Should he say more? Tell Matt more? So that he may understand? Or should he keep silent and leave him thinking? Duos mind was running in cycles.

"I see…" Matt said finally, after what seemed like hours.

"See what?" Duo asked, not sure, if it was a good or a bad reaction. He dared to look up only to be taken back by how closed off Yamato suddenly was. Not even on their first meeting he had had such a stony appearance.

The blonde stood up. "Matt?" Duo whispered, hating himself about how weak it sounded. Not at all like the big bad Gundam Pilot he normally was. The blonde just shook his head.

"I have to think about it. Please. Give me a little time, okay? I will… I will call you…."

And with that Yamato Ishida left Duo Maxwell behind. Duo just prayed it was not for good.

Until next time,