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Pokemon. Stories tell us that long before my time we lived in peace with these creatures, instead of living in fear. Children use to be able to play outside, now they hide inside waiting for the terror to pass. The world I live in now is one of madness, with people doing everything they can to survive no matter who gets hurt.

Nothing from the old times is common knowledge anymore; everything from before the purge has been destroyed. Everyone has their own ideas on what happened to wipe out most of humanity, but no one knows the truth for certain. Some say that a great evil spread across the land sending the Pokemon insane, others say that humans poisoned the land and the Pokemon fought back to protect it.

All I know is that it happened, and that's all I need to know to survive.

(OOC: The rest of the story will be written from the Third person, also the chapters will be considerably longer than this one. I actually submitted part of this story long ago, but I eventually lost interest. I have once again attempted to re-do this story and hopefully it'll be better this time around)