Me: Hello peoples. Let's skip the boring intro and get right to the questions.

Cecela: Thank, God.

Me: Oh stuff it. First from Accalia Michaels: once again, happy for the updates. Alois, take Timber back. he ruined my bedroom, more than it already is! that's all for now...'

Alois: Okay. As long as I stay alive. You can have Ciel.

Ciel: No!

Sebastian: Don't worry Bocchan. I will make sure you come to no harm in the process. :}

Ciel: Oh fuck you.

Alois: My line!

Ciel: Fuck you.

ME: Next. From Sacha Michaelis: You never gave your opinion/advice on how to get rid of or at least help with writer's block so please if anyone has advice it'd be a great help! :) Anyway this for everyone except Sebastian and Claude...who do you think would win a fight Sebastian or Claude? And also Ciel did you ever have a stuffed animal you slept with so you can sleep better...I know I still have my stuffed animals from when I was younger! Well that's all I have to ask and have a nice day guys 3

-sincerely Sacha Michaelis'

Me: I PM'ed her my advice so if you guys come up clueless don't worry too much. Sebastian from seeing season two of the anime.

Ciel: Sebastian.

Alois: Claude.

Cecela: No comment. I don't really care.

Me: Yeah, yeah. Because you could come in and kick their asses so you're not a fair one to judge.

Cecela: Exactly.

Key: Sebastian.

Little Claude: I have to agree with my mother. I am not a fair one to judge.

Grell: Sebastian! He can always kick Claude's ass!

William: I don't give a damn.

Me: It looks like Sebastian wins.

Claude: *Sigh* I am not loved.

Me: You are! Just by a very, very small percent of the population. Next up from ThePersonFromYourNightmares: Alois: You MUST lick everything in sight because everyone knows you want to!

Kayra and Key and Cecela: Cross dress... Simple as ;P

Have a FUN (notice epic sarcasm) time with my dares!'

Me: I'm totally going with Cecela.

Cecela: Sticking with Kayra.

Key: Who do I cross dress as?

Me: Umm… Grell.

Grell: Oh Fuck.

Key: I don't think that's an option.

Me: Exceptions will be made. You will enjoy dressing as Grell. I just have one problem. Except for a Grell Cosplay, I have never worn make up in my life.

Cecela: Don't worry about it. I'm probably going to epically fail too.

Alois: I DO NOT want to lick everything in sight! *Blushes*

Ciel: Oh yes you do.

Alois: No!

Ciel: Liar.

Alois: Nuh-uh. I don't

Me: Oh shut it. He does, he just won't. For our last today, from RyokoRyukestu: What is the most horrible thing someone could ever do to you? Babyshamble or babycookie? :3 Alois for the love of everybody wear longer pant! Undertaker who do you like more Ciel, Sebastian, Grell, Claude or me? x3'

Undertaker: You for all the questions and dares. I do enjoy them.

Cecela: I am not qualified to answer that question. At all.

Little Claude: Sorry.

Sebastian: I am disqualified as well.

Claude: *Sigh*

Me: Umm… Wow. That is a short list of people that can answer. Uhhh… My answer is not T rated. And Baby cookie.

Ciel: What could happen, already has.

Alois: Uh… Make me a demon? Baby cookie!

Grell: Hmm… I have to agree with Kayra. Not T rated.

William: I do not know.

Me: You are completely clueless Will.

Grell: *Grins* I think I fucke-

Cecela: *Covers Grell's mouth.* T rated show Grell. What you did to Will is far from MA rated even. And that is scary.

Grell: You have a point.

Me: Well, good day all!