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How did I end up in this position? Gokudera's face was flustered as he gulped.

The cupboard in the store room creaked. Footsteps were heard outside of the room as their shadow occasionally blocked the only ray of lighter that shone in from the small gap under the door.

That's right... It's all thanks to my sudden impulse.. Damn it... Gokudera gritted his teeth and tighten his grip.

It all started one hour ago...

"Who is willing to help my clean up the store room?" Sensei shouted towards the group of people that are liming leisurely after their practice.

"Eh? That's such a nuisance!"

"I know right?"

"Well, i'll do it if the girls are helping out too~"


Everyone whistled and clapped their hands when a guy blurted out that sentence. Well everyone except for Yamamoto who stared at the crowd of people and blinked.

"Eh? Are you guys not helping?" Yamamoto tilted his head and swung his bat he was holding onto his shoulder

"Yamamoto, are you interested in helping?" Sensei turned to Yamamoto and rested her hand on one of her hips.

"Me?" Yamamoto pointed a finger at himself before scratching his right cheek softly. "Well..." Yamamoto looked around, averting his gaze from the teacher. Suddenly, he spotted a silverette walking side by side with a brunette whom is a head shorter than the male.

"So Jyuudaime, that day I-" Gokudera's words were cut off when Yamamoto called out for them.

"Tsuna, Gokudera!" Yamamoto ran towards them and waved his hand in the air with a big grin plastered on his face.

"Yamamoto!" Tsuna smiled and walked towards Yamamoto. "You're done with your practice?" Tsuna asked and tilted his head cutely.

"Yup! I did three homeruns today! The ball came flying towards my like zyuuun~ Then I swung my bat ad hit the ball with a kling!" Yamamoto started to rant about his practice as Tsuna laughed awkwardly at Yamamoto' extraordinary way of explaining things.

"And so I- Woah!" Yamamoto squatted down to dodge the punch Gokudera threw at him.

"Ahaha, what was that for Gokudera?" Yamamoto looked up at the bomber that was now three heads taller than him. Yamamoto's head was tilted aside as he grinned stupidly at Gokudera.

"Hah? What was that?" One of Gokudera's hands was inside his pocket whilst his another hand took out a dynamite and placed it on Yamamoto's forehead.

"You freaking butt into the conversation me and Jyuudaime had you baseball-idiot!" Gokudera lighted up the dynamite and pressed it harder on Yamamoto's head but that just made Yamamoto laughed. "That tickles Gokudera!"

"Hieeee! Gokudera-kun, that's dangerous! Put that away!" Tsuna shrieked like always and went between Yamamoto and Gokudera to prevent Yamamoto from exploding.

"W-Well, if Jyuudaime said so.." Gokudera extinguished the fire and withdrew his dynamite. His face showed some disappointment as if he really wants to blow off that pissing face of Yamamoto's.

"Ah, Gokudera-kun looks disappointed... He really hates you doesn't he?" Tsuna leaned down and whispered softly to Yamamoto.

"Who knows~" Yamamoto laughed softly and shrugged. Although Yamamoto showed nothing on the outside but he really felt upset when Tsuna said that. After all, Gokudera is Yamamoto's current lover.

"Tch, so why the Hell did you came?" Gokudera scoffed and buried both of his hands into his pockets as he looked straight at Yamamoto.

"Huh?" Yamamoto stood up and stretched, yawning softly. "Oh, that's right!" Yamamoto's eyes widen as his mouth formed an 'O' shape when he was stretching half way.

"Let's clean the store room together!" Yamamoto grinned and placed both of his palms on Gokudera's shoulder.

Gokudera blinked and stared at Yamamoto in bewilderment. "What the Hell? Why should I- Oi!" By the time Gokudera could reject, Yamamoto had already tangled their fingers and pulled Gokudera towards the store room while Gokudera kept struggling for freedom.

"Yamamoto, Gokudera-kun.." Tsuna's smile twitched as he bid goodbye to both of his friends.

Gokudera let out a long and defeated sigh. "This is the worst..."

"Hahaha, what's wrong Gokudera?" Yamamoto's eyes were closed with his usual grin on his face.

"Nothing... It's just this position.." Gokudera blushed and fidgeted slightly. Gokudera was sitting on Yamamoto's lap as he gripped on his jacket collar. Yamamoto was sitting on the floor as his palm supported half of his body weight. Their faces were just a few inches away.

Yamamoto laughed again and tilted his head. "What position?" Yamamoto smirked playfully and inched closer but Gokudera backed away, his blush deepened.

"P-Pervertito..." Gokudera turned away wanting to hide his embarrassed face even though Yamamoto's eyes were shut.

Yamamoto chuckled softly before putting up a serious expression. "Ne Gokudera.."

"Huh?" Gokudera turned his head slightly and glanced at the raven haired teen.

"We're dating right?" Yamamoto opened his eyes and stared at Gokudera. His honey-brown orbs showed sadness.

"What are you talking about?" Gokudera fully turned his head and frowned.

"Well, all I ever want is to be lovely-dovey with you but you rejects me every time..." Yamamoto chuckled bitterly as he clenched his fists.

"Lovely what?" Gokudera's face turned crimson red and gripped Yamamoto's collar tighter, almost choking the male in front of him.

Gokudera was expecting the idiotic laughter he always loved but Yamamoto just sat there and ignored the actions Gokudera made.

What's wrong with him? Usually if I behaved like this, he'll call me cute and give me a peck o the lips or whatever this pervert wants to do but now... Gokudera felt his heart tightened and his stomach twisted.

"Gokudera, I truly love you but if you do not feel the same for me," Yamamoto forced a smile before continuing his sentence. "Is not going to work..."

"What do you mean..?" Gokudera's face showed terror like something terrible is going to occur.

"Let's break up." It took a lot of courage for Yamamoto to say this. Yamamoto knew that it's best like this if Gokudera really did not felt the same for him but Yamamoto really doesn't want to leave Gokudera. Yamamoto lowered his head, not wanting to face Gokudera.

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