The start of this chapter is the day Yamamoto confessed to Gokudera. I hope this won't be too confusing for you guys... ^^" Anyways, enjoy~ :D

"What do you want?" Gokudera leaned on the metal fence on the roof and took out a cigarette. He lightened it up with a lighter and sucked on the end of it before breathing out a puff of smokes.

"Gokudera, I.." Yamamoto was standing in front of the smoker, watching him suck on the cigarette sexily. Just by seeing that made Yamamoto's heart skipped a beat.

Yamamoto is unexpectedly nervous today... Hn, it's not like I care.. Gokudera closed his eyes and shrugged off the thought while he savors the smell of smoke.

"Spit it out or else i'm going." Gokudera opened his eyes and got off the fence walking pass Yamamoto.

Yamamoto grabbed Gokudera's wrist when they crossed shoulders. I can't let this chance slip away! Yamamoto shut his eyes and took a deep breath before confessing to Gokudera. "I like you!" Yamamoto's cheeks were red when he blurted them out. His face looking downwards.

There were a moment of silence after Yamamoto's confession. No respond? Yamamoto slowly looked up to face Gokudera. What.. Yamamoto's eyes widen when he saw the expression Gokudera had.

A shade of red can be seen on Gokudera's cheeks as he tried to avoid eye contact. Gokudera's cigarette was left abandoned on the floor whilst his hand slowly reaches for Yamamoto's shirt. Gokudera gripped the whatever fabric he caught tightly and buried his head.

Cute! Yamamoto beamed inside as his hand itches to hug Gokudera into his arms immediately.

"W-Well, I-I don't mind g-going out with y-you.." Gokudera stuttered adorably.

"Gokudera!" Seeing the oh so mighty Gokudera stutter made Yamamoto reached his climax as he hugged Gokudera into an embrace so suddenly that made the pianist jolt.

"O-Oi!" Gokudera felt the heat rising on his cheeks hen the baseball player hugged him without a single warning.

Yamamoto grinned and laughed, hugging Gokudera closer to his chest while Gokudera snuggled into Yamamoto's chest and hugged back slowly.

Silence had invaded the store room unintentionally. No more footsteps nor chit-chatting were present. The only thing there's left are the intense breathing of both of the teen.

"So," Yamamoto was the one who broke the silence. He lifted his head and tried to face the music. Even though he had made up his mind, but he still did not want to know what expression Gokudera had. A relieved one or a depressed one, Yamamoto doesn't want to know of it.

"Are you- Hmpf!" Yamamoto was startled as he widened his eyes when Gokudera kissed him. It was out of Yamamoto's calculations that the silverette would kiss him, on the lips too!

"Don't fucking shit with me you bastard!" By the time Yamamoto could interpret the action Gokudera made earlier was a dream or not, the pianist had already broke the kiss. Yamamoto blinked continually and stared blankly at Gokudera. Gokudera's face was redder than before with the usual scowl on his face.

"You're the one who confessed and now you want to end it just like this? Don't mess with me!" Gokudera pulled Yamamoto's collar to shorten their distance.

"What rejects you? We've been going out for 6 weeks and do you think that i'll play with someone for so long? Don't fuck with me!" Gokudera panted heavily since he said it all in one breath.

"I..I won't kiss and hold hands with someone I don't love you dipshit..." Gokudera turned away to hide his embarrassment. He blushes furiously at the bold words he used until his ears are also red.

"Gokudera..." Yamamoto laughed lightly and rested on Gokudera's shoulder. How stupid am I... Yamamoto shifted his head to let his hot breath interact with Gokudera's neck.

"Hey Gokudera, i'm really an idiot eh?" Yamamoto kissed Gokudera's neck softly.

Gokudera shifted his head unconsciously to expose more of his skin for Yamamoto and sighed. "That's what I always said, idiot."

Yamamoto chuckled as he lifted his head slightly and turned Gokudera's face so that they can gaze into each other's orbs.

Yamamoto glued their forehead together and grinned brightly at the silverette.

"I'm sorry for saying that." Yamamoto apologized and nibbled Gokudera's nose while his hand trailed off to Gokudera's hips.

"Tch, you better be." Gokudera blushes and shifted slightly to be in a more comfortable position.

"Hehe, let's make out then!" Yamamoto beamed and pulled Gokudera closer until their member brushed against each other's.

"It's make up not make out you dumbass!"Gokudera punched Yamamoto's chest and blushed. "And don't use such bold vocabularies!"

Yamamoto laughed idiotically and slipped his hand under Gokudera's shirt as he leaned down to whisper into Gokudera's ear. "It's the same no?" He spoke in a low, husky and sexy voice that made Gokudera's member throbbed. Yamamoto smirked at his masterpiece and bit Gokudera's earlobe.

"Nn.. S-Stupid.." Gokudera shuddered and connected their lips into a lustful kiss.

A/N: Hahaha, I failed to write lemon scenes again! Congratulations to this failure! QAQ -sighs and sulks- I think i'll learn how to write soon... Well, I hope this ending is tolerable for you guys... :3