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D.C sleeps alone tonight

As usual Timothy McGee was first out of his team members to arrive at the NCIS headquarters on a Monday morning, with a cup of coffee and a sprinkle donut in hand.

He walked over to his computer a switched it on, sighing he sat down on his chair before pulling the lid off of his coffee and blowing the liquid noisily in an attempt to cool it down so he could drink it.

Taking a sip he cringed as the hot liquid made contact with his lips and then slid down his throat. He then took out his donut unwrapped it and began to slowly and carefully started to take the sprinkles off one at a time.

"Why don't you just get the normal glazed one rather than spend time taking the sprinkles off?" a voice came out from nowhere.

The special agent slowly turned his head in the direction of Tony's desk where the voice came from, he expected to find his colleague but instead found a woman, he jumped out of his seat spilling his coffee into his lap.

"Sorry" the young woman cringed.

"Wh…who are you and what are you doing here?" he asked grabbing a spare napkin and trying to dry his trousers, he could only imagine the jokes Tony would make if he walked in right at this moment.

"I need special agent Gibbs" the woman said bringing her hair out of her pony tail, her red curls falling over her shoulder and her fringe falling over her eye, before leaning back in Tony's chair.

"He'll be in soon, is there anything I can help you with?" he asked opening one of his desk draws and pulling out a spare pair of trousers.

"Uhm no thanks special agent…" she asked leaning forward and raising her eye brow, this woman reminded Tim of someone but he couldn't put his finger on who or rather he knew who but he pushed the person to the back of his mind, everyone on the team had.

"McGee, Tim McGee" he said holding out his hand for the woman to shake but she didn't instead she spoke.

"You better go change your trousers" she said with a smile, he nodded before walking off to the men's room leaving the woman alone in the bullpen giggling to herself.

Half an hour later Tony and Ziva walked into the bullpen bickering as usual. As they approached their area the Italian noticed the redhead in his chair. "Hi, I'm special agent Anthony DiNozzo, you can call me Tony" he said with a cheeky grin, Ziva just rolled her eyes before sitting at her desk.

"Hi" the woman said without much of an expression.

"Do you have a name?" Tony asked.

"Yeah but you're not having it" she said leaning forward and giving him a look that told him to back off.

"Ok" Tony said taking a deep breath "Are you aware that it's my desk you're sitting at?"

"Thanks it's really comfy" she said leaning off the desk and on to the back of his chair just as Tim walked back in.

"Did you know about this McGee?" Tony asked pointing a finger at the redhead.

"Yeah I did" Tim said sitting back at his desk and beginning to check his emails.

"Do you know what she's doing here?" the senior field agent asked again.

"You know I can hear you?" the woman said in a loud whisper making Ziva smile to herself.

Tony turned and sent Ziva a glare to shut her up but all the Israeli did was pick up a paper clip and hold it threateningly . "What are you doing here, anything I can help you with?" he asked the redhead.

"Unless you lied about your name and it's really Gibbs you can't help me" she said with a shake of her head.

"Yes I was lying about my name, I'm special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, now how can I help you?" Tony said in a serious manner.

The woman laughed while she looked the man up and down "Mmm I think not" she said with a grin.

"Do any of you know when the real special agent Gibbs will be coming in, I need to talk to him" the woman asked in a bored tone, she'd already been waiting for an hour and a half.

"Right now" Gibbs said as he rounded the corner holding a cup of coffee.

The redhead got out of her seat and followed the older man to her desk. "You're Gibbs?" she asked. The special agent turned to face the woman, he was shocked, the woman looked so similar to a woman he used to love, all the team loved in a way, she had the shocking red hair, but she had subtle flecks of brown and her eye's they were the same green, same soft innocent emotional green as the woman he had loved.

"Yes I am" he said his voice hoarse, with shock and the lump that had made itself known in his throat. The woman looked him slowly up and down and smiled before nodding. "Who are you?" he asked.

The woman took a deep breath before speaking "My name is Gabriela Shepard but most people just call me Gabby, my sister was Jenny Shepard and I need your help"


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