Gibs sits in his corner waiting patiently for Timmy to come and talk to him that day. The blue bear is always waiting for Timmy and pleased when the little boy gives him hugs and cuddles. Night time is best because that's when Timmy snuggles Gibs close and tells him all of his secrets.

Today though Gibs can tell that Timmy is shaken up by something. Something bad must have happened as Timmy grabs Gibs and holds him in a death grip.

"I have to get help Gibs but I don't know how. What would Jefro do Gibs? What would Daddy do?"

The blue bear remains silent and watches as a dark haired young man enters Timmy's room. This isn't the same man who had saved him from the carnival two years ago. No, this man is younger and his hair and eyes are darker. Gibs knows however that he's seen the young man before he just doesn't remember where, when or how long ago it's been. Timmy backs up to the bed and the young man kneels in front of him.

"Can you help me young Timmy? If you can help me, I can help you."

"H—how can…how can I help?"

The young man motions and a toddler is brought forward. The little girl has dark eyes and dark hair similar to the young man. Timmy smiles shyly at the little girl who frowns at him and glares at her brother.

"Do you remember meeting my sister, Ziva? I need someone to watch over her while I go and retrieve some things from town."

Ziva chatters at her brother in a language Timmy doesn't remember hearing before. The young man's hand swoops down and almost impacts with the little girl's face, but Timmy shoves her aside and takes the blow instead. As he sinks to the floor, the little girl stares at him in shock and the young man shakes his head in wonder.

He gently picks Timmy up and sits him on the bed beside the blue bear. "Why did you do that Timmy?"

"We don't hit girls. It's not nice." Timmy mutters and Ari hides a smile as he remembers the little boy saying the same thing just a few months ago when they'd met for the first time. Timmy had intercepted a blow meant for Ziva at that time too and ironically enough for the same reason.

"Timmy, I was only…"

"You don't slap someone on their face. It leaves bruises…and I don't know Ziva."

Now Ari's starting to get riled. He'd thought the last time that he'd seen Timmy that someone was abusing the boy. Timmy's own words are almost proof of that fact. Ari sighs; he has prior obligations to think of. The fact that Timmy is, or was being abused makes Ari hesitate to leave Ziva behind.

Ziva looks at Timmy who is still quivering a bit as he holds tightly onto his bear. She tips her head and asks Ari in Hebrew why Timmy doesn't remember them.

"It's possible that Timmy lost his memory due to the explosion. Remember, we didn't think he'd survive, yet he did. You even took his bear back to him."

"I am glad he lives. He has pretty eyes." Ziva states softly, wondering why her friend doesn't remember her.