Jonathon McGee doesn't know what to expect when he arrives home two days later. The phone call he'd made to his brother-in-law has left a raw taste in his mouth. Amanda had just left Timmy, in the arms of a stranger and his brother-in-law didn't know anything about it? Just that the girl had told her parents that her services were no longer required? Had they even bothered to check up on his son since that time?

He sighs as he turns the corner and then smiles when he sees Timmy playing catch with someone in their yard. The young man and the little girl he remembers from just a few months ago, when Timmy's mother had died; they had stayed to make sure of his son's survival. Both of them had unusual names and he feels certain that they are the friends Ziva and Ari that Timmy mentioned in his phone call. He's not sure however, who the other adults in the yard are. One of them must be the mysterious Maggie that had told him about Amanda and as for the other young women? He shakes his head then stares as an armed man exits his house. Who or what is entertaining his son?

Amir shades his eyes as he sees the car slow down and whistles softly to let Ari know that someone is approaching. Ari starts to tell the children to stay back but Timmy shrieks excitedly and starts jumping up and down, and that's when they all know that Commander McGee has finally come home.

Rivka and Maggie share smiles as they watch the little boy greet his father. It's clear that no matter what Amanda might have done, the two McGee men share a special bond. Timmy is chattering away in his dad's ear and the Commander's smiling.

"Ari, thank you for coming to visit. From what Timmy tells me, you and a Dr. Ducky saved his little bear's life?"

Ari nods and motions for the others to all come forward. "You remember my sister, Ziva? This is our mother Rivka David, and our newest family member, Tali. Amir is my family's body guard, and Tali has to have a nursemaid. It was due to your wife that I have my mother and youngest sister to introduce to you."

Jonathon nods to the women and shakes hands with Amit, making Ziva giggle. "I remember you very well young Ziva. Who is your friend here?"

"That is Amit. He is our new friend, Daddy." Timmy says in a stage whisper and the adults all laugh.

Jonathon puts Timmy down and tells him to take Ziva to his room and play. The children scamper off and then he turns to Maggie.

"I hear I have you to thank for letting me talk to Timmy these last few nights. You must be Maggie."

Maggie smiles at him.

" Margaret Lawson, Maggie to my friends. I'm just glad that I was able to come and help out."

"Be that as it may, can someone please tell me what has happened while I was gone. Why are all of you here?"

Maggie takes pity on him and leads him inside the house. Once there, they all head to the living room where Ari starts telling the story of how they'd come to visit and ended up staying to protect Timmy. Maggie catches Rivka's eye and the two women head into the kitchen. Within minutes, they've got soup and sandwiches ready for consumption along with a full pot of coffee and water for tea.

"So, you really had no idea what was going on?" Ari asks softly and Jonathon stares at him, at the steel in the eyes and sighs as he slowly shakes his head.

"No, believe me, if I had, there would have been no way that I'd have left Timmy's side. I thought that I could trust them; Rose had told me that we could trust them with our son."

Ari puts a hand on his shoulder. "We often look past the obvious, when we have loss in front of us. Grief for your wife and the bruises that Timmy had from the accident might have temporarily blinded you to what was there or even what was not. I will not hold you responsible this time. I will not be so lenient the next time I visit."

"You won't have to worry. I've finished up the last tour I needed. I can be home for him now."

Ari looks at him, at the worry and fear in those emerald green eyes. "He is alright Commander. We got here in time. He is a bit traumatized, but I think now that you are home, and with Miss Maggie to help you, he will grow up to be a fine young man. Dr. Ducky is coming over in a few minutes and he should be able to confirm that for me."

Ducky arrives as if on cue and agrees with Ari's statement. "Where is our bright lad anyway?"

"Gibs took Amit upstairs," Amir tells Ari and the adults all smile. Ducky has Jonathon follow him and the young father brushes away tears as he watches his son interact with the little girl. There are no social or racial boundaries in that room. Just two friends talking,laughing, and playing together as children should.

"Amit will miss his friend Gibs and I shall miss my friend Timmy." Ziva states softly and Timmy gives her a hug.

"Gibs and I will miss our friends too." Timmy says ducking his head. He thinks for a moment then goes over to his globe. He traces the surface, and asks her to put her hand where his fingers are. She cocks her head to the side and comes over to him wondering what he is doing.

Timmy goes over to his desk and pulls out several items: a yellow piece of paper, a pen and some tape. He carefully prints Ziva's name on the paper with the pen and then pulls several pieces of tape off the dispenser. He comes back over to where Ziva is standing and removes the white paper that had been showing the location of Israel. Handing her one of the pieces of tape, they work together to put the yellow paper over Israel.

"Now, I know where you and Amit are. Gibs and I can find you and Amit if you need us." Timmy states softly and Ziva beams a smile at him. Ducky clears his throat and they look up at him.

"Final checkup Mr. Gibs. Ahh, your ear is healing quite nicely. Timothy, you have done a good job in taking care of him. Now, Mr Amit, I hear you will be leaving us soon for parts unknown."

"Not unknown, Dr. Ducky." Ziva states, "We will be going here, back to Israel; Timmy and Gibs marked it so they can find us."

She points to the globe and Ducky smiles at her. "Well so he did. Timothy, your own ear looks to be on the mend as well. Are you happy to see your father again?"

Timmy nods from his father's shoulder and they leave the room.

Downstairs Ari and Rivka are talking to Maggie. Amir and the nursemaid are busy outside getting Tali and her supplies installed in the car, for the trip back to the ship. Ziva comes over and looks up at Ari, "Amit and I are ready to leave now."

"Go on outside little one. Amir will help you." Ari states softly and ruffles her hair as she obeys. Timmy wriggles out of his father's arms and holds up his arms to Ari who kneels down and gives the little boy a hug.

"Thank you Ari." He says and then goes over to Rivka who kneels down and gives him a hug.

"You are a special little boy Timothy McGee. It was an honor to meet you."

Timmy touches the emerald rosary that is hiding in his pocket and whispers. "Thank you Mama Rivka. Thank you for giving me Mother Mary."

Later that night:

The excitement of the day, along with the bittersweet sorrow of parting friends has Timmy yawning a bit earlier than normal. Maggie leaves after her hug from Timmy and Jonathon watches as she crosses the street, wondering if he will be able to get to know the young woman better. He sighs and shuts the door then turns to his son who yawns again as he rubs his eyes. Tucking Timmy into bed that night, he's about to leave when Timmy states softly.

"Me and Gibs are glad Daddy's home. You get to stay home now?" Timmy asks and Jonathon nods.

"Yep, I'm done for good. It's just you and me now buddy." Jonathon says and Timmy shakes his head sleepily.

"You and me and Gibs, Daddy. You and me and Gibs."

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