/author note. Guess what, I still do not own any rights to Resident Evil. I wrote this on my phone, so my apologies if there's anything that doesn't really make sense, or if I missed to fish out a spelling or grammar error. Its quite late that I am fishing the mistakes out. But yeah. It is a very short fiction, BUT a part two is already in progress, so have patience my dear. Also, for my crew (other word for my group of friends) MauS is endgame (if we weren't living so damn far apart). But I will shut up now and let you enjoy the fiction. Love from Manya!

While scanning on the radio a voice filled the ever so silent room.

"I think of times that could have been. What would have been. What if I didn't let you fly away. What if I went on the chopper with you. What if I wasn't so scared to make the first move. What if I just told you how much I cared. Would you still have left? Would you have laughed if I did say it? Or would you have admitted to feeling the same? I guess I will never know. Because I didn't do all of that. I let you leave. You flew half a world away from me. Now, you might as well be dead and I wouldn't know. I don't know if Arcadia was the safe place it promised, but I let you go anyway. What if I didn't let you go? If I went with you instead. I loved you Claire. I always will. But did you love me as much? Maybe I'll find out in another life. This one passes as soon as it begins. Claire. I'm sorry. I'll never let you go again. Forgive me."

The transmission ended, leaving the listener speechless and teary eyed. The message was intended for her. How could Alice think that she didn't know? How could she even think her feelings weren't the same? She picked up the microphone, hands trembling.

'Don't you dare to try and make that sound like a goodbye' her voice steady and authorative. 'don't you dare Alice' there was no reaction on the other side of the line for a good minute. 'Claire?' a soft voice asked. Claire affirmed that it was her. It went silent again.

'Are you safe?' was the next question. 'as safe as we'll ever be in this world. You were right. There were barely any undead' another silence fell upon them. 'Alice?' Claire tried to get her attention. The voice entered the void again after a sniff. 'I didn't think anyone was listening' a soft sigh escaped Claire's lips. 'I was scanning to try and find survivors. I was lucky to catch you and I'm not talking about just now' again, no response.

'I'm in Tokyo still. I'll come to Arcadia as soon as I can' there was a sincere promise in her voice. 'How much did you hear?' uncertainty glimmering trough. Claire could see how Alice would be chastising herself for letting her guard down. 'I think pretty much everything' no answer. 'I love you too Alice. Come back to me. Please' she could hear soft sobs on the other end of the line. So she repeated herself. 'I love you Alice' there was a comfortable silence. Neither talked. They knew the other was there, that was all they needed to know.

'so ehm, what are you wearing?' Alice joked after a couple minutes. 'oh you know. The usual. The birthday suit' Alice laughed. 'Don't you lie to me missy' the conversation took a serious turn. 'I'm coming to see you, Claire. I cant stay away any longer. Not now I know you're alive and well. It'll take me a while. But I'm coming for you. I promise' Claire fell silent when Alice was done. The words failed to come out of her mouth. 'I'll wait for you' we're the last words shared when the line got cut off. Claire repeated Alice's name a couple times, but no answer was given. 'Don't die on me Alice' she whispered.