The giggles soon turned to laughter and Jayne was leaning over clutching her stomach with tears rolling down her face. Every time she tried to take a breath, she looked at Chris who was laughing at her and burst out laughing again.

"This…. is…. not…..even funny" she battled to speak, her mouth aching from the laughing and tears streaking her face.

She managed a deep breath and looked up at Chris, tears still rolling down her cheeks.

"Are you laughing or crying now?" he asked.

She shrugged her shoulders.

"Oh, what's the matter Jayne?" he said folding her into an embrace.

She curled up into his body enjoying his strong arms around her and sniffed into his shoulder. This is nice, she thought as he pulled her into his lap, cradling her like a child. She snuggled into him and allowed him to comfort her.

Taking a deep shuddery breath, she inhaled his scent.

Mmm he smells nice.

Suddenly she felt a sensation that can only be described as a jolt. She looked up him, staring intently at his chin and had an overwhelming desire to kiss it.

Pull yourself together she thought, this is Chris – your best friend.

He pulled her closer.

No, no I need to stop this, thought Jayne as she tried to pull herself away from him.

He only held on tighter. "Jayne, I am not letting you go so stop trying!"

She looked up at him and it felt like time froze – it seemed like ages that they both just stared at each other, electric energy bouncing between them.

Chris moved slightly causing Jayne to jump as he moved to gently tuck her hair behind her ear. She looked down, unable to look him in the eye, heart pounding.

Jayne tried to move backwards again and he held the back of her head to keep her on his lap. He pulled his fingers through her hair.

"Jayne" he whispered.

This time she looked up at him.

"Why won't you let me go Chris" she said hoarsely

"Because I want you"

Jayne felt as if her heart had just jumped up into her throat as he leaned forwards, his lips moving closer to hers, his eyes on hers.

She looked back at him – Chris the man who was so familiar to her, suddenly felt like a stranger – a stranger who was about to kiss her.

She closed her eyes and he pressed his lips on hers, kissing her with all the passion in the world.

She kissed him back thinking, this is Chris, this is Chris but it was no use. It felt so good, and so right that she allowed herself to relax in her embrace.

She felt so turned on as she pushed her hands up under his shirt, feeling his hard chest under her palms.

Karen is going to kill me she thought but just as she allowed her mind to wonder, he started undoing her shirt buttons.

Jayne was shaking – she couldn't believe that she wanted him so much.

He pulled back and looked at her

"Jayne you have no idea how long I have wanted to do that"

No matter how much people wanted to believe it – they really were just best friends and had never kissed like that before.

"Come with me" she brazenly said, taking him by the hand and leading him to the bedroom.

He was grinning insanely back at her.

Once they got to the bedroom, she mumbled "I can't believe that I just did that, I'm acting like a slut" and nervously sat on the edge of the bed.

Chris sat next to her.

"What, Jayne?"

"Nothing, I just don't know if I can do this"

He looked deeply into her eyes and smiled, "Beautiful, beautiful Jayne" as he stroked her cheek "how about if I just do this?" and he gently kissed her.

"Don't try anything funny Chris!"

He just raised his eyebrows at her as he slowly began to unbutton her top, slowly kissing her shoulders and down to her chest as he did.

As she started to feel more relaxed, he undid her bra and continued to kiss his way down her body.

"God you are gorgeous," her murmured to her as he gently pulled off her jeans.

The next thing Jayne knew was that she was lying on his bed totally naked. Chris's eyes were glazed over with lust.

"Why am I totally naked and you still have all your clothes on Chris? Take them off!"

"No I won't. If you want them off, you will have to come and do it yourself!" he grinned at her, reaching down to stroke her body.

She pulled herself upright and got up to stand in front of him. She started to undo the buttons on his shirt one by one – kissing her way down from his chest and down his stomach as she undid each one. He stroked her back, hands tangling in her hair as he moved them back up.

She finally started to move to unzip his pants, smiling to herself as she noticed the fabric straining from the bulge underneath. She battled to undo the button.

"Let me help you with that" he said huskily and quickly undid his pants and ripped them off.

"Nice" she said, "no underwear – good thing you are not Scottish" she joked trying to break the sexual tension in the air.

"Shut up and come over here" he growled at her

Suddenly all her shyness of being with Chris dissolved in the passion of his kiss as he pushed her down onto the bed, falling roughly on top of her.

She had never experienced anything like what he did to her body and they both fell back panting afterwards.

"Wow, wow, Chris…. That was wow"

"I guess that's what happens if you wait 35 years to consummate your relationship" he grinned down at her, pulling her into his arms.

They lay there in each other's arms both with ridiculous grins on their faces.

"Jayne…" he was interrupted as the phone rang.

"Hello…oh hi Karen, yes I am in bed"

"Jayne?" he paused and looked down at her "Jayne Torvill… Jayne Torvill my skating partner? Yes she's here with me"

"Yes, with me in bed, do you need to speak to her?"

Jayne frantically shook her bed and hid under the duvet, giggling as she did

"Yes we did"

Jayne heard screaming coming from the phone as Chris held the phone out away from his ear and then a bang as Karen slammed the phone down.

She burst out laughing, "If I thought that we were in trouble before, then I don't even know is going to happen now!"

She looked up at Chris.


"Yes my angel," he replied.

"I'm hungry!"