Porcelain Doll

- Smile -

No matter how many times he saw her, the expression on her face never changed. It remained forever still, like a living porcelain doll. The only indication that proves she was alive was the occasional blinks of her sea foam eyes. Otherwise, she was the perfect living imitation of a doll.

He is in love with her.

He never gets tired of looking at her flawless skin, glassy sea foam eyes, pastel pink locks, glossy pink lips, or how well the dresses compliment her slender body. Better than any man-made doll, her perfection cannot be recreated. He loves looking at her face, even if she never smiled. If she did though, he knows it would be the most breathtaking smile he'd ever see.

A smile that would be just for him.

A smile only at him.

And only him.

A wicked smile spread across his lips as he stared at the beauty from behind the glass walls. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted her for himself. After observing her for so long, he decided he would finally make his claim on her. From there, he will breathe life into her lifeless form. He wanted to see all the emotions known to man displayed on her porcelain face.








But most of all, he wanted to make this beauty smile. A smile that only belonged to him, and him only. The beauty that lived behind glass walls, forever on display for the world to see. A beauty that had never taken a step outside of her glass box, forever caged like a bird; like a tourist attraction. She is the world's first and only homunculus, a perfect artificial human.

Better than any man-made doll; The perfect creation.

"Sasori-danna, you've been staring at her for a while-yeah. Aren't you tired yet?" his attendant asked him, a curious look on his face. Although he knew his master came by every day to see the girl, today's visit seemed different to him. But Sasori merely shrugged and gave a noncommittal grunt. After another long period of silence, Sasori spoke up again.

"I want this girl." he stated bluntly. His attendant seemed to have become momentarily stunned at the statement before he broke out in laughter.

"Hahaha, good one danna-yeah!" he exclaimed before pretending to wipe a tear from his eye. Sasori gave his attendant a stern look that said it all- "Do I look like I'm joking?"

Deidara immediately froze after seeing the serious look on his master's face. A look he doesn't see unless his master was working on an important project. Deidara felt himself break out in cold sweat at his master's implications.

"B-but, danna! You know she's a national treasure! You can't just... buy her!" he reproached in a hushed tone, hoping he could dissuade his master from doing something rash. His fears multiplied ten-fold when he saw his master smirk. A smirk that rarely appeared unless some serious business was going down.

"Legally or not, I will have her." Sasori said with a devilish smirk on his lips. With a swish of his cloak, the pair disappeared without a trace.

For as long as she could remember, she had always lived behind these glass walls. The walls that separated her from the rest of the world. The world she knows nothing about, except for what she could see through the glass walls or what her caretakers tell her.

Every day, people would come in and out of her room to check up on her on. A man in a white coat with long black hair- who called himself Orochimaru, would come buy multiple times a day to inject her with a strange liquid. He told her it was necessary to keep her alive and moving. He was always gentle with her and always explained what he was doing to her.

He once told her that she was different from normal people. She never has to eat, because her body doesn't need it; only the medicine he injects into her. Her body will also never change; she will never age like normal people. He told her he envied her, because as long as she had medicine, she will live forever. But because she was special, she had to live in this special house to protect her from dangerous things.

Then there are the ladies who came by every day to bathe and dress her. They took great care of her, making sure she was comfortable and clean every day. However, unlike the man who gives her medicine, they don't tell her things nor do they try to talk to her.

During the day, many people come by her glass wall to see her. Like she was told, she would sit on her chair and be perfectly still. She may occasionally get up to stretch her legs, but she was not allowed to do anything more than that. Although she didn't understand why, she obeyed.

She enjoyed surveying the people on the other side of the wall. Sometimes they come by holding strange objects that she has never seen before, and sometimes they had some peculiar expressions on their faces. Their lips curve up a lot of times, sometimes even showing their teeth when they see her. Some times they curve down, causing their eyebrows to dip down as well. A lot of times the little people's mouths would drop open and their eyes look as though they were twinkling.

She wanted to know why their faces did that. She once tried making the same expressions, only to realize she didn't know how.

Why do they make those faces?

Although many people come by to see her every day, one particular man always come by to see her. She could never forget his bold hair colour, or the way he looks at her. His intense stare causes a strange sensation to stir deep within her chest, so strange it almost makes her uncomfortable.

But I don't dislike it.

"Danna, you're serious aren't you?" Deidara's muffled voice called from the other side of the door.

"Of course Deidara. It's about time she comes home." Sasori replied nonchalantly as he continued to carefully carve out the shape of a slender arm from the woodwork.

Deidara almost smacked himself in the forehead at his master's reply. You make her sound like she's already part of the family-yeah!

Sasori is a famous doll maker within the kingdom of Konoha. He is famous for his lifelike dolls that look as though they could spring to life, his craftsmanship being second to none. His dolls are one of the most coveted items in the entire kingdom, but because of the ridiculous costs, only the wealthiest or royalty could afford them.

"But danna, if we get caught we'll be sentenced to death for sure-yeah!" his attendant cried in despair. Sasori's hand paused momentarily from his carving. Deidara's face brightened up, thinking his words had finally reached his master's ears.

"Just who do you think I am Deidara?" he asked him darkly, his voice low. His question was met with silence, his attendant afraid to answer in fear of enraging his master even more. Nothing scares Deidara more than when his master's in a foul mood, as Sasori tends to become rather unforgiving.

Satisfied that he will not be interrupted anymore, Sasori got back to work on his "project". He stared almost wistfully at the face of the doll he was currently making. It was a perfect replication of the pink haired beauty that he stared at everyday. Though no matter how much his doll looked like her, he knew it could never compare to the real thing.

And very soon, I will have you.

After several hours of serious concentration and hard work, the replica was finished. Sasori stood back to admire his handiwork alongside his attendant, who almost had to do a double take.

"All that's left is your magic, Sasori-danna." Deidara said quietly, sounding resigned. He knew his master would not change his mind now that he's made the replica. He could only support his master to the best of his abilities and hope they don't get caught.

Taking a small breath in, Sasori placed one hand on the doll's chest while the other hand formed a seal.

Mit Augen aus Glas,
und die Haut aus Porzellan,
werde ich das Leben auf diesem Behälter geben.
Mit einem Stück von meiner Seele,
schenken Bewegung zu diesem heiklen Puppe.

After he finished enchanting the spell, he kissed the doll on the forehead. The spell immediately took effect; the once still and rigid doll started to breathe and its eyes blinked occasionally. Deidara could only observe the scene in awe as he watched his master carefully lead the doll towards the door.

And this is why danna is so freaking amazing-yeah. He thought fondly as he watched the doll's graceful movements.

"Preparations are all done. The mission starts now." he said in a hushed voice before disappearing through the door, the doll trailing behind him obediently. Deidara grinned boyishly before running after his master, a heavy looking bag strapped to his waist.

"Wait for me danna-yeah!"

Breaking and entering was no hard task for the doll maker. Unknown to many, his father was a talented locksmith that was rumoured to be able to make the safest locks of all time. Only he would be able to crack the lock should the key ever be lost. Of course, in the hopes that Sasori would follow in his footsteps, his father taught him all he knew.

"If Sasori-danna's father knew his son would be using his skills for this purpose, he would probably roll over in his grave." Deidara lamented dramatically as Sasori easily picked the lock to the back entrance of where she lived.

"Another word, and you will be joining my old man." Sasori replied stoically as he casually walked into the building. Deidara quickly slapped his hands over his mouth and meekly walked after his master. Carefully navigating through the dark house, the pair made sure not to bump into anything as they climbed the stairs that lead to her room.

Once they reached her room, Sasori carefully tested the knob- which was locked- before quickly getting the tools to pick the lock. Sasori felt his heart beat speed up, knowing just how close he was to her. He could barely contain his excitement as he slowly undid all the mechanisms within the lock.


Deidara had never seen his master smile so genuinely as the lock clicked open, resembling a kid who finally got the toy he wanted for so long. Slowly opening the door, the two stood in the doorway and quietly observed the sleeping beauty on the bed. The moonlight filtering through the windows gave her porcelain-like skin an ethereal glow, her pink hair surrounded her like a halo that added to the enchanting look.

Sasori's breathing quickened, his heart pumping as fast as if he had run a marathon. His steps were slow and careful as he walked to her bedside. He was now closer to the beauty of his dreams than before.

Finally beyond the sheet of glass.

His hand reached forward as if to stroke her cheek, but the look on his attendant's face made him halt. He quickly retracted his hand, which formed a fist. Taking one last lingering look at her sleeping face, he turned his attention to the thing he had been carrying the entire time. Setting it down gently on the floor, he untied the burlap bag and lifted the doll replica out. With swift movements, Deidara and Sasori were able to swap the homunculus with the doll replica.

"Be a good girl and do what you're told." Sasori whispered to the doll replica, who nodded obediently before closing its eyes as if going to sleep.

"The princess is secured danna. Let's hurry and get outta here-yeah?" Deidara asked as he carefully placed her in Sasori's arms. Sasori only nodded before the two quickly made their way out the room. Sasori couldn't help but stare at the girl in his arms, hardly believing that she was finally in his arms. Just as they reached the bottom of the stairs, a bunch of armed guards surrounded them.

"Aw man, what bad luck-yeah." Deidara groaned as he brought his hand to his face.

"Hn, you know what to do." Sasori said calmly as he took a couple steps behind Deidara, who started to unzip the bag strapped to his waist.

"You gotcha danna-"

"Well well well, if it isn't the famous Sasori-sama and his attendant." a voice spoke from behind the ring of guards. Sasori's eyes narrowed as the guards parted to reveal Orochimaru, a cruel smile on his lips.

"How rare, for Dr. Orochimaru to show up in person to greet me. I'm honoured." Sasori replied with mock politeness before doing a little bow. Orochimaru's smile twisted into a smirk as he eyed the bundle in Sasori's arms.

"I believe you are holding one of the kingdom's treasure. If you would be so kind, please return her to me and I will pretend this never happened." Orochimaru said smoothly, his arms stretched out as if to receive her. A smirk appeared on Sasori and Deidara's lips, causing Orochimaru to frown slightly.

"Sorry doc, but whatever danna wants, he gets-yeah." Deidara said in a cocky voice before he threw several round balls of clay at guards and Orochimaru. The guards immediately moved in front to shield Orochimaru from the attack, but Deidara only smiled sadistically.

"Heh, you can't shield him from my explosive clay-yeah." Deidara explained as he and Sasori backed up to a window.

"Katsu!" he exclaimed and all the balls of clay exploded simultaneously, causing all the guards and Orochimaru to be blown back, as well as creating a huge hole in the wall. Under the cover of the smoke and confusion, Sasori quickly made his way through the hole in the wall while Deidara smashed the window and leapt through. Once the smoke cleared, the two had already disappeared.

"Orochimaru-sama! The thieves have escaped, but there seems to be two routes. Shall we split up and search?" one of the guards asked Orochimaru, who was silently fuming.

"Yes, now go quickly! They couldn't have gotten far."


As the guards all left, Orochimaru made his way up the stairs to where the girl used to sleep. In her place, he saw it was now a replica Sasori made. His hands clenched into fists, shaking in cold fury. The very creation that he made had been stolen from right under his nose. He walked over to the doll and watched it slowly breathe in and out, as if it was sleeping. His hand wrapped around its fragile neck, but it didn't stir. He was very tempted to break the cheap replacement, but he thought better of it.

If word gets out that she was stolen, the whole kingdom will be in an uproar.

"Kabuto, make sure no word gets out about this incident. We will get her back." Orochimaru hissed. A man walked out from the shadows and bowed deeply.

"Understood, Orochimaru-sama." with that, the man walked back into the shadows and disappeared. Orochimaru gave the doll one last glare before briskly leaving the room.

To be continued...

Recently I've been reading too many mangas that deal with dolls and artificial life. Though the one that inspired this is probably Chobits, haha. The spell is in German, although it's been Google translated so.. it may have deviated a little from the original. xD

Well... let me know what you think! :)