A/N- I do not own Thor as it belongs to the amazing people at Marvel comics! This is a Thor and Jane pairing one shot set after the movie. Enjoy!

Jane walked into the darkly lit room, where a wooden cot was placed in the centre of the room. The mobile of stars gently clinking together in the peacefulness of the night. As Jane walked up to the side of the cot, her hands gripped on the white paint, as she took in the sight of her sleeping child.

Her little Lucy Alisia Foster, the most precious child in all of the nine realms.

Jane smiled as she reached her hand into the cot to touch her six-month old daughter's golden locks. 'Spitting image of her father' she thought to herself, as she then moved to stroke the baby's cheek.

Then she could see it in her daughter's face, what Darcy had said that day 6 months ago in the hospital.

Six Months Ago

After an agonising 18 hours in labour, Jane Foster had finally given birth to a healthy baby girl. Her best friend Darcy had been there in entire time to support her. She was currently down the hospital's canteen to get some food after being ordered by Jane.

She held her baby girl in her arms with pride and joy, even though she was tired and so sore than she had ever been before but she had finally had the chance to meet her.

Jane could not help that something was missing, the man that she loved, her warrior and the father of her child. Thor.

He wasn't there but it was hard going through it all without him being at her side, with a witty remark or a line of wisdom to guide her through this journey of life changing proportions.

She had been so desperate in fact that during her pregnancy, she would read 'The Tales of Asgard' to her unborn child. Then the memory hit her;

"See that man there"' pointing to the large burly warrior looking man. She knew her child could not see him but they could hear about him.

"That's your father." She whispered as she rubbed her belly, whilst the child was kicking wildly inside of her.

'I promise you will meet him someday, he watches over you and loves you. The gentle warrior that claimed back his rightful throne, the man who brings down giants and defends our world's with a hammer of pure power." She smiles gently as the child calms, almost listening to the quiet soothing of its mother's voice.

"He will return to us one day, little one. He just… has some bigger problems to sort out right now." Jane closed the book as tears started to draw from her eyes.

Back in the hospital

Darcy had returned to the room with a massive smile of joy on her face. Walking over to the mother and child located in the bed in front.

"She is beautiful, Jane. She has your face shape but I see his eyes and hair colour." Darcy back tracked her words slightly as she was handed the baby by Jane.

"Yeah, I see him." Jane gave a deep breath before continuing.

"I just want him to meet her one day; she's growing up as half a demi god. She deserves to know the truth about her origins."

Darcy nodded as she looked down at the baby and started rocking her gently in her arms.

"So, Lucy yeah? Isn't Alisia Asgardian for hope or something? I read it up in that book you had." Darcy looked cautiously up at Jane.

Jane nodded tiredly before yawing at the start of her sentence. "I bet Thor would love to meet her, he is just a really busy guy." She paused.

"I loved him and she will know him. Thor, God of Thunder. It's impossible to miss in our house, her other family is painted on the walls of her nursery." Jane's voice was strained as she spoke out those last few words.

Darcy handed Lucy back to Jane as the child started to get agitated.

"Well, she will be alright. She's a tough little cookie this one. You will be one amazing Mom and I will be sure of that."

Jane gave her friend a proud smile in return for the comment. Staring down at her daughter with hopes that they will all be a family again one day.

Back six months later

The day was finally starting to catch up with Jane; finally checking over her daughter, she placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

"I love you my little love." She whispered.

Jane walked over to the window seat at the edge of her daughter's room. The view looked out onto the open desert where the moon was the current occupant of the sky with a few stars hanging around it.

Jane took a seat as she stared out into the stars as she was reminded of when Thor was around. Lying on the bonnet of the truck as he explained about the realms and Jane talking about her research and findings. It made her feel hope somewhere in her that he would come back to them.

They would be moving soon, to a new home because of Jane's new job offer given to her by the people at SHIELD. If it made her daughter's life better, then she would take it.

For now, Jane Foster just wondered when her lost warrior would return home.

Meanwhile in Asgard, Thor looked out into the stars at the edge of the broken rainbow bridge that once stood. He did it to protect his beloved Jane from his brother Loki but knowing the consequences that he was never going to see her again.

Jane Foster made him feel whole and a part of something, doing the right thing and helping him getting his life back on track.

Sighing and turning around to return to the castle, sudden warmth enveloped him. He did not know what it was but it felt like Jane was with him. Then, in a vision came a tiny child; confused he did not know how this child would affect him but he would return to her very soon.