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The Hogwarts Express was happily chugging along, though Luna didn't know if the Express was happy because it was chugging, and if so what was it chugging, or if it was chugging because it was happy. Or if it was happily chugging because it was going along. This is a mystery for another time, Luna decided, she wasn't sure if she'd be able to solve this conundrum in so short a time. Nor was she sure she wanted to spend her last Hogwarts Express ride solving it. It was odd, Luna thought, to be on the Hogwarts Express for what might be the last time in her life, looking out the window and seeing Hogsmeade Station disappear into the distance, the large, wonderful silhouette of Hogwarts disappearing in the early morning sky.

She looks around her compartment, the thing empty except for her and, presumably, Wrackspurts. It's almost exactly like her first ride on the Express; that had also been a solitary ride with only Wrackspurts keeping her company… and a frog named Trevor that sat next to her for a few minutes before declaring he had business to attend to elsewhere.

Luna sighed, missing her friends. It was too bad that they weren't here any longer…

Nope. Luna thought as she sat up a bit straighter, This isn't time for sad thoughts.

She looked out the window, searching her mind for any happy thoughts to keep her from missing her friends…

The battle of Hogwarts.

Not the battle itself, that had been an immensely horrific day and she didn't want to dwell on all the people who weren't here anymore, instead she thought of Harry and Hermione. She remembered Harry fighting Voldemort all throughout the castle, their spells washing out everything else around them, the entire castle trembling as their spells collided or smashed into walls and gouged out huge craters where they hit. It had been terrifying, Voldemort was immensely powerful and had years of experience and spell knowledge behind him and Harry, while magically powerful too, had none of that experience or spell knowledge.

On the other hand he did have two Time-Turners and a very determined Hermione Granger.

She remembered Harry appearing at two places at once through time shenanigans and fighting Voldemort on two fronts, she remembered one moment where there seemed to be two Harrys fighting about the castle. Harry had even told her, once and in secret, that he had used the Time-Turner mid-battle to go back into early morning, to a point in time before he and Hermione had arrived, and hid in a room and slept and ate before reappearing into the battle right in front of Voldemort, who was still surprised that Harry had disappeared so suddenly, and smacked him with a bludgeoning hex right in his mouth.

She'd been nearby when that had happened and laughed quite loudly when it did.

But the best part, the moment in the battle that cemented and drove home any doubt that Harry and Hermione were made for each other, the part that told her that she had been correct when she said that she wouldn't be as brilliant with Harry as Hermione would be, the moment that she was remember in an effort to keep away any sadness was The Patronus.

It had been after Hermione had killed Voldemort's pet snake with the Sword of Gryffindor, though Luna only learned about that later on, and Voldemort's body began to break down even more than it had turned into a large wispy black cloud with only his scarred, burned head remaining at its center. Voldemort, now a terrible cloud of death, had expanded and engulfed the entire Great Hall, anyone who ventured in died terribly, except for Harry. All anyone could see or hear inside the Hall was the sounds of spellfire and the flashes of magical explosions.

And then Hermione ran into the Hall, calling after Harry and flinging spells into the darkness. More spells followed, more muffled yelling and then an unbearable stretch of silence.

Then all she heard was "Expecto Patronum!" before the world went white.

Luna smiled, the memory alone of that wonderful Patronus already lifting her spirits. She remembered how she had to close her eyes, thrown her arm in front of her face and she could still see nothing but a wonderfully blinding and warm light. She remembered opening her eyes and stumbling into the Great Hall, trying to fight off the stars in her eyes as she found her sight again and saw Harry standing over a small, burnt, skull, a skull that only seconds ago had held one of the most evil minds in recent history before he raised his foot and stamped it into dust.

Luna tried not to think about all the funerals that had to come after that, or the fact that the Aurors still had to go out and seek the last remaining Death Eaters, or the small, pitiful counterattack some Death Eaters launched against Hogwarts a few days later, no, instead she focused on that Patronus and the sight of Harry smashing Voldemort's skull and the sight of Harry and Hermione turning and kissing each other, on the great cheer that went out throughout Hogwarts, the throngs of people celebrating all across Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley…

Luna startled out of her happy memory as she turned her head to look at what she thought had been a Wrackspurt's call.

Of course that was silly, Wrackspurts made noises that humans couldn't hear, so there was no way she'd be able to… her eyes suddenly widened.

What if I have powers?

It all suddenly made sense, she'd read about this in some of those books Muggles sometimes read that she'd seen on a few occasions, where people woke up and had powers. Maybe she could hear Wrackspurts? Maybe she was an X man? Or what if she was the Queen of the Wrackspurts and-

Oh it's just the door. Luna said, remembering that she had locked it and placed privacy charms on her compartment door. She gathered her wand up in her hands, rubbed her eyes to make sure she didn't have any stray tears, and unlocked the door.

No one here.

She thought that maybe, just maybe, it actually was A Wrackspurt call and-

"Hello Professor Scamander." A small voice said.

Luna turned her gaze downwards, Padma and Lavender looking up at her with their big eyes, smiling as she saw their cute little faces.

"Oh! Come in!" she chirped happily as she ushered them in, happy to see them again… though she had just seen them a few hours ago at the Great Hall as they all filed out of the school for the year. The two girls, best friends since early childhood, began talking excited while Luna looked them over, smiling at their happy looks and little giggles. Padma Bellos as the daughter of Parvati and David Bellos, the little girl having inherited her mother's, and subsequently her aunt's, looks, though she took after her father. And Lavender Emilia Potter looked like an exact copy of Hermione at her age though, like all of Harry and Hermione's children, she inherited Harry's eyes.

Luna frowned a little as she noticed Lavender giving her dirty looks, as dirty as a little 11 year old girl could possibly give.

"What's wrong Lavender?" she asked, wondering what the little girl could possibly be mad at her for. Had she gotten a Troll in her Care of Magical Creatures Class? No, that doesn't make sense, Luna realized, She did quite well in my class…

"Professor Scamander?" she heard Lavender call her.

"What happened to Auntie Loony?" Luna asked, wondering why the girl was being so formal.

Lavender frowned again before looking over at Padma, the little girl nodding.

"Auntie, did you ever kiss my dad?" she asked quickly.

"Oh," Luna replied, her mind going back to the first she'd ever had, with Harry under the mistletoe in Slughorn's party. "Yup." She answered simply, "Twice. He's a very nice kisser, he's gentle yet-" Her words were cut off when Lavender jumped from her seat and started attacking her. Luckily Lavender was a bit small for her age and, being only 11, her punches were more akin to weak pats against her legs rather than a savage beating. Luckily she was rescued when the door to the compartment swung open again, this time admitting a few more girls into the compartment, one in particular gasping at what she saw.

"Lavender!" the third year yelled before pulling the small girl off of her, "What are you doing?" while Luna stared at the two of them, always internally laughing when she saw the two girls next to each other, it was quite nice that both of Harry and Hermione's girls took after their mother's looks. "Apologize to Auntie Loony at once!"

Luna looked over at Lily Luna Potter, her stern expression and stance an exact copy of Hermione's stance.

"No!" Lavender huffed, "Auntie kissed dad!"

Hermione Weston, Clara and William's little girl, gasped and looked at Luna with wide eyes while Lily huffed in annoyance.

"Yes, she did," she admitted, "But so did Aunt Lavender and Aunt Parvati, are you going to go and attack them too?" Hermione and Padma both gasped, while Lavender appeared ready to cry.

Luna jumped in, she hated seeing little Lavender cry and pulled Lavender up on her lap, the little girl struggling against her. "Shhhh, shh," she cooed, the little girl calming down slightly, "I did kiss your dad, but that was when we were little, when we were students at Hogwarts and before your daddy had started fancying your mummy."

"Really?" Lavender asked as she started to calm back down.

"Yup," Luna said as she saw her goddaughter begin to calm down and pull out a book, Luna feeling oddly nostalgic at the sight, the girls really did look so much like their mum. "In fact," Luna continued, "how about I tell you girls how I helped your dad and mum become a couple?" Lavender nodded enthusiastically, Hermione and Padma following suit. "Great!" Luna exclaimed happily before looking out the window, "We still have a few hours before we get to King's Cross, we should have enough time." She looked at the girls as they clearly began to settle in for a long story, Hermione pulling out her mother's lucky robes and throwing it over herself like a blanket, Lily surreptitiously pretending to be more interested in her book than in her parent's romance story. "Lavender," Luna began in her dreamy voice, "Don't get mad, but this story does start when me and your daddy fancied each other and your mum fancied Uncle Ron-"

"What!" the little girls yelled out, Padma's face a hilarious rendition of disgust and terror.

"-but no worries," Luna continued as Lily stifled a laugh, "Well… I think it all began sometime in January or September, 1980, when my dad, Grandpa Xeno, and my mum were feeling a little frisky and forgot to use the-"

"Auntie Loony," Lily cut in immediately, "Maybe you can skip that part of the story," she said, "And get to when you and my dad fancied each other yes?" she nodded.

"That's a good idea," Luna said, "Now that I think about it, that part of the story is unreliable, since I don't know if they forgot to use the contra-oh, right," she said, finally realizing why Lily didn't want her to say this part of the story. "Well ok… let's start the story at Hogwarts, I was out by the Black Lake looking for the Nargles that had stolen my shoes and Harry came over to me…"

For the next hour or so she told the four girls, Lily wasn't fooling anyone, the story of Harry and Hermione's friendship saved from a year of distrust and jealousy and how it blossomed into the love they see today.

They only took a few breaks when the Food Trolley Lady rolled around and when Rose Weasley came around and asked Lily for some reading material before deciding to join their little group, the two girls reminiscing about the time they first heard this story too. At one point James Sirius Potter, Harry and Hermione's first child, a carbon copy of Harry himself, walked in and chatted with them, though Luna and Lily both clearly picked up on the fact that he was not-so-subtly asking them about their mutual friend, Jasmine Wintermill, Fay's daughter. He only left when Rose mentioned that Jasmine was currently alone in her compartment, giggling as James made some flimsy excuse to "make sure she was going to the party."

The rest of the train ride was spent chatting about the party that was going to be held at Harry and Hermione's house to celebrate the end of the first year for several of their children.

Luna smiled, beaming at her friends and congratulating them on their first year and they in turn made her feel as if she'd gotten another silly Waterbee in her eye as they told her they loved her Care of Magical Creatures Class, Rose and Lily both adding that she was a wonderful replacement for Hagrid. She looked forward to seeing her friends again.

Soon or not so soon actually, Luna often had a hard time telling time, they all felt the Express slow down and lurch into King's Cross Station, the large whistle blowing and the excited sounds of students packing up and heading out mixed in with the cheering just outside their windows as parents welcomed their children back.

"Hey dove!" Luna heard a familiar voice outside her window and felt her heart leap when she saw her husband, Rolf, standing on the platform as he waved at her. It felt great to see him after a year, though he'd have to shave that beard of his, he's liable to get Fairy Nargles stuck in there. She made her way to the platform, bumping in to her two baby twins Lorcan and Lysander on the way to meet their father.

"Hey dove," he cheered as he walked over and gave her a long kiss, Luna happy in the knowledge that she'd found her own brilliant boy in the end. She had Harry to thank for that too. It had been about a year after Voldemort had been defeated and, keeping his word, Harry had gone with her on an expedition to look for Crumple Horned Snorkacks in Switzerland. At one point Harry walked straight into a Cretan Teeth Plant, which was surprising even to Luna since Cretan Teeth Plants shouldn't be found anywhere near Switzerland. She'd taken Harry back to a nearby hospital to get his wound checked out, and to immediately owl Hermione. Harry, his kind heart acting up once again, began to apologize for getting injured so quickly into the expedition and thus began a small conversation where Luna explained that it was not his fault and began to speculate on just how it was that the plant found its way to Switzerland when the plant is native to the island of Crete. She'd suggested that, perhaps, the plant found its way there on its own, just like birds moving across different parts of the country as the seasons changed and that had been when a nearby patient on the next hospital cot over entered the conversation with "Are you suggesting Cretan Teeth Plants migrate?" Thus did Rolf come into her life.

"Your beard tickles," she said dreamily as Rolf took her trunk and stowed it away along with the boys' own luggage. "Shave it."

"I thought I'd look manly in it," Rolf said as he played with his beard, "And it adds to my look of an explorer… huh, it is a bit itchy though innit?"

"A bit more than a bit," Luna commented as she saw Lavender storm up to her father and started attacking him with the same fervor that she had attacked her, "Oh, let's see what's going on."

Luna and her family approached the scene, the other families already having crowded around to see Harry taken down by his little girl. There was Lavender Thomas and her son Gerald next to her best friend and business partner Parvati Bellos, her husband David and their daughter Padma, who was talking to her mother in her native tongue too fast for Luna to understand. Padma and her husband Edward Vardon watching on in interest as their twins, Sohan and Mohan waved and made their way over to Luna's own set of twins.

Clara and William, along with their daughters Hermione, Fay, Michelle and their small newborn Helen. Luna liked that couple, Clara was still called Mousy because of her tendency to rise in pitch the longer she talked while they called William Bassy because of his deep voice. Clara, despite having her hands full with Helen, still somehow found a way to go around and hug all the kids and spoil them as rotten as she could by slipping them treats when their parents weren't looking. Fay and Anthony Wintermill were making their way over to their group, the two Aurors still dressed in their on-duty uniforms while Jasmine whispered in hushed tones to her mother and occasionally threw glances over at James, her mother smirking all the while.

That huge crowd of redheads was the Weasleys, Ron and Rosalinda's group. It was surprising, or it would have been surprising had Luna not already been told to expect this from the Faceless Man, that Ron had ended up with a Muggle woman. They'd met when Harry and Hermione had invited their entire group to an outing to Muggle London several years ago, where Ron immediately fell in love with something the Muggles called pizza. At one of those pizza places that Ron became a frequent customer to he met Rosalinda, who, it turned out, was the daughter of the man who owned the restaurant. Ron, who by that time had matured into an upstanding young man had tried to impress her by learning some of her native language, Spanish. Luna had been there when Ron had tried to woo Rosalinda and saw his spectacular failure, they'd all walked away that day thinking Ron had blown it, only to cheer after Ron was suddenly called back into the restaurant by Rosalinda and, after a few minutes of waiting, he emerged with a paper with her "tely number" and a smile on his face. And now they had Rose, Hugo, Arturo and Karen Weasley, Rosalinda's big belly telling everyone that there was another on the way.

And then there was Harry and Hermione. The pair of Moon Frogs, the pair that defeated Voldemort, the Brightest Witch and the Boy Who Lived. The woman who was championing rights for all magical creatures and the boy who, contrary to much of the public's expectations, turned into a brilliant potions researcher. Their son James Sirius Potter and their two daughters, Lily Luna Potter and Lavender Emilia Potter, who was currently having a bit of a tiff with her father.

"No!" they heard little Lavender yell out, "Mummy Auntie Loony told me-"

"Oh dove, what have you done?" Rolf asked beside Luna.

"-that daddy went and kissed Auntie Loony and Auntie Lavender and Auntie Parvati!" Lavender huffed while her godmother and aunt in question began laughing amongst themselves, while Parvati quipped that she was still holding on to her pledge that Harry would get another snog if he ever set foot in their beauty shop.

"Honey," Hermione began as she held her daughter back, "That was a long time ago, your daddy doesn't go around snogging other women now, does he?" she sent him a mock glare.

"No of course not sweetie, your mum is the only woman I've kissed since then. That's why mummy doesn't let me go anywhere near Aunt Parvati's beauty shop and-" he stopped when he received a soft punch on the shoulder, "Besides, I wouldn't want to kiss any other woman." He said as he looked at Hermione, James rolling his eyes and pretending to gag with his group of friends before straightening up as Jasmine shot him a look.

"Prove it." Little Lavender challenged, "I won't believe you until I see you and mummy kiss."

"No way out of this one mate," Ron said from beside them, Rosalinda laughing beside him, obviously enjoying Lavender's challenge.

Luna loved looking at Harry and Hermione, there was something immensely charming in the way they looked at each other even 19 years later, Luna could swear they were still newly-weds the way they acted.

"So, you won't believe I love your mum until after you see me kiss her?" Harry asked, amusement in his eyes as he looked at his youngest.

"Yes. And it has to be a good kiss, not like the one James gave Jasmine that was over before it began! It has to be looooooong!" she declared, James sputtering beside her as Jasmine turned a deep red, Hermione sharing a smirk with Fay as they caught each other's gaze.

Harry stood up and gave his son a look before turning to his wife, who was giving him a sly smile. "Well you heard her my lady, she won't believe we love each other until we kiss on it. And it has to be a loooong kiss."

"Yup!" Lavender declared again, "A looooooooong kiss."

"Oh I don't know my captain," Hermione went on, "We've been married a long time, do you think you can still-mmhp!" She was cut off when Harry moved in and embraced in a long searing kiss, the adults cheering and clapping, some of the younger girls giggling while the boys, save still embarrassed James, rolled their eyes and continued to talk to each other about Quidditch and pranks.

"Still brilliant," Luna sighed under her breath, Rolf turning at her voice and asking what she'd said.

Luna turned to look at the love of her life, her own Umgubular Slashkilter, her own boy to be brilliant with. The father of the two wonderful twins of theirs. She grabbed him by his beard and pulled him down into a kiss, his beard tickling her as she did so. "Nothing dear," she said dreamily, "Just that everything is brilliant."

She turned back to Harry and Hermione, who were still kissing, Lavender happily jumping up and down as she cheered and saw that her parents did in fact love each other, Lily who was happily cheering along with the rest of their friends and James who began to give a small smile and clapped along with the crowd. She looked at all her friends who had lived through the battle and gone on and gotten married and started their families.

She cheered and clapped along with the small gathering of friends, not caring that some people still gave her odd looks as they walked around the station, that was fine now. Let them look. Loony was a name that no longer hurt her, she had friends who had said her name affectionately now.

Ron had grown up and matured.

Lavender and Parvati had started their own business and reached their dreams.

Padma was a business woman herself, marrying an equally smart wizard.

Clara was a happy mom.

Fay was a tough and cool Auror.

No one made fun of Hermione's intelligence anymore.

Harry's scar hadn't bothered him in 19 years.

"Everything is brilliant."