Hey everyone so I am the author of transformed at night and so this is a one shot. I'm depressed right now because of a little fight I had in school. It was between me and two of my friends. It was a stupid fight. I'm still a little angry but its more toward my family instead of my friends. So without further ado.

Depressed Bird

(Robin's P.O.V.)

Everyone was worried how could I blame them, they haven't seen the things that I have. All except Batman after all he was the one who took me in. Now I was in a therapy session with Black Canary and boy was it boring. "Robin tell me what happened tonight?" I narrowed my eyes even though BC couldn't see them from behind my sunglasses I could tell she saw them. "Someone died tonight alright."

"Everyone is taking this harder then you tell me why aren't you taumatized?" I was getting tired of this. I knew she was asking this because both leagues were watching me right now. "I'm not traumatized because... of that night." I whispered the last part so only I could hear it. "What was that Robin?"

"Because of that night!happy now!" Her eyes widened at my sudden outburst. I lowered my head and found the floor more interessting. "What happened that night?" She was pushing but trying to keep at a distance. "That night was the night I became Robin." I didn't know what to do I was starting to relive that night. The cheers,the crowds,and all of the screams.

"The night you became Robin you saw something that made you who you are today am I right?" I didn't say a thing only hung my head even farther. "Robin?you can talk about it please just open up to us." Still I said nothing and I could tell BC was getting concerned. "Robin is it about your past?please I need something from you tell me please I can help you."

"You can't help me!" I raised my head and I could tell that interested her. "Why can't I? You need help right now, you saw what happened." I shook my head and looked at a vase that happened to be there. "No one can help me anymore ever since that day I don't know what to do."

"Then why do you still fight if you don't know what to do you can get someone killed. I bet you haven;t seen anyone die before tonight." I got up and stared at her with anger. "You don't know what I've been through! I've seen more then you think and don't tell me I haven't seen death before! I have!" With that I left and headed to the beta-tubes. I heard BC say my name but I didn't look back.

Winter in Gotham was better then in summer. More active people were around. I wandered the streets burning of my anger. It didn't seem to help. So I went to the top of a bulding and sat down. I couldn't take it anymore. No one could see how much pain I was really in.

I ran my hand through my hair and something caught my eye. It was a billboard of me and Bruce. I frowned and shook my head. Nothing was real anymore I only smiled for real when I was around the team,Bruce, and Alfred. I couldn't believe I blow up at BC but it didn't matter.

I was alone and I felt better by myself even though it was lonely. Bruce tried his best to cheer me up when my parents died. It didn't work. I was a shell of who I really was key word was. I thought of all the days I was truly happy.

"Mom can we get hot chocolate?" I looked over the side of the building. A woman was walking with her son. I felt a stab of longingness. They looked happy and thats when I realized it. I jumped off the roof and walked down a street to a café. I then turned right, walking a liitle farther down that street.

I stopped in front of the cemetery and took a deep breath. This was the first time in a while that I visited them. I opened the gate and walked to the last row. I brushed snow off of the last two stones. I saw my parents names and smiled. "I never thought that after you died I would find friends to call family. So thamks mom and dad."

Wow that was long but I'm glad I did it I feel so much better and while I was writing this I thought hey why don't I put the team in it so I thought I'll write another chapter as soon as I get reviews. So the next chapter for my other story should be posted soon as long as I get enough review. If not I might stop it so please read that story and thanks.

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