Ok sorry its been sooooooo long since I did a story but im back. Trust me I will finish these stories. So this is a short little memo but ya so onto the story.

Found you, found me

(Megan's P.O.V.)

Robin was getting close and I was getting anxious. The team was running with me in the lead we had to get to Robin as fast as possible. I stopped outside a cemetery, Robins emotions were all over the place. But I pushed them aside and went into the cemetery.

It was creepy, no one was in sight but yet I could feel Robin in here somewhere at the back. There was a hill and I knew Robin was on the other side. I looked back at the others Zatanna seemed determinded, Wally looked worried, Artemis seemed afraid, Conner seemed unhazed by all of this, Kaldur being the leader kept his emotions to himself.

I am never going to let go of Robin. Something was bothering him and I was going to find it out. I looked forward again and trudged on, even if the cemetery was creeepy I wasn't about to back down. Robin had taught me that and I was glad I got to meet him.

My little brother was hurt and it was about time that he was healed from whatever hurt him. The earth culture was strange but family was the same here as it is on Mars. We were close to the hill now and I began to jog up the hill. I stopped on top of it and saw rows of graves and people who had lost someone were here too.

But these people were leaving muttering about people who died a long time ago. What mattered to me right now was my little brother. I walked down the hill and looked out across the graves. The team was right behind me, I didn't see him anywhere and I got worried. Then a black haired boy stood up at the last row of graves.

"Guys I think thats Robin over there." The team looked where I pointed and all nodded. "Wait we need to show that we understand don't we?" Zatanna said and I kinda agreed, I really wanted to see if that was Robin. "I think we should bring these."

Zatanna said a spell and six bouquets of flowers were in the air before we knew it. One bouquet landed in my hands and one by one each one flew into someones hands. We all walked over to the boy. He looked to be as tall as Robin and the same kind of hair.

His head was bent down and he looked so vunerable that way. I got to the row and saw that it was none other then Richard Grayson, he looked some what like Robin. I walked closer and saw that it was Robin, I was so relieved.

I walked closer and he looked at me then looked away. I placed my flowers on a grave with the name Mary Grayson. I stood up and he looked down. He slowly turned to me and the team. Zatanna put her flowers on John Grayson's grave and then hugged him like there was no tomarrow.

It caught him off gaurd but slowly he returned her hug. I could tell that they liked each other.

(Zatanna's P.O.V.)

I couldn't believe that Robin had a past like mine but it was worst. I set my flowers on his fathers grave. That was to much my vision started to blur, the tears were going to roll now. Before they could fall I hugged Robin showing that I too felt the same way.

He tensed and I knew he wasn't expecting this at all. Slowly he hugged me back I wanted to stay like that forever if I could. I felt the tears come and what I felt on my shoulder was surprizing. Robin was actually crying, he never did that. So for him to cry it must've been hard to cope with this long.

I felt arms around me and Robin. I looked up to see that the team was giving Robin a group hug. We broke off after a few minutes. "So you found me, was it hard?" Robin had stopped crying a long time ago and was smiling at us.

A few minutes later we were all sitting at the café again. I was sitting next to Robin, he seemed a little distant. "So Robin we just want to tell you that we are always going to be here for you. Don't keep your emotions all inside."

Robin was smiling at us and I felt for once happy. "Thanks and I guess you all want to know what happened all those years ago." The team and me leaned in closer, Robin took a deep breathe. "Four years ago a man named Tony Zucco wanted money from Haley's circus. I was in that circus with my mom and dad. The circus never gave him the money and he vowed he would get revenge. That night I was going to be on the trapeze with my family. But Zucco lossened some bolts and my parents fell to their deaths."

I gasped this couldn't be Robin was only nine when his parents died. He got up and looked at us. "Robin how do you smile everyday knowing that,that had happened." Robin looked confused but then laughed that creepy laugh.

"I was upset when it happened but I found friends and a new family that I know can't be replaced." I felt my cheeks turn red, was that suppose to happen? Well whatever I know now that if we are happy Robins happy and thats all that counts.

"Hey we should go back to the mountain I have an interview that I have to end." So we left and went back to the mountain. Black Canary and Robin were sitting in the room again. "Sorry I left like that." Robin said and he looked comfortable. "You seemed upset and I should be sorry I didn't know that, that would affect you like that."

"Well you asked a pretty hard question." That was different Robin never said anything was hard ever. "I never said that death affected me like other people. I've seen it first hand and still I know when I try and I don't try to save those people. I know that if I was faster I could have saved them but then again I was being attacked."

"Then why are you so unhappy with this conversation?" I felt fear go up my spine. "I never said I was unhappy about this I know I tried my best and thats all you can ask from me." I didn't know how to explain it but I was happy with this outcome.

Black Canary smiled and ruffled Robins hair.i can't believe it but I can feel both Robin and everyone else is a lot happier now that secrets were over with.

Well there you have it and wow my hands hurt from typing so much. But I'm not done with this story so stay tuned and I will have more coming.