A/N: this is not my first Samcedes fanfic but it is the first one I'm posting on here. I was watching their promaversary last night and I cried. Even through all the BS Samcedes prevails! I ship them hard. Very… Anyway this idea came to me.

"Goodnight guys!" Sam said as he waved to Rachel and Mercedes. Prom was a blast, he admitted to himself. Even though he was basically homeless and got dumped more times then a trashcan Sam still had high hopes. And even with the entire prom Finn- Quinn, Jesse, Rachel drama it was still badass. And he was the only guy there who had two prom dates! How much more awesome can it get? Rachel was a smoking hot Jew like puckerman would say and Mercedes was a sassy diva with pipes that would make Aretha herself cry. "Not bad." Sam said to himself. He came inside his motel room and everyone was basically sleeping, all over the beds. He was getting use to it. It may have not been his home but at least he still had his family. Sam started to get undress thinking about his wild night. The dinner at breadsticks was awesome... Rachel looks nice in pink... Mercedes' dress- damn. Wait what? Sam shook those thoughts out of his head. I mean Mercedes was beautiful in all but... She's not really his type. But the dress did do wonders for her curves. And they did practically dance all night... And she smelled really good. "What the hell I'm I saying?" Sam put on his White shirt and pjs and laid down on the couch. He smiled to himself. "Great night." he mumbled before dozing off to sleep.

Sam woke up and looked around. He wasn't in his motel room or anywhere familiar. He was lying down in a big bed with really White sheets. Whiter then any sheets he had seen before. He got up and looked around. Sam called for his mom and dad. He got no answer. Then he called for his brother and sister, still no answer. Sam was starting to worry; he was actually starting to think that maybe he was in some weird horror movie dream... Where the dumb White kid decides to open the spooky door only to get bludgeoned to death- or something like it. Sam got up off the comfy bed and opened the door. He looked to the left then the right and saw two rooms on each side, and in front of him was a spiral staircase. Sam was thoroughly intrigued and even more so when he smelled something delicious coming from downstairs. He decided to go down the stairs only to find a whole spread of breakfast food on the table. From scrambled egg whites to whole-wheat pancakes. Sam smiled at the plate. He hadn't eaten like this in awhile; being on a budget meant cutting back on the things you love. Sam started pouring syrup and devouring his plate like a mad man.

"Slow down... You eat too fast you'll end up getting sick." Sam turned around hearing a familiar voice of a woman who was not his mother. He was shocked to see Mercedes jones standing behind him in pajamas smiling at him. He put down his fork and turned all the way towards her, shocked and confused.

"Mercedes... What are you doing here?" he asked

"What do you mean what am I doing here?" she said coyly. She sat down juxtaposed from him and started buttering some toast.

" Just what I said... What are you doing here? In your pajamas?"

"Well since I live here I thought that pajamas would be fine for the morning."

"Wait... You live here? Oh is this your place? Did I hit my head or something after prom and you decided to bring me here?"

"Prom? Sam what prom?"

"You, me and Rachel... We went to prom together last night! Geez someone must've really spiked the punch if you don't remember that."

"I remember. But that wasn't last night. That was at least six or seven years ago. Gosh you know I haven't seen Rachel since I hosted the tony awards." Sam looked at her with so much confusion that he couldn't comprehend what she was saying.

"Wait... Six or seven what? Where am I?" Sam started panicking, Mercedes got up to calm him down, and oddly her touch did settle him a little.

"Sam... Relax. You're in your home, with me... Your wife." Sam eyes then resembled a bug as he looked at Mercedes.

"My... My what?" he asked.

"Your wife, ball in chain... You would think after three years of marriage you would remember."

"Three years... No, no this can't be happening!" Sam started to pace. "This has to be a dream, that's right a dream... You know maybe I was watching too many twilight zone marathons before bed... You know the one with William Shatner still freaks me out to this day andicantbreathe!" Sam's words smudged together as his breathing became shorter. Mercedes ran over to the sink and got him a glass of water. He drunk it down quickly then he took deep breaths. Mercedes took him over to the couch so that he would be more comfortable.

"Mercedes... You don't understand when I went to sleep I was still in high school, so were you, it was prom. We had fun but it was nothing more than that."

"Maybe you were just dreaming because in reality that was along long time ago." Sam felt her inching closer to him; he scooted further down to get away from her.

"So... Three years huh?" he finally managed to look at her after the initial shock wore off.

Yeah... Three years and 10 months. Our anniversary was last week." she lightly laughed.

"Why don't I remember any of this?"

"I don't know... Sam I really don't know. I honestly can't believe you would forget me... I mean us."

"I-I'm sorry I am. I just can't remember any of it. Can I ask you a question? Why did I choose you?" Mercedes then gave him the angriest look she could think of.

"Choose me? You didn't choose me Sam Evans... You fell in love with me. " Her voice was so modest, Sam apologized and she accepted but she still looked very angry.

"Well I guess I'll get in the shower." Mercedes got up and Sam pulled her arm.

"Hey no hard feelings right? I didn't mean it... I guess I just have the brain of a teenager."

"Actually a lot of hard feelings... First you forget our anniversary, then you come up with this little plan to conveniently 'forget' everything so that you could make me believe it wasn't all a damn hoax!"

"What? What are you talking about? I'm not faking! In my reality all we did was go to prom... You're not even my type!" Sam yelled. Mercedes' eyes swelled. She could feel the tears forming in her face.

"No... You're absolutely right. I'm not you're type! She is!" she threw a picture at him. He picked it up; it was a picture of him in a heavy petting session with a blonde girl.

"What's this?"

"Umm I don't know just the girl you've been having an affair with!"

"Affair? What? I'm not that kind of guy.. Mercedes you gotta believe me. I have no idea what the hell is going on here!"

"Save your lies for the divorce lawyers. I honestly was stupid enough to think that you would wake up this morning and tell me like a man that you were cheating. I figured you owed me that much... But hey, ' I'm not your type' was good enough for me." Mercedes wiped her face and ran upstairs.

"Mercedes... Mercedes!" Sam yelled

"Mercedes..." Sam mumbled.

"Sam.? Sam wake up son!" Sam woke up to his father standing over him. He jumped up from the couch.

"Dad? What happened?"

"You're gonna be late for school! Come on, shower time!" After Sam got ready for school and he was about to leave his father called to him.

"Don't forget your keys." his father threw them at him.

"Thanks dad.."

"Oh Sam..." his father started. Sam looked up inquisitively. "Who's Mercedes?" Sam's eyes popped open. "Why?" he asked.

"Cause you said the name many times in your sleep."

"I was probably driving a Mercedes... You know the car." his father nodded and waved Sam off.

The school day was the same as always- boring. The classes and even lunch couldn't bring Sam out of his funk. The dream that he had about Mercedes ripped him a new one. None of it made any sense. Why would he dream that Mercedes was his wife of three years only to be cheating on her? Sam's pace slowed down drastically after he left math class. Next was Glee Club and he couldn't really handle seeing Mercedes today and it felt weird. Sam finally entered the choir room and Mercedes was talking to Artie... As always. Sam was starting to think that something was going on between those two... He watched as Artie made her laugh and suddenly he felt a weird feeling- wait was that jealously? He sat down next to Rachel trying not to think about it.

"Prom was really fun." Rachel said to him. Sam was lost in thought he wasn't even listening to her.

"I said... PROM WAS REALLY FUN." Rachel said louder.

"Hmm? Oh yeah it was. You and Mercedes were like the best prom dates I guy could ask for." he managed to say.

"Thank you. Even though I got slapped and Finn totally ruined me and Jesse's intimate moment I think overall it will go down in Rachel berry's favorite moments catalogue... You know, for my autobiography on my early life... Volume one of many of course."

"Yeah..." Sam got up and decided to move. He had a lot on his mind and he didn't need to add Rachel Berry's crazy train to his list of distractions. When he was looking for a seat Mr. Shue walked in.

"Sam would you please have a seat... Thank you." the closest seat Sam could find was next to Mercedes. He reluctantly sat down trying not to think about her.

After glee club was finished people were just hanging out in the choir room. Artie went to the bathroom, which left Sam and Mercedes by their lonesome.

"Man... This class blows." Sam said using his Matthew Mcconaughey impression. Fully expecting Mercedes to tell him to shut up Sam put his head down.

Instead Merced laughed lightly. Like she did in his dream.

"That's really good. Seriously." she said to him. Sam raised his head. And looked her in the eye.

"Wow.. No one has told me they like my impressions before."

"Well, I like them... I think they're funny and accurate." Sam smiled at her. But before he could reply Artie came back from the bathroom.

"Mercedes? Let's go woman... You rolling?" Artie said.

Mercedes got up and took Artie by his wheelchair handles. She turned around to Sam. "bye Sam." she flipped her raven-haired curly weave and waved at him. Sam waved back and watched as her and Artie left the choir room. Sam got up, he was the only one left. The night was an off one- the dream he had shook him raw. And then Mercedes talked to him today and told him she liked his impressions. What does this all mean? Sam thought walking out of the classroom.