Hey everyone, Alice Michaelis here. I've just started getting back into Sailor Moon (I used to watch the English dub when I was like five), and I have noticed many things have changed since the last time I watched it so I have been rewatching all the episodes in Japanese this time. I'm still on the first season, so please bare with me if I get things wrong. I am doing this off of memory, things I found online, and artistic license. I'm always open to criticism. Thank you, and enjoy.

Nova - A star that suddenly increases in brightness before returning to its original state

~Chapter 1: The Missing Young Ones! The First Sailor Senshi Appears!

"What about you, Mother?"

"Go. All of you. I will face this."

"No! We won't leave you behind, Mother!"

"I agree."

"Go! That is an order!"

"No! We're staying with you!"




I walked up the steps, heading for the door. My watch read two in the morning, my phone had twenty missed calls, ten voicemails I haven't listened to, sixteen text messages I haven't read, and an almost dead battery.

I sighed as I slipped into the house quietly. He's going to kill me. I'm grounded this time for sure.

I squeezed myself into the house through the small open space in the door. I didn't want to open the door too much, afraid that it would creak and I would get caught. The simplest sound could set him off and get me truly chastised.

I tiptoed into the living room and glanced around nervously. As I continued to talk, my foot slipped on a slippery fabric and I fell back, hard,on the wooden floor.

"Ow," I whispered and gasped, holding in my breathe as I listened closely to my surroundings. Still laying on the ground, I quietly reached for what tripped me and glanced at it. "Ew!" I half whispered, half yelled, as I threw the female underwear far away from me.


"Crap," I whispered and crawled over to the dining room, where I hid under the table.

Footsteps ran downstairs and stopped at the bottom of the stairs. "Nova? You're really late!" he said angrily and began walking around the house.

I kept myself hidden under the table. One, it was dark. Two, I had black hair, so as long as I kept my head down, he wouldn't see me. Good, good. I'm safe.

"Nova!" he growled and, to my greatest dismay, turned on the light. "There you are!"

I froze where I was and glanced over my shoulder nervously. "I-Ikuto," I muttered and stared at my angry brother. His silver eyes were narrowed as he glared at me. He was also shirtless, wearing nothing but sweatpants.

He reached for me and yanked me out from under the table by the back of my shirt.

"Hey! Let me go!"

"Where have you been? I've been calling you!" he said, demanding an answer.

I kept my eyes glued to the floor and didn't speak. Ikuto sniffed my hair and growled slightly. "You smell like alcohol, cigarettes, and sweat."

"I was at a party," I finally answered.

"In your school uniform?"

"Why not?" I yanked myself out of his grip and crossed my arms, glaring back at him. "Why does it matter? I'm sixteen, I can take care of myself."

"No, you can't!" Ikuto protested and ran his hand through his dark brown hair, it was almost black. He groaned and let out a deep breathe, trying to calm himself down.


"Eh?" I whispered and glanced over towards the living room. "Who's that?" I asked.

"Ikuto," the female voice asked again from upstairs.

"Coming," he called. "I'm just talking to my sister."

"Alright. Hurry back," she spoke the last sentence seductively and I heard the bedroom door close.

"Oh. So it's her underwear I slipped on," I whispered to myself.


"Nothing," I said quickly and turned to the stairs. "Well, I see you're busy . . . So I'll leave you be."

"Nova! I'm not done talking to you!" Ikuto yelled as I ran upstairs and into my room. I sighed with relief, thank goodness my room is completely at the opposite side of the hallway. I don't have to hear Ikuto and whatever floozy he has over today, er, tonight.

I locked my door and walked into my bathroom. I took a quick shower and put on my pajamas. My body practically collapsed onto my bed, and I was out like a light in the next second.

"Nii-chan, is that my book?" I asked and stared down at the boy in question. His eyes were hidden by his bangs, but I could still see the manly blush on his face.

"W-what? No way, Nova! Why would I want to read one of your dumb books?" he yelled and looked away.

"It is!" I giggled and smiled. "I knew you couldn't resist them. I just knew it."

"Be quiet. Don't tell Mother about this. Got it?"

I placed a flat hand on my head, saluting. "Yes, sir!"

The boy I was talking to smiled and ruffled my hair, messing it up and making me angry. I puffed my cheeks out and glared at him.

"You know I hate that!" I said.

"Yeah, which is why I did it, Baka."

"The one who calls someone baka is a baka themselves!" I pointed out.

The boy smiled and grabbed my arm, pulling me down to him. He hugged me closely, making me feel warm and safe. I smiled and hugged him back, knowing he would always be there for me. Even if we seemed to hate each other at times, or not want to acknowledge the others existence, we still cared.

But I also felt scared. I felt this wouldn't last and the one I called brother would be ripped away from me. We would be torn apart by something we were born into, something I had no control over and neither did him.

Something that would cause one of us to die.

I gasped and woke up to the bright sun outside, my pillows on the ground, my blanket dangling off the edge of the bed, and my hand outstretched towards the ceiling. I brought my hand down and placed my arm over the top of my head.

"That guy again," I whispered and stared up at the ceiling for a little longer before I glanced over at my alarm clock and gasped. "I OVERSLEPT! I'M LATE!"

I climbed out of bed and took a quick shower. I put on my school uniform, a red and black sailor theme uniform. I combed through my black hair and made the trademark bunny shaped buns on top of my head. I quickly grabbed my suitcase backpack and ran downstairs.

"Another disappearance occurred last night. The victim, Segumi Akashiya, is missing. She was last seen in her own home by her own parents. She wished them goodnight and went to bed, but when her mother went to check on her this morning she was missing."

"Eh?" I muttered and took a few steps back so I could look back at the TV. "Another girl went missing?" I asked.

Ikuto glanced over at me from the couch. "You woke up? I'm shocked. I was going to let you miss school."

I gasped. "School! Right! I'm leaving now!" I ran out the house and as quickly as I could to the school.

"Damn it!" I cried as I ran. "Why did I stay out late knowing I had to go to school the next day? I mean, I haven't been late in over two months! Ugh! I really don't want detention. I really need to think more about my actions."

I ran into my classroom and sat down. I sighed with relief. The teacher still wasn't here.

"Late again, I see, Tsukino-san."

I growled under my breathe and glanced over at Rima Momomiya. She smirked at me, her brown eyes mocking. I glared back at her.

"Can I help you, Momomiya?" I hissed.

"How dare you leave out my honorific!" she snapped and flipped her wavy red hair over her shoulder. "Weird eyes, how about not being late next time."

"Stop calling me Weird Eyes," I said. I hated that damn nickname. The reason for it is because I have two different color eyes. My left one is red while my right one is blue. Is there a problem with being unique? Sheesh. The nerve of some people.

Rima smirked and went off to her little groupies. I scowled at her back and looked out the window to clear my mind of that awful chick. When I glanced out the window, my eyes widened at a really bizarre scene.

"Usagi?" I whispered and stared at the white rabbit sitting on the windowsill of my classroom windows. How did a rabbit get to the second floor windowsill?

The white rabbit began to paw at the window. I continued to stare, clearly dumbfounded by what I was seeing. My eyes then wandered to the rabbit's forehead. Gold hairs formed a perfect star, a unique birthmark, especially for an animal.

I shook my head quickly and looked towards the front of the classroom. The rabbit continued to bang at the window, ticking me off by the continuous 'clang, clang'.

"Is that a rabbit?" someone gasped.

"Oh my gosh, how did it get there?"

A few students rushed over to the window, almost knocking me out of my seat. I sighed and got out my chair to avoid the crowd. One student opened the window and the rabbit jumped in and walked over to me. I stared down at it curiously.

"It likes Weird Eyes?" someone said.

I glared at the crowd. "Stop calling me Weird Eyes!" I snapped and looked back down at the rabbit. I picked it up and smiled. "You're pretty cute."

Just then, the classroom door opened and in stepped the teacher. He pushed his glasses up and looked at the whole classroom which was crowded around the window, and me all alone in the opposite corner with a rabbit in my arms.

"Tsukino-san!" he said and pointed at the rabbit. "No pets allowed in school!"

"I-I know that!" I said, quickly defending myself. "The rabbit got in through the window!"

"How?" he asked skeptically, his brown eyes narrowed angrily. "You expect me to believe a rabbit managed to jump into a second floor window?"

"But it's the truth!" I argued. I looked over at the class. "Right?"

No one answered. Everyone was silent and went back to their seats. So no one is going to defend me? I can't believe this! I'm not even the one who opened the window to let the rabbit in!

The teacher pointed to the classroom door. "Principal's office."



I growled, grabbed my suitcase, and left the classroom with the rabbit still in my arms. I glared at the rabbit as I walked down the hall.

"You got me in trouble," I grumbled.

The rabbit just stared up at me innocently, green eyes wide. It suddenly jumped out of my arms, did a back flip in the air, and ran off.

"Hey!" I shouted. "Where are you going?"

I glanced down as something shimmered in the corner of my eyes. It was a silver cross with a red ruby in the center. I bent down and picked it up. I turned it over in my hands and noticed it had a pin on the back of it.

"A brooch?" I whispered and glanced up towards where the bunny had run off to. "Did it drop this?" I chuckled. Usually I would call myself stupid for thinking a rabbit had a brooch in the first place, but after seeing what the rabbit did earlier, I believe it.

I chuckled and kept on walking to the principal's office as I threw the brooch in the air and caught it repeatedly.

"Ikuto's gonna be mad at me," I chuckled.

"Principal's office again?" Ikuto groaned and sat down at one of the kitchen chairs.

I knew he would be mad. I stirred the curry, not glancing back at him. I could hear his phone slide open as he began to text someone.

"How was the photo shoot?" I asked and glanced back at him finally.

He shrugged. "Annoying. Someone found out where it would be held and there was a whole swarm of annoying girls there."

"And you didn't bring one home?" I said with a smirk and turned away. "Shocking."

"Shut up. I don't sleep with every girl I see."

"No, you're right," I said sarcastically. "Just ninety percent of them."

"Whatever. Why did you go to the principal's office? He said it would be better if you told me. What, did you get into another fight?"

I shook my head and served Ikuto some food. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you," I said.

"What do you mean?"

I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest. I felt my cheeks begin to burn up in embarrassment. "W-well . . .you see . . . This bunny . . ." I trailed off.

"Bunny?" He asked impatiently.

I sighed and began talking really fast, my sentences sounding like one long word. "'." I took in a deep breathe and sighed when I got everything out.

Ikuto stared at me for a moment as if I were insane. He remained silent as he tried to figure out what exactly I had just said and how to respond. Then, all of a sudden, he began to laugh. My cheeks turned even darker as he laughed and laughed and laughed.

"What's so funny?" I asked stubbornly. Then again, what's not funny about what I just said and how I said it?

"A rabbit? On the second story window? You expect me to believe that?" he asked between snickers.

"Well it's true!"

Ikuto shook his head, still smiling. "No way. Impossible."

"Fine, don't believe me," I said and took off the stupid apron. I quickly hung it and stomped up to my room.

"Nova? Are you seriously angry with me?" Ikuto called after me. "Come on. You can't seriously want me to take what you said seriously."

I slammed my room door behind me and collapsed onto my stomach on my bed. I hid my face in my pillow as I felt the warm tears leak out of my eyes. I quickly wiped them away since I hated to cry. Only babies cried! I'm not a baby.

"S-stupid I-Ikuto," I whimpered and began crying again. So much for stopping the tears.

Why does he never believe me? He can't even tell when I'm telling the truth or not, the jerk! I'm not lying! I'm telling the truth! And what about the kids at school? They all saw it too, but they didn't stick up for me! It's because I'm Weird Eyes. Ugh! I've done nothing wrong to those people, yet they treat me like garbage. Fine. Doesn't matter. I don't need them. I don't need anyone. I know I'm a good person, no matter what, and if they don't know that, too bad for them. If they think I'm lying, that's there problem. If they think I'm mean, that's there problem.

I sighed. I'm starting to sound dramatic. Not good.

I rested my head back on the pillow and closed my eyes. "How many times have I cried myself to sleep this week?" I whispered and began to sink into a deep slumber.

"Where am I?" I glanced around the complete and utter darkness around me and called out, "Ikuto? Ikuto!" I curled into a ball and shut my eyes. This place makes me feel empty and alone. I don't like this feeling! Ikuto, where are you?


I looked up and saw Ikuto in front of me. I jumped to my feet and ran towards him, but instead of me getting closer, I was getting farther and farther away.

"Ikuto!" I shouted and extended my hand out, wanting him to grab it. "Ikuto! I'm scared! The darkness will take me! Don't let it take me! IKUTO!"

My eyes fluttered open and I tried to gasp out, but couldn't. Two hands were suddenly wrapped around my throat, choking me tightly.

I winced, looking up at the person strangling me as the moonlight shined on them. My eyes widened, what was this thing? It was a female, her skin was a sickly pale white, her eyes black and hollow. She smiled widely, revealing sharp teeth. He hair was long and wild and her ears were pointy.

"What energy you have," she chuckled.

I open my mouth, trying to shout out, luckily I managed it slightly. "Ikuto!" I choked. It wasn't loud enough, but he must be able to hear it. Please!

"Nova?" Oh thank goodness he heard me.

I began trying to kick this thing off of me as my room door swung open. I winced and glanced over at Ikuto.

"Nova!" he ran towards the thing and I, about to help me, when I was suddenly not in my room anymore.

The women finally let me go and threw me away from her. I skidded against the rock floor and looked up at her when I had stopped.

"What are you?" I coughed, now being able to breathe again. "And w-where are we? How did I get here?"

The women smirked and began to chuckle sinisterly. "You are a lively one, I can tell. Your energy will last us many years."

"What the hell are you talking about?" I snapped and jumped to my feet. I looked around the area. It looked like a cave. A cave with shimmering blue, gold, and red rocks. There was a small lake nearby that also was shimmering.

The women-thing-whatever walked over to the water and smiled down on it. "You'll be just like them."

"Just like . . .?" I walked over to the water and looked down. I gasped and covered my mouth with both hands. There were the bodies of all the missing people. They were all really pale and skinny. So skinny, they were just skeletons with skin.

"Now, let's hurry up and get this over with." the thing began walking towards me again.

"Get away from me," I said sternly and began taking steps back.

"Or what?" it chuckled. "You can't do anything, Human."

I glared at the thing as my body shook in fear. "I said . . . Get. Away. From. ME!" All of a sudden, this really bright light consumed me, and without knowing why, I shouted, "ROYAL CRYSTAL, MAKE-UP!"

The ruby in the center of the silver cross began to glow as well, and when everything had finally faded, I was in a weird outfit.

I was in a white bodice that had a purple sailor collar with a gray bow with a red star in the center. My pleated skirt was purple with a strip of gray on the bottom of it. There was a long red bow on the back of my bodice. Red wrist bands encased my wrists, a purple choker with a red star in the middle was around my neck. I had a silver crown with a golden star in the center and red star earrings. Lastly, I had on gray boots that went to just about my tibia.

"What the hell is this?" I muttered and stared at this weird outfit. I tugged at the bottom of the mini skirt, why did it have to be so short?

The beast before me gasped. "Sailor Senshi?"

"Sailor what?" I asked and screamed as she lunged for me. I quickly jumped out of the way. I gasped as my footing slipped backwards, causing me almost to fall. That's when I noticed I was right by the water's edge.

"I have you now!"

I screamed as the beast lunged for me and pushed me into the water, her hands wrapped around my neck as she strangled me and we sunk to the bottom. My eyes widened in horror as he face grew more demon like and she grew a fish tail.

Evil mermaid! Just great! I'm going to die by Ariel here.

I squeezed my eyes shut, begging for some kind of miracle to happen. I couldn't die here. I didn't want to die here! I wouldn't die here!

I felt this sudden warmth in the center of my body, I opened my eyes and winced as the salt water burned them a bit. The beast let go of my neck and went back, her face in utter shock. I was shocked too; my body was surrounded in a golden light. I stared at my hands and noticed I could suddenly breathe under water too. Just as quickly as the light came, it vanished, but what replaced it was a bright orb in front of me. The golden orb morphed into the shape of a large scythe, the light dispersed and there was the actual scythe.

"A weapon!" I said happily, but it sounded muffled. Even though I could suddenly breathe underwater, it didn't mean I was good talking under it. I grabbed the weapon quickly and glared at the mermaid.

She smirked. "No bother," she said and it sounded clear, unlike my groggily words. "The weapon doesn't matter, only the person who wields it." she began swimming towards me, extremely fast.

As she did, more words appeared in my head that I quickly said and swung the scythe. "Atonement Of The Stars!" I shouted as I sliced the mermaid in half.

She screeched and turned to ashes before me, floating away in all directions. I floated there, too shocked to do anything. My outfit went back to normal, and then the bad part.

I wrapped my hands around my neck. Can't breathe! And I can't swim! I struggled to reach the top of the water, wagging my arms and legs, but of course I wasn't going anywhere. My lungs began to tighten and my heart sped up as I began feeling light headed from no air. Things began to blur, and next thing I knew, I had passed out.

"Nova! Come on, wake up. Nova."

I groaned and opened my eyes slowly, I then quickly closed them as I was blinded by a bright light.

Crap. I'm dead. The light came for me.

"Nova," a male voice sighed and arms wrapped around my shoulders, pulling me close to someone's chest. My eyes opened again and adjusted to the light before I realized I was in a hospital bed with Ikuto as the one holding me close.

"Ikuto?" I whispered questionable. But, where was the cave? Wasn't I drowning? All the skeleton kids? What about them? How did I get here?

Ikuto pulled away and glared at me. "Why didn't you fight back?" he snapped.

"Huh?" I asked dumbly.

"Why didn't you fight back? You were kidnapped! I almost lost it!" he yelled.

I glared back at him. "Oi! Don't yell at me!"

"I can if I want!"

We were both silent and glared at each other for a few more minutes before someone knocked on the door and walked in. Ikuto glanced at who it was and sent them an even meaner glare.

"She doesn't know anything," he said.

I glanced at the police officer. Great, here comes the questions.

The officer just shook his head. "I bet she doesn't. None of the other kids know."

"So they're okay," I whispered under my breathe.

Ikuto huffed and glanced back at me. He reached out and rested his hand on top of my head. "At least she's safe."

The officer nodded. "I just came to tell you that I will not be questioning her. Have a good day." he bowed and left the room.

"I'm hungry," I said when the guy left.

Ikuto flicked my forehead.

"Ow!" I shouted and rubbed my forehead.

"Idiot," he muttered and got up and left the room too.

"I want sushi!" I said and smirked as he slammed the door behind him.

I just love driving people insane.

(? P. O. V)

"She's probably very confused."

"Yes, I know. I'll go explain things to her soon."

"You better. I'm already a little upset you didn't do it sooner. Luckily her instincts kicked in and she didn't die."

"I'm glad. Or else we'd be in serious trouble with you-know-who."

"Yeah. Now go before another youma appears."

"Right! I'm gone!"

So? How does everyone like it so far? I know, boring, but it will get better. You know, books are always dull in the beginning before the drama appears. Anyways, please review, I'm always looking for ways to improve, and if you see any errors, just let me know. Alright, later!

~Alice Michaelis

P. S. Just for clarifying, Nova has long straight black hair with two buns on the top of her head that resemble Chibi-Usa's. Her left eye is red while the right one is blue. I just thought I would say this because I don't think I did such a good idea explaining how she looks. Later!