A/N: I'll be changing the name of the story from Starlight In The Dark to Sailor Star Guardians. I finally finished Sailor Moon, and I thought it would be good to name this story Sailor Stars since both Sailors so far and both Knights are named after stars instead of planets. And the design for Nana was created by my friend, SailorMewWinxGuardian who is a member here on fan fiction. She designed Nana, and I made Nana's personality. Alright, on with the show!

~Chapter 5: Studying With The Centaur! Nova's Serious Dilemma.~

"Hide it, hide it," I whispered quickly to myself and threw my recent school failure under my bed. Ikuto was already upset that I was failing English, if he saw I was failing History too . . .

I shivered. I didn't even want to imagine my punishment this time.

The sound of a car pulling into the driveway echoed through the entire house; Ikuto was home. I ran back downstairs and sat on the couch, turning on the TV to make it seem like I was in the living room the entire time.

I could hear Ikuto leaving his car and yelling at someone at the same time. But his voice was too muffled to understand. I would have to wait for him to come inside.

"Well, you're wrong!" Ikuto shouted as he entered the house.

I watched curiously from the couch, not saying a word as he practically slammed his keys on the table by the door and continued to yell at the person on the other end of the phone. I wonder who it was that had Ikuto so worked up.

"That's not how it is!" Ikuto suddenly glanced over at me from the corner of his gray eyes. His voice dropped to an inaudible whisper. Now I couldn't hear anything he was saying at all.

Hmm, that just got me even more curious. Usually Ikuto doesn't mind me listening to his conversations, so whatever he's talking about must be bad. Maybe it has something to do with his job.

Ikuto slammed the phone shut and the house fell into silence, except for the TV that was still on. I continued to stare at Ikuto curiously, hoping he would tell me what happened, but I doubted it. He didn't want me to hear, so he obviously won't tell me. Still, I really want to know what happened.

"I'll be upstairs," Ikuto grumbled.

"Wait!" I exclaimed. "What happened?"

"Nothing," Ikuto said curtly and went up to his room.

I sighed, "Saw that answer coming." I glanced over at the living room windows at the sunny afternoon. My mind began to wander from everything that happened today and went back to a week prior.

I turned to Hunter and Scorpio. "You continue to help. Does that mean you're an ally?" Sailor Virgo walked over to my side as I asked.

"Are you?" she asked eagerly.

Scorpio and Hunter exchanged a brief glance before looking at us.

"We're not sure," Scorpio said.

"We don't know anything about ourselves, except that we have to find the other Knights," Hunter said.

"Knights?" Sailor Virgo asked.

"Just like you are the Sailor Senshi, we are the Knights," Hunter explained.

"For all we know, you're trying to find the rest of your army to destroy us," I said acidly, but not even I believed those words. There was just something about these guys that made me feel like they weren't the enemy.

"Possible," Hunter said and they both turned away.

"Till next time, adorable Sailor Senshi," Scorpio chuckled.

"Hunter . . . and Scorpio . . ." I whispered. Just who exactly were those two? And if they are looking for more Knights, is there a possibility that there are more Sailor Senshi as well? If there are more, then what does it all mean? Are the Knights and Sailor Senshi actually made to battle? But then, what about the Youmas and that Cardian? Who created those?

I groaned and covered both my ears with my hands, as if that would make the confusing thoughts go away.

Sailor Senshi. Knights. Youmas. Cardians. What happened to me being a normal girl? I kind of want to go back to those times when I didn't have to worry about getting attacked by weird monsters. Then again, I'm also glad to be a Sailor Senshi because I met Kiseki and I'm helping people. Ugh! Everything is all jumbled up and confusing!

I tumbled to the side, lying on the couch as I stared at the white carpets the living room contained. Maybe a quick nap will help me sort things out a bit? I nodded at that idea and closed my eyes.

I was standing on a pretty marble balcony overlooking a beautiful place. It looked like a crystal version of Tokyo. I stared in awe at all the pretty lights the buildings and cars gave off.

I don't know why, but I was dressed in a long, strapless, white gown that opened in the front to reveal my bare legs. A lilac chocker with a bow on the side hung around my neck. It matched perfectly with the lilac ribbons tied around both my odangos. The ribbons were extremely long, just as long as my loose, black hair that reached a bit past my knees.

"Uwah~! Uwah~!"

The cry of an infant pulled me away from the balcony and I glanced behind me, into the amazingly beautiful silver palace. My mind instantly registered what I was hearing and I ran over to the sound excitedly.

I entered a room filled with people, but I could not see any of their faces. As I made myself through the crowd, I stood by a bed as a woman held an infant to her. The woman smiled a smile full of nothing but love. It was the smile only a mother could give to her child. I smiled as well, extremely happy, when a hand was placed on my shoulder and another one, a different one, grabbed my hand.

I turned to face the ones who had grabbed me and—

I groaned and opened my eyes slowly, the living room and sky outside now dark. I sat up slowly on the couch and sighed.

I always wake up at moments like that one.

"Nova!" Ikuto shouted from downstairs the next morning. "Hurry up o—"

I screamed as I ran down the stairs and out the door. "I'M LATE AGAIN!"


I jogged in place and looked back at the house. Ikuto stood in the doorway, a lazy smile on his face as he held up my lunch.

"Thanks," I said when I went to get it. "See you later!"

"Oh, wait, Nova," Ikuto said quickly and grabbed my wrist.

"What?" I asked. "Hurry, hurry."

He nodded. "If Officer Yamamoto approaches you, I don't want you to talk to him."

"Eh?" I asked and stopped running in place. "Officer . . . Yamamoto?" I hadn't heard that name in two years. "Why are you bringing him up all of a sudden?"

Ikuto shook his head. "Go. You'll be late."

I nodded a bit reluctantly and ran as fast as I could to school. If I ran fast enough, I would make it to school just in time!

But, I was a bit unlucky. As I was about to cross the streets, a bunch of cars drove by and I had to wait. I began jogging in place again, just wanting the cars to hurry up so I could get to school before the bell ring. As the last car drove by the people were able to cross the street, that's when I heard the sound of my school bell chime in the distance.

I screamed for the second time that morning and was practically the wind as I approached the now locked school gates. I sucked my teeth and glanced at the tall gate. Guess I was going to have to jump over it like I did once in the past.

I took two steps back from the fence and crouched down, preparing to leap, when someone called out to me.

"Nova Tsukino," the stern, male voice said.

Me, thinking it was a teacher, or even worse, the principal, quickly stood up straight and turned nervously towards the voice. But it wasn't a teacher or the principal. No. It was someone far worse. Someone who truly despised me just because I was me.

Officer Hideki Yamamoto stood before me, his arms crossed over his chest as he glared at me with cold, silver eyes.

So he did show up. But, how did Ikuto know I might run into him?

"Sorry, but I have to get to school," I said and turned back towards the fence. I crouched down again, this time I really was going to jump.

"Hold on!" Officer Yamamoto said, but by then I had jumped and was landing softly on the other side of the fence. "Hey!" he shouted as I ran into the school.

Unfortunately, I made it passed the fence, but not passed my teacher.

"These . . . Are heavy . . ." I struggled to say as I held two buckets full of water, one on each of my hands. There was also an English book on my head that I couldn't let fall. Teachers are so harsh.

But as I stood out here in the hallway, I did have time to think. Officer Yamamoto, what the heck was he doing here? Last time I checked, he didn't even live in the Juuban area, so why . . . ?

"Ikuto knew," I whispered as I stared out the hallway window. Ikuto did know, otherwise he wouldn't have warned me. But how did he know Officer Yamamoto was around? I mean, I haven't even heard the man's name in two years, so why suddenly appear now? And then he came to my school, does this mean he came to speak with me?

Great. Just what I needed, more drama.


I quickly drew myself back into reality and glanced over at my teacher, Mr. Mizuki. "Yes?"

He held up my recent test and circled in red ink was my terrible grade. A twenty! That's the worse one so far.

"If you don't make your grades rise soon," began Mr. Mizuki. "I will have no choice but to keep you back a year! And you will also be required to take on remedial classes!"

"S-stay back and remedial classes?" I asked nervously.

The teacher nodded. "Honestly, Tsukino-san, can't you give me at least one grade."

"Sorry," I said, still holding the two full buckets of water, and I still had the book on my head, so I couldn't even bow. "I'll try harder! I really will!"

"You've said to me many times in the past. Do I need to call home to get you to really work?"

I shook my head, causing the book to fall off and land on the ground. "Anything but that, Mizuki-sensei. I know my grades are bad, so I'll try to improve. I will, I will."

"How about I give you a tutor then? If you take the tutoring, I won't call home, and you won't have to stay back or take those remedial classes."

"Yes! I'll do that!" I said enthusiastically.

"Good. We'll talk more about this matter after school, now go back to class," Mr. Mizuki said and motioned for me to enter the classroom.

I happily put the buckets down, grabbed my English book, and went back into the classroom.

"Alright, I know of a very good tutor, and she is around your age," Mr. Mizuki said to me at the end of the school day.

He grabbed a small piece of paper and a pen. He scrawled something down on the paper before handing it to me. I took the piece of paper and stared down at it.

"Nana Igarashi," I said, saying the name of the tutor.

Mr. Mizuki nodded. "She is a very smart student, she is ranked number one in all of Japan."

"N-number one?" I gasped.

"Yes. I believe she will be a fine tutor to you, but make sure you actually go and see her."

"Right," I said and nodded.

"Alright. I already set up everything for you. All the information you need is on that paper."

"Thank you," I said and bowed.

I left the school happily and read over the paper.

Nana Igarashi

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at Juuban Public Library

That sounded reasonable. I could handle that, no problem.

"What's that you're looking at, Usagi?"

I growled and turned to face Ren. "I told you to stop calling me that," I said.

Ren laughed. "Yeah, but your reactions are always funny to see."

I glared at the albino, my cheeks turning red in embarrassment. "Anyways," I said, taking in Ren's uniform. He had on khaki pants that matched with his khaki blazer, a white oxford shirt, and green tie. "Why are you around here? I thought your school was far from mine.

Ren just gave me a one shoulder shrug before walking up behind me and looking at the paper in my hand.

"Tutoring? You're taking tutoring, Usagi?" Ren suddenly began to laugh again. "Teachers suddenly got sick of your failing grades, I see."

"S-shut up!" I shouted, my cheeks burning even more. "So what if I have to take tutoring. At least I know I'll become smarter than you if I take the classes!"

"Sure," he snickered.

"Jerk," I muttered and stormed off.

"Ah, wait! Nova, I was just joking!" Ren called from behind me, but I ignored him and kept walking.

I fumed the whole time I walked home. Stupid Ren. Not everyone could be super smart. Not like he's smart that is. He fails from time to time too.

I didn't even notice the two cars in the driveway as I walked up to the front door of my home and unlocked it.

"I'm home!" I called and took off my shoes, finally noticing that there was someone else in the house by the extra pair of men's shoes. "Uh oh," I whispered.

I slowly wandered into the living room and saw Ikuto sitting on the couch, glaring at Officer Yamamoto who sat on the seat by the door I was standing at.

Officer Yamamoto glared up at me. "You're a bit late getting home."

"Eh?" I asked. "Oh. I was talking to my teacher and then I—"

"Stop making things up," the police officer suddenly said. "Only children do that."

"But that's what really happened," I said.

"Sure," he said, not sounding convinced.

"Why do you always have to be so rude to her?" Ikuto snapped.

"Are you saying you believe her then, Ikuto?" Officer Yamamoto snapped back.

Ikuto's eyes widened briefly before he composed himself and looked away angrily. He didn't believe me?

"Hey! But I'm telling the truth!" I walked up to Ikuto and was about to reach for the paper Mr. Mizuki had given me, but it wasn't in my bag. I gasped and began rummaging through it. "W-where did it go? Ikuto, I mean it. Mizuki-sensei gave me a paper with . . . With . . ."

It wasn't in my bag.

I began patting my uniform, as if I would somehow find a secret pocket I never knew about and the piece of paper would be there.

"See?" Officer Yamamoto said. "She doesn't even have proof."

"Yes I do!' I said. "I know! Ikuto, you could ask Ren! He saw the paper!"

"Ren?" Ikuto asked and raised an eyebrow. "How did you see Ren?"

"When I was walking home, I ran into him."

"Nova," Ikuto said sternly. "His school is far away from yours. There's no way you would see him while you were walking home."

"B-but I did! Honest!" I continued to protest. "You seriously don't believe me?"

Ikuto didn't respond and Officer Yamamoto laughed.

"See, Ikuto? I told you she was nothing but trouble."

I tried to keep in my boiling anger, but it toppled over and I couldn't help myself. I turned to face Officer Yamamoto, tears in the corner of my eyes from how angry I was. "I did nothing wrong to you, so why are you treating me like this?" I shouted. "I'm telling the truth, honest, and yet . . . And yet . . ."

"You're telling the truth, and yet you can't even give us proof on what you're saying," Officer Yamamoto continued to anger me.

"I did have proof! I just misplaced it! After school I went to Mizuki-sensei and he helped me find a tutor! Then I ran into Ren, I don't know why he was around, but he was, and he saw the paper that Mizuki-sensei gave me! So—"

"Nova," Ikuto said calmly. "Enough."

I stared back at him in bewilderment. "Do you really not believe me?" I asked.

"It doesn't make sense," he replied. "You actually went to the teacher to get a tutor? You'd never do that. And then you ran into Ren, but his route home is nowhere near yours. Nothing you're telling me makes sense."

"I . . . but . . . Out of all people, aren't you suppose to believe me, Ikuto?" I asked desperately.

"But you've lied to me so many times in the past!"

"But, weren't you just defending me a moment ago?!"

Ikuto fell silent again.

"Ikuto!" I shouted, the tears in the corner of my eyes were released and now running down my cheeks.

"I warned you, didn't I, Ikuto?" Officer Yamamoto said. "I mean, you gave up so much for this girl, but she takes it all for granted. You even quit school, just for her."

"Ikuto," I whimpered.

Ikuto looked at Officer Yamamoto. Ikuto's eyes were a reflection of his. Both were cold and non-caring. Then again, that should be expected seeing as they're . . .

Father and son.

"I won't throw her on the streets," Ikuto said.

"You don't have too," replied his father. They were both talking as if I wasn't even here. "There are plenty of other homes for her, like I told you before."

They were really thinking of getting rid of me? But . . . How did things change so drastically? Ikuto was defending me, and now he's throwing me under the bus. Is he finally sick of me? Is he sick of my tales? Am I the Boy Who Cried Wolf and that's why Ikuto didn't believe me?

Ikuto opened his mouth to speak, but I beat him too it.

"What if I show you?" I asked in a quivering voice.

"Didn't you just try to do that?" Officer Yamamoto asked.

"No. I mean . . . what if I manage to improve my grades, then you'll know that I've been taking tutoring lessons. Then you'll know I've been telling the truth this whole time."

Both men remained silent.

"Here's the deal," I said and stared seriously at the man trying desperately to get rid f me. "If I bring back an A, I get to stay."

"You have no right to make deals like that," Officer Yamamoto said. "This was never your house to begin with."

I glanced over at Ikuto, scared to see what he would say. But, luckily, he nodded.

"That's fine," he said and stared up at me. "If you bring me an A by the end of the month, I'll believe you."

I nodded. That was a good amount of time seeing as today was the third of the month. "Right."

"I-Ikuto!" Officer Yamamoto protested.

"And if I don't bring back an A," I continued. "Even if I bring in a B+, or an A-, I'll leave. How does that sound?"

Ikuto's father thought it over for a long moment, but then nodded. "Fine. And no pleading your way out of the deal if you don't win!"

"Wasn't planning to," I said.

I really hope I can do this. Otherwise . . .

I glanced over at Ikuto, his eyes full of conflicting emotions.

Officer Yamamoto rose from his seat and fixed his shirt before heading towards the front door. "I'll be back in a month then. Alright?"

Ikuto and I both nodded and watched as the man left the house. We remained silent and still until I heard the sound of his car drive far off.

"Nova," Ikuto muttered, but I didn't turn to face him.

"You, of all people, should always believe me," I said before going up to my room to be alone.

"Ikuto's father?" Kiseki asked as we walked to the library. Today was my first day of tutoring, and Kiseki decided to tag along because she said she needed some books from the library.

I nodded.

"Doesn't that mean your father as well?"

I shook my head.

"Eh? I don't understand, Nova-chan."

"Kiseki, I was adopted. I guess that would be the proper term. Ikuto took me in when I had nowhere else to go, but his father doesn't approve and ever since I first arrived, he's been trying to get rid of me. And now, he just might win."

Kiseki gave me a determined look. "Don't worry, Nova-chan, you'll win the bet! I just know it! You'll get tutored, and study, and I'll even help you if you want."

I smiled as we entered the library. "Thank you, Kiseki."

"Are you, Nova Tsukino?" a female voice asked.

"Hmm?" I asked and glanced over at a girl around my and Kiseki's age. She was wearing very proper attire. A dark blue dress with white lace trimming, white stockings, and black Mary-Janes. Her hair was also dark blue, reaching her lower back with wavy tips. Her blue eyes were shielded behind thin glasses, and in her arms were some books.

I nodded. "Are you, Nana Igarashi?" I asked.

The girl smiled and nodded. "Yup. That's me. Shall we begin your tutoring?"

I nodded. "Yes!"

(? P. O. V)

"It looks like she is in quite a dilemma."

"Yes, but knowing her, she'll be just fine. She was never one to give up so easily."

"That is true. But even so, that did not mean she got the results she wanted."

" . . . Oh."


" . . . That is a problem."


(Nova P. O. V)

"So . . . If I just do this . . . And then this . . ." I said, then wrote my answer. "Is that right?"

Nana looked at the paper and nodded happily. "Absolutely correct."

"Yay!" I chimed happily.

"You learn quickly, Tsukino-san. You've already successfully learned three formulas in an hour," Nana commented.

"It isn't that great," I sighed. "I'll forget most of this once I go ho—" I stopped myself. Could I still call that place my home?

Nana stared at me, concern in her blue eyes. I shook my head.

"It's nothing. Can you help me with this one," I said and pointed to a problem.

"Right," Nana said and nodded. She explained to me what to do and I took diligent notes so that I had something to study from once I got home. Nana then gave me some examples and I tried doing them, but got some wrong so we worked on that.

Finally, my tutoring was over for the day.

"Hey, want to go get some crepes?" I asked Nana when we cleaned up the table we were working on.

Nana looked up at me, her eyes a bit wide in shock. "Huh?"

"Or ice-cream, if you don't like crepes," I said as Kiseki put the book she was reading back on the shelf.

Kiseki smiled at Nana. "How about it, Igarashi-san?"

Nana still looked a bit shocked. She clutched the books she had tightly to her chest. "You . . . You guys want to hang out with me?"

"Why not?" I asked. "You seem pretty cool."

Kiseki nodded in agreement.

Nana smiled. "Alright. Let's go get some ice-cream."

"Alright!" I said happily. "Let's go!"

The three of us headed to the ice-cream shop a few buildings away from the library. The whole time we chatted and laughed a bit.

"Hey, Nana," I said. "I hear you were rated the smartest girl in Japan."

Nana blushed and pushed up her glasses. "W-well, yeah. But it is nothing."

"That's amazing!" Kiseki said, I nodded.

"Really? Usually people find it strange. They call me an over achiever," Nana said.

I rolled my eyes. "They're just jealous. You're awesome, Nana. I wish I could be super smart."

Nana chuckled. "You can be, Tsukino-san. Just study."

"Nova-chan isn't that good at studying," Kiseki joked.

"Hey, I study," I chuckled. "Oh, and Nana, call me Nova."

"Are you sure?"

I nodded. "I can tell we're going to be good friends, so it's fine."

"Alright," Nana said happily and we all went to get our ice-cream. Yay! Ice-cream!

I stood in front of the house, my hand shaking as it hovered over the doorknob. Maybe I could just sleep over at the hospital with Kiseki. It would be a lot better than facing Ikuto.

I shook my head. No. I have to do this. Better to do it now than later.

I opened the door. "I'm home," I said in a regular tone, not really wanting to be heard.

There was music coming from Ikuto's room, and I knew not to disturb him and the person he was with, so I wandered to my room and sat the desk by my closet door. I took out the notes I had written down today and began studying.

I didn't want to leave. I liked my home. I loved my home. Even if Ikuto was an annoying, overprotective, womanizer who was sometimes never home, I didn't want to leave. I felt comfortable here. I felt comfortable being around Ikuto.

I pulled my legs up and curled into a ball on the chair. I wrapped my arms around my legs and rested my forehead on my knees as I cried silently.

(Nana P. O. V)

"Father, I'm home," I said, but received no respond in return. There was a note on the table by the door. I took the small piece of paper and read it.

At a meeting about another cooking show. Will be home late. There's some food for you in the microwave.


I nodded, as if Father would see me do so. I wandered into the kitchen and placed my books on the table, where there was also a small box. What was that? Perhaps it was just some imported ingredients for Father. If that's the case, I should put them away.

I opened the box, but instead of seeing ingredients, I saw a beautiful amulet with the symbol for Sagittarius. That was my horoscope sign. I held up the piece of jewelry and held it in my hand. Did Father get this for me? But my birthday isn't for a while.

"Pretty," I said.

I placed the amulet on the table and went to warm-up the leftovers.

(Nova P. O. V)

I awoke in the middle of the night to my phone vibrating by my head. I groaned as I moved my stiff neck and sat up in my chair, noticing that I had fallen asleep at my desk.

I grabbed my phone, "Hello?" I asked in a tired tone.

"Nova! Cardian!" came Kiseki's shout on the other line.

I gasped. "What? Now?" I asked, looking at the clock and seeing it was midnight.

"Yes. Next to the TV sta—AHH!"

"Kiseki!" I shouted at the moment the line cut off.

I ran over to my window and opened it wide enough for me to jump out of. I landed safely on the ground below and ran. Once I was a block away from home, I transformed.

"Royal Crystal, Make-Up!"

I landed on the roof of the TV station and could hear the sound of screams and shattering glass coming from below me. I swung down, entering a random window, and coincidentally, it was the right one.

Sailor Virgo was fighting off the Cardian, which looked to be a . . . Eh? It was one of those things used in movies and shows and stuff. What was that thing called? Time code clapper! That's what it was. It was a time code clapper with a female head, arms, and legs. The Cardian wore a pair of black heels and was attacking Sailor Virgo with film tape.

"Stop right there!" I shouted .

"Action?" The Cardian asked as Sailor Virgo sighed with relief.

"Ruining the place where beautiful and addicting shows is unforgivable!" I began. "For family, love, and justice! The rebellious sailor suited senshi, Sailor Nirvana! And in the name of the stars and moon, I will correct your sins!"

The Cardian bared its teeth at me before jumping back and shouting, "Camera! Action!"

Film tape shout out towards me, which I quickly dodged. I looked over at Sailor Virgo. "We need a quick distraction."

She nodded. "On it. Miracle Rain!"

While the Cardian and its film were dripping wet and confused, Sailor Virgo and I ran out of the room and down the hall. We ran through the many sets, but the Cardian caught up to us as we entered a cooking set. There were still innocent people here, not good.

The Cardian, instead of aiming for Sailor Virgo and I, aimed for the people behind us. That's exactly what I didn't want!

"No!" my friend and I shouted in unison.

Everyone was able to dodge except for one man. He looked to be in his mid-thirties with dirty blonde hair and a thin mustache. He was wrapped in film tape and began to glow pink. The Cardian was sucking his energy!

I turned towards the Cardian and summoned my scythe, ready to attack, when someone shouted.


That voice . . . Sounds . . .

"I-Igarashi-san!" Sailor Virgo whispered and I looked over to see my tutor standing by the door, her eyes wide in horror as she stared at the man being attacked.

"Wait. Father?" I asked. This man was Nana's father?

Nana ran towards him.

"No! Don't!" I said and tackled her to the ground.

"S-Sailor Nirvana?" Nana asked in shock before she began struggling under me. "Let me go! I must save my father!"

"No! If you touch that, your energy will get sucked away too! Let us handle this!" I said.

But Nana was stubborn and shook her head quickly. "No . . . Father . . . FATHER!"

All of a sudden, a bright light formed on Nana's forehead with the sign of Sagittarius. I moved away from her, my eyes wide in shock.

"A-another Sailor Senshi," I whispered as another thing began to glow on Nana. Something in her pocket in the shape of an amulet. Nana suddenly pulled it out and held it tightly in her hands.

"Sagittarius Power, Make-Up!" she shouted and suddenly transformed.

Sailor Virgo, the Cardian, and I all watched in shock as the light around Nana slowly faded to reveal her in a Sailor Senshi outfit.

Nana's glasses were now gone. She had a silver crown on her head with a baby blue gem in the center, baby blue star earrings, a baby blue choker, a baby blue collar with two white stripes, baby blue gem on her front bow, and a baby blue skirt. Both of Nana's bows were a dark blue, along with the second layer of her skirt and her heels. He gloves when just to her wrists and there was a gold gem on the front of her choker.

"Sailor Sagittarius," Sailor Virgo said in utter shock.

Sailor Sagittarius stared down at her outfit in shock. "W-what . . . What's happening?"

"We'll explain later!" I said quickly. "First, try to save your dad. Sailor Virgo and I will take on the Cardian."

Sailor Sagittarius nodded. "Right." She turned towards her father and clasped her hands together before opening them. There was a ball of air between her hands, and as she pulled her hands farther together, the ball grew bigger.

"Lovely Tornado!" Sailor Sagittarius shouted and shot the large ball of air at the film strips surrounding her dad. The Cardian shouted out in pain and released the man.

"Miracle Rain!" Sailor Virgo attacked.

I chuckled and jumped into the air, my scythe high above my head. "My turn!"

But before I could attack, the Cardian reached out and wrapped a film strip around my waist. I gasped out in pain as a jolt ran through my body and my energy slowly began to drain.

"Sailor Nirvana!" both Sailor Senshi shouted.

The Cardian slammed me into a near by wall, knocking all the air out of me.

"Lights! Camera! Acti—AHH!" the Cardian suddenly yelped as something grazed its cheek.

My eyes drooping, I glanced over at the object and saw a bullet. Then, someone slashed the filmstrip that was around my waist and I fell into someone's strong arms.

"Hunter! Scorpio!" Sailor Virgo said in relief.

I looked up slowly and saw Hunter was the one who had grabbed me.

"You okay?" he asked.

I nodded once.

"You have some nerve picking on these girls!" Scorpio said, pointing his large sword at the Cardian.

"No . . ." I said and struggled to stand up. I wobbled a bit and Hunter hovered a bit around me, ready to grab me if I fell again. "I . . . I want to deliver the final blow."

Scorpio smirked and moved out of the way. "As you wish."

I nodded and gripped my scythe tightly in my hands again. "Sailor Virgo! Sailor Sagittarius!"

"Right!" they both said with a nod.

"Miracle Rain!" Sailor Virgo attacked.

"Lovely Tornado!" Sailor Sagittarius attacked.

The Cardian screamed in agony before being slammed into a wall. Hurts, doesn't it?

I ran forward. "Atonement of The Stars!" I shouted and attacked the Cardian.

"Action~!" it exclaimed before turning into dust.

"We did it!" Sailor Virgo cheered as Sailor Sagittarius ran over to her father and I wobbled backwards. I fell into the protective arms once more and Hunter chuckled.

"You're pretty clumsy, you know that?" he said.

I smiled, too tired to make a comeback. Instead, I closed my eyes and fell asleep leaning against Hunter. I didn't care if we didn't know whether we were enemies or not. Right now I felt safe and that's all that mattered.

Also . . . This feeling was very nostalgic.

When I opened my eyes again, Sailor Virgo, Sagittarius, and I were all on the roof of the TV station.

"Good, you're awake," Sailor Virgo said and smiled. "Are you feeling fine?"

I nodded and sat up. I saw Sailor Sagittarius sitting by her father, her eyes full of confusion as she stared up at the night sky.

"You're a Sailor Senshi," I said.

Sailor Sagittarius looked over at me. "A what?"

"We're not really sure ourselves," Sailor Virgo said. "All we know is that we call ourselves Sailor Senshi, and we're basically the only ones who can kills those monsters you just faced."

"Which, by the way are called Cardians. But we may also run into some Youmas," I added.

"Cardians? Youmas? Sailor Senshi?" Sailor Sagittarius whispered. "It's all so confusing. What about those guys from earlier?"

"You mean Hunter and Scorpio," I said. "Well, we aren't really sure about them either. They call themselves Knights and apparently, they're still recruiting."

"And so are we, it seems," Sailor Virgo said.

I nodded and stood up. I walked over to Sailor Sagittarius and stuck out my hand for her to take. Once she grabbed it, I helped her to her feet and at the same moment, changed into my civilian form.

Sailor Sagittarius gasped. "T-Tsukino-san?!"

I nodded and looked over at Sailor Virgo. "And that's Kiseki. But she can't change back right now because . . . Yeah . . ."

Sailor Virgo smiled and Sailor Sagittarius stared at her white gloves.

"So I'm a Sailor Senshi," she muttered. "Along with you and Takano-san."

I nodded. "But, remember what I told you? I'm Nova!"

"And I'm Kiseki. You don't have to use our last names."

Sailor Sagittarius transformed back into Nana. She smiled and nodded. "Right."

Kiseki walked up beside me and we both stuck our hands out at the same time for Nana to shake. "Welcome to the team," we said in unison.

Nana giggled and shook both our hands. "Glad to be a part of it."

~Two Weeks Later~

"No, no, no!" Officer Yamamoto exclaimed.

I nodded and slid the test paper over to his side of the table. "A+! That's even better than what we had bet on," I said. "And I found the paper and showed it to Ikuto," I said.

Ikuto nodded and placed the paper I was talking about on the table. "I even met her tutor."

"But . . . This doesn't count!" Officer Yamamoto shouted. "What if you fail the next test? Or, this was just a fluke!"

I shook my head. "From now on, I will study hard, because!" I rose from my seat and slammed one hand on the table. "This is my home! I love it here and I don't want to leave my home and . . ." I trailed off and glanced at Ikuto briefly. "Yeah . . ." a small blush rose in my cheeks and I quickly sat back down.

Officer Yamamoto was furiously, but finally he sighed. "Fine. A deal is a deal. But, Tsukino-san, if I discover your grades are falling again, or that you're doing things you shouldn't be doing, I'll make sure you're out of my son's life for good!"

I nodded. "That's fair."

Officer Yamamoto huffed and stormed over to the front door. Ikuto and I followed him. As Officer Yamamoto put on his jacket, he glanced at Ikuto.

"I still think you made a bad decision taking her in."

Seriously, this man will never like me.

All of a sudden, Ikuto wrapped one of his arms around my shoulders and pulled me to his side.

"You can think that, but I don't agree. Having Nova here is actually the bestthing I've ever done."

My shock silenced me completely and I stared up at Ikuto curiously, a light blush returning to my cheeks.

Officer Yamamoto didn't say a word as he stormed out of the house and returned to his car. When he drove off, I took a step away from Ikuto to get out of his grip. I looked away from him, feeling awkward.

Ikuto chuckled and, making things worse, pulled me into his arms. He hugged me tightly.

"I'm sorry for doubting you," he said.

" . . . Kay . . ." I said, but it came out a bit muffled from Ikuto holding me so closely. I squirmed in his arms. "C-can you let me go now?" I really wasn't used to all this close contact.

Ikuto stopped hugging me and placed his hand on my head. "Let's celebrate. How does your favorite restaurant sound?"

"Really?" I asked happily.

Ikuto nodded.


Did anyone actually believe Ikuto and Nova were actually related? If you did, good, my trap worked. X3 I like making my readers extremely shocked. Anyways, I know this was a bit rushed and we hardly learned anything about Nana, so I will try to bring more of her in the next chapter. Please review and look forward to the next chapter.

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