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~Chapter 6: Nova's Secret Fear. The Marionette Of Darkness!~

"The school festival is coming up," Nana said as I walked her to our classroom. After finding out she was Sailor Sagittarius, Nana quickly transferred to my school and even managed to get into all my classes. She's been attending since yesterday, and before that got a tour of the school, and yet she still gets lost, so that's why I decided to help her out until she finally gets it. After all, that's what friends are for.

I nodded. "I'm not really into that kind of thing, though," I admitted.

"Why not? Sounds fun."

I shrugged. "Maybe to you. But not to me." After all, people still call me Weird Eyes and bully me relentlessly when they get the chance.

As Nana and I entered the classroom, I saw the chalkboard was already covered in ideas for what our class would do for the festival. So far, it seemed coffee shop was at the top of the list. Nana and I quietly sat at our seats and listened to the three students debating at the front of the classroom at the moment.

"Coffee shops are so cliché," a girl said to another girl who was holding a piece of pink chalk and stood firmly in front of the board. She's obviously the one who is writing down all the ideas, and if I'm not mistaken, I believe she's the class president.

"Yeah," the only boy in the debate agreed with the girl. "To be honest, I think class 2-B is already doing that, and I also heard another class might as well."

"Well, what do you suppose we do then?" the girl with the chalk asked stubbornly.

A guy two desks in front of mine stood up. "How about a pastry shop."

"That's pretty much the same thing as having the coffee shop," a girl sitting next to him said.

The guy looked disappointed as he nodded and sat back down.

The class president sighed and glanced around the classroom. "Any other ideas?"

Nana suddenly raised her hand before standing up. Since the whole class had already met her yesterday, she didn't need to introduce herself.

"Marionettes," was all she said.

Everyone was silent and just stared at the blue haired girl with wide eyes.

"Eh?" the class president asked. "M-marionettes?"

Nana nodded and began to explain. "When I was in France, I noticed a lot of people with marionettes. It was very popular, and a very good crowd pleaser. I think it would be perfect for the festival, seeing as children will also come. And it is also unique, so everyone will want to come see. Don't you agree?" Nana glanced around the class enthusiastically, but I wasn't looking at her.

I had my eyes glued to the window as images flashed in my mind of creepy puppets staring down and laughing at me. A really stupid thought, I know, but I couldn't help it! I wasn't a puppet person.

There was silence in the classroom as I secretly begged for no one to want the plan. I begged and begged in my mind, but it didn't work.

"That's a perfect idea!" the girl who was debating with the class president chimed happily. "We should do that, Mei-chan!"

The class president nodded and gave a large smile. "Right. Whoever agrees, say 'hay'!"

The whole class broke into a chorus, "Hay!" they all chimed and raised their hands enthusiastically.

No, no, no, no, no!

I rested my forehead on my desk and sighed. Great. There went my peace of mind.

"Where are you going to find a person to perform?" Kiseki asked Nana as the three of us sat at Fruit Parlor CROWN, which was the café Sakura and Ren's family owned along with the arcade.

I quietly drank my strawberry soda as the two girls talked.

"To be honest, I don't know," Nana sighed and blew at her hot tea before taking a sip. "I wish I had thought about that before I opened my mouth."

"Don't worry, Nana-chan. We'll start looking right away. I bet it won't be that hard to find someone. Right, Nova-chan?" Kiseki asked, turning her happy emerald eyes towards me.

"Huh?" I asked, jumping out of my thoughts. "Oh, um, yeah. It shouldn't be that hard."

Nana smiled. "Thanks you two."

Kiseki and I smiled and nodded when the blonde suddenly gasped.

"Oh, right, there was something I wanted to talk to you two about."

"What is it?" I asked Kiseki as she pulled out her Apple Tablet and placed it on the table. She tapped away at the screen as Nana and I watched curiously.

"It's about us," Kiseki began to explain. Her voice dropped lower as she continued, "About us being Sailor Senshi."

Nana and I nodded and let her continue.

Kiseki's voice went back to normal. "Well, I got this strange email yesterday. One thing strange about it is that it tells me who sent it to me, but I am unable to email them back."

"What's the email address?" I asked curiously.

"There is no email address, just the name. That is why I can not reply. The name is just UsagiOnTheMoon630."

"UsagiOnTheMoon630?" Nana asked, clearly confused. "I don't know anyone named Usagi, do any of you?"

Kiseki and I shook our heads.

"So what was the message anyways?" I asked.

"It is actually a recording. Here, you two listen to it," Kiseki said. She plugged her pink earphones into the Tablet and gave Nana and I each one earphone. I put it in my left ear, while Nana put it in her right.

Kiseki tapped something on the screen, and the message began playing.

It was a robotic female voice, which was even more strange than the name on the email.

Good Evening, Sailor Virgo. Do not be alarmed about me knowing your identity, I am not a threat. You can call me Boss. I am here to tell you and the other Sailor Senshi, Sailor Sagittarius and Sailor Nirvana, that there are more of you. You must find the other warriors before the night grows black and a red star falls.

So far there are three of you, but the others must quickly be found so that the Zodiac Guardians can come together once more and protect the people on Earth.

Show this message to the others. They must hear this. Goodbye for now, Sailor Virgo, Sailor Sagittarius, and Sailor Nirvana.

The message stopped there, but my heart continued to pound hard in my chest as I took the earbud out and gave it back to Kiseki.

"Boss?" Nana asked.

Kiseki nodded. "I was just as shocked as you two when I received the message. The person says she is not a threat, but . . ."

Nana and I nodded, knowing where Kiseki was going to say.

"Well, at least we finally have an answer to one of the long asked questions," I said. "There are more of us, like . . . Boss said."

"She said Zodiac Guardians. Is that what we are?" Nana asked. "We are the Zodiac Guardians?"

"Yes," Kiseki answered and pushed a lock of her wavy blonde hair behind her ear. "We must be. After all, we are named after zodiac signs. Virgo and Sagittarius."

"But I'm not," I pointed out. "Nirvana isn't a zodiac. In fact, mine has nothing to do with the stars."

"Yes, but you must also be part of the Zodiac Guardians because Boss said to tell you as well," Kiseki muttered. "Anyways, she also said we needed to find them all before—"

"The night grows black and a red star falls," Nana and I finished in unison.

"But what does that mean?" I groaned and leaned back on the bench we were sitting on. "The night grows black and a red star falls," I whispered. "Red star? The sun?" I gasped and looked at both of my friends. "Is that what she meant?"

"Possibly," Kiseki said, her voice worried.

"If she is talking about the sun, how does Boss expect us to stop it from falling?" Nana asked, also sounding worried.

The three of us remained solemnly silent. I sighed and glanced out the window as we thought. I suddenly came face to face with a circular white face staring back at me from the other side of the glass. Large, glass purple eyes stared into mine before rolling carelessly around as the mouth fell open in an instant.

I yelped and moved away from the glass as the puppet continued to stare at me. It was a king, apparently, with a gold crown and fancy looking red robe outlines by black and white fur.

Kiseki and Nana both looked at it, then up at the man who was holding it. He was an elderly man with graying black hair and warm brown eyes. He chuckled before walking into the café and towards me friends and I.

I remained silent and just stared at the puppet with wide eyes.

"Sorry about that," the man said. "I was passing by, and you looked a bit sad, so I thought I would cheer you up," the man said to me. He extended his free hand towards me, continuing to smile tenderly. "I am Steven Golding. I'm originally from France, but decided to pay Japan a visit."

I nodded and shook his hand wearily. I forced a smile onto my face. "N-nice to meet you. I'm Nova Tsukino."

Kiseki and Nana were more eager to meet the man. They both shook his hand and introduced himself.

"Nana Igarashi."

"Kiseki Takami."

"Nice to meet you three," Mr. Golding said.

"Um, Golding-san," Nana said. "You actually came at a great time. You see, a school festival is coming up, and we were all just talking about how we couldn't find a puppet master to come and entertain the visitors."

Mr. Golding nodded. "I see. That explains the long faces I saw. Well, I would love to volunteer. Many of my friends have told me about school festivals, and I have always been interested in going to one. But it will be even better if I can perform in one."

"Really?" Nana said happily. "Thank you so much, Golding-san!"

While the two continued to talk and Nana gave Mr. Golding all the information about the festival, I just continued to force my eyes away from the marionette. Kiseki caught on to this and leaned over towards me as she whispered.

"Nova-chan, what's wrong? Are you . . . Perhaps . . . Scared of the—"

I shook my head and laughed it off. "No. Of course not. Why would I?" I laughed some more.

Kiseki stared at me stubbornly. "Liar," she said.

"I'm not lying," I said curtly.

"You're bad at lying."

"I'm not lying."


I looked away and didn't say another word because I couldn't think of anything to say.

Ikuto came to pick the three of us up about an hour later. Mr. Golding had already gone long ago, everything already set up for him to come to the festival.

Nana and Kiseki got into the back of Ikuto's BMW, while I sat in the passenger side. I knew the real reason Ikuto had come to pick me up, and it made me a bit angry that he was so protective. I was out longer than I had said I would be, so most likely he was going around looking for me when he finally found me.

We dropped off Nana first, she thanked Ikuto before getting out the car and going into her home. Next was Kiseki.

"I'll go get the wheelchair from the trunk," I said and got out the car once we arrived at the hospital.

(Kiseki P. O. V)

When Nova-chan exited the car, I decided this was the perfect chance to ask Ikuto-kun the question I had been wondering for a while now.

"Ikuto-kun," I said.

"Yeah?" he asked as he glanced out his side window.

"Well, today, we happened to run into a man with a puppet, and it seemed Nova-chan was a bit fidgety around it. Is she . . . I mean . . . Does Nova-chan . . ."

"Have a fear of puppets?" Ikuto-kun asked with a smirk on his lips. He turned his handsome face towards me, gray eyes kind as he nodded. "For as long as I've known her, Nova has had a great fear of puppets. The things just freak her out, there's no deep meaning to it."

"I see."

"But Nova is too stubborn to admit her fears. I'm guessing she lied . . . badly and said she wasn't afraid. Right?"

I laughed nervously, right on the mark. "Yeah. That's exactly how it was. You know her well, Ikuto-kun. I would have continued thinking you two were siblings if Nova-chan didn't tell me the truth."

Ikuto-kun glanced back out his window as Nova-chan finally managed to open the wheelchair and was coming to the back of the car where I was.

"So she told you," Ikuto-kun muttered before Nova-chan came.

"Was she not suppose to?" I asked.

He shook his head. "No, it's fine. That just means Nova really trust you if she admitted that to you."

I remained silent when Nova-chan opened the door. She helped me into the chair and brought me back to my room.

"Hey, Nova-chan," I said before my friend left.

"Yeah?" she asked and turned her blue and red eyes towards me. "What is it?"

"You said you and Ikuto-kun were not related," I began.

She nodded. "Yeah. I was adopted."

"Well, what about your real family? What about them?" I looked away from Nova-chan, a bit worried to see her expression for some reason.

There was a long silence. I peaked over at my close friend from the corner of my eyes and saw she was staring off into the distance, her eyes far away.

"Nova-chan?" I asked.

"My real family?" she muttered before looking at me. Nova-chan smiled and shrugged. "I don't know. I might not even have one anymore for all I know."

"Does this mean, you're the same as me, Nova-chan? You don't remember your past?"

Nova chuckled. "You caught me."

"Huh?" I asked in shock.

"Yeah," Nova-chan admitted. "I don't remember, just like you. We're the same in that way, that's why I really wanted to be your friend when you told me that, Kiseki. Sorry I didn't tell you sooner, I guess I'm just not used to telling anyone the truth besides Ikuto, seeing as he was the first one there for me."

"How did you meet Ikuto-kun?"

At that question, Nova-chan placed a finger to her lips. "Sorry," she said apologetically, her eyes sorrowful. "I can't tell you that, not just yet. But I will, in the future. See you tomorrow, Kiseki."

I nodded and watched my friend leave.

(Nova P. O. V)

Weird. I wonder why Kiseki suddenly asked me those questions. Oh well, I don't mind. I'm actually glad I was able to tell her the truth about me. It feels nice to be able to tell someone besides Ikuto. I feel like a little weight has been taken off my shoulders.

As I got back into Ikuto's car, I glanced over at him.

"I'm guessing while I was gone, you and Kiseki were having a little chat," I said with a smirk that matched the one that appeared on Ikuto's lips.

"We may have talked a bit," he said and began driving home. "Why? Was there something I wasn't suppose to tell her?"

I shook my head. "It didn't bother me. Kiseki is the same as me, so it wasn't hard to tell her some more stuff."

"Did you tell her how we met?" Ikuto asked, his voice low and his smirk gone.

I shook my head. "Not that. No one but us knows about that."

Ikuto nodded.

The day of the festival seemed to come faster than expected. I dreaded it so and just wanted to stay home, but stupid Ikuto wouldn't let me. So here I was, trying my best to avoid Mr. Golding and his puppet, which I just discovered was named Rey, the Spanish word for king.

"There you are, Nova-chan!"

I gasped and glanced over my shoulder at Nana. She walked over to me and smiled. "Come on, the first show is going to start soon, don't you want to see?"

"Well . . ." I said slowly. "Um . . . You see. The thing is . . ."

Nana grabbed my hand and began pulling me along. "Come on, it'll be fun."

"Ah, w-wait, Nana," I stuttered as she pulled me along.

"Well, if it isn't little Usagi!"

Due to pure instinct, I completely forgot about the matter at hand and glared over at the voice. "Ren, my name is Nova!" Sheesh. This was starting to become a very bad habit.

Ren laughed as he approached Nana and I. My friend instantly fell silent as Ren looked over at her briefly, then me.

Ren was dressed casually. A pair of light blue jeans, black sneakers, and a gray thermal shirt. His white hair was messy as always, and his gold eyes were mocking as he looked down at me.

"So what did you class do?" he asked.

"Puppet . . . Show . . ." I admitted and glanced away angrily, my cheeks puffed out stubbornly.

"A puppet show? Isn't that a bit childish?" Ren asked, one eyebrow raised in curiosity.

"No, actually it is quite popular!" Nana blurted, finally speaking before she gasped and fell silent again.

I glanced over at her curiously and saw she was blushing and looking away from Ren and I. Oy vey! Don't tell me Nana has a crush on Ren too! First Kiseki, now her? Who's next?!

"Really? Then maybe I should go check it out," he said as he stared at Nana. "I'm Ren Sakigami, and you are?"

"N-Nana Igarashi."

Ren smiled nicely, much to my shock. "Nice to meet you."

Nana's blush only grew darker, and my stomach just became more nauseous watching this.

Ren looked back at me and smirked. "By the way, Nova, aren't you afraid of pu—"

I shouted out to stop Ren and grabbed Nana's wrist. "Got to go. By Ren!" I shouted before pulling my friend along and running away from the stupid albino.

"H-he's so handsome," Nana marveled as we were far away from Ren.

"No he isn't. He's super ugly and annoying," I grumbled.

Nana giggled before staring off into the distance, a dreamy look in her blue eyes. "I hope I get to meet him again today."

I just rolled my eyes as Nana and went outside to head to the booth our class had put up. I took in a deep breathe and tried to remain calm as I approached Mr. Golding and his marionette Rey. Nana was still marveling over Ren, so she wasn't even paying attention to the show.

The little kids really liked Mr. Golding's performance, and even some of the adults. They all laughed at the jokes, and I will admit, they were pretty funny so even I was laughing. In fact, I didn't feel so afraid of Rey anymore.

"Good to see you're doing well," a male voice said from beside me.

I glanced up and saw Ikuto smiling down at me.

"Hi, Nova-chan!" Kiseki greeted, showing herself from the other side of Ikuto. So they were both here, great.

I waved at Kiseki before looking up at Ikuto. "It isn't as bad as I thought it would be," I admitted.

"Most of the times fears aren't," he said. "Once you face them, you see how dumb the fear really was."

I nodded just as Mr. Golding finished his first show and went to take a break. The crowd cheered like crazy, they really liked it. At that same moment, my stomach growled.

Nana, Kiseki, and Ikuto all fell silent. I laughed awkwardly and placed a hand on my stomach as a blush tinted my cheeks.

"I skipped breakfast," I laughed.

All three of them sighed and said my name in disappointed unison. I just kept laughing.

"Alright," Ikuto said. "Come on you three, I'll get you all some food."

"Really?" Nana and Kiseki said happily in unison. "Thank you, Ikuto-kun!"

"Food!" I chimed happily and grabbed Ikuto's hand to make him move faster. "Come on, come on, food!"

"Can't you thank me like your polite and thankful friends?" Ikuto grumbled.

"Nova-chan should act more lady-like," Nana said as we walked over to a fried noodle stand.

"Lady-like?" I asked. "Aren't I already lady-like?"


"You guys are cruel," I muttered.

( ? P. O. V)

"They seem to be having fun."

"Yup, yup." Munch, munch, munch.

"What are you eating?"

"Meat dumplings."

"Didn't you just finish two bowls of fried noodles?"

"Yeah, but this festival has so many delicious foods, I just couldn't help eating more."


(Nova P. O. V)

As we were all eating, Nana glanced over towards our class' booth.

"Golding-san is going up again," she said.

"Cool," I said.

Ikuto grabbed a napkin and wiped my cheek with it. "Don't talk with your mouth full," he said. "And try not to get so dirty."

"Stop, I'm not a little kid," I complained. "I can clean my face myself."

"Oh, Nova-chan," Nana said as she stood up and threw away her food in a near by trashcan. "Golding-san wanted me to get him a few props for him. They're in the classroom, can you go get them please?"

I finished the last of my food and nodded. "Sure."

I went back into the school, the hallways were all empty as I made my way to the classroom, but as I approached the music room, I heard a soft melody.

I stopped in the middle of the hall and listened closely. The melody was coming from a piano. It was soft and very nostalgic to me. Where had I heard this melody before?

I walked up to the music room door and slid it open. The jet black grand piano stood by the window, the sun shining on it. The person continued to play, either not noticing my entrance, or not caring enough to stop. I approached the person, knowing him well enough to get closer.

The music came to a slow stop and Orion glanced over at me, the sun shining and casting a golden aura to appear around him. He looked away and glanced out the window. "Sorry, I know I shouldn't be in here, but I got the sudden urge to play the piano."

I shook my head and smiled. "No, it's fine. I really liked that song. What's the name of it?"

"Star Melody," Orion answered and looked back at me.

"Star Melody," I whispered to myself, the name not as nostalgic as the sound of the music.

Orion moved away from the piano. He was wearing casual clothing too. Dark jeans, black shoes, a black leather jacket, and a white undershirt. As usual, his black hair covered one of his eyes.

"So how are you liking the festival?" I asked as we stepped out of the music room and into the empty hall.

Orion shrugged. "I'm not really a fan of these kinds of things."

"Neither am I," I said. "But this year, it's pretty fun."

"What is your class in charge of?" he asked as we approached my classroom.

I walked over to Nana's desk where a white bag was. I peaked inside and saw a few props. Good, I found them. I wrapped the handle of the bag around my wrist and turned back towards the door.

"Well, we hired a guy with a marionette," I said. "The crowd really likes it."

Orion hummed in reply. "I'm not really a fan of marionettes."

"I'm not either, but that puppet is pretty interesting. And the jokes Golding-san comes up with are very funny."

He just nodded and we remained in silence for a bit before I brought something else up.

"So who did you come here with?" I asked. "Did you come by yourself?"

"No. I'm here with a friend, but he ditched me, so now I don't know where he is."

"That's a bad friend," I muttered.

Orion chuckled. "Annoying too."

"That's cruel. I'm not annoying!" a voice said from behind Orion and I.

We both glanced back and saw Ren. He walked over to Orion and I and ruffled my hair, messing up my odangos. I grumbled and put my black locks back in place.

"You two know each other?" Orion asked Ren, pointing between Ren and I.

Ren nodded. "And you know Usagi too I see."

"Usagi?" Orion asked.

"It's a dumb nickname he keeps calling me, and I keep telling him not to call me that," I said and placed my hands on my hips. I glared at Ren briefly before looking up at Orion curiously. "You know Ren?"

He nodded and pointed his thumb over at the albino. "He's the annoying, ditching friend we were just talking about."

"Oh," I said and smirked. "We should also add ugly and obnoxious to that list."

Orion chuckled again and nodded. "Yup."

"You know," Ren said and placed his arm on my head like I was a coffee table or something. "you two are pretty hurtful."

I rolled my eyes and stared down at the white bag in my hand. "Well, I better hurry up and bring this to Golding-san." I moved away from Ren's arm before bowing quickly to Orion. "It was nice to see you again, Orion-kun," I said happily before running off to head outside.

But before I stepped foot out of the school, I suddenly got this very ominous feeling in the pit of my stomach. I froze in my tracks and glanced around. Where was it coming from?

There was suddenly a scream from outside. I gasped and burst out of the school, only to see people collapsing all over the place. My eyes widened in disbelief, when suddenly, everyone began to shine with a blue light. It looked like the light was being sucked away . . .

"Energy," I whispered.

"Nova-chan!" Kiseki and Nana called out to me as they came over.

"What happened?" I asked.

They both shrugged.

"We're just as confused as you," Kiseki said.

"Where's Ikuto?" I asked, frightened that he might be attacked again.

"He just left. He said he had to go to work," Kiseki said, much to my relief.

"Let's hurry and transform. I feel a Cardian is behind this," Nana told me.

I nodded and the three of us ran back into the school to hide from any unnecessary witnesses.

I grabbed my cross brooch and held it up in the air. "Royal Crystal, Make-Up!"

Kiseki and Nana grabbed their pendants and held them in the air.

"Virgo Power, Make-Up!" Kiseki shouted.

"Sagittarius Power, Make-Up!" Nana shouted.

The three of us transformed and ran back outside. We ran past all the bodies, trying to find the source behind all of this.

All of a sudden, something came crashing down in front of the three of us. We jumped back to avoid the attack obviously directed at us and stared at what had crashed.

My eyes widened in disbelief as I stared at the once tiny marionette, Rey. He was suddenly freakishly large and his purple eyes had turned red, but his poofy white hair remained the same. Rey stood up a bit shakily, his mouth dropping open like a nutcracker's before shutting again with a clack.

"Well, well. What a lucky find," a deep voice said. "Three girls full of nothing but great energy."

I growled under my breathe just as the person who had spoken appeared from behind Rey. It was obviously Mr. Golding. But, he looked completely different. His skin was now as porcelain white as the marionette; his hair the same powdery, curly white as Rey as well. A golden crown had suddenly appeared on his head, a golden staff in his hand. He was dressed in a magnificent robe, and regarded my fellow Senshis and I with a smirk.

"Youma," Sailor Virgo and I grumble in unison.

"Youma?" Sailor Sagittarius asked.

"Our other enemy," I explained. "Luckily, they're weaker than Cardians, so this shouldn't take long."

"How wrong you are, foolish girl," Mr. Golding said. "I am a youma, yes. But Rey here is a Cardian."

Damn. This would be a hard battle. No matter.

I stood up straight and placed a hand on my hip as I pointed a finger at both Rey and Mr. Golding. "How dare you taint the happiness of a school festival with your evil tricks! Ruining the fun of others is unforgivable! For family, love, and justice! The rebellious sailor suited Senshi, Sailor Nirvana!"

"Likewise, Sailor Virgo!"

"Likewise, Sailor Sagittarius!"

"And in the name of the stars and moon, we will correct your sins!" the three of us finished in unison.

Both Youma and Cardian merely laughed before Mr. Golding pointed his staff at us. "Go, Rey!"

"Rule!" Rey shouted as he lunged for us.

My friends and I all shouted out as we dodged the attack of the doll. Rey came back for another attack, but Sailor Sagittarius got him just in time.

"Lovely Tornado!" she shouted and blew the doll into a near by tree.

Rey slammed against the thing, but wasn't harmed. He jumped back up and came charging again.

"Miracle Rain!" Sailor Virgo attacked.

"You two take care of the Cardian, I'm going for the Youma," I said.

Sailor Sagittarius and Sailor Virgo both nodded and I went after Mr. Golding who had run off just a while ago. I followed him into the school, but as I stepped onto the second floor, I lost him.

"Order! Order!" the Youma's voice boomed around me, but I still couldn't see him anywhere. "The king orders for that girl to be destroyed!"

"And who's going to listen to you?" I asked as I took a few steps forward.

I should have never asked that because all of a sudden, a million puppets appeared before me. All of them were dressed as commoners, jesters, and people of the court. All their eyes were piercing red and they walked towards me a bit shakily.

I took a step back, fear suddenly gripping me.

"Aw~, is the warrior afraid of my puppets?"

"Don't mock me!" I boomed, but my body was shaking a bit.

"Attack my followers!" the Youma shouted, suddenly appearing behind the army of marionettes.

They all lunged at me, and I tried my best to dodge them, but with their strings, they had me in no time and slammed me into a near by wall. I cried out in pain and tried to free myself from the strings, but it was useless.

The dolls and Youma began to approach me, and my fear was just growing worse and worse.

Stupid Nova! I scolded myself. How can you be so scared of this? Aren't you a warrior? Warriors shouldn't be afraid of such childish things!

I nodded at myself and quickly summoned my scythe. I used it to break the strings binding me before lunging forward and slashing through most of the puppets.

"Atonement of the Stars!" I shouted and then attacked again, getting rid of the rest of the puppets. All that was left now was the Youma.

But Mr. Golding wasn't upset. He merely laughed and I suddenly felt a million tiny hands grabbing me from behind. I gasped as more marionettes had suddenly appeared and were pulling down into their mob. I struggled against their grips, but they were so freakishly strong!

"Get away from her!" Bullets from a gun were fired and some of the puppets around me shattered into pieces.

The Youma looked behind me in shock, as I looked with relief.

"Hunter!" I chimed happily.

Hunter held a silver pistol in both hands and began shooting at more dolls until I was finally released. He walked over to me.

"Thanks," I said.

He nodded and glanced at Mr. Golding. "Hurry and get rid of him. Your friends and Scorpio need your help."

"Right," I said.

"N-now hold on!" the Youma said, suddenly frightened as he began to step away from Hunter and I.

I charged forward and attacked. "Atonement of the Stars!"

One Youma gone, one Cardian to go.

Hunter and I jumped out one of the windows on the second floor and landed safely outside. We ran to where my friends and Scorpio were fighting the Cardian. Hunter shot about ten bullets at the thing, but that merely stopped Rey for a moment.

"Miracle Rain!" Sailor Virgo attacked.

"Lovely Tornado!" Sailor Sagittarius fired.

Both their attacks combined, and I decided to add mine to make it even stronger.

"Atonement of the Stars!" I attacked and watched as all three attacks merged into one large ball before slamming into Rey.

The marionette shouted out in pain before being destroyed.

"We did it," I muttered happily.

I glanced up at Hunter and stared at the smile on his face, seeing as it was the only part of his face I could see due to the hood.

Hunter rested his hand on my head. "Good job, Sailor Nirvana. Till next time."

Scorpio and Hunter were gone after that, leaving my friends and I behind just as the people around us began to wake up.

"Uh oh. Let's hurry and change back," I said.

"Right," Sailor Virgo and Sailor Sagittarius said in unison with a nod.