Oh my god I love Robin angst. Now, FF-Zoro34 is making a 'Robin gets taken to Impel Down' story (go him~!) with Ace/Robin, but I really want to write a one-shot of this scenario.

Don't you just love Spandam? (There really needs to be a sarcastic font…)

She couldn't stop the tears no matter how hard she tried. Blood and tears trickled down her face, both courtesy of Spandam. The gate in front of her was the entrance to darkness. If she went through she would surely die. But she knew she wouldn't. Her nakama had promised to save her.

Spandam dragged her across the bridge, cackling manically and taunting her. His words went in one ear and out the other. The only words in her mind were Why haven't they come yet?.

Spandam broke into a run, grinning gleefully as he passed the arch. She blinked. No. It was over. They failed.

The next few minutes were a blur. Two officers picked her up roughly and dragged her to the ship. They pushed her onto the deck, pointing their swords at her. "Try anything and I'll hurt ya," one of them snapped.

"Sir! We are ready to sail!"

A marine captain glanced at Robin. "Go," he calmly ordered.

And then they were moving away from Enies Lobby, away from CP9, away from her nakama...

She had almost passed the gate when she saw him. Monkey D Luffy. Her captain. His eyes widen when he met with Robin's eyes. He gaped at the ship, unable to think of what to say. "...No..."

She opened her mouth, but found that words couldn't reach her lips.


Robin sobbed, her body trembling.


Luffy's face was the last thing Robin saw before she disappeared into the fog, into her death, into darkness.

The Straw Hats have failed.

I, personally, find this the best out of all my Straw Hat angst one-shots. Maybe it's because Robin's my favourite character, or maybe because I've been waiting for someone to write a scenario like this for such a long time (again, FF-Zoro34, I love you).