This is probably the shortest story I have ever written. Ah well.

No, it's a drabble. Phew.

Sogeking. King of Snipers. Sniper King.

It was time to mask himself. Take on a different name, a new persona, so he could save Robin. So he didn't have to face Luffy- no, only so he could save Robin.

And it had worked. When he put on the mask, another man appeared. A braver man, a true man of the seas. A man that was not afraid to protect his friends and declare war for them. A man that could attempt to take on a powerful assassin.

But, when it came down to it, Usopp decided to be braver on his own, without Sogeking to help him.

He threw the mask out into the ocean a day before he was to set out to meet his nakama again. His trainer had smiled slightly. "Well done, Usopp-un."

Usopp stared out to sea, a determined glint in his eyes.

It was time for the world to know the real Usopp.

It was time to unmask.

I felt for Usopp in the Water 7 arc. And then he put on the mask because he knew that he couldn't face Luffy by himself… *sobs*.

Just as a thought, does anyone think that Usopp gave up Sogeking during the time skip? I do.