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)))) Last Time ((((

"So what are you going to call the bridge father?" Tsunami asked her father as their guests walked away beyond their sight.


"….never mind."

"Hey why don't we call it by the blond kid's name, he was the one who helped us a lot with his clones and stuff. I even heard he was the one who beat Gato's men." One of the workers suggested getting a collective approval from the villagers.

Tsunami let a smile grace her features on seeing how the people were admiring her secret lover. Clearing her throat she walked forward and announced the name of the bride.


Chapter-13: A Maiden's Feelings And A Demon's Turmoil.

)))) Konoha ((((

"See you tomorrow Sensei!" Kiba exclaimed as Kurenai shushined away while waving half heartedly.

"Is it just me or Kurenai-Sensei seems… depressed lately."

Hinata nodded quietly while Shino just shrugged as they made their way out of the training ground talking about the random. Needless to say Kiba did most of the talking.

They were leaving early because of having scheduled their clan training today.

"WAKE UP, YOU LAZY BUM!" Shikamaru cracked an eye open before lazily going over the routine of waking up that can observed in the Nara clan.

A skill that was passed down to the generations among the Nara clan's man and was practised for every other hour of the day since they were born. Testing their undeterred will and determination by resisting the urge to just lie down and close their eyes once again.

To put it simply the whole process was… troublesome.

"Shikamaru!" The lazy genius yawned heedless of the shouts from the loud blond. It was also no wonder that his lazy but clever mind was able to conjure up a way to suck up all the screeching noises from one side of his ear and letting them dump from the other end acting as tunnel that miraculously left his brain unscathed.

And yes the whole thing was specifically designed for unnecessarily loud blonds.

"Come on you lazy bum! You are the one who told me to wake you."

The world was filled with such irony. He didn't remember telling her to scream in his ear.


"Cool down Ino. He will wake up soon… otherwise he… won't be eating anything tonight, if he's late for training… Yoshino-San is very strict." Choji said pausing more than a few times to munch on his chips.

The Nara clan heir yawned while getting to his feet ignoring his teammates in favour of observing their sensei who looked to be in deep thought while staring at the shogi board.

Shikamaru let out a sigh when he walked closer to his sensei and noticed that he had got that look again.

Obviously he should have known.

"You should just tell her already."

"W-what?" Asuma Sarutobi looked startled at his student. Like any other good ninja of his calibre, he was aware of his lazy student's presence from the moment he woke up. So it wasn't that he would be surprised is Shikamaru actually tried to sneak up on him.

No it where his words that startled him. Tell her? Tell who?

Shikamaru sighed again at his sensei surprised look.

"Honestly do I have to spell everything out here, you have been staring at that stupid board with this incredibly stupid look on your face for who knows how long now..." Asuma coughed in his hand on understanding where his student was getting to.

"And I know for fact that you like that troublesome red eyed Jonin sensei from Team eight. So if it bothers you so much why don't you just go and tell her before the troublesome situation gets even more troublesome." Shikamaru drawled out as lazily as ever making Asuma cough again. This time to hide the small blush that formed on his cheeks.

Shikamaru eyed him for another second before speaking "Just so you know you should take another smoke before this one…"




Too late.


The said woman's left eyebrow twitched madly as a pair of well endowed assets that were barely covered by a decent piece of clothing pressed against the back of her head.

"I missed you so much!" A childish voice came totally in contrast with the mature body that was now pressed harder against her own.

"We just met yesterday Anko!"

"So what? I still missed you!" Sighing in frustration at her dear friend's behaviour Kurenai relented.

"Fine. I missed you too alright. Now will you let me go, it's getting kinda embarrassing and I think people are staring at us." Kurenai whispered the last part a bit flushed noticing a few people especially males, who stopped on their way to stare at them.

Pouting Anko let go "Fine but you're buying me lunch!"

"H-Hey…" Not waiting for a reply Anko took hold of her friend's arm and began dragging her to their destination.

"Wait for me my precious dango! Because the sexy and single Mitarashi Anko is coming to get you!"


))) A Few Minutes And More Than A Few Plates Of Dango Later (((

"Ah! That hit the spot!" Patting her full belly, Anko leaned back on the chair with a tooth pick in her mouth.

Kurenai sighed pitifully while looking at her almost empty wallet.

'There goes all my money… again.' Her purse was crying anime tears and she was also tempted to join it any second.

"So, I heard that our dear Kaka-kun hasn't come back from his mission yet?" Anko leaned forward placing her hands on the table and motioned for Kurenai to lean in while placing the back of her hand to her lips like she was telling some secret.

"So… do you think somebody finally kicked his bucket?" Kurenai recoiled as if shocked.

"A-Anko ! Don't say things like that."

"Jeez! Calm down will ya?" Anko said playing little heed to Kurenai's harsh whispering.


"You have been acting all grumpy lately."

"ANK… W-What! I'm not grumpy!"

)))) Else Where In The Land Of Water ((((

Zabuza cracked his eyes open, briefly fluttering them to adjust to the light. He groaned at feeling how stiff his body was and from the dull aches on his torso that still remained.

"Z-Zabuza-Sama?" Brown hair soon filled his vision and before he could comprehend what it was, he was animatedly pulled in to a deathly crushing hug.

"Zabuza-Sama!" He groaned again, those aches were NOT feeling so dull now especially his ribs where the stupid glowing chakra balls hit him.

Since real men don't squeak due to some little pain, at least in Zabuza's opinion. He tired to summon whatever strength he could muster to pry away from the ice user's deadly hug.

"You are doing well now, it seems..." The sudden statement caused both of their heads to turn to its source.

"M-Mei-Sama!" exclaimed a startled Haku.

Indeed the almighty red headed busty Mizukage was currently leaning over the wall with her arms crossed under her bust while observing the two with a critical eye.

Haku immediately bolted in to an upright position while trying to brush away the imaginary dust particles, trying to look as presentable as possible to her idol as she bowed in respect.

Mei waved of her formality "Looks like you haven't slept at all looking after the idiot, have you Haku?"

Mei smiled sweetly at the girl who was blushing in embarrassment while Zabuza exchanged glances between the two women and ultimately his eyes settled on Mei's face.

Something about this situation was giving him a strange sense of déjà vu.

'There is something awfully familiar about the vibe that I'm getting from her…..' But for the life of him, he couldn't remember what it was.


'Heh. She's just a woman! What would she know about ruling a country…'

"Would you mind to join me for a moment…"

'She may be strong but she doesn't have what it takes to be a Kage…' It was at this moment that a blurry image of a person entered Zabuza's mind's eye.

'So, I don't have what it takes to be a Kage, huh?' The image became clearer as a disturbingly sweet yet familiar smile entered his memory lane.

And was that… a person shaking his head in back ground. He was wearing an eye patch and was muttering something continuously while simultaneously shaking his head.

"I have something that I would like to discuss with you in private …."

'Why won't we discuss this in private then, I'm sure we could come to some sort… agreement…' Those suggestive words escaped the lips of the unknown woman as she sent him a seductive smile.

The person in the background still continued to shake his head and mutter while some other faceless figures began catcalling.

'So, what do you say Zabuza-kun?'

"So, What do you say Haku-Chan?"


"Of course Mei-Sama! I'm always available at your service." The woman with the Hyonton blood line who also happened to be Zabuza's apprentice, Haku said with conviction making Mei's smile to increase while a dark aura appeared in the background.

Not that Haku noticed anything though.


"Good then why don't we go to my chamber Haku-chan?" Mei said while draping her arm around the shoulders of the younger woman as Haku looked back at Zabuza for a moment.

'NO! HAKU! Don't go with her!' The words however never left his mouth as Mei directed that sickly sweet smile of her's at him!

"Don't worry Zabuza-kun, we will have a discussion too once your completely healed. A very long discussion!" She mouthed those last words causing a shiver to go down his spine.

)))) Konoha ((((

It was in the late evening that Kakashi and his trouble some students made it back to the leaf village.

"Yatta! We finally made it back." Sakura cheered as they finally entered the village while Kakashi signed in some papers at the gate before turning to his students.

"Well it's been a while since we left our village. Since this your first successful mission outside, why don't you all go home while I report the mission to Hokage-Sama?" Team Seven looked surprised at their lazy sensei's kind offer. But they were more than ready to take it.

Kakashi sighed while he bid farewell to his students. He wasn't that much of a liar. But he didn't have the courage to face his students if they realised how much of a failure he was.

He just hoped that the Hokage wouldn't be too mad at his incompetence.

'Oh! Who was he kidding he was totally screwed?!' But at least he had the forethought of sending away his students.

"So you guys want to go and eat something before going home?" Naruto asked from the middle as the trio walked down Konoha's main street.

Sakura thought about it for a second before shaking her head.

"Sorry Naruto. But I promised my mom that I would come straight home from the mission. I'm sure she's worried by now since it's been two weeks." Sakura replied smiling apologetically at her blonde team mate.

Nodding at her Naruto turned to Sasuke as if expecting him to say something.


Inside Naruto's mindscape, Kyuubi dressed in her cute new kimono that Naruto made for her as a presen… no he had forced her to wear. She still liked having little to no fabric on her body, Kyuubi thought nodding to herself.

Correcting her thoughts she took out a pair of matching red glasses from her bust before a large book materialised in front of her. It looked like some sort of dictionary with the letters 'Hn' printed on the cover.

Opening the overly large book the red headed demoness went over some of the pages before excitingly pointing at one of the Hn's written on the page.

"AHA! I found it! That Hn meant that, He's tired and he wants to go home to get some rest." Since brain works faster than the body and technically Kyuubi is in the mindscape. It's only been a second in the outside world.

"So you want to go to your clan compound quickly to get some rest?"

Sakura face planted at hearing her teammate's conversation.

'CHA! I didn't know Sasuke-kun meant so much when he grunts?'


"Oh! Oh! That one meant "you are right dobe"."

Saying goodbye to a dead panning Sakura, the Uchiha and Uzumaki duo made their way further with Sasuke briefly noticing that they were given a wide berth with some people muttering among themselves.

'May be it's because of my clan status.' He didn't notice the way how Naruto's fake grin grew with each step they took.

)))) A Few Hours Later ((((

"Ya…hoo..! Sa..ke…" Anko grumbled as she slumped against Kurenai who was searching Anko's jacket to find the door key in front of Anko's apartment.

Succeeding in her quest Kurenai literally dragged Anko to the couch.

"Jeez, you didn't have to drink so much Anko…" Kurenai brushed her hair behind her ear while sighing.

Just as she was about to lay down her best friend, Anko tightened her grip around Kurenai catching her off guard as she got pushed down to sit on the couch instead.

With strength she didn't know a drunk could possess. Kurenai was held firmly as Anko straddled her waist.


A kiss from fellow kunoichi stopped her in her tracks as Anko forcefully brushed her lips against Kurenai's.

Kurenai instinctively pushed her back but it proved to be futile effort as it was just enough to break the kiss.

"I-I'm… sorry Kurenai… b-but… I…. I…." Her words were too incoherent for the red eyed Jonin to understand as she gazed into her friends eyes that were brimming with lust.

"A-Anko, what are you taking about..mmph!" Holding Kurenai's shoulders Anko again smashed her lips against hers while holding Kurenai down firmly not even giving her a chance to speak.

Kurenai's attempts to push Anko away were stopped before they could even begin as a wet appendage penetrated and went past the barrier of her lips.

Kurenai was too stunned to do anything as her best friends tongue vigorously explored the confines of her mouth.

Her thought process completely came to a halt when Anko's tongue began to elongate, exceeding far past it's natural limits and started to go down her throat.

Seeing the lack of struggle, the snake Jonin loosened her grip around Kurenai. One of her hands sneaked behind Kurenai's head and tilted it upward as she pressed down her lips harder as if to weld them with Kurenai's.

Her other hand stroked Kurenai's neck and jaw line before going down. Kurenai was kicked back to her senses at the sensation of her clothed breasts being groped roughly.

A brief flash of an arrogantly smirking blond went through her head.


In an instant Anko almost flew half way across the room before she hit the wall and slumped to the ground.

Breathing hard, Kurenai began to back away and accidentally hit the drawer on to the side of the wall making a photo frame to fall to the ground.

The sound of shattering glass filled the room as Kurenai got a glimpse of the shattered picture frame.

Her eyes widened in shock on seeing both Anko and Iruka in it.

'How could I have forgotten?' Kurenai thought in shock

'... Anko and Iruka, weren't they were dating before N-Naruto…'

"...Anko…" Kurenai immediately turned to her friend in concern.

Anko didn't reply immediately as she just looked down with her hair shadowing her almost dead eyes.

Just as Kurenai tried to reach out for her, Anko spoke with her voice breaking.

"P-Please Kurenai… just for tonight…." Anko whimpered making Kurenai's eyes widen at her words.

Kurenai looked to the side not being able to see a strong and proud Kunoichi such as Anko in such a state.

"I'm sorry A-Anko… but I can't do this…"

'…I don't want to betray him too…' Kurenai hesitated a bit before she finally shushined away.

Anko silently gazed at the picture where she had her arms around Iruka while giving a peace sigh to the camera. She slowly drawled to her knees, her hand carefully reached out and took the photo and brought to her chest as all the bottled up tears crawled down her pale cheeks.

))) A Few Hours Before (((

"I hope you are not planning to make me wait longer than this Kakashi?" The said ninja sighed while opening the door.

How long had he been staring at the door, 5 minutes?

"No. It's already been fifteen and it also has been more than hour since you and your team came into the village."

He was the famed 'God of Shinobi' after all, so of course Kakashi wasn't surprised that he knew what he was thinking.

"I believe we have so much to discuss…" Sighing again Kakashi put aside his Icha Icha for once and began to go over the details of the mission, from how they met the demon brothers before finally fighting Zabuza where Naruto alone had to fight and defeat him.

The room remained deadly quiet before Sarutobi calmly snapped his fingers making the ANBU vanish from the room.

"I hope you understand the graveness of what you have done Kakashi…"

"Hai, Hokage-Sama. I will make sure it won't..."

"No! I don't think you do." The copy ninja cringed as Sarutobi Hizuren, the god of shinobi interrupted him with anger evident in his voice.

"Naruto Uzumaki is one day going to become the Hokage of this village." Kakashi's eyes widened at the conviction in the Hokage's voice. It was as if he was sure that it would happen.

"And being a Jinchuuriki, he is not only an irreplaceable asset for the village but also the one who maintains the power balance in the whole elemental nations, do you understand what am I saying?" Sarutobi continued while looking straight into Kakashi's lone eye.

"And with the recent treaty we will be having with Mist, his importance will only continue to grow and you risked his life over a single non profitable mission?!" Kakashi didn't reply and continued to stare at the floor.

"... get out of my sight." Giving one last apologetic bow Kakashi shushined away.

Sarutobi leaned back in his seat tiredly and sighed 'To think he would defeat not only a Jonin but also one of the swordsmen of the mist...'

He was aware that his unofficial grandson was hiding his strength but to think it was to this extent...

'I hope you're proud of your son Minato because I know I am...' Looking at the picture of the fourth he sighed regrettable with his eyes looking more tired than his body.

'I hope you forgive this old man for what he's done..' He had done many sacrifices for the village in his younger days but he had acted like a complete fool after the Kyuubi's attack, totally lost in grief of losing his beloved Biwako and his eldest son.

He foolishly blamed the only thing left of the whole over deal, Uzumaki Naruto. Even with all his vast experience he ended up blaming the child and used him as a scapegoat.

What had he been thinking when he decided to turn a blind eye on everything that was being done to his grandson? Had he been blinded that much by despair?

However a small smile lit his face as one particular memory crossed Sarutobi's mind 'I still remember that day clearly, the day he called me 'grandpa' for the first time.'

It was the day when he first took Naruto to the ramen stand, he had said 'thanks grandpa' when he was leaving back then. Looking into the innocent eyes of the smiling child, he knew that the child was no demon, he was far from it.

Smiling fondly at the memory, his eyes burned with determination as his late sensei would have said, The Will of fire burned in them.

'Naruto-Kun, I swear even if I have to push these old bones till they break, I will make sure you become a Kage! The greatest Kage to ever to live!'

)) Naruto's Apartment ((

"What are you thinking about Naruto?" The said blond without replying just continued stare at the sealing of the roof of his apartment.

Naruto sighed mentally with his mind was in total chaos after his first mission out of Konoha. He had felt weird coming back here, back then even it was for a fleeting moment he had felt... happy.

Although it was not in his intension to help any of the people in wave, the way they had looked at him with admiration evident in their eyes. His heart throbbed to relish in those feelings.

Was it really okay for him to come back to Konoha? Shouldn't he find a way to escape and go back to the place where everyone admired him, looked up to him? What was the point in being here, what would he gain from being here?


The word echoed in his mind but then again why doesn't it feel as satisfying as before?

Kyuubi sighed irritably not being able to get a response from her container. After a long time she was feeling... lonely again. It wasn't like the demoness hadn't felt like this emotion before, but she used to sum this all up to irritation back then and just went out to destroy a village or two.

But what she was feeling now was a lot different from back then, she felt like her container was being distant from her and she didn't like it. She didn't like it one bit when Naruto hid things from her, Kyuubi wanted him to share everything. She wanted him to share everything with her, after all she was his, she was his...

The red headed and red eyed demoness eyes widened in realisation "W-What am I to him?"

)) Kurenai's Apartment ((

Kurenai stared on with a blank look in her as the hot water drizzled down her body from the shower.

'I'm such an idiot! Why didn't I notice it...' She clenched her fist.

She had been so blinded by her own affairs that she... that she...

She had failed to keep the promise that she had made long ago, that she would always be there for Anko to support her. She had failed her...

Turning off the shower Kurenai grabbed the bathrobe and returned to her room.

'The signs were obvious, even if Anko was hiding it well, she was acting a lot more clingy lately...'

Deaths like this were common in the shinobi world but she had been so focused on Naruto lately that she completely ignored her friends plight. If only Naruto hadn't killed Iruka, if only hadn't placed the seal on her.

'N-No, what am I thinking?! It wasn't Naruto's fault! He was only trying to defend himself.'

Whatever the reason was she knew that Iruka attempted to kill Naruto first, there was no way Kurenai could blame him for something like this.

"Besides, I..." Kurenai halted her train of thought on seeing a sealing scroll on her bed. There were only two people she had given her room key to, one was Anko and the other was...

Transferring her chakra the seal, her eyes widened at the contents that poofed in to existence.

"W-what's all this?" There were kunai, shuriken, ninja wire and all other basic material required for a shinobi everyday. She could tell that they were of top grade just by looking at them.

Kurenai couldn't hold back the giggle that escaped her lips "T-that idiot. If he really wanted to seduce me, he could have bought me some flowers instead..."

)) Late Night ((

"Neh, Naruto are you awake?"

"Hmm. What is it?" It was late into the night but the blond still didn't get an ounce of sleep.

The Kyuubi stayed quiet and hesitating for a few moments before she finally spoke "D-do you lo.. I mean care about any of the woman you have been w-with?"

The red head finally asked the question that had been bothering her the whole night. She wanted to, no needed to know what she meant to him. Kyuubi thought anxiously waiting for her containers reply.

For what seemed like an eternity bijuu her container finally spoke "... I don't trust anyone Kyuubi."

The demoness could feel her heart sinking at his words.

"All I ever had is my goal. In the end everyone is only a tool for me to achieve it." The blond's cold words unknowingly cut through the demoness fragile heart.

"But why are asking me this all of a sudden... Kyuubi?" Naruto not realising the significance of the answer that he gave asked but the demoness had already cut the link between them.

"B-BAKA!" The Kyuubi yelled as she threw a pillow at the cage causing it to crackle lightning making the pillow disappear into light particles.

She threw herself into the bed 'T-that idiot! He hasn't changed at all, he hasn't changed at all even after all these years.'

"All I ever had is my goal, he says. What about me then, huh? I have always been with him too. Even after everything we did together..."

Clear crystalline liquid formed at the corner of her eyes "W-what's this...?"

The eternal demoness felt her cheeks "... are they t-tears?" she had seen them on humans before but she wasn't a human. I-It wasn't possible...

The Kyuubi couldn't hold back the hiccup that escaped as more and more tears trailed down her cheeks.

"W-What's happening to me... I-I can't stop them..." Kyuubi rubbed the sleeves of her Kimono over her eyes but had little effect.

"I-It's all h-his fault! H-he changed me like this! BAKA! BAKA! BAKA!..." Burying her face into the pillow Kyuubi started to hit the pillow like a child while tears continued to flow down her cheeks.

Naruto sighed closing his eyes oblivious to Kyuubi's condition 'I think I made her upset.'

But he had meant what he said, without his goal to destroy Konoha he had nothing else to look forward to in his life... did he?

... To Be Continued.

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