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CHAPTER 2 : having him protect you It's been aan hour since serenas mother has left and her and sebastian already had erands to do so they went out " my lady what do we have to do first" asked sebastian as they walked " we have to pick up some letters from the post office"
serena said as she look for the post office."understood" sebastian replied as he too looked for the office. "here it is my lady"
sebastian said as he stopped infront of the post office "good now lets grab the letters and leave" serena said as she scaned the area "understood mam" *why is she looking like someone is after her* sebaastian thought, than from inside both they heard a roaring chainsaw and crazy laughter. Then sebastian hurridly opened the door and saw a red haired man with a chainsaw and thousands of people killed "what do you think your doing!"serena yelled in anger and shock. as the man turned around he saw sebastian and serena."Oh it's my beloved sebas-chan , oh but whats this he brought me another human to kill but whats this it's no ordinary human it's the golden lighter. how romantic bringing me something hard to find i love u sebas-chan"
the man exclaimed as he danced around leaving serena and sebastion freaked out."im sorry but who are you?" serena said as she pointed at grell . "oh sebastion how rude not introducing your love to the golden angel oh well i am grell sutcliff sebations love and like sebastion a demon butler i am also to die for like this" grell said as he did random poses.*demon butler like sebastian no ,but mother said hes my gaurd is that why mother hired him because hes a demon* serena had that stuck in her head as she stared at sebastian but grell spoke again "enough with the sexy poses time to kill" with that he started up his chain saw again and charged toward serena."your soul is mine angel"as he said running faster, the saw was about to hit her but something stopped it serena opened her eyes and saw sebastian infront of her " i dont want u to touch y master " he said as he tried to push back the saw and landed perfectly on his feet. "your master i cant beleive let met me guess while i was gone u suddenly met this women and fell in love with her and now i guessing thats shes pregnant with a child yes" as he turned around he saw both turn into a bright red color everywhere '' not true my mother gave him to me as-" "oh i see now a little toy for enjoyment"then serena turned a brighter red "a gaurd she gave him to me as a gaurd" then a pice of jewlery on serenas clothing was glowing bright and her clothes were changing she looked liked a local lady to a type of princess sebastien just stood there in shock *is this what he means by golden angel her soul feels so pure* but then he looked at grell who looked surprised "oh no my gift is mad got to go by sebas-chan" he blew kisses and left through the back door but thought*hmm looks like my sebastian has feelings for this angel i could work with this but first i need to leave* as he left through the door. after grell had left serena changed back to normal and fell on the floor "sebastian help" before she had became unconcious."my lady!"
sebastian yelled as he ran over to the blonde.*shes out cold i better get her home *then sebastian looked at her again *my god she is beutiful but i must hurry she is a human*.then he finally picked her up bridal style and left the postal office.

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