Co-write between Tangerine Catnip and Dream Trance

**The following story takes place after this one shot written by Dream Trance. It's in her "Apples Keep the Ghosts Away" one shot collection. Chapter 4. **

If you can't be bothered to go find it, here's a short summary.

Vlad captured Danny and brought him to his secret underground lab, where he used his spiked ghost gantlets to pull Phantom out of Danny, hoping that his ghost half would crave power enough to join him, but when he managed to wrestle Phantom free of his human half, the ghost appeared with a pair of feathery white wings.

We join them arriving home, just after the escape from Vlad's…


Phantom dropped Danny on their bed and then settled beside the human, folding his wings against his back as he did so. He leaned back, stretching his muscles after a long flight back from Vlad's hidden lair. Danny stretched as well, but his aches were more caused from being manhandled. Blue eyes fixed on Phantom, and after a moment he finally noticed.

The ghost looked his human half over, raising an eyebrow before asking, "Something on your mind Fenton?"

Danny stared at the ghost incredulously, his surprise melting into nervous laughter when he realized Phantom was serious. "Well, let's see, about two hours ago I had my ghost half ripped out of me. Something like that is worth thinking about, wouldn't you say?"

Phantom frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. "Well, about two hours ago I had my human half ripped out of me, so I can assure you this is no cake walk for either of us." Phantom sighed deeply. Someone had to be the logical thinker here. "How are you feeling?" he asked as he un-crossed his arms and leaned forward. "We should see how our bodies are reacting to being split in two."

Danny thought about it for a moment, then gave Phantom a non-committal shrug. "I feel a little nauseous, and my chest hurts, but other than that…" Danny trailed off as his eyes were drawn to the fluffy plumage encompassing Phantom's new set of wings. "Um, what about you? Those can't be very comfortable…"

Phantom appeared confused until he noticed where Danny was looking and glanced over his shoulder. He hummed softly, extending a wing and then folding it at the joint, testing its flexibility. "They feel surprisingly natural actually," he admitted. He brushed a few fingers over the feathers before adding, "I must have had them before we fused together."

Danny blinked at him. "Wait, what do you mean, 'before we fused'?" he asked. His confusion deepened when Phantom seemed to ignore the question, apparently too wrapped up in his own thoughts.

Phantom shook his head and returned his focus to Danny. "Let me see your chest," he stated. He crawled over to his counterpart and placed his hands on his shoulders, forcing the boy onto his back. Ignoring the cry of protest from the human, the ghost leaned in and pressed an ear to his chest.

"H-hey!" Danny yelled. He grabbed Phantom's biceps and threw the ghost off him, quickly returning his hand to the chilled area on his chest. "I can check my own heartbeat, thanks," he muttered, rubbing heat back to the spot.

"I wasn't checking for a heartbeat, human," Phantom snapped, attempting to resettle himself after being so rudely shoved, his feathers ruffled like an upset hen. "I think we can both tell that's working."

"Well, whatever." Danny frowned. "And you still haven't told me what the hell you were talking about. What do you mean 'fusing'?"

Phantom huffed and rolled his eyes. "When I say fused, I am referring to what happened when you stepped into the Fenton Portal and activated it…when you repurposed my energy into the now former hybrid you named Danny Phantom."

"Former?" Danny eyes widened, a sudden feeling of dread washing over him. He hadn't even considered that this time might be permanent. "Shit, we need to fix this!" Danny stood up from the bed, hoping it would help him jump into some sort of action plan, but instead the sudden movement made his stomach heave, and he sat back down on the mattress a few seconds later. "Just as soon as it stops feeling like I'm about to throw up…"

Phantom huffed and reached over, pulling Danny back into bed properly so his head rested on the pillow. "I agree with your stomach. Rushing off without a plan will not get us anywhere." Phantom sat back and pressed his fist to his jaw, running over the problem in his head while Danny took a few stomach-settling breaths.

After a few moments Phantom's brain kicked up an idea. He had never considered it before, but all of a sudden he knew how he might be able to fix this. His eyes gazed down at Danny for a moment, something unreadable flashing beneath their green depths. "May I take it from your outburst that you do wish to become one again?" the ghost asked, a lilt to the question.

"Of course I do!" Danny exclaimed, sitting up suddenly before his stomach reminded him why that was a bad idea. After another few deep breaths, he added, "This is just too strange…I mean you have wings, for crying out loud. How are we supposed to fight ghosts like this?"

Phantom considered the question a moment, giving those same wings a few experimental flaps. "Well, from what I've seen today, I believe I can fly just as fast with wings as without, so that shouldn't be a problem." Danny opened his mouth to respond, but was cut off when Phantom snapped his fingers and summoned green energy to his fingertips. "It seems that all our powers are still working for me as well." He closed his eyes, quickly flipping between invisibility and intangibility. "See? There's no reason why I can't continue to kick our adversaries back into their pocket dimension."

"Y-yeah, but…but what if they," Danny gestured toward the window, indicating the world outside their room, "see you like this? You look like a freaking angel!"

Phantom tilted his head, unfolding his wings. He glanced at the mirror on top of their dresser and twisted to get a better look at the mentioned appendages, humming thoughtfully. "I think it rather befits a superhero," he mused. He faced Danny again and leaned closer. A stray ray of moonlight entered the room through the large window and caught on his white feathers and hair, lighting him in a halo of soft light, his own ghostly aura only amplifying the effect. "Why? Do you not like how I look with them?"

Danny's cheeks grew hot and he turned away, burying his head head further into the pillows. "N-no, you look…fine." He cleared his throat, quickly trying to regain his train of thought. "It's just so bizarre, you know?"

Phantom snorted and chuckled softly. "I would have thought you would be used to your life being bizarre after the third month of walking through walls." Danny sent him an unimpressed look and Phantom decided to drop it. They had more important matters to discuss.

The ghost reached over and tugged on Danny's shoulder, forcing him to roll onto his back and stop hiding in his pillows. The human didn't seem pleased by being handled, even less so when Phantom cupped the human's cheek in his hand, forcing him to maintain eye contact.

"Stop being so emotional and listen for a moment, will you?" Phantom insisted, not giving Danny a second to rebut the slight insult before going on. "I may be able to maintain the city alone, but I still feel we need to find a way to fuse back together. I—" Phantom suddenly stopped. He closed his eyes and shivered violently, drawing his other arm back and wrapping it around his chest.

When his eyes reopened his irises were glowing brightly, and he looked as if he had left his brain on another planet. "—I'm beginning to miss your warm flesh," he murmured, his tone setting off every alarm bell in Danny's human instincts.

The human forced a cough in an attempt to cut the tension. "Yeah, okay, that doesn't sound weird at all…" He brushed Phantom's hand off his cheek and sat up, deciding he would just let this little awkwardness slide. He really didn't have the brain space to deal with more Phantom-weirdness right now. He braced his back against the wall, mindful of his personal space all of a sudden. "I don't suppose you have any ideas?" he asked making an attempt to restore the conversation to its original topic.

Phantom frowned, his eyes slowly dulling as he mused over the question, sorting through his ideas again. "Actually, I have several possible plans, but I have a feeling you won't like all but one of them, and unfortunately that plan would have involved our parents' Ghost Catcher, which they disabled last week…I think the parts were used in something called, 'the ecto-destroyer.'"

Danny responded with a disgruntled-sounding huff. "It probably wouldn't have worked anyway. With our luck the whole 'wing-thing' would have thrown it off."

Phantom nodded, resisting the urge to tease Danny for refusing to let go of the fact he now had wings. "We can try deactivating the portal, then switching on with both of us inside..." he offered, "…but the likelihood of a second shock killing you might not be worth it." He sighed, shooting an annoyed glare at his human half. "This would be much easier if you weren't being so sensitive about your personal space. If I could just get a second to examine the situation..."

Danny blinked, expression blank. "What? Dude, I'm too tired for this. What do you mean, 'examine the situation'?"

Phantom resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "I have to see how receptive your body is to my energies." Danny looked even more confused, and again, Phantom sighed. "I mean my ghost energy…the freaky glowy stuff?"

Danny had a feeling that Phantom was treating him like a six year old, but as long as he got the information he couldn't bother caring how he got it. "Okay, yes I know that stuff, but what has that got to do with me?"

"Simple," Phantom answered. "If we try anything too drastic when we remerge, and it turns out we are no longer compatible…" He paused for a second trying to come up with the best way to explain it. "Well, let's just say our parents will have to collect what's left of you in a test tube and leave it there."

Danny flinched, defiantly not enjoying the mental imagery. "That...doesn't sound pleasant..." he admitted, "but I guess that makes sense. In a weird way…" Pushing the thought aside Danny asked, "So what do you need to do to test this out, overshadow me? Blast me?

Phantom shook his head. He slid closer to Danny, still ignoring his preference for personal space. "No, none of those. I just need you to be a good boy and hold still."

The ghost pushed Danny down on the bed again, but this time he slipped his fingers under his shirt. The cold fingers against his skin made Danny body jerk involuntarily, but he managed to hold back the urge to once more shove Phantom off.

Mindless of the human's discomfort, Phantom lifted his red and white shirt up until most of his chest was exposed. "You may feel a slight chill," the ghost warned, "but whatever you do, don't freak out." The ghost placed his hands flat on Danny's chest. Slowly, he summoned power to his fingertips, his face becoming a mask of concentration as he poured his power into the prone human form beneath him.

Danny's breath caught, his skin crawling as he felt the first wisps of cold energy sinking inside. "D-don't freak out? How about a little more warning next time!" His mouth shut abruptly when Phantom gave him a warning glare. "Right...don't freak out..."

A moment of silence passed as the sensation sunk deeper into Danny's body. The teen bit his lip, holding himself as still as he could. "So far so good…" Phantom murmured, closing his eyes and sharpening his focus. "If I can just get into your core…"

As the ghost deepened the invisible connection, some of Danny's warmth leached back into him through the link. A low moan escaped the ghost's lips, the familiar sensation of being inside the warm boy sending a thrill of pleasure up his spine.

The slightly pornographic sounds coming from his counterpart's mouth did not escape Danny notice, and he shifted uncomfortably under the other. "Uh...My core...right...S-so, how long will that take?"

Phantom's closed eyes twitched. Couldn't Danny take anything seriously? Since he was in a slightly vindictive mood, Phantom diverted some of his power and sent a spike of sensation down Danny's own spine, enjoying the sharp gasp he received. "Don't tempt me, smartass. Right now I have access to every nerve in your body."

To further prove his point, the ghost sent a soft tingling sensation along Danny's leg. "H-hey!" the boy yelled. Overreacting as usual, he tried to pull away, but only got as far as reflexive leg spasm. "Okay, point taken! Don't do that!"

Phantom smirked in satisfaction. He decided he rather liked wining these disagreements with Danny.

The smile fell a few seconds later when he felt the first tugs of resistance against his intrusion into the human's soul. "Shiiiiiiiiit…" Phantom hissed, closing his eyes again, grunting as he pushed against the force rejecting his presence. "I'm getting some resistance. Are you feeling any pain?"

"Aside from what I mentioned earlier?" Danny asked. He twitched his fingers and concentrated on how his body felt, but aside from a slight chill, he felt nothing out of the ordinary. "No...I don't think so."

Phantom nodded, but was interrupted by another strained sound as he pushed against whatever it was preventing his remerging. Slightly freaked out by the sound, not to mention the look of pain on Phantom's face, Danny tried shifting again, trying to inch away.

Phantom's eyes snapped open and flashed with anger "Stay still!" he yelled, pushing down hard on Danny's chest as he did so.

But in his moment of anger, Phantom forgot to keep driving against the soul, and suddenly an electric spark passed through the two of them. With a feral growl, Phantom shoved himself away from Danny. His wings flared and lifted him into the air, allowing him to float in the middle of the room, his smoking hands clutched to his chest.

While it didn't hurt him as much, the sudden snap made Danny jerk backwards, banging the back of his head against the wall. He swore loudly and rubbed the back of his skull, blinking up at the ghost. "What...What was that?" he exclaimed. Gingerly, he touched his own chest, relieved when he didn't feel anything like what warranted Phantom's grimace.

Across the room, green energy streamed over Phantom's hands, repairing the minor burn marks on his palms. "That was your human body refusing to meld with me," Phantom replied, flexing his healed fingers gingerly to make sure they still functioned correctly. "It's the same reaction that I warned you about. The kind that could have dismembered you had it been done another way."

Danny glanced down at his hands again, double checking he still had both arms. Phantom brushed some slightly singed hair from his eye and added, "I managed to direct most of the blast towards myself. You should be fine."

"Um...thank you?" Unsure of what he was supposed to add to that, he eventually settled on a simple, "Are you all right?"

Phantom smiled, appreciating the effort. "I am. Or at least I'm much better than you would have been, that's what matters." He touched down on the floor again, wings resettling into place against his back. "The real issue now is what we are going to do to alter your state enough so that I can slip back inside you."

"Okay, yeah, again, that didn't sound at all wrong..." Danny scowled, wishing Phantom would stop talking about being inside him; it was getting creepy. Turning back to the problem at hand, Danny tilted his head, considering the problem. "Maybe it's not me that's the problem but you? Frankly, I blame the wings.

Phantom bristled. "Well, would you like me to cut them off? Do you think that would help?" His wings ruffled in irritation again, the feathers making a slight rustling sound as they rubbed together. "Why are you so fixated on my wings anyway?"

"Uh, because they're there?" Danny asked, gesturing wildly at them. "I can't help it! They draw my attention!" His shoulders slumped and he rubbed his neck, taking a moment to calm down. "And...Well, we never needed wings to fly when we were Danny Phantom, even though you said you had them before the accident—which, by the way, still makes zero sense—so they may be throwing off our...merging this time."

Phantom remained silent for a long moment. "Perhaps you are right…the problem could be in my energies and not yours. If only we knew more about whatever forces made Danny Phantom." The ghost settled into a sitting pose on the floor, unfolding his wings. With surprisingly little effort, he wrapped them around his body like a cocoon, looking a lot like a big feathery egg.

Danny snorted. "Yeah, 'cause no one knows me—well us—better than we know ourselves." Then an idea hit him and Danny snapped his fingers. "Vlad! He had a whole unit dedicated to copying my existence! Remember the clones?"

Phantom didn't seem so impressed with the revelation. "Yes, and I also remember destroying every last bit of that lab with our ghostly wail. And in case you've forgotten, that power-hungry megalomaniac is the reason we are in this mess to begin with." Yet as soon as that statement left his mouth, Phantom realized there might be something to this idea. He lifted a wing and gazed over at his human half. "However, if any data was saved, he may still have it in his personal databases… perhaps Tucker might be able to retrieve it?"

Danny nodded. "It's worth a shot. It's not like we have anything else to go on at the moment."

"Very well…but first you should sleep. You need to recover from the splitting process." Phantom pushed himself onto his feet and strode over to the bed, his hand resting on Danny's shoulder as he guided the human into a reclining position. "I can handle the nightly ghost patrol tonight."

Danny sat up on his elbows, watching as Phantom walked over to the windowsill beside their bed and then unlocked it, sliding the window up. "But aren't you, uh, effected by it? Shouldn't you rest too?"

"Rest?" Phantom mummed, pausing with one leg swung out over the windowsill. "I don't think full ghosts need sleep…that's a purely human pastime." He shrugged and glanced back to the human, saying a quick, "Goodnight Danny Fenton" before pushing off from the window and taking flight, ascending into the night sky with a flash of silvery-white wings.

Danny stared at the place where Phantom had been seconds before. "Whatever…" he muttered. He dropped back into bed and pulled the covers over his head…until he remembered he was still in clothes that were covered in dry sweat. Sighing, he crawled out of bed and changed into his pajamas. Returning moments later, he fell on the soft, non-metal mattress and promptly passed out.

Early the next morning the sun was shining and the birds were singing. A soft breeze drifted through the open window in Danny's room rustling the unfinished homework on his desk. The only sound in the room was the slow breathing of the teen buried under his blankets and clutching his pillow to his chest like a teddy bear.

Or it was until Jazz pushed open her brother's bedroom door with her hip, humming softly as she walked in, carrying a tray laden with pancakes, fresh fruit and a large glass of orange juice. "Rise and shine little brother!" She grinned and placed the tray on the bedside table, pulling open the blinds with a flourish afterwards. "I know you've had a long night, but if you don't get up now, you're going to throw off your internal clock."

Danny groaned and burrowed further under his blankets, practically hissing away from the light. "Go away, Jazz," he grumbled, covering his eyes with his forearm. "…And take your chipper attitude with you."

Jazz sighed and placed her hands on her hips in a classic scolding-mother pose. "See, this is what happens when you stay out all night playing superman. I know you're trying to do the best for this town, but you can't take on the world's problems all by yourself." She walked over to the bed and wrenched the blankets off her brother's head.

Danny sat up groggily, glaring at her, but she just reached over and and placed the tray of food she had brought in his lap. He looked from it to her in confusion, wondering if he was still asleep. He scrubbed his eyes with curled fists, just to make sure he was wasn't hallucinating or something.

"I made all your favorites." Jazz grinned, not seeming to notice the incredulous look she was getting from her brother.

"Umm, thanks?" Danny said, eyeing the food like it contained poison. "Not that I don't appreciate it, but why are you being so nice?"

"Just a little thank you from me on behalf of the people of Amity Park," Jazz replied, her tone taking on that high pitched quality it got whenever they discussed Danny's secret, not unlike those adopted by five year olds when discussing secret crushes.

Jazz settled beside her brother and grabbed the rolled up newspaper that was bunched beside the plate, holding it up for Danny to see. The headline read "Danny Phantom: Winged Avenger" with a sub headline informing him of the numerous sightings of the Phantom last night, busting everyone from muggers to robbers. A righteous crusade.

Danny gaped at the newspaper. He snatched it from Jazz's grasp so he could get a closer look at it, his eyes scanning over the article text as he tried to come to grips with what it might mean.

Jazz's smile widened a full inch. She pointed at a picture of Phantom that showed off a nice profile of his new appendages. "The wings are new," she observed, shifting a little to get a look at Danny's back, checking to see if there were any traces of them. "Are they a new power?"

Danny blinked, looking up from the article. "Uh, you could say that," he murmured. He debated a moment telling her about what happened the day before, but decided to wait until after he had a chance to talk with Phantom.

Jazz nodded. She understood her brother's need for privacy when it came to his powers, and if she needed to know something, she trusted Danny would tell her. "Well, just remember what I said. It's very noble of you to try cleaning up this city singlehandedly, but you're much too busy with ghost hunting as it is." She reached over and ruffled Danny's messy black hair. "Just remember to take time out to be Danny Fenton once and a while." She wandered out of her brother's room, closing the door behind her with a soft click.

A second after the door shut behind Jazz, a shimmer in the air above Danny's dresser rematerialized into a smiling white-haired teenage boy, crouched on the furniture like a gargoyle and mysteriously missing the top half of his jumpsuit. He held something green in his right hand, a long pole made of hardened ectoplasm. It had two star-shaped, spiked ends that looked as if they could do some real damage to anything they came in contact with.

Phantom's green eyes flicked to meet Danny's, and he half-smiled at the human. "That was nice of her."

Danny grunted. "Speak for yourself. You're not the one she woke up." He glanced at Phantom again, but decided he was too hungry and sleepy to start questioning the strangeness that was his ghost half just yet. Food first.

He grabbed his fork and glanced down, taking a moment to decide what he wanted to eat first before he dug his fork into the pancakes. He shoved the bite of maple syrup-soaked cake into his mouth, humming in pleasure at the sweet taste. Annoying or not, Jazz sure was an awesome cook.

Danny looked up at his ghost half, suddenly feeling guilty. " don't eat, right?" he asked sheepishly.

Phantom paused for a moment, as if he had to think about the question. "I do feel hunger... but it can't be for food. Well, human food at least." He stepped off the dresser, twirling his weapon and resting the spiked tip on the floor. "It should be fine, though, it's not distracting."

Danny looked oddly relieved. "Sweet! More for me!" He returned to eating, taking a few more bites from the pancakes before switching to the fruit. As he ate, his gaze wandered back to Phantom, his curiosity getting the better of him. "Okay, I can't keep ignoring it. What's with the stick? And where'd your shirt go?"

Phantom looked from Danny to his weapon. He lifted the spear and twirled it around with a flourish, oddly comfortable with it given Danny had never gotten the hang of blunt instruments.

"I attempted to summon those energy beams we are so fond of, but the process alluded me," Phantom explained, his grip tightening on the weapon. "So I improvised." As he finished, the lance began melting in his hand, turning back into ecto-energy and dissipating into thin air. "And that part of our suit was chafing my feathers," he added, extending his wings once to show the increased mobility.

Danny's eyes followed along the wing joints. "Uh-huh..." he muttered. His eyes fell on the newspaper still sitting in his lap. He grabbed it and held it out so Phantom could see the front page. "And this?"

Phantom stepped closer to get a better look at the paper. "Hum…I was unaware anyone had taken notice of my activities." His eyes flickered to the photo under the headline. "At least they got a good picture," Phantom added, admiring the snap-shot of himself bludgeoning a would-be burglar over the head with blunt end of his lance.

"You went on a crime-busting spree. Of course they noticed. Danny Phantom is a ghost fighter, not a crime fighter." Danny tried his best to seem cross, but looked at the picture of Phantom as well and couldn't help a soft snicker. "That is a good shot, though. The guy didn't even see it coming."

Phantom chuckled in return, pleased that Danny was admiring his handiwork. "I ran into a few evildoers while looking for ghosts. I couldn't just stand by and let them get away with it. I find injustice…unpleasant."

Danny nodded. He understood the sentiment. If it wasn't for school and homework, he would have liked to help fight crime around his city, but it seemed like he was always busy with ghosts. "That's cool, I guess." He shrugged, pointing to the headline "They're calling you a 'winged avenger' by the way. Better than Inviso-Bill, at least."

Phantom frowned slightly. "Honestly, I don't care what they choose to call me so long as the streets are safe." Bored of standing around, Phantom sat on the floor, crossing his legs and resting his hands in his lap. "Now, finish your breakfast and get re-dressed. I would like to visit Tucker soon. I have made a few observations about my current state, and if new information is forthcoming, I would rather have it now."

"Yeah, yeah," Danny mumbled, scarfing down the rest of his food and then pushing the tray aside. He slipped out of bed and walked passed Phantom on his way to the dresser, pulling out his usual clothing once he reached it. "So what kind of observations are we talking about?"

Phantom shifted his position. "I've mentioned the hunger and my trouble using normal offensive powers...there is also a small matter of my eyesight acting up..." He twisted his body and looked directly at the human. "Are you aware that you're glowing?"

Danny paused halfway through unfolding his jeans and stared back at Phantom as if he'd lost his mind. He looked down at his own hand just to check, but only found normal pale skin. "Uh...okay, yeah, you have eye problems. You're the one that glows here." After setting aside his jeans, Danny began unbuttoning his pajama shirt.

Phantom, on the other hand, continued watching Danny, eyes roving over the boy's bare chest. "Well, I…um…" Phantom forced his eyes away. Suddenly feeling uncomfortable on the floor, he stood. "I don't mean a ghostly aura. It's much more vivid…and distracting."

Danny looked inquisitively at Phantom through the mirror. "If it's not a ghostly aura, then what is it?" He pulled his shirt over his head and then got to work on his pants. "Actually scratch that, you're probably just seeing things. Maybe it'll go away."

Phantom nodded, but he was only vaguely listening to what Danny was saying. His whole body tensed as he watched his counterpart undo his trousers, and with no small amount of self-control he managed to turn his back respectfully, now glaring at the far wall and trying to think of anything but the half-naked teen behind him. "…Perhaps…I'm sorry I can't explain it better. It's a new sensation and I seem to be having trouble finding worlds that match it…"

"It's cool. It's not a big deal right this minute. Just let me know if anything changes." Danny buttoned his jeans and then turned to face Phantom, frowning when he noticed how rigid the ghost's back was. "Hey, are you all right?"

Phantom was silent for a long moment, his whole body beginning to shake as that unknown feeling welled up inside his chest. Danny placed a hand on his bare shoulder, and reflexes kicked in. A second later he had the human pinned against the dresser, a low growl issuing from somewhere deep in his chest as his fingers laced through the belt loops of Danny's jeans, pulling their hips flush against one another. Piercing green eyes glared down at Danny, a ravenous hunger spreading the pupils and allowing the ghost to absorb every minute detail about the human before him.

Danny gaped at him, feeling paralyzed beneath the ghost's intense stare, but after a few seconds his mind did its own version of a reboot. "What the hell, man?" He shoved against Phantom's chest, growling himself when he refused to budge. "What's the matter with you? Get off me!"

Phantom slid an arm up Danny's back, pulling the teen to his chest to prevent any more needless shoving. The ghost was acting purely on instinct now, the only thought in his mind that of satisfying the clawing need in his essence, and he knew, without even knowing how he knew, that the only way to do that was by giving his chosen human pleasure, whether he agreed to it or not.

The white-haired male leaned close, nuzzling into the hollow of Danny's neck. He bit down just softly enough to prevent the skin breaking, simultaneously rocking his hips against Danny's, groaning softly as the resulting friction sent the first few tingles of pleasure through his ghostly form.

A gasp escaped Danny's lips, the boy blushing to the tips of his ears. He bit down on his lower lip, holding back the moan clawing at his throat, and squirmed against Phantom's hold, even trying to pass through the dresser at his back despite lacking the ability to do so anymore. He released his lip long enough to shout Phantom's name, trying to make the ghost come to his senses, blushing further when his voice hitched.

His counterpart's desperate cry was almost forgotten as Phantom ran his tongue along the bite-marks on Danny's neck. It was only when he yelled the second time that Phantom's sense of self kicked back in. He suddenly pulled back, watching with a mix of horror and shock as Danny slumped to the floor. The ghost was torn between wanting to help the human up and not daring to touch him for fear of losing his mind again, in the end just staring uselessly.

"W-what...what the hell was that?" Danny used the dresser to pull himself onto his shaky legs, glaring warily at his ghost half. He tensed when Phantom inched towards him like he wanted to help him up. "Oh no!" he cried, pressing his back against the dresser. "You stay on your side of the room until you tell me what that was all about."

Phantom opened his mouth to argue, but thought better of it. Dutifully, he retreated to the other side of the room, green eyes not leaving his counterpart for a moment. After a minute passed in silence, Phantom finally spoke up, his tone as flustered as it was indignant. "Well then I'll be on this side of the room for a long time, because I don't think any answer I could give would be satisfactory."

Phantom crossed his arms over his chest and sat on the end of their bed in a huff. Danny continued to glare at him for a moment before he noticed the wrinkles Phantom's molestation attempt had left in his shirt.

"There must be something missing," the ghost mused aloud as Danny smoothed out his t-shirt. "Something I used to get when we shared a body. I had a feeling that I needed it from you since last night, but…I just never imagined it would be..." Phantom looked away, and if Danny didn't know better he would have sworn the ghost was blushing. "…something like that..."

Danny was not swayed by the cute act, however, and simply frowned at his ghost half. "Yeah, well, whatever it is you're 'missing', we need to find a fix for fast. Preferably one that, you know, doesn't involve me in the that all."

Green eyes flashed with light briefly, and Phantom had the oddest feeling that he needed to hit something. Hard. "You aren't grasping the situation, are you? I can't tell if that's your fault for being so painfully naïve or my own inability to relate my feelings." Phantom looked his humans half up and down. He was unsure why he needed Danny, but it was clear that if he didn't start being a little more forceful, he would never get his hands on the human.

Phantom stood and strode over to Danny, careful not to get so close that it would upset the human. "You know, I cannot help but notice that while you claim to want no part of me, the bright blush on your face tells a different story." Phantom cracked a sideways grin at Danny, exposing a set of sharp fangs that had most certainly not been there a moment before.

Danny laughed nervously, the glint of those fangs making him take a few large steps back, skirting around the dresser to brace his back against the wall. "Ha, yeah, because I'm so turned on by you right now I can't even think straight..." A second later, his eyes widened, realizing that maybe sarcasm was not the best idea.

He coughed loudly, cutting the tension. "You know what, forget what I said!" He shrank back as Phantom took another step towards him, green eyes roaming over his body like he was a delectable treat. "Let's, let's, about Tucker! And, and how he's going to fix this."

Phantom paused, wondering for a moment if he wanted to press the issue, but in the end consenting to the subject change. "Very well then." He spotted Danny's cell phone on the dresser and sauntered over to it, his feathers dragging across the boy's trembling body as he passed. Phantom pretended he didn't notice the accidental contact. "Here. Call Sam and tell her to meet us at Tucker's house," he instructed as he passed the phone to Danny.

"Uh, right," Danny said shakily, quelling the pleasant shivers Phantom's soft feathers had left across his skin. He snatched the phone from Phantom's hand and dialed Sam's number. He skirted around Phantom as the phone rang, only growing more uneasy when he felt the ghost's gaze on his back. Once Sam's voice sounded in his ear, he all but jumped. "Ah! Sam! Hi!" he blurted, internally kicking himself for being such a spazz. "Umm, listen, something's come up and we need to meet up at Tucker's."

"Wait don't tell me," the Goth girl responded with no little amount of amusement, "this 'something' involves your ghost half magically sprouting a pair of wings and ending up all over the news?"

Danny flinched slightly. Trust Sam to hit the nail right on the head. Obviously, Jazz wasn't the only one who read the paper this morning.

Danny rubbed his neck with his free hand, an action Jazz had told her brother was probably a nervous tick. "Heh, yeah, that's the gist of it," he admitted, glancing over his shoulder at his ghost half who, while his human half was busy talking, had caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror above Danny's dresser. He walked over to get a better look, one hand lifting to rub at something on his head.

"But he's not really, um, 'attached' to me at the moment," Danny added, a little distracted by what Phantom was doing. "Look, it's kind of a long story. I'll tell you all about it once we all get there and..." Danny covered the mouthpiece with his hand, frowning at his ghost half. "What's the matter?"

Sam chuckled in his ear, no doubt wearing one of her knowing smiles. "Whatever you say, Danny. Considering what your life is like, this story will be worth the walk. I'll see you there."

Danny didn't respond right away, because across the room Phantom had brushed his hair aside to get a better look, his white hair giving way to reveal two sharp black points jutting out from his skull. "Would you look at that… they look like horns."

"Yeah, see you, Sam," Danny responded quickly and then flipped his phone shut, releasing an exasperated groan. "Horns? What's next? A spiked tail?" Sighing, he returned to the ghost's side and threaded his own fingers through Phantom's hair, more effectively revealing the horns due to his vantage. "Well, at least they don't look that big." He smoothed the white hair back over them, cracking a wiry smile. At least they're easier to hide than the wings.

"Yes...provided they don't get bigger," Phantom observed, rubbing his head a little and marveling at how firmly the horns were attached to his skull. "These changes are becoming bothersome…We should get to Tucker's as fast as possible."

Danny was about to agree when Phantom spread his wings to full length, forcing him to step backwards to avoid getting hit. The ghost flexed them a little, readying himself for flight. His eyes fell on Danny and his lips parted in another intimidating grin. "I am flying us there," Phantom announced leaving no room for argument. "Will you allow me to carry you or do I have to drag you along, kicking and screaming?"

Danny considered the proposition for a moment, but decided it wasn't worth the energy. "Just don't try anything like what happened before and I'll behave. Ex-halfa's honor." He grinned at his own joke and lifted his arms so he could be grabbed.

Phantom's smirk wavered a little, turning into what looked like a genuine smile. "Well, what do you know, he can be trained," the ghost mused and then slid into position behind Danny, wrapping his arms around the lithe frame of his counterpart. "Now don't worry. I probably won't drop you."

"'Probably'?" Danny stammered, eyes wide. He twisted a little so he could get a better look at Phantom. "Don't joke! Those wings don't look very strong, you know!"

Phantom shrugged, leaning in close to Danny's ear, his voice dropping to a low purr. "Don't be silly, Danny. You of all people should know that I pack quite a lot of power for a scrawny teenage boy."

Without a second thought, Phantom proved it by kicking off from the ground, turning them both intangible right before they would have slammed into the roof. Wings beat a second time, propelling them up into the morning sky.

Sam's amethyst eyes switched from Danny to Phantom, lingering an extra moment on the wings and horns the ghost was sporting. "Well…this is new," she said. "I mean, it's not like I haven't seen two of you before, but the mystical beast look has made it strange again."

Behind them, Tucker was already working away on his desktop, fingers flying over the keys at a speed that would have shamed Steven king. His mind was completely focused on cracking Vlad's databases through the internet connection, a feat that some would have considered impossible, but which the tech geek considered only the latest challenge.

Danny snorted. "You're telling us. And that 'mythical beast look' is just the physical changes. He's got this new...aura-sensing vision thing going on."

"Among other things," Phantom added, sending a sideways glance at Danny. The blue-eyed teen looked away like he didn't know what Phantom was talking about, and the ghost decided to let this one slide. "But Daniel and I both agree there is something more afoot than either of us are aware, and getting to the bottom of it is something of a priority."

"Like, a huge priority," Danny said, casting a hopeful glance at Tucker.

The teen waved one hand at him while the other kept right on typing. "Yeah, yeah. I'm working on it."

"I don't suppose you could tell us why exactly?" Sam asked.

Danny looked away nervously and Phantom shook his head, giving Sam an apologetic look. "I would explain it further, Samantha, but doing so may lead to a panic attack from my dear human half. I have recently discovered he is rather sensitive..."

"Hey!" Danny objected. "My reactions are completely justified! I—"

But that was about as far as Danny got before his sentence was interrupted by an irate Sam stomping toward his ghost and jabbing a finger at Phantom's chest. "Did you just call me Samantha?"

Tucker laughed, sparing his friends a glance. "Oh man, dude, you've done it now."

Phantom stepped away from the Goth girl, a little surprised at how intimidating she was, even to a ghost. "I apologize, Saman—" The Goth girl tensed and Phantom backpedaled quickly. "I mean Sam!" he blurted, his shoulder slumping in relief when she seemed to accept the correction.

Phantom backed away slightly, and Danny couldn't help but be impressed that she had managed to stare him down. Maybe he should have her around more often to keep him under control.

"Um... as you can see…" Phantom began, trying to regain the conversation. "Human social interactions are not my strong suit…"

Danny snorted loudly, adding, "You can say that again." Phantom narrowed his eyes at the human and opened his mouth, only to be interrupted by Tucker.

"Ah-hah! The king of hacking has done it again, we are in!"

The other teens dropped what they were doing and crowded around Tucker, four sets of eyes falling on the screen that displayed Vlad's personal files. Tucker clicked the mouse and opened the one belonging to nemesis Danny Fenton/Phantom. From the date at the top, they were in luck; the file had been recently updated.

Tucker scrolled through a few pages of notes, trying to pick out the relevant information from the things they already knew. After a few moments he came to a picture. The green on black swirling mass in the background indicated it was taken in the Ghost Zone, if the ethereal creatures in frame didn't give that away already.

Four jaws dropped as the teens looked over the subject of the photo. They looked to be humanoid creatures, with large feathery wings, pure white hair, and long black horns. All of them perfectly shaped, breathtakingly beautiful…and also stark naked.

"O-kay, wow...Vlad likes porn..." A second later, Danny's eyes widened and his face tinged a slight green. "Wait…Vlad has pictures of porn in my file!"

Sam smacked his shoulder, rolling her eyes. "Is that all you noticed? Look closer." She tapped the screen, ignoring Tucker's horrified cry at his baby being touched, and then pointed at Phantom. "See the similarities?"

Danny's blush darkened. He looked away and coughed into his fist. "I was trying not to look too closely..."

This time it was Phantom's turn to smirk at the floundering Danny, but his desire to know more about himself overruled his love of seeing his human half squirm. Ignoring the two of them, he leaned closer to the screen reading the paragraph above the picture out loud.

"'Upon further investigation, I found an old record about the realm of the demons, tucked away in a far corner of the Ghost Zone'…" He skipped a little more of the text and picked out another line that looked important. "…'I happened upon a small heard of succubi and incubi and the similarities are undeniable.'" Phantom frowned. Only some of this made sense to him. "What does he mean by succubi and incubi?"

"Not a clue," Danny said, shrugging.

Sam, on the other hand, straightened like she'd been struck by lightning. "Move aside, Tucker," she said as she shoved the wheelie chair away from the computer, once again ignoring the tech geek's protests. "Now we're in my specialty." She grinned, typing quickly on the keyboard, not nearly as fast as Tucker, but certainly faster than Danny thought her capable of.

"I know that incubi are the male version, so we should start there first." Sam clicked open Wikipedia, the information flashing on the screen. She nodded to herself as her hunch was confirmed. "Okay, long story short, incubi are demons who are sent to earth to tempt humans into acts of lust. They're a bit like vampires except they feed on human emotion instead of blood."

She clicked back to the picture Vlad had taken, and pointed to the creatures again, this time remembering to mind the screen. "They assume the form of attractive humans to lure in their prey. They will try any dirty trick to tempt you into bed with them, including dark magic that can mess with your emotions…" She paused for a moment, trying to remember if she had left out any details. "And I think I remember reading somewhere they are not above using pure force if you refuse to let them feed on you."

Danny opened his mouth, closed it again, and shifted uncomfortably on his feet. "So, that...that means Phantom is..." He switched his gaze from the computer screen to his counterpart, flushing when he found Phantom staring back at him, that hungry look in his eyes suddenly carrying a lot more meaning. He tore his gaze away, laughing nervously. "Th-that explains some things..."

Tucker, who had been sitting in stunned silence throughout most of Sam's tirade, looked thoroughly confused. He pushed Sam out of the way and looked over the page himself. "Wait, wait, hold on! This doesn't make any sense. Danny never needed to, like, feed off anyone before…"

Phantom frowned, crossing his arms over his chest as he shifted through his thoughts. "That is true...but I can't help thinking perhaps that need was sated by already being encased inside a human and therefore surrounded by his emotions."

Sam butted in, elbowing Tucker for the third time that afternoon and grabbing the mouse, highlighting some of the text on the article. "Look, right here: 'There are also numerous stories involving the attempted exorcism of incubi or succubi who have taken refuge in the bodies of men or women.'"

Danny rested his head on his fist, voicing his thoughts out loud. "But they probably still needed to...feed when they were taking over humans, right? I mean, how else were they found out?" He scanned his memory for anything that might have indicated that he had been part incubus since the accident, but aside from a few crushes, he had been rather chaste around the opposite sex…heck, he hadn't even had his first kiss yet…well, a proper first kiss, anyway. "I know for sure that Phantom didn't feed when we were the same person…so what happened?"

Sam frowned, wishing she had access to her mythology reference books right then. "That's the problem with this kind of data. It's mostly folklore and fairy tales mixed with nuggets of truth." She pointed a purple, nail polish-covered finger at Phantom. "Take ghosts, for example. We learned firsthand that few stories about them hold true to the real thing."

Phantom nodded slowly, still not taking his eyes off Danny, seemingly lost in thought. "There is also the small matter of the lab accident," he reminded them. "I doubt the normal method used by incubi to possess humans involves shocking them with a pure endoplasmic power that binds human and demon together on a subatomic level."

"Umm…hello? Am I the only one who is still freaked out about the whole sex demon thing?" Tucker asked, gesturing windily to add to his point.

"Are you kidding?" Danny exploded, releasing the bottled emotions that had been building as this crazy theory looked more and more possible. "You're not the one who had that same sex-sucking demon inside him for the past year!" he practically yelled, throwing his arms above his head. A moment of silence passed and Danny noticed the ghost's frown."Uh, no offense, Phantom..." he added, a little sheepishly.

Phantom's eyes narrowed, his attention zeroing in on Danny and causing the human to shiver involuntarily. "I assure you the feeling is mutual. I much prefer the ability to do and think for myself…but you may disagree soon enough…" Phantom's attention turned to the two other humans, dropping his hostile attitude like a hot potato. "Would you two mind if Danny and I had a private conversation? There are a few things we need to discuss."

Sam and Tucker look at each other before nodding their heads. Seeing this, Phantom grabbed his counterpart by the arm. "We will be on the roof if you need us," Phantom said and then turned the two of them intangible, flying straight up through the ceiling.

Danny stumbled once Phantom released him, but recovered quickly and spun around to face the other boy. He took a few steps away, careful not to disturb the roof tiles, and grabbed his upper arm, rotating the limb and grimacing as the muscles protested. "Okay, wow, and you called me sensitive," he grumbled. He flexed his fingers to make sure they still worked. "And for future references, carrying a person by the arm hurts...Feels like you pulled something."

Phantom growled softly. He maneuvered behind Danny and placed a hand on his shoulder, rubbing the area with the flat of his palm before closing his fingers and digging his thumb into the shoulder blades. Showing a strangely adapt ability for massage, he used his other hand to do the same to Danny's other shoulder. The corners of his mouth twitched as Danny gave a relieved sigh. "I shall keep that in mind, but I did not bring you up here because I was offended, Daniel."

Danny leaned into Phantom's hands, mumbling something before clearing his thoughts and speaking up again. "Then what-ahh, a little lower-did you bring us up here to discuss if not to yell at me?"

Phantom felt a low thrum of excitement rush though his veins as Danny relaxed into his touch. Obeying his command, he moved his hands down the human's back. "It's a simple matter really," he replied softly. He poured some of his power into his touch, the green wisps of energy sinking beneath Danny's skin, just enough to keep the human relaxed.

"Thanks to our friends, some of my memories are returning. Nothing tangible, but I know enough to be sure that Vlad is right about me." Phantom leaned close so that his cold breath ghosted over the back of the teen's neck, making the human shiver. "I am a demon, the kind you humans call an incubus."

"Ah-hmm...Yeah, that makes sense." Danny agreed his eyes half closed as he continued to melt into the demon's touch. "It explains the whole hunger thing you mentioned earlier...Maybe even the aura thing. You're supposed to 'feed off human emotions' after all."

"Indeed I do." Phantom nodded, the flow of energy between him and Danny flowing even as the human made the revelation. "And it's a very powerful energy source...I can see how something like this could drive someone like Spectra to such extreme lengths."

Phantom's hands drifted down to Danny's middle, messaging the hipbones by drawing his thumbs in slow, leisurely circles. "You must realize that this poses a bigger problem," Phantom added, choosing his words with care. "I would like to think I have enough willpower to resist this, but this morning would prove otherwise." He leaned even closer to the human, murmuring into his ear. "We cannot allow that side of me to take control. You and I both know that if I turn on my morals, it could be disastrous for everyone involved…"

Danny blinked a couple times, the words registering slowly as if through a haze. He shook his head and stepped forward, just out of Phantom's reach, unaware of the flicker of annoyance that passed across the ghost's face.

"Yeah…" he mumbled, shaking his head again and clearing his throat. "That would be real bad. So we need to find you, like, some other alternative food source or something."

Phantom stepped forward again and slid his arms around Danny's waist, pulling the human flush against him. Danny made to pull away, but an influx of Phantom's power lulled him back into relaxation.

"That's exactly right," the ghost whispered, "and I have a solution in mind, but it will require some…" he paused, looking for the right word, "…sacrifices on your part."

Phantom slid his fingers over the human's belt, a soft grin on his lips. He was regaining his instincts, and turning his beloved Danny into putty in his hands brought forth a pure elation he hadn't even realized he missed. "Sam has told you that I feed off emotion, Danny…all you have to do is allow me to bring you to the pinnacle of pleasure…to make you cum…you can even keep your pants on if you prefer…"


Danny braced his forearms and hands against Phantom's chest—panicking a little when he remembered the ghost was still shirtless—and shoved the ghost-sex-demon-thing away from him. Energy snapped back on Phantom as the spell broke, the demon wincing in pain as he fell back a step.

Danny turned on Phantom, determined not to take his eyes off the ghost again. "Okay, first of all, even if I was willing that—which I'm not!—I would never do anything like that on our best friend's roof."

Phantom narrowed his eyes. Slipping back into his seductive tone, he closed the gap between him and Danny, grabbing the t-shirt so he couldn't pull away. "Fine, I will respect your need for privacy, but only because I want to make this as comfortable for you as possible." Phantom leaned in and brushed Danny's cheek with his lips, his next line barley a whisper. "I'm told my kind prefer to visit at night anyway…"

"A-at night?" Danny repeated. Shivering, he turned away from Phantom's cold lips and then tore himself free of his grasp. He stumbled back a few steps and crossed his arms over his chest, glaring down at his feet a moment before he lifted his chin and flashed Phantom a smirk. "We'll see about that..."

Phantom's wings ruffled. He didn't like the sound of Danny's tone one bit. So, the human had decided to play hardball then…Fine. Phantom may not have been in control of all his old powers yet, but he still had more than enough tricks up his sleeve to bring Danny to his knees. "We will indeed," he agreed, his smile returning when he added, "but just so you know, the longer I have to wait, the less I will want to be gentle with you..."

Danny's lips pulled down at the corners, his eyes narrowing uneasily. He covered the concern with bravado and shrugged his shoulders. "You would have to catch me first," he replied, before what he has just said sunk in and he groaned audibly. "Urgh, wow. That could have come out a whole lot better." He shook his head, kicking himself for the mental imagery of Phantom tying him up that he now had to deal with.

"Very well, human. If you would prefer to be hunted, I'll happily comply." Phantom flashed Danny a grin, showing off his fangs again to add to the hunter image. "I can even rub it in Skulker's face when I manage what he never could."

He waited to see if Danny would respond to the jibe, but the teen just stood on the other side of the roof and sulked. Phantom breathed deep, ruffling his feathers impatiently, eager to move on so he could begin planning for tonight.

"Tucker and Sam will be wondering what's taking so long," he said. He stretched a hand towards Danny. "I'll take you down to them, but if you don't mind, I would like to take my leave afterwards. Looking at you makes me tense, and I doubt you would appreciate any outbursts in front of our friends."

Just the thought of his friends witnessing Phantom's…flirting had Danny nodding eagerly in agreement. "Yes, good idea. I can, well, most of what's going on to them without you there." He stepped forward and grabbed Phantom's forearm, staying just close enough so that he could turn them both intangible. "A little more gravity-defying and a little less arm wrenching this time, please..."

Phantom's green eyes flashed and he pulled Danny closer, sweeping the boy into his arms in one swift movement. "If you insist." He grinned and then phased the two of them through the ceiling again, returning to Tucker's bedroom floor.

On a whim, he paused and leaned close to the boy in his arms. He planted a quick kiss on Danny's forehead, ignoring the gasp from two other teenagers who had been playing cards on Tucker's bed. Phantom dropped his human and dodged a punch before flashing his wings and fleeing the scene, a wide grin on his face.


Hello, everyone! Okay, I'm going to level with you. This fanfic is a little different from what a lot of you are used to. You see, this fan fiction is actually refurbished RP logs between Dream Trace and myself, an RP originally intended to allow me to teach Dream Trance the art of sex writing.

We've been working on this on and off since March, but lately we decided that it might be worth turning into a real fan fiction. Especially after it started getting really interesting…you guys will see that come to pass in part 2.

Now that said, being based RP logs, it's probably below our usual quality level for finished fan fiction...and if you couldn't already tell, the level of sexual content will be much higher than you would normally get in a Tangi-Trance story.

Think of this story like both our other fan fictions, but with the kink level set to elven. So if you're down for kinky demon-sex stay tuned. Second chapter should be out as soon as we can finish a full edit/re-write.

Also, I would like to make a note that since this fan fic is born of RP logs it won't slow down any other projects. (We only RP when we are too lazy to write anyway.)