Title: Firework

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairings: LuciusxSeverus, mentions of past/unrequited NarcissaxRegulus,

Notes: A little AU after the First Task for all his apparent forgiveness of Ron for abandoning him, he's incapable of forgetting. The Triwizard Tournament forced Harry to grow up and changed the way he looked and things as well as what he focused on. Complete AU from the day of the Third Task. Harry doesn't want to participate in the Tournament; he has said he has no wish to win. What happens when he refuses to search for the Triwizard Cup?

Chapter 27- Don't mess with the Malfoys

Lucius had been disgusted by the memories that Sancus and Ted had allowed him to view.

He might be gay but he was nearly certain that Xenos wasn't his bonding to Demeter Lovegood notwithstanding. Being gay didn't make you a pedophile which is clearly what Dumbledore was...

As a father, Lucius believed wholeheartedly that children were precious and he was infuriated on Xenos' behalf.

His cousin deserved better...

Xenos couldn't be the first victim, according to Ted the memories were charmed away unless someone asked.

Just how many were hiding in Albus' past...?

"That damn pedophile!" Lucius snarled.

"You mean ephebophile..." Ted

Lucius scowled, "What's the difference?"

"Pedophiles are attracted to those under eleven, a ephebophile is someone attracted to those between fifteen and nineteen." Ted said in professorial mode.

"Was my brother that old when the old creep began abusing him?" Sancus frowned.

Ted nodded, "Fairly sure, child abusers tend to stick to age groups. Though if Xenos were slightly more developed than his age mates it is possible that the abuse began when he was fourteen not that that is any better really. Given that it seemed to have continued up until graduation and that despite Albus' hatred for Slytherins,"

"My brother was a Ravenclaw Ted." Sancus retorted.

"I meant Malfoys but I didn't want to say so..." Ted coughed.

Not liking Malfoys was probably why Dowager Greengrass, Xenos' mother-in-law had essentially washed her hands of him after his collapse leaving his care to Lucius.

Yet she had no trouble claiming that custody of her granddaughter Luna...

Lucius scowled, the trouble with high profile criminals like Albus and the Dark Lord was that justice was reluctant to begin for fear of backlash is they failed to prove their case.

Lucius had finally given Emelia the push that was needed to get the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to begin the case against Dumbledore, Pettigrew and the Dark Lord. Between Dumbledore's assaults on Xenos and his complacency with Harry's abuse, the Dark Lord's manipulation of Terrorist Attacks, Pettigrew's betrayal of the Potters and his framing of Sirius Black Emelia had her work cut out for her to ensure that they were facing serious charges...

Not to mention that Albus was likely responsible for all of Voldemort's incursions into Hogwarts as well as Sirius' illegal imprisonment...

Since they were still essential in-laws, Ted had looked after Xenos but the memories being returned had emotionally pushed his cousin over the edge mentally.

Lucius hated feeling guilty but he did, he wanted Albus to pay for what he did but he hadn't wanted to hurt Xenos even if he had never been close to his cousin due to Xenos' 'weirdness'.

Having a controlling father, Lucius knew that Authority figures could be bullies but Albus had gone beyond what Abraxus had ever done to him.

For all his own personal faults, Lucius had never struck Draco in anger. Severus wouldn't have allowed it; Lucius had always known that Severus had his own abusive father. One tended to recognise the signs...

Not that Sirius' mother was much better; she played both her sons against one another until she drove them apart.

Sirius had become the sort of person that he had hated as a child, if only he could see that he was becoming more like Walpurga than maybe he could repair his relationship with Harry.

Unfortunately, Sirius was far more stubborn and unlike Remus, Sirius truly wanted to believe that Harry was James.

Lucius had never dared tell Severus that he was worse than James in some ways due to his abuses of power. After getting to know Harry, he wished that he had...

Harry had been treated worse in some ways than Severus by his Muggle guardians and to have a teacher who should have noticed the signs being wilfully ignorant was something that his lover would have to live with.

Draco was a stronger young man in some ways compared to his parents and Severus; the last year had changed them all so much.

Draco had been spoilt by himself and Severus because they had wanted him to have a different childhood than they themselves had experienced only to have gone too far.

Lucius wanted Draco to continue to grow stronger; Lucius had always wished that he'd stood up to the likes of the Marauders and Bellatrix more. He'd always been jealous of Andromeda's self-confidence...

How someone like Andromeda could come out of the Ancient House of Black had always been an enigma...

Even with Abraxus dead, Lucius had a hard time escaping the man's machinations. Capturing his father's precious Dark Lord and taking in Harry Potter was probably the closest he had ever come to that...

Lucius wondered if capitulating on Albus' abuse of Xenos and making the man pay for his insult of the Malfoy family would offset his betrayal of his father's expectations...

Wait, why in Slytherin's name did he give a damn about that? After all his father had done to nearly ruin his life, why did Lucius still care about proving his worth?

Was it a pureblood thing or a consequence of his own parental abuse?

Lucius had never been close to his mother, what did it say about the Malfoys when every Lady Malfoy since his Great-grandmother Muriel had essentially withered away into becoming a depressive invalid?

He selfishly wished that Narcissa would pass on so that he could bond to Severus and they be a real family. Narcissa was miserable and if she passed, than she could be reunited with her true love.

Life was never fair, was that why everyone had to suffer? Were the Hufflepuffs right and with Suffering came wisdom, hope, endurance, patience and perseverance?

Yet was it worth the pain...?

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