Have you ever seen the rain?

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Chapter 1

Sakura. [Point of view]

Sigh, there was nothing else to do, and in doing it I felt a heaviness leave my body for a few seconds and then return, I sighed trying to get rid of that weird feeling again, but nothing happened, "they say that a Sigh is air, that it´s left over in us by someone who we need or miss" but it made no sense, well at least to not me, who I would need or miss?

I stopped mulling over these thoughts and slowly returned my attention to the landscape that the window showed me, it was just another rainy day, the clouds seemed to have no intentions of moving at all, it was not totally dark, the sun shone a little behind some clouds, everything was gray outside, I watched the an old tree outside the house, the tree did not seem to be bothered at all by the weather, its leaves were left caressing by the gentle rain falling slowly but steadily from the sky.

-I´m definitely far away from home- I thought out loud, this was not the weather that I grew used to, nor it wasn´t the room where I had spent the last sixteen years of my existence -but what am I thinking? - I returned to tell to the wind, I think that talking to myself would not improve my melancholy and yet the weather did not seem to help.

As I began to wander in my last memory before arriving here this afternoon when I left Japan behind. We were at the Tokyo airport my father, my brother, Yukito, Sonomi, Tomoyo and me.

The Tokyo Narita airport caused me a strange feeling of nervousness, it was full of people, some people were crying, others were saying goodbye with love, others smiled with excitement knowing that they were closer to their destination, I was also happy and excited as well as Tomoyo, we had planned this for over a year.

My childhood best friend will accompany me in my new adventure, we were leaving our beloved Tomoeda back to try to find ourselves, and suddenly my thoughts were interrupted...

-I'm going to miss you so much- my father said

-Me too, but remember that I love you dad- I answered

-You better take care monster, although I still think it is a bad idea that Dad has given you permission to go alone...

-Touya please she is not going alone, Tomoyo is going with her and both had promised to take care of each other, and if they have any problem they´ll call so relax- Yukito was definitely the best person to control my brother´s crazy nerves

-Fujitaka, I don´t even know how you convinced me to let go of my daughter but I know that the two of them are going to achieve all the goals they have in mind, they´re are going to be really successful- Tomoyo's mom always had to disagree with my father but when dealing anything about her daughter she couldn´t be anything else than happy

Tomoyo and I could not do anything but smile, missing less than two hours to board the plane, we had to keep going, it was the first time we were going to be away from home for such a long period of time, and I was not really worried at all, I was going to meet up face to face with my fate, with my best friend by my side everything would turn out just fine.

-Mom, please promise me that you're going to be okay, and do not overdo yourself at the office, you can relax occasionally it is not going to harm you, I don´t want to come back to see you in a bad state of health because of your working addiction, I know it's important for you to maintain the order that you like in the company but ...- Tomoyo couldn´t finish

-Ok, I promise and you relax daughter, I expect that your uncle Fujitaka visits me a few times and if he sees me stressed or with an overload of work I know he will scold me and make relax or take some days off- Sonomi smiled, trying to make Tomoyo understand that she was going to be fine and that she wouldn´t do anything crazy for the sake of her only daughter and she was also right my dad was going to take care of aunt Sonomi, for the love that he had to my mother, he would never let anything happen to my best friend´s mother, the only cousin of Nadeshiko, Sonomi Daidouji.

And also because I had asked him to do so, because Sonomi was the closest thing I had to a mother figure, even though she was far from being the best role model, but it was true she had never failed in her immense love for her daughter and even to me too, even before I knew that my mother Nadeshiko, was her cousin, I had always seen her as an aunt to me, and in the end she turned out to be really my aunt.

I still remember with happiness the day that my dad told me that Tomoyo and I were second cousins, and knowing that her mother had lived with mine before she got married, it made me feel somehow closer to my mom, since she died when I was three years old I didn´t got the chance to really know her.

If it was hard for me at the time, I cannot imagine how hard it was for Touya and Dad when she passed the way, but I was not at the airport to think about those sad things, as Dad always said life goes on.

-Take care aunt Sonomi, and Dad don´t you dare stop emailing me okay? - I said.

-My cherry blossom…- my dad´s voice broke and I gave him a big hug with great affection and Tomoyo did the same when I was done, my dad had always seen Tomoyo as his other daughter.

-My little Sakura, please take good care of Tomoyo and yourself too, I hope that you´re not forgetting anything behind, and remember if you have a problem or anything do not hesitate to call any of us, and least but not less important do not forget to have fun and learn a lot- that was the last speech from aunt Sonomi to us

-Yukito, I ... I ... I will miss you, please take care of my brother okay? You know I will not be gone forever, I'll be back and take care, don´t let my grumpy brother get on your nerves at the hospital- I smiled to my other big brother, Yuki, I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and to come to think about it, he used to be my childhood crush, I smiled again just with that silly thought, because I care about him but no longer in that way.

-Yukito- Tomoyo said hugging the white-haired boy - Please take care and I hope that you become a better doctor than you already are, I wish you the best of lucks Yukito- saying that she gave him a soft kiss on the cheek

Behind us I heard someone sobbing, I could not imagine who the sobbing belonged to, if they were from my father or my aunt, when we finished saying good bye to that brother of mine, we turned to see who was sobbing and my eyes could not believe it.

-Oh! Mom don´t cry, don´t be sad, I´m not even gone yet, please don't cry- despite Tomoyo´s best attempt to encourage her mother it seemed impossible.

-It is just that I will miss so much, and...- sniff sniff -Nadeshiko would be so happy, we always wanted to do something like this too, but she had to marry so young that couldn´t do it but now you girls will continue our dreams and I...

-Okay aunt – I hugged her again and kissed her cheek, we had to keep going, so I started to walk forward not even looking back because I knew that if I did so, we would have continued to mourn and we´ll lost our flight, and that would be really bad.

Tomoyo. [Point of view]

After Sakura said goodbye to my mom, I did the same, and followed her, I guess it was not easy for her if she had stayed a little longer saying good bye, she had never been gone more than two months from home in her whole life.

Me on the other hand I was a little sad but also very happy, not to mention that I'm kind of used to loneliness, with my mom always working it was rarely the time that she was at home but I never felt alone, Sakura had always remained by my side and I think that's one of the reasons that leaving home does not affect me so much, as to her.

We passed through "Security Check" and headed to the VIP lounge, my mother insisted to pay for the tickets, even though I was OK on traveling in economy class but my mother insisted it was very important to have room to move in such long journeys, she said that than a luxury it was to benefit our health.

It was impossible to argue with my mother in order to change her mind when she was determined about something, and Sakura despite opposition, ended up accepting just because she didn't want to offend my mother.

-Sakura are you okay? - I had to ask her she kind of look sad?

-Yes, Tomoyo, don't worry I ´m... I´m ... I'm just a little nervous

- Sakura, everything will be fine, don`t you dare worry; they'll be fine without us for a little while and you will be right too okay? And if you become sad they´re gonna feel the same way and think that letting us go was a mistake, so you better give me a big smile and prepare for the adventure that awaits us- giving her a short hug, to then take out my camera from my bag and started to film our first moments of our journey.

Sakura did smile, but she still wasn´t her usual cheerful self but I knew that when she sit on her place on the airplane she would return to her normal mood.

With my camera to recording the delicate figure of Sakura, I could see that over the years she had become a very pretty girl, her brown hair that she used have above her shoulders, it now hung almost to the middle of her back, and for some strange reason it is now made into curls, her hair for some strange reason stopped being straight as usual to take a new look with some locks, she looked very well and so beautiful according to her young age.

Her eyes had acquired a seductive look to fully match those emerald green gems that she had for eye color, her eyes were still as expressive as always, but they now looked playful and innocent but now they had such a seductive power that had already seduced many hearts without her even knowing it.

Sakura, had never change her attitude, she was very honest despite that she had had relatively a difficult time in the past year, it had been full of changes, sorrows and joys but instead of sinking her down, she control it and took it with the best of her attitude.

I had dressed Sakura and myself according to the weather, today it was rainy, cold and cloudy without mentioning that we were traveling at night time, my best friend was wearing black leggings with khaki ankle boots without heels that matched her raincoat in the same color, the coat that I designed for her, it simply looked divine on her, and it was shorter from front than the back, her coat was decorated with black scarf, to finish her awesome outfit, through the lens of my camera I kept watching her, her hair was loose capturing the eyes of everyone near her, Sakura simply couldn´t look more beautiful, you could hardly guess that she was taking a flight instead of going to a party.

I can remember perfectly the moment when she told me that she had found another hobby besides sports. She loved to learn languages, and it was so interesting to see because she had an awesome ability in learning them, and her pronunciation was perfect no matter what.

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