Len was hiding something. She didn't know what it was, but Rin new that something was up. Lately Len had been taking much longer to eat than usual. But that wasn't it. He took longer to change, longer to get work done, even longer to bathe. And lately, it seemed like he was constantly checking himself in the mirror, like he needed to look better than usual for some reason. She didn't know what was going on with her twin, but she wanted to get to the bottom of it.

Right now she was sitting in class, starring across the room to her brother who sat just a handful of rows ahead of her. He looked like he normally would. Paying attention to everything the teacher said and taking notes. He wouldn't look any different to anyone else. But Rin could tell everything that he was doing differently. The way that he combed his hair behind his ear every couple of minutes. The way he would touch the tip of his eraser to his lip when he was thinking about one of the math problems. There were so many things that just seemed so different. It had gotten to the point where Rin had started working on a list of everything that was different. By now it was a good page long and it only got longer.

After class ended Rin grabbed her lunch box from her backpack and set it on her desk. She let out a sigh. "Maybe I'm over thinking it." She thought out loud.

"Over thinking what?" Miku said wrapping her arms around Rin's neck and leaning over her from behind. When Rin didn't respond Miku dropped the question. "Wanna go eat off in the courtyard with me?" She asked.

"Sure." The blonde shrugged. "Hey Len! Wanna come with us to the court yard?"

"Hmmm?" The young blonde boy turned around. "What did you say?"

"Wanna come with us to the courtyard for lunch?" Rin repeated.

"Yeah sure. I'll be down there in a bit. I'm gonna grab Kaito first." He explained. Smiling to the two girls. "Don't bother waiting for me."

"Ok then." Rin called before getting dragged out by her blue haired best friend. She walked beside Miku, pretty much ignoring her as she chattered on about this and that.

"So what were you doing back in class anyways?" Miku asked as the two sat down at one of the picnic tables.

"What do you mean? It's class. What else would I do other than be bored to death?" Rin joked, opening her lunch box and scoping out what was inside.

"That's not what a mean silly." Miku said, playfully pushing on Rin's shoulder. "I mean what were you doing staring at Len like that? It looked like you were trying to kill him with mean looks or something. And then you had that weird list in front of you when I came over to your desk. I couldn't tell what it was though. You packed it up too fast."

She had seen that? If someone like Miku had noticed then Rin really needed to be careful. Not to be rude to her best friend, but Miku wasn't the brightest thing in the world. And if she had noticed what Rin was doing then that meant others had to have noticed too. She picked at the peel of her orange as she taught of how she should answer. "Have you noticed anything strange about Len lately?"

"Len? No I can't say I have….." Miku thought it over a bit. "Well I guess he does seem to be worrying more about grades than usual. And I did catch him biting his nails not too long ago. Why? Is something wrong with him?"

"I don't think anything's wrong exactly. But he just seems, I don't know, different?" Rin didn't know how to really put it into words easily. She just knew something was up. "Like he's trying to impress more people than usual."

"Maybe he found himself a girlfriend?" Miku inquired while taking a huge bite of her sandwich.

"Eeeeh. You think so?" After thinking about she wondered if the blue haired ditz was right. It would make a bit of sense if that was the case. It would explain why he was fixing his hair all the time, and why he was trying so much harder on school work.

"Why don't you just ask him yourself?" Miku pointed to the side where two familiar boys were walking up to the table.

"Hey there. Thank for saving me a seat Rin." Len said happily before sitting down next to his sister. He was much calmer then the dark blue haired boy who sat down next to Miku. "I'm sorry if we took too long."

"Don't worry about it." Rin leaned into her twin's side for a split second to show that it didn't bug her at all. Besides, because he and Kaito had taken so long she had been able to talk with Miku about the problem at hand. She took a glance across the table to her friend. When she looked over Miku was in the middle of a conversation with Kaito and Len, basically she and the boys were just ranting on about school life. When Miku caught her eye, she gave Rin a subtle wink before beginning to expertly change the topic without anyone noticing. That was Miku's specialty. She always managed to twist a conversation into whatever she wanted it to be without others figuring out what had happened.

"So Kaito, any girls you're looking at?" She asked. Anchoring the topic to crushes.

"Right now? None." Kaito slumped down a bit. "I've pretty much lost interest in ever girl in the school."

"What? You're kidding." Len jumped in. "You're always talking about someone girl you met in the cafeteria."

"Well excuse me for not meeting your expectations." The boy grumbled, crossing his arms and looking away in a snotty manner. "And what about you anyways Len? Any chicks on your mind?"

Rin fixed her ears in on what Len was about to say. This was it. This was where she would figure out if it was just a girl causing the change in her brother's personality.

"Nope. Not a one." Len shrugged.

"You sure about that one?" Miku teased. Trying to pry any possible lies out of the small boy.

"One-hundred percent sure." Len made a cross over his chest to swear to what he had said.

"Well ok then." Kaito leaned back, forgetting they were sitting on benches, and fell back onto the ground. Everyone burst into laughs as the bell suddenly rang, signaling them to go back to class. Miku, Rin, and Len grabbed their stuff as quick as they could and ran off, leaving Kaito to scramble to get up, grab his stuff, and run after them.

Sitting back at her desk as class started Rin taught back to what she had figured out during lunch. Len was acting weird. It's not because of a girl. Then what was it? Why was he acting so strangely? Was it just puberty finally getting to him? Rin knew that Len had always looked really childish. Maybe this was just his turn to grown up some. But that couldn't be it. Rin knew lots of guys and she also knew that very few acted this strange. Most of them were just weird from the beginning though. But Len wasn't like that. He was one of the coolest guy's she knew. Sure he has always been more on the quiet and shy side, but he was a lot of fun and great to hang out with. So why was he seeming so different. Rin just couldn't wrap her figure around it. It bothered her a lot too. She hated it when there were secrets between the two of them. They have been together since before birth so they had always felt like there was no reason to hide anything. So if it was really something that he couldn't tell her, or worse, wouldn't tell her, Rin felt bad. She felt bad that he thought he couldn't trust her. Rin rested her head down on her desk. Her head was gonna explode if she worried too much. A couple more minutes later she heard the final bell ring. All she had to do was get through practice and she and Len would be able to talk all they wanted when they got home.

Rin and Miku were both on the cheerleader squad. Actually, Kaito was too, but he was just there to be around the girls in mini-skirts. So after school the three would head down towards the locker rooms. Len walked with them half way, and then he would go off to the art room where he would meet up with the rest of the artisans club. Then Kaito would split off into the guy's locker room while Rin and Miku would head into the girl's.

Rin loved practice. Actually she just loved cheering. She had always been pretty flexible so the gymnastics portion of it was pretty easy for her. Sure she was no Miku. She didn't know how, but Miku was second best on the team. Some people are just better at some things than others. But none the less, Rin enjoyed it. It always helped her clear her head a bit. Especially when she was being tossed to the top of the pyramid. Being one of the lightest girls on the team, she was always at the top. Not that it bugged her though.

When practice ended Rin decided to bring her uniform with her so that she could wash it. It was Friday after all. Might as well bring it home since it's the end of the week. She met up with Len on her way out of the school and they began to walk home together. They didn't live too far from the school so it wasn't a long walk. When they finally got home they went up to their shared room and put their stuff down. Their house wasn't all that big so Rin and Len had been sharing the same room for as long as they could remember. Rin threw her uniform into the laundry basket before pulling out her homework and sitting down at the short table in the center of the room.

"I got snacks." Len said, coming into the room with a big bag of chips and two bottles of soda. He put them down of the table before grabbing his work and sitting down across the table from Rin. "Mom and dad left a note on the fridge. They aren't gonna be home tonight either."

"Working late again? I guess it's been about a week though. Maybe they set a new record." Rin chuckled. Their parents were always pulling late nights and not coming home because of work. Not that it really bugged her at all though. She liked it when it was just her and Len. Rin pulled out her laptop and started to work on a paper they had been assigned in history. While she did that, Len had a text book out and worked on the math homework. Rin opened her music folder on her computer and began to play music while they worked. They could always work better when they listened to music.

About an hour later Rin cursed under her breath. "The printers out of paper again." She said, letting out a sigh as she read over the notice that popped up on her screen. She reluctantly stood up from her seat. "I'm gonna go to the store and get some more. Call me if you need anything." She called as she grabbed her wallet and headed down the stairs and out of the house.

"Bye!" Len called after his sister. He laughed to himself a bit. Rin was always such a procrastinator. He had finished the paper days ago, when Rin was only just doing it now. Not to mention it was due tomorrow. But that's just the way Rin was. Always barely making the due date of every project, paper, and etc.

Len finished the rest of his homework in a breeze. He looked at his phone to look at the time. It had only been half an hour since Rin left. A trip to the store usually took about 2 hours so Len had some time to spare. He took a look around the room and noticed all the stuff that was lying on the floor. Might as well clean it up. Len got up from the floor and began to pick up all of the note books and comics off the floor, putting them neatly on the self. Then he picked up some pieces of trash, like candy wrappers and such, off the ground and putting them in the trash. When that was done all that was left were the piles of clothes. He gathered all of the clothes into one spot and began to fold each item. He folded them all neatly and then put them either in a neat pile for him, or for Rin. When he was done with that he laid each piece in their respective laundry basket. He took care of his first, then hurrying over to take care of Rin's.

As he was putting Rin's clothes away he noticed her cheer leading uniform in a messy pile in her basket. "It's just gonna get wrinkled like that Rin." Len said into the room as if his sister was there with him. He put the uniform aside and continued putting the rest of her clothes away. When he had finished with that he looked over to his twin's uniform. He flattened it out on the floor, smoothing out the slight wrinkles with his hands.

It was really a cute outfit. The short pleated skirt was white with a red and gold stripe going around the base. The top was a cropped tank top that matched the shirt perfectly. It too had a red and gold strip around the base, but it also had a gold star over where the heart would be with two gold strips passing through it. There were also the wrist bands that were red and gold stripped and the red spandex that went underneath. He pictured how good Rin and the other cheerleaders looked in it. It looked really cute on all of those girls. His body was similar to Rin's right? They were practically mirror images. Len looked at the clock. 45 minutes.

Len stood up and took off his shirt, then his pants. He picked up the skirt and stepped into it, pulling it to his hips. Then he pulled the top on over his head. After managing to fit the spandex over his own underwear he put on the wrist bands. He quickly ran over to the standup mirror that was against the wall. He still looked a bit funny with his hair the way it was normally. He pulled out his short ponytail and shook his head. Then he ran over to Rin's dresser and grabbed her comb. He began to comb his hair flat. When it was as straight as he was gonna get it, he went to go put the comb back and saw one of Rin's head bands lying on her dresser. It was the one she usually wore at games when she was cheering. The band was red, and there was both a white and a gold ribbon tied in a bow with the ribbon hanging down about of inches positioned on the side. Len picked it up and gently put it on. Then he walked back to the mirror and took a look.

Len was amazed. With his hair combed flat it was almost as long as Rin's shoulder length hair. The uniform fit his body just as perfectly as it fit Rin's. Thank goodness for her flat chest. Len turned around, not taking his eyes off his reflection. He felt the skirt flutter on his thighs and brush against his skin. When he looked again he giggled. He looked like Rin. More than usually. Instead of being her male counterpart he looked just like her. He could take her place and no one would notice. Well not until he talked anyways.

"My voice is just a bit lower than hers I guess." He felt his throat. "But….not by that much." Len began to play with his voice a bit. Bringing up the pitch bit by bit. "Hello. Hello. Ahem." He cleared his throat and continued. "Hello. I'm Rin." He was almost there. He took a deep breath. "Hi there! My name is Rin!" Len shocked himself a bit. It was perfect. He sounded just like Rin. He sounded just like a girl. Len smiled and let out a little giggle. "Hi there everyone!" He continued to play with the way he was dress, and his voice. He mimicked a cheerleader and skipped around the room a bit, always stopping at the mirror to see how he looked. Len stood in front of it again. Admiring the way the headband stood out in his blonde hair. How the short skirt showed off his thin legs. Then suddenly the heard the door open. Len turned around in panic to see his sister staring at him from the door way.

"Len." Rin said, dropping the shopping bag she was holding. "What are you…."

"It's not," Len cupped his mouth. He was still using his girl's voice. He cleared his throat before starting over. "It's not what you think!"

"Why are you wearing that?" Rin looked shocked. She walks into her room and the first thing she sees is her twin brother wearing her cheerleading outfit, his hair combed straight, and talking in a higher pitch than normal.

"I'm sorry. I'll change out of it now." Len said shakily. He rushed over to his and picked his school uniform up off the ground and ran into the bathroom that was connected to their room. He closed the door and locked it. Len quickly took off all of Rin's things and slid on his own pants and shirt. He neatly folded Rin's clothes on the bathroom floor before opening the door to give them back. When he walked back into the bed room Rin was sitting down at the table. She still looked rather shocked. Len slowly walked up to her and put the clothes on the floor next to her. Then he began to head to the door to get out of the silent room.

"Stop." Rin said suddenly. "Sit down." With a gulp Len complied. He sat in his usual spot across from Rin. The two sat in silence for another moment. "Why? Why were you wearing that?"

"I-I'm sorry Rin." Len tried to hide his face. "I…..I was cleaning and I was gonna iron it. But it was just that it was really cute and tempting and I thought that it would only take a minute and that since you were out that I would just try it on and then put it away before you got home and- and…I'm sorry."

"Do you do this kind of this a lot?" Rin asked. The question kind of surprised Len. He didn't expect her to be so calm. He gave a quick nod. "What have you tried on?"

"The white dress with the black buttons. That pink and orange tee-shirt with the jean skirt." Len went on with his list. He lifted his head up a bit and brought one index finger up and rested it on his lower lip as he spoke, thinking up the list in his head. "The yellow sundress with the orange flowers on the rim. The yellow shirt with the black feathers. And the long white shirt with the yellow polka-dots and that cute black skirt that has the yellow flower running up the side."

"That's it?" Rin asked.


"Do you like them Len?"


"How much?"

"A lot!" Len shouted. "I'm really sorry I never told you about this before Rin. But I just didn't know how too."

"It's ok Len. I'm not gonna yell at you. It's just a lot to soak in." Rin smiled reassuringly at her twin. "So why do you like doing it? It is just the clothes or….?"

"Well….." Len shifted in his seat. Rin could see a slight blush of embarrassment go across his cheeks. "I do really like the outfits too. But…what I really like is feeling like a girl."

"Really?" Rin chuckled. Never in a million years would she have guessed that Len was like this.

"Yep! The cute clothes. The make-up. Every little piece!" Len smiled. The two of them couldn't help but laugh a bit. Letting Rin know his secret was going better than he could have ever planned in his head. "To be honest….. I really do want to be a girl. What do you think? Is it ok to be like that?"

Rin lean across and held her counterparts hand. "Len it doesn't matter what you want to be. I've been stuck with you this far. And I know you would be by me if I asked right? Besides. I hate to admit it but you looked cuter than me just now."

"You really mean it?" Len cheered.

"Of course. But I recommend you don't tell mom or dad. Or anyone from school for that matter. I don't think they would understand it very well." Rin said with a slight frown. "But I'll be there 100% of the way. Just don't take my clothes without asking again. Got it?"

"You got it Rinny!" Len smiled. His face was completely flushed.

Rin let out a sigh. "Well now that that's been sorted out. Tomorrows starts the weekend so we can figure it out more tomorrow. What do you say we get some food now?"