Len wasn't sure what to be more concerned about. The fact that Rin was constantly dragging him places while he's dressed like a girl, or the fact that wearing girls clothes was becoming more natural than wearing boys clothes. Not too long ago, he had accidentally grabbed a skirt instead of pants when he was getting dressed in the morning. He quickly corrected himself, but that didn't change the fact that he actually had to.

He had become used to acting like a girl around the house. He would almost immediately change from the heavy pants he had to wear to school, to either a pair of shorts or a skirt when he would come home. His usual messy pony tail would be replaced by pigtails or taken out entirely. His voice would go up an octave. And he and Rin would just go about their normal business of dinner, homework, and relaxing after school. However, whenever Rin got bored, which happened quite frequently, she liked to drag Len out of the house with her.

That brought him to where he was now. Len's sister had suddenly decided there was a movie she wanted to go see. So, dressed in a navy blue skirt and white tee-shirt, Len was taken to the movie theater to see this new action/adventure flic. After being taken to the mall several times, which was always pretty crowded, Len had gotten used to being surrounded by people while dressed this way. He still wasn't too comfortable when someone got too close, but if he acted shy enough most people would dismiss him shrinking away from them.

After waiting in line for both tickets and snacks, the twins found two seats near the center of the theater. They had ended up getting there with half an hour before the movie was supposed to start, purely because Rin was too lazy to look up the showing times, add in the time for commercials and previews, and they had some time to kill. While they were talking, Rin kept texting with Miku.

"Do you think we should just invite her to come along?" Rin asked, not looking up from her phone.

"W-what?" Len looked at his, eyes wide at the question. "But if I'm like this then she'd find out for sure!"

"Yeah. But you're gonna tell her eventually." Rin rolled her eyes at her brother's concern for hiding his secret. As much as she respected Len's privacy enough to let him decide what he wanted to do with himself, she was practically bursting at the seams with the need to tell someone. She didn't particularly care who it was, but she felt that Miku would not only accept this side of Len, but also talk a lot with them without a care in the world. Not to mention hang out with them. When she looked up at Len, she could see a serious look on him face as he thought over the pros and cons of the turquoise haired girl joining them.

"Well. I mean. I guess…..she can come." Len's voice slowly got quitter as he spoke.

With a smile on her face, Rin texted Miku, telling her that they were saving her a seat in the theater if she wanted to come see the movie with them. Practically right after she sent the text, she got a reply saying that she'd be there soon. Within twenty minutes, the twins saw the long green-blue pigtails walk in through the theater doors.

"Miku! Over here!" Rin stood up to call out to her friend, waving a hand in the air.

Miku quickly saw the blonde and made her way over, climbing over some strangers who were in the same row in order to get to the seat that had been saved for her. "Hey." She said with a smile, placing her own drink in the cup holder on the arm rest. Looking over her best friend's shoulder, she saw another girl who looked like the spitting image of Rin. This girl however looked rather shy, or at least, she didn't lift her head when Miku had come over. "Hey Rin. Is that your cousin or something?" Miku whispered, pointing to the other blonde.

"Err…. no." Rin scratched at her neck, looking at the confused look on her best friend's face.

"U-um." Len, the blonde who Miku had been asking about, turned and waved, a nervous smile on his face. "H-hey Miku."

The long haired girl blinked. She tried to think about how this 'other blonde' knew her name. She looked from head to toe at the shoes, the clothes, the hair, trying to piece something together. Then her eyes settled on a shining bracelet around the blonde's wrist. She recognized it instantly. It was kind of hard to miss it since Rin had a matching one. "Holy crap!" She yelled, upon realizing this mystery girl was, in fact, Len. The twins both told their friend to lower her voice after her outburst had attracted some attention from those around them. After bringing her voice down to a whisper, Miku leaned in towards the pair of blondes. "Len, what the hell are you doing dressed like that?"

"We call her Lenka when we go out." Rin stated.

"O-kay then. Lenka, what the hell are you doing dressed like that?" Miku rephrased her sentence.

"I. Like to?" Len's choice of words was a bit awkward for even him to say. He could feel his face go a little hot and tried to think of a better way to explain the situation to a clearly confused Miku. "I like dressing and acting like a girl."

The higher pitched voice from his usual one caught Miku's attention. She was about to say something when the lights in the large theater suddenly went off, and the previews began playing. "We'll talk about this later?" She asked in a whisper, earning a nod in response, before sitting back in her seat to enjoy the movie.

The movie had actually been a lot better than Len had thought it would be. Originally, he hadn't been excited about it at all, having never liked those 'unsuspected hero meets cute girl' type movies, but he had to admit, it wasn't that bad. There had been plenty of moments that seemed really tense, that were then met with a bit of comedy in order to break up the seriousness a bit. The whole thing was rather unpredictable, so you never had any idea where the story was going. All in all, he would call it a good movie.

The excitement of the movie left the group of three happily chatting all the way to Miku's house, after deciding to go there to hang out some. They walked right in without anyone else in the house noticing, and went upstairs straight to Miku's room.

The room was roughly the same size and Rin and Len's. Although since Miku had it all to herself, it felt much bigger. The walls were tan, but covered in posters of bands and singers, and light blue carpet covered the floor. She had a large unmade bed off in a corner, covered in blue and green blankets and pillows, a specific leek shaped one lying across the center of the mattress. The leek had been one of those prizes you could win in a carnival game, but Miku had had it for years and it was her favorite thing in the world. The rest of her furniture fit the same blue and green color scheme and was somewhat organized around the room. There was a large space in the middle of the carpet that was empty, for all of them to sit down.

Rin ran into the room and flopped herself onto the floor, stretching out her arms and legs before turning onto her stomach and grabbing onto a pillow that was on the floor. Miku walked over to her bed and grabbed the leek plushy before sitting by the other girl, her legs crossed underneath her and holding onto the leek in her lap. Len on the other hand, calmly walked into the room, and sat with his legs folded underneath him, making sure the skirt he was wearing didn't get reveal too much of his thighs.

"Ok." Miku said, once everyone had sat down. "So what's this all about?" She moved her index finger up and down in Len's direction.

"Err. Right." Len tried to think of how to explain it. "I guess you could say that I like dressing like this, but it's a bit more than that. Um….kinda like…" He trailed off.

"Like he's transgender." Rin butted in. She was currently looking through a stack of CDs that was piled on the floor, but still lending an ear into the conversation.

The word made Len blush a bit. He hadn't really thought about it like that. But he supposed that was probably it. He enjoyed dressing like a girl, acting like a girl, but did that necessarily mean he wanted to become one? He still wasn't too sure. Although he felt like he was leaning towards yes.

"That all?" Miku let out a sigh that vaguely sounded like one of relief. "I was worried that my little Riny had forced you to do this. That or you were actually some sort of pervert."

Rin burst into laughter. "He's no pervert," she began, pushing herself off of the floor and crawling behind Len and placing her hands on his shoulders. "But isn't he just the cutest?"

"He looks just like you." Miku pointed out, giggling a bit herself.

"Exactly! I'm adorable there for he is too." Rin exclaimed matter of factly. She wrapped her arms around Len so that he was pretty much holding all of her weight.

"Do I really look a girl?" Len asked, coxing his head to the side.

Both of the girls in the room took a moment to exchange a look of disbelief. "Are you kidding me?" Miku couldn't quite believe this. "You really have no idea, do you?"

Len shrugged. "When I look in the mirror I just see myself. I know I look like Rin, but I can't quite tell because I still have the same face regardless of what clothes I'm in."

"Are you saying I look like a boy?" Rin muttered.

"Considering you look like Len. Yes. Yes you do!" Miku joked, sticking her tongue out at the blonde girl slumped over her twin.

"You don't need to be a smarty pants about it." The girl in question huffed, before finally getting off of Len.

"So was this some sort of sudden thing? Or has this been going on for a while?" Miku asked. Going back to the original conversation topic.

"You've seen him dressed like a girl before." Rin said, flopping onto her back once more. "Actually, thinking back on it, a lot of people have."

"What?" The turquoise haired girl stared in disbelief.

"He covered for me for a cheer practice once." The blonde girl explained.

"Really? I didn't even notice." Miku had a frown on her face, feeling both tricked and disappointed for not realizing the pair had switched places.

"It was only for about ten minutes when everyone was stretching." Len tried to reassure the girl. He didn't want her feeling bad about it, after all, it had been him who tricked her in the first place. "And at least you found out because I wanted you to." Len let out a sigh, which was soon met with one from Rin. Miku shot a confused look between the two blondes, not knowing what was going on. But when Rin explained how she had found out about Len's 'little secret', the pigtailed girl couldn't help but laugh.

"You're kidding me!" Miku was cracking up on the floor. Her face turning red due to the inability to breath while laughing.

"Unfortunately not." Len slumped over, letting out a sigh. He watched as the two girls in front of him laughed about how Rin had seen him in that cheer leader's uniform, slowly getting angry at how they begun to tease him about. He found it impossible to get the two to stop laughing about it, so he ended up sitting there listening to it, as if this was some sort of punishment.

"So what are panties like?" Miku asked him. Len's face turned bright red at the question.

"I-I-I-I d-don't wear those!" He yelled, clearly blushing at the thought of wearing girl's underwear.

"Can you believe him? He refused to wear anything but boxers, so we actually had to go out and buy briefs for him to wear." Rin ranted on about her brother's choice in underwear.

"Girl's underwear would be too tight." Len complained, trying to make a valid point. "Besides, in case you haven't noticed, I am biologically a dude. It would look weird." The twins continued arguing while Miku added in a couple of points here and there.

"Oh crap." Rin said, looking at her phone. "We've gotta get back before mom comes home."

Len's face went white. They hadn't told their mother yet, and although he planned to eventually, he would really rather not be put into another interrogation about his new choice of clothing. After saying good-bye to Miku, the twins snuck through the hall ways of their friend's house and out the door without being caught by Miku's family. They chatted more as they headed home, Rin texting Miku the whole way. Len was happy that they were able to tell Miku, even happier that the turquoise haired girl had taken it so well. Although, he had no idea how other's would take it, it was comforting to know that at least someone was taking it well.