title: safe and sound
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once upon a time
character/pairing:regina/daniel, henry sr., cora, oc
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Just close your eyes. You'll be alright. Come morning light, you and I'll be safe and sound. Regina/Daniel. Origins of our Evil Queen.

author's note: This one is short but the one after it is quite the novel.

the thing you love most

Remy is truly the most remarkable horse that has ever walked the planet. The way he moves is simply astonishing. When he leaps, it's as if he's flying. Learning to ride with him is easy. Natural. In her eyes, he can do no wrong, even if he eats far more than what his share should be of apples.

His nose brushes against the palm of her hand as he finishes yet another of the little treats. Regina smiles at him and glances down to the basket she brought for lunch. The woven wood stares back at her.

"That's the end of them, Remy. No more apples."

"For him anyway," Daniel says. Regina turns her attention to her stable boy. He's sprawled across the grass of the field they've stopped on. One elbow is holding his body a bit upright while the other swings his arm around so that he can take a nice large bite of what must have been the last apple she packed.

"Daniel! That wasn't for you," she says, crossing towards him. He rolls over lightly to keep himself out of her reach. He takes another bite.

"But it's too delicious to leave only to the horses. They're amazing. Besides, I was curious as to what was so important that you spend hours away from the three of us." By that he of course means himself, Remy, and Hermes. They've been riding for nearly two weeks by this point. Every day, she cuts the lesson short to tend to her apple trees before tea time.

She tells him, "Well, when there's only thing you do correctly, you should do it." Once that's in the air, her eyes widen and her hand goes up to cover her mouth. Why did she say that? She would never - she should have never - "I apologize. That answer was not appropriate. I shouldn't have said such a thing."

Daniel's quick to shake his head. He leans forward to look more firmly at her. "Regina, stop. There is no reason to hide yourself from me. I will not judge you. I will only match you, blow for blow." She wants to laugh. If he thinks he has enough to match her, he is sadly mistaken. He says, "The only thing I truly do right is raise horses."

She does laugh, briefly, lightly. "Horses are magnificent, Daniel."

"You are as well," he says. Her cheeks warm, and she ducks her head to hide it. His voice rings in her ears as she does so. She brings her head back level, lets him see the effect his words have on her as she fights to speak.

"You're far better than I expected. You're..." She trails off and their eyes meet, his hesitantly hopeful and hers searching. Searching for the right word, the right emotion, the right anything. She's been raised to be perfect to live as properly as possible, but what is proper about this? About them? Why should she try so hard when there is no one to impress? "You're something."

His hopeful eyes grow a bit brighter. He asks with a laugh, "Is that a good thing?"

She nods. "I think it is." She thinks that 'something' is exactly what she needs.

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