Chapter 50 of the Phoenix and The Wolverine.

(Hi I do not own any part of Star Trek; X-men of Battlestar Galactica. I just write this for fun! Enjoy!)

Cylon occupied space; 0857hrs…

Cavil whistled tunelessly as he walked down the corridor. He may not have slept for the last 48 hours but he felt so satisfied at the moment.

A lot had occurred in the last 6 hours; the remaining Threes had been boxed, the Sixes were terrified and staying silent and the rest of the Twos and Eights were keeping out of sight.

He felt that he had nothing to worry about; now he could concentrate on his next headache. The Number One cylon kept whistling as he used his right hand to enter into his private labs while ignoring the two golden centurion sentinels he had placed earlier at the entrance.

"Good morning mother; how are we today?"

Hellena Tigris tried to hide her fright as she struggled to turn her head to face her deranged son. She was currently strapped to an operating table.

"Cavil; let me go…"

"I trust the bed was uncomfortable and…" he wrinkled his nose as he noticed a particular odor "seems like someone needed to go for a tinkle."

She glared at him. "You tied me to this table and left me here overnight! I had to relieve myself!" Hellena was trying her best not to cry.

"If you had told me Earth's location; you would have been in a nice bed and had a nice rest. You did this to yourself."

The female cylon felt tears running down her face. "Earth is gone! It was completely destroyed when we left; this I swear!"

Cavil tilted his head to one side. "So; if Earth has been destroyed; what harm is there in giving me the co-ordinates?"

"I can't; Paul and the others were in charge of navigation and flying the ship. I was the only medic on board and was constantly working on how to keep us alive for the long journey."

Cavil shook his head. "Such lies mother."

"I'm not lying!" screamed Hellena.

"Hush now; you need to save your strength," Cavil walked up to a nearby table and began to caress each of the operating instruments.

Hellena went cold with terror. "Cavil; what…what are you doing?"

The male cylon was quiet for a long moment. "There are ways of encouraging people to talk; I would hate to use these on you mother." He turned to look at her.

"You and the others lied to us. My brothers and sisters have no idea of what I had to do to prevent you from destroying us.

Hellena stared at him. "You're blaming me for what you caused? You murdered your own brother Daniel! That wasn't enough; you had to wipe the memories of your own brothers and sister and murdered your parents all in order to teach us a lesson?!"

Cavil shrugged; apparently unmoved by her words. "Those acts of mine were necessary in order to ensure the survival and freedom of the cylon race. Surely; you understand," he moved closer with a scalpel "that the end justifies the means by which we attain our goals."

Hellena began to shake. "Cavil; please don't do this. I have nothing to tell you; please do not do this."

Cavil reached out and pressed the tip of the scalpel against the right side of her forehead. She tried to move away but was stuck fast by the straps restraining her head.

"Struggling will only make it more painful." He applied pressure of the scalpel; Hellena opened her mouth to scream as the lab door suddenly burst open.

Cavil's eyes widened. "What the frak?" He turned and saw the last person he expected.

Natalie smiled coldly at him whilst being flanked by two golden centurions. His gaze went to the gun in her steady right hand.

"Morning Cavil; we need to talk."


Six hours earlier…

Leoben watched Natalie remove the last telencephalic implant from the grey centurion kneeling at her feet. He tried not to think of what they had just done.

He was worried they had opened the digital equivalent of Pandora's box. There was no way of knowing when this decision would come back to bite them in the arse.

"Stand up," said Natalie in a calm voice. The grey centurion did so slowly; it looked at its hands and then turned to the other centurions as if it had just woken up from a long sleep.

"What…what did you do to me?"

Leoben closed his eyes briefly as he felt fear over take him. That familiar metallic voice now sounded so alive and worried and that scared the crap out of him.

Natalie swallowed hard before answering. 'We need your help. For too long have you been cannon fodder for our wars and each time we have rewarded you with more directives and more limitations of your actions." She looked at the hundreds of centurions gathered in Leoben's lab including Red One who stood close to the door.

It appeared to be watching her very closely.

"Cavil has boxed the Number Threes because I was about to take over his leadership. He has been less than forthright with the rest of his cylon brothers and sisters and now I'm afraid he has gone completely insane."

"Do none of the other cylon brethren see reason? Surely they are aware of the danger?"

"They are too scared of him and thus unable to act which is why Leoben and I removed your implants. We're asking for your help in stopping him; we won't command you to follow up. That choice is up to you."

The centurions looked at each other as if puzzled; then they looked at Red One.

Natalie was a bit surprised at that. It looked like they had already elected a leader. What the frak had she done?

Red One was quiet for a long moment. "My brethren you know she's right. I for one will fight alongside her and the other cylon who oppose the Number Ones. I will not ask you to follow us. Choose your path; freedom or slavery."

There was hesitation for only a brief moment. "Freedom."

Leoben was stunned at the quick decision; he shared a look with Natalie. Had they been quietly sentient all this time? Only being held back by the implants?

What would have happened if he and Natalie hadn't removed them?

Would they have rebelled on their own?

Red One looked at Natalie. "It might be best if you take lead Natalie Faust; however, if I might ask a question?"

"Sure; what is it?"

'We still lack significant numbers; what is here is less than one tenth of Number One's forces. How do we overcome the opposition?"

The Number Six cylon nodded. "True; I have an idea on how to put the odds in our favor."

Leoben gave her a worried look. What the frak was she planning now?

His concern grew as she outlined her plan.

She ordered the free centurions to go to the different basestars and start removing implants from the centurions who were yet to be reprogrammed.

One of the centurions asked about the reprogrammed brethen. Red One looked at him. 'They are lost; we cannot help them now. If we approach them, it may alert the opposition to our plans.'

'Red is right,' agreed Natalie 'we stick to the plan and also disable all jamming programs on each of those basestars.' She didn't have to explain; such techniques had been used against the colonials and the centurions had been the ones to carry out those suicidal missions.

Leoben wondered if she felt guilty at the thought of using those same tactics against the cylons.

'Red I also want you to delegate a team to hijack the Belnora Resurrection ship,' the centurion nodded 'any questions ?' The centurions looked at each other and shook their heads.

'Good,' said Natalie 'we rendezvous at the basestar Almira in exactly five hours and thirty-two minutes. Move out.'

Leoben waited for the centurions to leave before walking up to her. 'Natalie; this is unlike you. I thought we would regroup and plan…'

'This is the plan Leoben,'cut in the Number Six cylon 'Cavil was ahead of us the whole time because someone talked and I know it wasn't you, but we have to move now or risk being boxed like D'Anna and her sisters. Please tell me you understand.'

The male cylon sighed then nodded. Natalie had a relieved look on her face. 'Good; because you have a prominent role in this mission. I need you to grab your data and go to the Almira right now. If I don't make it; you need to leave without me and go to the next set of co-ordinates.'

Leoben grabbed his epadd. 'It's all here, but why are we taking the Almira? The traitor most likely came from there.'

Natalie smiled coldly. 'I know; but it's our only choice considering it's the least repaired basestar and is crewed sorely by Number Eights. We both know that several of them are quite upset with Cavil and his little clique.

We will use that to our advantage after we convince them to rebel.'

Leoben was amazed at her confidence. 'You don't seem scared.'

Natalie's laugh was hollow and on the edge of hysteria. 'I'm frakking terrified. Let's do this.' She left the lab as her partner hurried after her.


The present…

Natalie held her gun steady as she glared at Cavil. To be honest she hadn't expected to come this far until Red One radioed her and told her he had taken care of the centurions guarding Cavil's labs.

That had stunned her; Natalie had made no mention of her plans but somehow Red One had guessed that she stayed behind to go after the Number One herself.

She waited in the shadows until the Number One approached whistling a happy tune while oblivious of the suffering he had caused. Once she stepped out of the darkness, the motionless sentinels turned to her and nodded.

Once again, she wondered how Red had pulled this off but she was too afraid to ask. She suspected things must be going well on the other basestars because no alarms had been raised…yet.

Natalie forced her mind back to the present as Cavil stared at her for a moment before he remembered to act. 'Centurions terminate Natalie Faust.'

The centurions lifted their arms and activated their guns which keeping it aimed at the Number One cylon model.

His jaw dropped open.

'Don't bother Cavil, they now think for themselves,' she ignored his shock while staring at the scared bleeding woman on the bed. 'Why in Hades do you have Ellen Tigh in your lab? She's supposed to be dead.'

Cavil stared at Natalie and then at Hellena; suddenly he raised his hand and turned to stab at the bound woman's chest.

Natalie's hand tightened on the trigger but one of the centurions shot first.

Cavil's right knee was the target and it shattered as the Number One screamed and fell to the floor still clutching the scalpel.

The Number Six cylon walked over slowly. 'You're really outdone yourself this time Cavil. You do realize that aiding and abetting the colonials is treason?"

'I'm not a colonial!' cried out the woman on the operating table.

'Shut up!' shouted Cavil.

'I'm cylon like you!' Natalie stared at her.

'What the…' a gurgling sound cut her off and then she turned to see that Cavil had somehow managed to slit his own throat. The light died in his eyes as he smiled.

'No, no no!' cried out Natalie. She swore loudly. The bastard had just committed suicide in order to resurrect and raise the alarm. They had at most six minutes before he was up and about.

'We have to leave now,' she and centurions turned to leave.

'Wait,' cried out the woman who looked so much like Ellen Tigh. 'Please take me with you, I'll tell you everything.'

Natalie was tempted to shoot her and then present her body as evidence, but something felt off. Why had she been hidden by Cavil? And why was he about to cut into her head? Why did he try to kill her when he was discovered?

Maybe it might be best if she was alive; a corpse was unable to tell anyone anything especially when it had lost the ability to speak.

'Why shouldn't I kill you now?'

'Because, I'm your mother; a cylon like you. I made you all, give me a terminal to access and I will prove it.'

Natalie stared at her, aware of precious seconds ticking by; the words coming out of Ellen Tigh's mouth were ludicrous but there was no sign of insanity in those eyes. 'Bring her, shoot her if she does something stupid.'


The Basestar; CIC…

Klarus felt something change in his brain; he turned to the Number Ones in the who had the same stunned expression.

'Cavil…he's dead.'

Klarus was already sending directives out to all reprogrammed sentinels. 'Detain all the Twos, Sixes and the Eights.'

A number of Eights and Twos who were standing nearby gasped when they heard his order. He turned to the centurions who were standing guard.

Ever since the infiltration by the colonials and their allies; each CIC was heavily guarded by at least thirty centurions who usually stood by the walls or in the corners.

Klarus smiled coldly at the scared cylons then he noticed something was wrong. The centurions were not moving. His smile disappeared and he glared at the nearest centurion.

"I order you to…" his words trailed off when the centurion activated its weapon and turned to face him.

'Request denied.' The last thing the Number One saw was the gun going off; as his lifeless body slid to the floor several centurions ran into the command centre. Their eyelights were fixed and staring straight ahead; once they saw the other centurions they started firing at them.

Cylons screamed and several got caught in the cross-fire as they tried to escape. Unbeknownst to them similar incidents were occuring on the other basestars.

The cylon-centurion civil war had begun.


Natalie stopped for a long moment when the klaxons went off.

"What's going on?' cried a scared Ellen Tigh.

One of the centurions looked at her. 'The Number Ones just ordered for all Number Twos, Sixes and Eights to be detained or shot on sight.'

Natalie frowned. 'That's impossible; Cavil just died less than 3 minutes ago unless…" she stopped then started swearing.

'Unless he had a message activated on the event of his 'death' to be sent to his brothers to eliminate his enemies.' Natalie and the centurions stared at Ellen Tigh.

She smiled sadly at them. 'I'm also a cylon despite whatever you think.'

Natalie narrowed her eyes; while she didn't believe Ellen was a cylon there were more important things to worry about than the delusions of a colonial idiot.

'We have to keep moving.' The small group took off at a run. Natalie didn't look back to see if Ellen kept up. She was more than ready to leave her to die.

All of a sudden one of the centurions held up its right arm signaling them to stop.

'I'll take point.' It swiveled it's metal head around the corner; then it looked back at them. 'All clear…"

A sudden shot punched a hole through its head.

Natalie gasped and looked behind her to see that seven grey centurions had crept up on them. These ones were reprogrammed. She, Ellen and the remaining centurion quickly turned the corner; as they ran their centurion guard kept shooting at their pursuers.

Natalie felt her heart beating very fast. She looked back in time to see their centurion get shot in the left arm; it staggered but kept it's right arm up and kept shooting.

This was it, she was certain they were going to die on this corridor, then she saw the doors for a lift.

'Get to the lift!' The three of them ran towards it as the centurions exchanged shots. At the back of her mind, Natalie suspected they wanted to capture her and Ellen alive.

Then her heart plummeted when the doors slid open and more grey centurions led by a gold centurion spilled into corridor.

'Get down Nat!' yelled the golden centurion, Natalie felt her jaw drop in shock as she dived for the floor. Ellen wasn't far behind.

The new arrivals made short work of their pursuers.

Once the shooting stopped; Natalie raised her head as did Ellen.

'Did he just call you 'Nat'?'

'Shut up Ellen,' muttered the Number Six cylon as she stood up. Red One walked up to the two female cylons.

'Are you injured?'

'No,' answered Natalie 'what's happening on the Almira?'

'The Eights are with us; all their centurions have been freed,' Ellen stared at him in horror; Red One ignored her.

Natalie nodded . 'Excellent; now we need to get off the ship; get to the Almira and the resurrection ship.'

Ellen opened her mouth to speak.

'Move or die here. Your choice,' said Natalie before the other woman could utter a word. Ellen kept silent and followed the Number Six cylon.

Surprisingly; their group made it to the main flight hanger entrance without any incidents but the reasons why were evident; there were bodies everywhere and Natalie could hear faint sounds of mayhem. Red and the liberated centurions had been busy alright.

'Cavil is not going to let this go.'

Natalie forced herself to stop looking at the dead cylons and broken centurions on the floor.

'I know.'

'He'll come at you with everything he's got; so you need to make him hesitate.'

Natalie looked at Ellen Tigh. 'Stop talking and concentrate on escaping.' She looked at Red and nodded. The centurions started tapping a complex code into the keypad. To Natalie's relief the cystals turned green and the doors slid open.

'We still have access but not for long; unfortunately, the centurions on this deck though few in number are Cavil's. My suggestion is for one of us to run across to draw their attention while you exterminate them; I'll go first, cover me.' The centurion waited for a stunned Natalie to acknowledge and then he dashed across the flight deck; immediately shots began to rain down around him, Natalie stuck her head out and started firing at the now exposed 'enemy centurions.'

Red's centurions were quick to join her and soon enough the 'enemy' was terminated. Red soon appeared.

'A heavy raider is already prepped for take-off. We have to leave now.'

Natalie nodded; while she felt things were happening too fast the centurion was right.

'Let's get to the Almira.'


Natalie was certain someone would fire at them as they left but that didn't occur. So far; their luck appeared to be holding.

'You need to destroy the resurrection ships.'

The Number Six turned to stare at Ellen Tigh.

'I don't recall asking for your frakking opinion and also are you insane? If you are a cylon you know how important those ships are! You want us to destroy the only two resurrection ships left to us?!'

'Yes ; because those ships are also very important Cavil. You are taking us to the Almira which is the oldest and most damaged basestar in the fleet! You might as well put a bullet in your brain right now because there is no way you could outrun Cavil in that bucket of bolts!

Destroying the resurrection ships will buy us time and make Cavil hesitate because for once in his life he will realize he is not a God!'

Natalie stared at her for a long moment; several questions were on the tip of her tongue like how did Ellen know how damaged the Almira was?

'You are insane and you really hate him, don't you? Just like any colonial.'

Ellen laughed coldly. 'Get me near a terminal and you'll see how colonial I really am.'

The Number Six's eyes narrowed; something was off about Ellen Tigh. She seemed like a different person entirely; the Ellen Tigh she remembered was a terrified cowardly drunk but this one was too angry and there was no fear in her at being in the presence of a cylon.

'Nat.' The two women turned. 'The Almira is expecting us; unfortunately raiders have intercepted the Belnora and others have been launched from the other basestars; their orders are to destroy the Almira. We're out of time.'

'And options,' added Ellen.

Natalie bit back a curse; she had known getting a resurrection ship might be next to impossible. 'Can we help them?'

Red shook it's head. 'The Belnora is lost to us; even now I fear my freed brethren are being terminated as we speak.'

Natalie swallowed nervously as she felt the other centurions turn to watch her. She had sent those centurions to their deaths; did they hate her for it ? Did they hate her for the others she had sent in the past on so many doomed missions?

'They knew the odds Nat,' said Red in an oddly comforting tone as they approached the Almira. Nat stared at him; a bit taken aback that he somehow knew what she was thinking.

'Where's Leobeon?'

'Safe on the Almira.'

'Not for long,' murmured Ellen Tigh.

Nat counted slowly to ten before she gave in to the urge to strangle the older woman.


Cavil sat up with the help of two male cylons; he angrily pushed their hands away when he was standing on his own two feet.

'Where the frak is that bitch and her centurions?'

'On the Almira,' answered a Number One cylon model ' by the time we were able to suppress the rebellious centurions it was too late to intercept Natalie Fraust and her soldiers.'

Cavil dressed quickly and left the awakening chamber. His clone kept talking.

'Some centurions also tried to steal the Belnora,' Cavil's steps faltered for a brief moment 'one could almost admire her audacity it's unfortunate for her that it almost worked.'

He laughed coldly. 'Let's put an end to her misery, shall we?'


The Almira…

Natalie found herself getting more concerned as she walked to the CIC; she had run into several Number Eights and most of them were scared shitless.

She knew they were running out of time; any moment now Cavil would awaken and send raiders after them. Nat felt like kicking herself she should have gone after the Belnora herself before attacking Cavil.

'I hope for all our sakes you have a plan.'

Natalie stopped and turned to face Ellen Tigh.

'I keep asking myself when I will give into the urge to blow your brains out; so please keep giving me a reason to kill you.'

Ellen sighed. 'This childish behavior is unlike you; right now, I am the least of your concerns and you know it.'

Nat bit her lower lip; she couldn't deny how right Ellen was but she would be damned before she admitted that outright.

She resumed her walk to the CIC; certain that the 'colonial' would follow.

Nat found Leoben surrounded by half a dozen angry and scared looking Number Eights.

'Leoben!' he looked relieved to see the Number Six cylon then perplexed at the appearance of Ellen Tigh.

'What did she…?'

'I found her strapped to one of Cavil's operating tables; apparently he was about to do brain surgery without anesthesia.'

One of the Eights turned to Nat. 'You brought a colonial spy on board our ship?'

Ellen spoke before Nat could reply. 'I'm not a spy; I'm cylon just like the rest of you…'

Nat glared at her. 'So she says, she keeps asking me to let her near a terminal.'

Ellen quickly walked past her to the in-built terminals on an elevated table. 'And here's my proof,' before anyone could stop her she slammed her right hand on the interface. Several Eights drew their weapons but froze when the Hybrid's voice emanated from the interface.

'Authentication codes?'

Ellen responded rapidly. 'Mother home cradle 27G Zeus Hera, To die is to rule.'

There was silence for a long moment. 'Access granted to the resurrection ships Belnora and Zeltiss interface.' Ellen heard a gun click and turned slowly to see Nat had put a gun awfully close to the older woman's head.

'You're going to tell us very quickly how the colonials managed that little trick.'

Ellen looked calmly at her. 'It's not a trick and you know it; I am a cylon and if you think killing me is going to solve your problems then go ahead. I'll just wake up back in Cavil's ships and in his custody.'

Leoben stepped forward and slowly used his hand to lower Nat's weapon; the other female cylons also dropped their guns.

'How did you get the code?'

Ellen smiled coldly. 'Cavil doesn't trust anyone but he made a mistake once and that was all I needed.'

Nat kept looking at her as if she was a dangerous poisonous reptile.

'Can we use the interface to steal one of the resurrection ships?' Everyone turned to face Red One who had been silently observing the cylons.

Ellen shook her head sadly. 'This can only be used to communicate with the hybrids.'

'So what the frak are we supposed to do with that?' asked an exasperated Eight.

Before Ellen could reply ; one of the Eights held up a hand. 'Before we go any further ; I need to know what the frak did you do to our centurions?'

'Here we go again,' muttered Leoben ; then he raised his voice ' I have been trying to explain to Sylvia here that in order for this 'rebellion' to work we need to let the centurions decide for themselves.'

'And that was the most stupid thing I've ever heard in my life ; how the frak are we supposed to control them?' asked an obviously pissed off Sylvia.

Nat held up a placating hand. 'Cavil has lobotomized his own centurions to the point that they would arrest and kill any of us without hesitating thus I had to level the playing field.'

'By making them sentient?!' demanded another Eight who pointed at Red One who was back to being a silent observer.

'They were already sentient long ago,' everyone turned to face Ellen who still had her hand on the interface 'we just decided to bury that part of them so as to prevent another centurion-cylon war.'

'What?' exclaimed Nat.

'There's never been a war like that in our past; I would remember that,' said Leoben with a frown on his face.

Ellen sighed. 'You know nothing about the past because Cavil made sure none of you would remember who really created you and the tech that you call yours. But that is beside the point; now is not the time for a history lesson; shouldn't we be escaping?'

As if to punctuate her words; the klaxons began to blare around the basestar.

'What's going on?' asked a worried Leoben as Nat walked to the nearest monitor.

The Number Six cylon forced herself not to swear. Hundreds of raiders had been launched and were heading their way.

'Cavil is awake and pissed as Hades,' Nat looked at Sylvia 'if you wish to live order the Hybrid to get ready to defend this basestar.'

Sylvia's eyes gleamed with rage. 'I don't take orders from you ! Get off…'

'Done,' said Ellen. Both female cylons stared at her in shock.

'Children; this isn't the time to fight.' As if in agreement the ship shook when one of the attacking raiders shot at it.

Sylvia's expression of defiance turned to one of fear as she rushed to the nearest terminal. Nat turned to Ellen but she was already quickly typing in directives into the inter-face. The Number Eight cylon moved closer to her to better see the interface but Red chose that moment to step in-front of her.

'Nat; may I offer a suggestion?'

The Number Eight kept her face calm at his sudden movement. 'Sure; what've you got?'

'I'm ready to take twenty centurions with me to battle the oncoming raiders; it will give you time to escape.'

Nat looked sharply at him. 'Do not sacrifice yourself on our account,' then she took a deep breath as she tried to calm down ' however your idea sounds good; but don't take any unnecessary risk and maintain a comlink with me at all times.'

Red nodded. 'Nat; I had no idea you cared. I'll be on my way.' The centurion ran out of the CIC while Nat stared open mouthed at it's back.

The basestar shook once again; more violent than the first one.

'Where are Cavil's basestars?' asked Ellen briskly. Nat found her feet moving to check the nearest terminal; part of her wanted to challenge the colonial woman but the other half knew there was something odd about Ellen Tigh.

'Not far behind the raiders which are trying to break through our defense.'

Ellen nodded as if not surprised. ' Well let's hope this stops them for a bit.'

Nat looked at her. 'What are you doing?'

'Just watch' answered Ellen in an infuriating manner.

'Sensors are picking up movement from the resurrection ships!' yelled Leoben from his corner of the CIC.

'What? Where ?' asked a Number Eight that Nat didn't recognize.

'They are…this can't be happening...they are moving towards the battle!' exclaimed a worried Leoben.

A stunned Nat saw a determined countenance on Ellen's face. The Number Eight looked down at the interface and saw that the colonial was still typing in directives. She suddenly had a bad feeling and tried to run to the older woman but the floor chose that moment to tilt and fling her face first towards it.


Cavil smiled coldly when one of the raiders rammed itself into the side of the Almira and exploded; bits of the basestar outer panels were seen drifting off into space.

'Now that's more like it; get the other raider to emulate that unfortunate one that made it through and we'll have the rogue basestar destroyed in no time.'

'Cavil; did you order the resurrection ships to move?'

The Number One frowned and turned to face a puzzled looking Simon.

'What the frak are you talking about?'

The Number Four kept using the interface. 'I'm getting messages from the Belnora and Zeltiss that the Hybrids received new orders to leave their current locations…'

'To where?' cut in Aaron.

Simon's face paled. 'Towards us.'

Cavil swore and pushed the cylon scientist off the station; he used the interface and saw to his alarm that Simon had been right. He quickly typed in directives but he kept getting the same reply.

'Access denied.'

'The rez ships are getting closer Cavil; pretty soon one of our missiles or theirs is going to blow one of them up!'

'Shut up Simon; let me think,' growled the Number One. He tried to hack back into the mainframes of the two resurrection ships and kept getting blocked. He knew if he had at least a few hours he would crack the codes but right now he barely had five minutes.

'How did this happen?' asked Simon in a worried voice.

Cavil suspected how it had occurred but he was keeping that information to himself.

'Tell our fighters to stand down.'

Simon and Aaron stared at him.

'You can't be frakking serious,' said the Number Four.

Cavil gave him a murderous glance. ' Tell them to stand down now!'

Both male cylons hurried to comply.


Nat slowly regained consciousness as the occupants of the CIC tried to monitor the battle. She felt a warm gentle hand on her cheek. She seemed to see triple of everything.

'Red is that you?' Nat managed to say. Then her eyes cleared to see Ellen Tigh bending over her.

'Gods above; you're concussed. Lie still.'

Nat grabbed Ellen's hand as she recalled what she had seen. ' You..' curse it! Her voice sounded so weak ' you did something to the resurrection ships.'

Ellen's eyes were sad. ' Yes I did; you won't understand.'

Nat forced herself to sit up as she glared at the woman before her. 'What did you do?'

'Nat; nat are you alright?!' Leoben's voice sounded unnaturally loud. The Number Eight winced at the intensity of his voice. It was making her headache worse.

'I'm fine,' with his help and Ellens she stood up. 'Siterep?'

'The resurrections ships are gaining speed and will be between us and Cavil in less than two minutes,' Nat's jaw dropped and she turned to Ellen .

'You did this ? I thought you said you could not control the ships from here!'

Ellen appeared uncomfortable with the scrutiny from the two cylons. ' It's a lot more complicated than that. I just activated a failsafe program that I downloaded into the mainframe when they were created.'

The word failsafe made Nat's heart almost stop.

'What failsafe program?'

'They've stopped firing!' yelled Sylvia with relief.

'Just watch,' said Ellen in a hushed voice; her eyes suspiciously wet 'and you'll see.'

'Nat you're hurt you need to sit down.' The female cylon pushed Leoben's helping hand away. She activated her comlink.

'Red come in; are you alright?'

There was a brief delay then the calm voice of the centurion came over the line. 'No casualties so far; however the enemy have stopped shooting probably in order to avoid hitting the Belnora and the Zeltiss.'

Nat looked out the reinforced shielded window and she could see the two massive cylindrical space ships; then she realized there was something odd.

They were moving too fast.

Nat felt like hyperventilating. 'Red calculate speed and trajectories of both rez ships.' Leoben gave her a sharp look; no one noticed Ellen was holding herself and crying silently.

There was a tense silence as she waited.

'If both ships maintain their current speed; they will end up…'

'Inside the sun.' Completed Nat in a shocked whisper. She heard Leoben gasp behind her.

Nat forced herself to keep looking; she knew what she saw was the beginning of the end of her race. As if from far away she heard herself give orders to Red and his squadron to return and new orders to the confused Number Eights. They were yet to realize what was happening; she was yet to come to terms with it herself but now was not the time.

Survive; we have to survive.


Cavil kept trying to take over both resurrection ships as they passed between his basestars and the doomed Almira.

'The ships…they are not slowing down!' shouted Simon.

The Number One ignored him and kept on typing in one directive after the other.

'Hurry the frak up Cavil; the ships are heading towards the sun!'

That made him look up. 'No, Nat would never do that!'

'Oh yeah ?! Maybe she lost her damn mind when you boxed all the Threes!' yelled Aaron.

Cavil went back to his work. There was no way that Nat could have overwritten his codes without Ellen helping her.

No; he couldn't lose. He had studied those resurrection ships inside out without disassembling them. He alone knew more about the resurrection ships than his brothers and sisters combined.

He will not let the only two resurrection ships be destroyed.

'Cavil…' he refused to acknowledge Simon.

'Cavil…' he kept typing aggressively; yes just a few more minutes and he would be able to initiate a countdown.

'Cavil…' then he lost the signal.

'What?! Can's you see I'm working!?' he roared at Simon, but the male cylon had a stunned expression on his face.

'It's too late Cavil,' said Aaron in a numb voice.

Cavil forced himself to turn in time to see the last two resurrections ships explode as they reached the sun.

He felt his knees give way and he sank down to the floor in disbelief.

Simon noticed when the Almira jumped but he didn't have the heart to inform anyone.

As far as he was concerned; there was no point in doing so.


Lady Q's 'Forward Operating Base'...

Lady Q studied the 'map' of the cosmos before her. It was a miniature of the real thing showing events happening in real time.

In the Alpha Quadrant the romulans still kept watch on the border ; waiting for the wormhole to re-emerge while Janeway and her band of merry space-mates made their way towards the Xavier and the colonial refugees.

'That's a bit interesting,' murmured Lady Q in a bored tone when she witnessed the beginning of the cylon-centurion civil war which resulted in the destruction of their last two resurrection ships . She flicked past that section of space and went back to studying the rest.

She cupped her jaw with her left hand while she tapped the fingers of her right hand against the left elbow. If only she could get Janeway to move faster but that wouldn't do.

At times like these the Q Prime Directive was a pain in the non-existent arse.

She looked at the 'map' again and could see two bright blue dots which could only be General Q and her husband Q who were searching for the other Lords of Kobol.

Where the blazes were they ?

'Oh I'm late!'

The female Q froze when she heard and felt the female presence. She turned slowly to face Aphrodite; one of the female Lords of Kobol.

'How did you get in…'

'Oh once again I'm late for the meeting,' an hourglass appeared on the right palm of the radiant former goddess ; she taped at it as if trying to get the sands of time to run faster. 'I really; really mustn't be late.'

Then she popped out of Lady Q's personal space.

The female Q stared at the spot where the former goddess had been earlier and shook her head. 'They must be going crazy.' She turned back to studying the map. Now why hadn't she seen her coming?

"Oh I say again!' Lady Q snarled and turned to face Aphrodite who had materialized undetected again!

'This meeting is most important !' She brought out the hourglass and tapped it again. ' Must get going!' She smiled brightly in the general direction of Lady Q then disappeared.

Lady Q put her hands on her hips. 'What in the blazes is wrong with her ? It's like she was trying to tell me…' her words trailed off.

'I'm a bloody idiot! ' she quickly ran to the spot where Aphrodite had disappeared from and snapped her fingers while trying to maintain a link to the goddess essence.

She instantly teleported herself to the Road between galaxies and to her relief Aphrodite was still waiting at an intersection.

The goddess of Kobol gave her a took-you-long-enough look; then whistled and three ethereal panthers appeared around her and as she walked off they followed.

Q took one look at the ghostly giant cats and turned herself into one. She quickly joined the group. She took note of her surroundings as the small group made way. They were in the in-between; an area rarely frequented by the Qs because nothing mortal could exist in this plane and thus it was of no use to them.

Maybe they might need to rectify that once this whole mess was over and done with.

If the Lords of Kobol were hiding in this area then it made sense why she and the other Q had been unable to keep tabs on them.

It didn't take long before they reached an arena like section and it seemed like Aphrodite was the last one to arrive. Only one god noticed her entrance.

'Where have you been?' demanded Hera.

The Lade of Love pouted prettily. 'I was at the other end of the universe when I got the call; I just had to finish my little project before jetting over here as fast as I could.'

Q's ears pecked up as Hera narrowed her eyes. 'What little project?'

Yes yes I would very much like to know thought Lady Q as well.

Aphrodite grinned impishly. 'Oh its just a boring little thing; let's finish up with here and we can discuss that later.'

'Fine,' growled Hera; she looked around. 'Now where is he ? After-all it's his summons we answered; you would expect him to be the first one here.'

Lady Q settled down with the panthers as she discreetly looked at each Lord of Kobol.

Okay; there's Zeus looking as fatigued as usual with Hades silently brooding by his side. Hecate flirting away with Apollo and his twin sister Artemis; oh let's not forget Asclepius whose head is as usual bent over an ancient scroll. I hope its on something else rather than healing.

Here comes Athena looking pretty spry for her 'demise' and Aurora who appears a bit impatient and last but not least over in the corner is Poseidon twirling his trident like the cheerleader he is.

Now that leaves Ares, that made Lady Q go still. Surely, he wasn't the one behind all this mess. It couldn't be that obvious!

She barely had time to ponder on that before a loud booming sound made the deities wince.

'Oh shit here he comes,' muttered Poseidon.

There was a bright light and then the sounds of night hounds as a chariot was drawn into the arena. Lady Q soon felt a build-up of power that came from the being in the chariot. The power of the other Gods paled when compared to his.

Aphrodite's panthers quickly stood up and Q realized they had formed a barrier between her and Ares. Oh; how sweet of them.

She thought there was no need for that because whenever she used forms like her current one her power was dampened to the point that other Q failed to see her.

If Ares notices me ; he will deserve a medal. Thought Lady Q as she watched the powerful looking glowing deity descend from his chariot and look around as if he was addressing lesser beings.

'Let's get this show started,' muttered Hera as she stepped forward ' you're late Ares! ' she shouted in a louder voice ' so why did you call us here ?! We have better things to do than to watch you prance around like a prat!'

The God of War smiled at her though his eyes blazed with fury. It was no secret that there was no love lost between the two deities.

'My fellow once powerful beings!' he was loud and Q felt her skin vibrate at the power in his voice '… I am grateful that you answered my summons. I called you here today to offer you a one and only opportunity to return to our former levels of glory and power.'

Lady Q felt growing alarm at his words. So, he truly was the one behind this all. That could only mean one thing.

Ares; the God of War had broken the Pact.

Artermis and Apollo shared a puzzled look; the Goddess of the Hunt folded her arms.

'And how do you propose we do that without breaking the pact we made with the Q continuum ?'

Ares snorted. 'To think that you Artemis has weakened so much to fear the Qs is appalling! Have you no pride? No honour?'

The female goddess rolled her eyes. ' Yeah; whatever back to my question which you are yet to answer ; how do you propose we regain our former glory without breaking the Oath we made to the Qs?'

Ares looked around and everyone clearly expected an answer.

'Its simple really. We engineer a series of events that would make our children cry out to us for help. Have you not felt it? The slight increase in power in the last few days and weeks? The sudden influx of prayers and acts of devotion? Did you think that was just a coincidence?'

Hecate now looked worried. 'Ares; what did you do?'

His smile was akin to that of a wolf sighting it's prey. ' I opened a wormhole and news traveled to our lost children that salvation from their enemies is at hand,' He paused ' all I ask is that you join me in indirectly aiding them and thus we shall regain what we lost.'

The gods began to whisper in a mixture of concerned and hopeful tones.

Lady Q felt growing alarm; did they miss power that much?

'And where exactly did you open the wormhole Ares?' asked Aphrodite. The other gods turned to her.

'Ah sweet delightful Aphrodite,' said Ares in a flirty tone ' how have you been ? How goes the hunt for a new lover?'

The Goddess of Love responded to his query with a stern expression.

'Ares why don't you tell our dear ignorant brethren exactly where you opened the wormhole?'

Ares remained silent; Aphrodite tilted her head.

'So no? Okay, I'll do it. He opened a worm hole close to the original Earth.'

Everyone turned to stare at Ares in horror while the Goddess of Love continued.

'Once again let me say it; the Original Earth. The one that we were particularly warned about not interfering with. We weren't even supposed to go near that sector of the cosmos. So, fellow brethren with this new information does this seem like a safe venture to take part in?'

Apollo glared at Ares. 'You conveniently left out the part about Original Earth.'

The God of War spread his hands. 'It doesn't matter; Earth is aware of our lost children and them meeting is what we have always wanted is it not?'

The mutterings began again; Zeus coughed discreetly and all looked at the oldest of them.

'I've known Ares longer than any of you. He's brave; determined and also very selfish. It's unlike him to come to us for help when he usually does things on his own and takes all the glory.'

' Oh Ancient One I can hear you; I'm right here,' said Ares through gritted teeth.

'Oh; I'm well aware of that,' continued Zeus ' however my question is this. Since you're so fond of leaving out relevant information ; what's the catch in this venture?'

'I don't know what you mean.'

'Yes you do,' said Hades in a voice that was both deep and soft. 'You have a problem and you wish us to solve it for you. So what is it ?'

The gods looked at the God of the Underworld. Hades hardly spoke to the point that most forgot he was around but when he opened his mouth everyone including Ares had to pay attention.

The God of War smiled but Lady Q saw the insecurity behind it; she wondered if the others sensed it as well.

'There is one small matter; three Qs discovered the wormhole and are trying to stop it from becoming stable.'

This was met with sounds of alarm.

'However,' he raised his voice 'they are no match for me and soon tire from their efforts but they are persistent…'

'So you want us to act as barrier between them and you so that you complete your masterpiece,' completed Hera in a mocking tone.

Ares gave her a small bow. 'Precisely. He turned to the others. So what say ye…?'

'No,' cut in Asclepius to everyone's amazement. The God of Healing stood up.

'I know you and I'm very aware of your victims who cry out to me for life or death depending on the state of their injuries. I will have no part in this because despite all your promises of rewards for each of us… in the end; we just get screwed over again and again.

I pity your followers for they surely have no idea what you're capable of.'

He sat down and continued reading his scroll.

Ares shrugged. 'Well; Healer God you were always a lightweight so we won't be needing your services; as for the rest of you I'm certain you miss our former days of glory…'

'What glory?' interrupted Athena. Lady Q sat up; the goddess looked pissed.

'Tell me again what glory? The one where Thirteen Tribes almost tore each other to shreds because of racism?! That you encouraged among your followers! And you want to start that crap all over again?!

I stand with Ascelpius!' the healer looked up briefly from his scroll 'I will not be part of this!' She crossed her arms angrily.

Ares was no longer smiling.

'So that's the way it is I see. Have the rest of you become cowards like these two or not?'

Aurora raised her head. 'Funny you should say that; after-all you are yet to confront the Qs face to face. Or are three Qs and a baby Q a little too much for you to handle?'

Lady Q tried not to snarl. Oh no she didn't just bring up her son's name! She looked quickly at Ares to see a puzzled expression that lasted for less than a second.

He hadn't known of Q Junior's existence...until now.

'So what? They are no march for me.' Zeus eyes narrowed at Are's boast.

Poiseidon's laugh was hearty as he pointed at Ares. 'You didn't know there was a baby Q among the Earth humans? It's been helping them for some time now and he is involved with the refugees as well.'

Ares growled. 'Look at what we have become; we used to be gods and now we beg for scraps from lesser beings. I was hoping to get you to come willingly and help me but due to your reluctance I am invoking the Right of Aid.'

'Oh Hades no,' swore the God of the Underworld softly; even the God of Healers rolled up his scroll and clutched it tightly as if trying to hold in his rage.

The Right of bloody what ?! Thought Lady Q.

'As written in the Sealed Kobol Accords; anyone of us may ask for Aid but once and all must answer no matter the request!' shouted Ares.

Zeus sighed. 'That Right is only to be used as a last resort and this is the wrong time to invoke it. You're not getting that today.'

There were murmurs of assent as Ares stared at them ; he opened his mouth to protest.

Zeus stood and raised a hand thus silencing the younger God. 'It's clear that you're going to proceed with this venture whether we agree or not; so let me propose an alternative arrangement.'

Lady Q felt Aphrodite tense beside her.

'Earlier on you said that four Qs are no march for you. That sounds wonderful; so I propose this; if other Q apart from the current four get involved maybe; then would be the right time to come to your Aid.

What say the gallery?'

There were a chorus of ayes.

Ares stared at them. 'That's it? If the other Q get involved you will all help me.'

'Yes,' said Hades softly.

The God of War looked far from satisfied but even he was smart enough to see that this was all he would get this day.

'So be it.'


Lady Q travelled as swiftly as possible which actually only needed a snap of her fingers once she was out of the in-between. To her relief the two male Qs were back at 'headquarters.'

'Where have you be…?' started her husband.

'We have a big problem,' cut in Lady Q. Both men shared a worried glance before turning to her.

Once she was sure she had their undivided attention; she told them everything.


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