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Part 4

That acknowledgement from him, that she wouldn't be rejected, had her acting. Leaning in the few inches separating them she kissed him before he could say anything else. He groaned softly at the contact and she pressed against him fully. His arms shifted so he was holding her against him in a tight hug and she deepened the contact, sensing he needed her to tell him this was more than okay. He didn't let her go, or even loosen his hold. When they finally broke apart she spoke before he did. "Can we please stop talking now?" She kissed him breathlessly. "Please? Because despite your total lack of a motorcycle you still have really great hair, and I find I don't even have to sneak anywhere to get to you."

He growled as he leaned in and kissed her again. "There won't be any sneakin' about this." He shifted her and laid her out over the blankets on her back, propping himself over her. Or at least he tried, she yanked him down firmly so he was flat against her and promptly hooked her leg over his to prevent any escape attempts. "I don't sneak." He stated as he started to kiss her hotly.

She nipped at his bottom lip at that. "What do you call this plan of yours if not sneaky?"

"Well strategized." He mumbled into her skin.

"I can see why you're a general." She commented. He didn't argue the point. Instead, it seemed to make him quite happy, taking it for the compliment it was. After that they fell into each other like they were free falling from a thousand feet up. She thought maybe they had waited too long to do this because it seemed neither of them could slow down, let alone stop. The only thing that managed to have them pausing was some confusion over how to get his holster off, although it might be better described as a slight hesitation as opposed to a pause. She supposed she hardly helped the situation as he undid the buckles as she was nibbling at his neck in a way of distraction. Finally, he got the damn thing off and she managed to shove the straps off his shoulders. He set his gun aside, a little above her head, and turned all his attention back to her.

She thought she should be bothered the lamp was still on, as low as it was, but wasn't. She was so caught up with him she didn't find time to think about what he thought she looked like. Besides, she could feel how eager he was for her even with all her clothes on and if she were utterly honest about it she wanted to see him too. As he tugged her shirt up over her head and tossed it away he kissed a trail down her neck. "I'm not sure how long this is gonna last, Darlin'." His voice was strained at best, regret and the slightest hint of anxiety there. "Not this time. I want this to be good for you."

She wasn't overly concerned with that even if he was. This was already incredibly good for her. She felt like her body had lit on wire as lust and affection ran her over in waves, fighting for dominance in this unexpected but welcome situation. "I've wanted you for three years, Cain. I promise I won't be disappointed as long as you keep touching me."

He groaned into her collarbone. "That I can promise." He said gruffly as he mapped her newly exposed skin with his lips. Even with only her shirt gone she swore she had never been this turned on, ever. When his calloused hands ran over her navel she moaned out his name and he kissed her chest, right where her bra line was, tickling her skin. "Use my first name, Darlin'."

She would do anything he wanted at this point. No one had ever made her feel so good before and they had barely started. What the hell was he going to do to her when all their clothes came off? She really, really needed an answer to that question as soon as possible. Reaching around to his back she began to tug his shirt out of his pants. "Yes." She agreed breathlessly as the shirt came free. Her hands darted around in front and began to flip buttons open as fast as she could. She wasn't even slightly surprised to see them shaking. She was so revved up right now she was half convinced she was going to start levitating off the bedrolls. When the buttons were half undone he simply pushed himself off her long enough to pull the fabric over his head. She was on him before the shirt followed hers to the blankets and her abrupt movement had him hitting his elbow on the dashboard with a thump. He ignored the pain that must have caused completely, all his attention locked on her.

He was covered in hair, which she hadn't been expecting but found she didn't mind in the slightest. None of her other paramours had ever had more than a smattering of chest hair, but Cain was covered in a fine layer of blond fuzz. She ran her hands over him eagerly and he groaned again, capturing her lips and tugging her up with him as he sat on his knees. He pawed at her bra and she pressed herself flat against him, rubbing herself against him eagerly. The man finally got the better of the garment and she felt the clasps open. When it was free he slid the straps along her arms and she let him go so he could take it off.

When she was exposed he took her in with hungry eyes, those calloused hands of his ghosting over her rib cage tantalizingly. She allowed him to look for a moment, it was all the patience she could muster at this point in time, and then pressed back against him. The heat was becoming nearly unbearable and she wasn't the only one feeling it. He was running his hands all over her, with no reason or pattern to it, and she figured she would save him the trouble of trying to be a gentleman about this, knowing how very long it had been since he'd had a partner. Her hands darted down to his pants and she tugged at the fastenings as she panted at him. "I want you, Wyatt."

He let out a ragged pant. "Deeg, love, let me catch my breath."

She wasn't deterred. "I'm not going anywhere." She kissed him hard. She had all the time in the world for him, had no problem letting him enjoy this first, because he would make it up to her. Ozma she could only imagine how he would make it up to her.

"If you aren't ready-"

She kissed him again and grabbed his hand, leading it down to the front of her own pants. She was more than happy to give him proof that she was ready. She'd been wet since their first kiss. "You really don't have to take my word on this."

Getting the hint he flicked the buttons on her pants quickly and slipped his hand down between her legs as she stretched up farther on her knees to be better able to kiss him. He hummed when he found her warm and wet, his fingers sliding easily through her curls. A small little wail came out of her at the electrifying touch and he rubbed her more firmly, striving to make her feel good despite his state. She was grateful for that considering she hadn't been with anyone since she got here. While three years didn't compare to his dry spell, she was understandably eager.

Her hips tilted toward his hand at their own accord and he breathed out a cross between a curse and a prayer. "Ozma, DG." She whimpered and forced herself to move away so she could lay down for him. He leaned over her and kissed her before hooking his hands around her pants. "Okay?"

"Wyatt, how many more times am I going to have to say okay here?" She panted, finding it harder and harder to form coherent thoughts, let alone full sentences.

"I just want you sure-"

"Take off my pants." She demanded. He quit arguing and sat back, taking the material with him. She lifted her hips to help and he slid the pants off her legs, stopping to tug her socks off as he went. As he shoved the material away she reached down and shimmied her panties off. His eyes dilated as he took her in, noting her flushed skin and uneven breathing, not to mention the moisture between her legs that his fingers had only just helped spread around. She pushed herself up on her elbow and reached out for him with her other hand, tamping down the butterflies ruthlessly. Finally, finally she was on the same level he was. She would maintain the equality now that she had it. Her nerves were just going to have to freaking deal with it. "Come here." She whispered invitingly.

He slid over her in a surprising show of grace considering how big he was and their lips met again. She tangled her hand in his hair to hold him to her, taking full advantage of having him where she had wanted him for so long. Her other hand went down to his pants and tried to push them down. She was very sure both of them had waited long enough for this. "Deeg." He breathed out, strained and fighting for control. "I want this to be good for you too."

She kissed him again. "This is already good for me. I promise. Please, I want you in me." If he wasn't soon she was fairly confident she might die. She would blame him for that.

He kissed her again and shoved his pants down enough to free himself. Spreading her legs for him she wrapped one leg around his waist. He kissed her as he positioned himself and then he was sliding into her, and oh god it was so perfect. He let out a heartfelt groan as she whimpered in pleasure, and when he bottomed out in her went still all over. His head fell to her neck and she ran her hands over his shoulders and back. Her mind was reeling from having him over her, and in her, and all around her. She bit her lip at the stretch he was causing, knowing he was good sized, but her lack of intimate contact having her unused to being taken. She didn't complain though, in a few minutes this would pass and she didn't want him stopping on her account. Who knew if she'd ever get him back in her? Besides, once she was used to this she would more than appreciate that wonderful, amazing, perfect stretch.

Running one of her hands to the nape of his neck she spoke gently. "Stop fighting, tin man." She turned her head and kissed his temple. "It's okay. Love me."

He let out another groan, a cross between surrender and euphoria, and then his hips started to move. She let out small hitching noises as he rubbed the inside of her and clutched at him, enjoying the feeling, the rhythm she wanted to share with him over and over again. Even knowing this was going to be short she wasn't entirely prepared for his sudden frantic motions. He pressed into her harder, repeating her name over and over, and she did her best to keep up with him to make it as good as she could for him. A minute later and he let out a choked shout and pressed her hard into the blankets. His hands gripped at her shoulders, pushing her closer to him and she tightened her hold on him as she felt him loose control. Despite her lack of completion a thrill of feminine delight overtook her. She had never thought she could get him to loose control and he certainly had. He had lost control this way because of her.

Warm wetness filled her and she cooed into his ear as he lost himself, soothing and reassuring him. His body went slack all at once and she found herself completely under his weight and loving it. She kissed the parts of him she could reach, his jaw, neck, and shoulders, and continued to run her hands over him possessively. She tugged at his hair gently and stroked her other hand down his spine, mapping him out. He panted into her hair and she tickled at him playfully, trying to ease any tension or regret he might have for not taking her all the way with him. As he regained himself he turned his head toward her and loosened his hold on her shoulders. "Darlin'." He breathed out.

She hummed at him and continued to touch him. "Good?"

He let out a cross between a laugh and a groan. "I won't leave you wanting like that again." He promised as he shifted his hips and slid out of her. She let out a sound of protest, but he put his hand over her center and began to stroke her purposefully. When she started letting out soft sounds of pleasure she could tell he was much more content over this whole situation. When she came against his hand with a loud cry he kissed her warmly and pulled her to him as she floated back down. Relaxed and beyond happy she turned her head and kissed him lazily. He smiled into her mouth and pulled a blanket up over them. "How are you feelin' now?" He asked.

"So awesome." She whispered as she snuggled up against him. He laughed softly and reached over to turn the lamp off. The cab was plunged into darkness and all at once she giggled.


"It's just… I can't believe our first time was in a truck." She laughed some more as he shook his head and kissed at her shoulder. "I was picturing something else."

"You were picturing this?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Like you weren't." She replied, calling his bluff. She felt different with him now, and wasn't entirely sure if it was because of the sex or her sudden feeling of evenness with him. It could be both or something else too. Regardless, it was nice whatever it was.

He hummed and kissed her. "I won't pretend I wasn't." He said, his voice filling with heat as his hands started to trace her again, this time slowly and leisurely. "Although I didn't see it happenin' in a truck either." He nuzzled at her face. "I also can't believe you demanded I take off your pants."

She laughed and blushed at the same time and his eyes twinkled. "Never heard that from a woman I take it?"

"No." He agreed and she liked that at least in that respect she was a first for him. "Can't say that I have." He went teasing again. "I have good hair then?"

She smiled into another kiss and ran her hand down his chest. "Yes, and much more than I had anticipated. I see how you stay so warm in the winter."

That had him chuckling. "Hope that doesn't bother you."

"No, not at all. I've just never had a fuzzy boyfriend before."

"Boyfriend?" He asked in a way that told her he did not equate that term with his very manly self.

"Suitor then." She tickled at him. "Either way, you're still fuzzy."

He shifted and tucked her below him. Liking where she thought this was going she reached up and pulled his face down to hers. When they broke away he spoke. "I get to court you then?"

"You better after getting me naked." She replied happily.

"You demanded I get you that way." He pointed out with an amused smile.

She felt mischief run along her spine. "Take off your pants now."

He laughed softly and shook his head as he slid them off under the blanket. Tossing them on top the rest of the clothes he raised his eyebrow. "Satisfied?"

"Yes." She said right before she started to stroke him.

He groaned at the feeling and allowed her to touch him for a minute before pushing her hand away. "I need a second, Deeg, then I promise to make you feel wonderful." Content with that promise, and relaxed from the recent contact, she hummed softly as she curled up against him. He let her do whatever she wanted as he reached over and pulled one of the blankets over them. Liking the added warmth she murmured her approval and he rubbed her back lightly as he shifted them both back a little so he could rest his back against the far wall of the cab. "Okay?" He asked.

"A lot better than okay." She replied a little fuzzily. "Glad we finally did that."

He smiled as he kissed the top of her head. "Me too." His hands continued their gentle caresses. "Maybe we should think of a way to make this a more permanent situation."

"Cain, I'm just not sure I can live in this truck forever."

He huffed out a laugh. "Smart ass."

She laughed into his shoulder before moving her head up and kissing him warmly. "I would like that." She said softly. "I like you."

He smiled. "I like you too." He kissed her again before checking to be sure he had this situation down right. "I take it I have your permission to court you then?"

"Yup." She agreed with happy acceptance. "I'm very much in favor of the courting business, especially if it ends with us like this on occasion."

He was amused with her. "That's a weight off my mind." He nuzzled at her gently. "I could love on you all night."

"I'll let you do that." She assured him.

He shook his head at that. "So bold."

"You like that." She was sure that was true.

"You have no idea." He told her, his hand running down her back. "But I think the real question is what do you like?"

Her eyes twinkled, turning that into a game with a speed he found alarming. "I think you should find out on your own."

He shook his head, leaning down and kissing her deeply. When he broke away, with her breathless and dizzy below him, he spoke. "We are definitely goin' to be out here three weeks so I have plenty of time to work that out if you aren't even goin' to try to help me." That had her giggling in agreement and he smiled, running his hand over her cheek. "I mean it. No more runnin' yourself ragged. You need that energy for other pursuits." She laughed harder, utterly amused. He smiled down at her and kissed her lightly. "You think you're ready for me to go ahead and start?"

Feeling him getting hard against her hip she caught his face and pulled it down to hers. Kissing him thoroughly she let him shift her to her back again. "I think so." She agreed. He hummed and began to stroke her in a different way. Looking up at him she smiled as she stretched below him. This had been a good trip and by the way he was touching her she could tell it was about to get even better. Above them the rain continued to pour and sent up a silent prayer that it would keep fall until the next night. She could certainly do quite a bit to get her head in the right place with a full day of tin man loving. She rather thought Cain would approve of this method of relaxation as she clamped her hips over his. Maybe later she would ask to be sure, but for now she wait. The question would keep for at least a few hours.

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