Initially when I had the idea for this fic it was going to be part of my 'Snaps' collection, but once I wrote it and shared it with Caris Bennet it became apparent that a multi chap was called for.

So, Christine is in her early 20s and after an embarrassing situation her feelings for a certain person are rattled. Of course, she turns to two very special women for advice: her mother and Angela. This first chapter sets up the story. Let me know your thoughts;)

Disclaimer: Bones belongs to Fox.

Christine parked on the curb, in front of her parents' house and hurried to the front door. Not wasting a single second she used her key to enter. Her parents insisted she and Parker kept a key. It was their house too.

"I'm sorry. Am I too late?" She used her charm smile on her mother.

"No. Your father is on his way." Brennan rinsed and dried her hands, turning to accept her daughter's embrace.

"Don't I get a hug?"

"Yes, you do." Christine smiled at Angela, loving the opportunity to share some girl time with the two women.

"Need help?" Christine looked around the kitchen counter, hoping she could still help before her father and Hodgins joined them for a late lunch. They all got together for a nice home meal on the weekends whenever it was possible.

"What happened?" Angela asked as she moved to stand next to Brennan, nudging her foot. The artist really wanted to know why Christine felt like she was running behind. The two friends shared a look as Christine shrugged a shoulder.

"Why do you seem flustered?" Brennan added, noting her daughter seemed agitated.

"It was nothing. Just a little wardrobe malfunction."

"Mmhmm..." Angela raised an eyebrow, sending a knowing look Brennan's way.

"Okay!" Christine threw her arms in the air in surrender.

"Oh." Angela shared a wicked laugh with Brennan as Christine said she went to the movies with her friend Austin.

"I helped him on the move to his new place." Christine defended, stating the outing was just about a friend thanking another friend for the help.

"Go on." Brennan piped in, detecting the undeniable stir of emotions her daughter was experiencing. Brennan could read her daughter just as well as she could read Booth.

"Alright!" Christine laughed, explaining how the one-shoulder strap of her dress gave out for some reason. "I was so embarrassed." She confessed how she'd struggled and maneuvered to keep her breasts covered.

"Aww, Bren, he gave her his shirt." Angela loved it, imagining the whole incident with crystal clear clarity.

"I..." Christened blushed, despite knowing the two most important women in her life were not easily scandalized. Especially her mother. "Is it so bad that I enjoyed the view?" It was her turn to laugh.

"No." Angela leaned closer, wanting to know the details. She'd known from the start that those two were headed to more than friends territory.

"From the beginning I was attracted by the prominent ratio between Booth's clavicles and his ilia." Brennan sported a smug little smile as she threw that out there.

"Mother!" Christine chuckled despite the unexpected turn her mother took.

"There was serious sexual tension there." Angela informed. "It got to a point where I thought nothing would happen." The artist leaned even closer to Christine, mimicking a conspiratorial whisper.

Booth parked in the driveway and led the way to the back of the house. Before he opened the kitchen door he heard Brennan's comment.

"Oh God!" Christine gasped when her mother shared that the first time she saw Booth naked wasn't when they became romantically involved, but rather the time she burst into his bathroom.

"Bones!" Booth felt he was on the verge of a heart attack. How could she possibly say that in front of their daughter!

"What?" Brennan gave him a blank stare. "It's true."

"I know, but..." He trailed off, crossing the room to stand behind his daughter. He covered her ears, eliciting a snort of amusement from Angela and Hodgins. "She doesn't have to know." Booth whined.

"She's an adult, Booth." Brennan reminded.

"She's got no business knowing that." Booth countered.

"I can hear you." Christine tapped her father's wrists, wriggling out of his hold. "Hi, Dad." She kissed him on the cheek, trying to deflect the conversation away from how hot her mother found her father.

"Parker and Michael are on their way." Hodgins cocked his head to the side, indicating his wife she should follow. "How about we start up the grill?"

"Uh, sure." Angela linked an arm with Christine, asking for more details. The younger woman felt the heat rise up to her ears since Hodgins was within earshot and definitely taking note.

"Geesh, Bones." Booth shook his head, returning his attention to her. "That's private and no one's, especially our daughter's, business." He stepped closer to her, intent on proving his point.

"There were no explicit details." Brennan arched an eyebrow, pointing out she could have talked about the time she undressed him at the lab. "Even if it was to recover evidence." Brennan clicked her tongue against her teeth, knowing exactly what she was doing to him.

Booth groaned at the horrific thought of what other somewhat compromising memories could resurface.

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