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Batman had just gotten back from his nightly patrol and sat at the supercomputer to track some paper trails leading to a laboratory conducting illegal experiments. He had found the preliminary information while interrogating a gang member affiliated with Cadmus. The Dark Knight had almost completed his search when the computers distress signal flared to life signifying that Robin, his ward, was in trouble and needed assistance. He was at the teleporter in an instant, fingers flying over the keypad as he input the coordinates to Mount Justice. His son was in danger.

Twenty Minutes Earlier

The team sat in the Mount Justice kitchen waiting while Megan cut slices of pie for each of the members. Kid Flash didn't hesitate as he quickly inhaled his slice. The rest of the team had barely received theirs when Wally started to complain.

"It looks and tastes like this was dropped in a volcano."

"That didn't seem to bother you while you were eating it." Kaldur replied. "And don't say that when Megan was kind enough to make us desert. A little less time in the oven and it will be perfect. You are getting much better Megan."

Megan looked glum at the speedsters insult to her culinary skills but swiftly cheered at Kaldur's encouraging words.

"Thank you Kaldur, I'm going to start right away. Now what sounds better, Carrot or Cherry?"

"Cherry!" The team exclaimed.

"Oh, alright, but I seriously think the Carrot would be delicious."

"No offense Megan, but I don't even think Wally would eat that." Robin stated.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, I'm just saying that you always eat as if you haven't had any food in over a month."

"It's not my fault my metabolism is as fast as I am."

With her newfound determination to prove her culinary prowess, Megan started on her new pie as the two boys continued to argue.

Robin's POV

Wally and I stood face to face and he was just about to continue the argument when he was thrown to the other side of the room. In his place stood superboy staring at him like a predator would its prey. I was about to ask him what was wrong when his eyes land on me. His gaze goes from murderous to... possessive? Either way something was wrong and I didn't like it.

The next thing I know I'm trapped in a bear hug, his arms like a cage trapping a small bird. Wow, I've been listening to too many villains and their bird puns. couldn't they at least try to think of some new ones. Anyway, I instinctively kneed Connor in the groin and flipped away. Upon his pained groan, the rest of the team was by my side ready to protect me from the clone if need be.

Connor was back up and looked like he was going to rip somebody to shreds. Namely the teens standing between me and him. Kaldur, being the team leader, instantly tried to calm the clone and resolve the situation. Connor immediately attacked the group standing in front of me clearly with one goal in mind. To get to me.

Connor threw Kaldur away with a single swipe, making Megan use her telepathy to catch him before he hit the wall. Kaldur ordered Megan to contact Batman while Superboy turned toward his next obstacle, Artemis, only to have his legs swept out from underneath him by Kid Flash. When he recovered he dove for me while Artemis shot an arrow containing a net at the Super Clone. He barely dodged the net and tackled me to the ground.

We rolled around on the ground for a few seconds when I felt Superboy being pulled away from me. Kaldur and Kid Flash were restraining the Clone while Artemis had her bow trained on her target. Superboy began to growl when Megan came back with my Communicator.

"Megan, use your telepathy to find out what's wrong. We will hold him as long as we can." Kaldur ordered.

"Alright but it will take a second."

"Wait I don't think you need to hold him back." I stated.

"What are you talking about? He attacked you. Of course we need to restrain him." Replied Kid Flash

"I know thats what it looked like KF but he had a couple of really good chances to do some serious damage but he didn't. If he wanted to hurt me then why didn't he? He didn't even leave a bruise. Let him go."

"Are you sure?" Kaldur asked

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Alright Kid Flash let him go."

The moment Superboy was let go he stood in front of me and growled at my team warning them of what would happen if they came too close. I placed my hand on his shoulder to try and get his attention but he continued to growl at the teens standing just a few feet away. "Connor." I said "What's wrong." He slowly turned around and looked at me. This time with what I could definitely tell was concern and adoration. Adoration? Why would he look at me with adoration? The next thing I know he's holding me in front of him, arms wrapped around me while he stares down our friends.

"Batman B04" The teleporter announced.

Oh Crap, How in the hell am I going to explain this to him? He's going to kill me, and if not me then definitely the Clone holding me in what looks to be a hostage type situation.


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