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Robin POV

I know that this is what we have both been waiting for. The moment of truth. Will I actually go through with it? Am I actually in love with Superboy? Will he enjoy kissing me? That's it right there, the fact that I asked if he would like kissing me after I asked if I loved him proves that I really am head over heels in love with him? I honestly think I've known it for a while now but just couldn't let myself believe it. Now it's time to just worry about the possible rejection of the one I love.

All these questions and thoughts passed through my mind in but a few moments, just enough time for our faces to get that much closer. My heart was fluttering i my chest. My body shook with anticipation and nervousness. My lips burned with the need to be pressed against his own, followed by the rest of his perfect body. There he was, barely an inch away from me. I could feel his warm breath on my face and it only intensified my need to bridge the space between us, but my fear of rejection held me back. I waited for him to make the first move, and here it is. He just starts to move forward once again, determination clearly seen in his eyes. This is it a second more and "YOU GUYS ARE GAY?"

Connor POV

I was positive that someone was hidden in the cabin specifically to harm Robin, so imagine my surprise when I walk into the kitchen and find the supposed "hostile". Not to mention that upon turning around this specific "hostile" clumsily dropped her glass of water and stared at me with this stupid look on her face. What creeped me out the most was what she did afterward though. After her initial look of complete idiocy, she did this thing with her face, and I'm not sure if she was trying to reassure me that she meant no harm or if she was trying to scare me into leaving.

Moments after the glass shattered Robin came running into the room. He had to squeeze past me to actually get into the kitchen and I smiled inwardly at the fact that he put his hands on my side to maneuver around my body. When he positioned himself in front of me I had to restrain myself from collecting him into a vast embrace to show my affection for him. So instead I watched him as he looked back and forth between me and our guest. I tried to hide the fact that I was looking at him by keeping my face toward our guest and looking out of the corner of my eye.

After he looked back at me he got a look of understanding, and then his expression changed to one of anger and fury. He looks back toward our guest and begins to talk. I don't really pay much attention to the conversation as for I am too enchanted with the boy standing less than a foot away. How easy it would be to reach out, grab a hold of him, and never let go. I knew that if I embraced him that is exactly what I would do.

When Robin turned toward me and touched my arm i realized that I had become so entranced by my love that I had completely missed the whole conversation between the two. Well everything except the little wench swooning over my "father." Anyway, after Robin placed his hand on my arm I look down into his beautiful blue eyes, not that i could see them due to his mask which needs to be gone like now, but I know what they look like so I can use my imagination.

All of a sudden I can see those amazing blue orbs gazing at me even though robin hasn't moved to remove his mask. I just used x-ray vision through a lead lined mask! Could my powers be growing? My question was soon forgotten when I gazed back into those amazing blue eyes. It was like time stopped and i wanted nothing more than to kiss the boy in front of me.

Robin began to step closer and closer to me, so on response I begin to close our distance as well. Could he actually want to kiss me, or am I fooling myself into believing someone so wonderful would ever love me? Our faces get closer, inch by agonizing inch, when he stops. He's hesitating. Does he have an ulterior motive for what he's doing? Does he regret letting me take him here? He doesn't move away and our lips are but a hair shy of molding into a single entity. But just as I decide to take a chance and kiss the love of my life, that little shrewd decided to yell at us.

I was angrier than i had ever been in my life because Robin became immediately flustered and stepped away from me out of embarrassment. All I wanted to do was break hat woman in half for ruining my moment with Robin. And that is exactly what I had planned on doing until Robin stepped in front of me to hold me back. He tried to calm me down by standing with his back pressed into my front and rubbing his hand on my arm.

"Look you know that we are heros. We can't let anyone know that we are here. We are actually on a mission. But we have to maintain complete radio silence and stealth. You can't tell anyone, and you need to leave immediately for your own safety." The offending woman just stared at Robin as if he was insane.

"You honestly expect me to believe that? You two totally just came out here to be together without anybody finding out."

Robin gave her the worst bat glare i have ever seen and muttered through clenched teeth. "Believe what you want. Either way you are leaving, and not returning for at least a month." Batman would be proud. I know I am.

"Fine I'll leave you guys alone. You two have fun doing whatever it is you are going to do." She just smiled and walked out of the cabin, heading toward her parked jeep and driving off.

Batman POV

~After Batman's High Frequency Message~

That imbecile of a clone better have listened to me. If he doesn't get here with my son within the next hour I swear I am going to rip his head off and send it to the joker to do whatever sick perverted things he wants. If what Megan said is true, which I'm starting to believe, then my son is slowly being introduced to a slave making hormone that takes away his free will of who to fall in love with. It's just not right, I mean seriously, to literally make someone fall in love with you. It's just not ethical.

By the end of my rantish inner monologue, Superman came flying through the caves. "What was that?" He so bluntly asked

"What was what?" I snidely asked with a glare thrown in for flare.

"You threatened him. You were being completely passive aggressive. Did you listen to what Megan said? He is being overly protective and will consider any slight hostility to be a direct threat toward Robin or their relationship."

With this accusation I was furious and gave the deadliest bat glare I could muster up "What relationship? You mean the one where your defective clone kidnapped my son and is forcing him to fall in love? I wouldn't call that a relationship. I would call that a direct violation of Human Rights, which yes even insane Kryptonians have to follow if they are to stay on Earth."

This left Clark dumbstruck with nothing to say. "If you will excuse me I am about to summon the league to the space station. We need to have a meeting about this. I suggest getting your featherlight little tush up their now before I grab my Kryptonite, because I am not happy right now and you do not want to be near me, especially because you made that thing, so just do us both a favor and leave."

As I am typing in my supercomputer I hear the Zeta tube call out Superman's name as it hums to life leaving a bright flash to signify that he has left the premises. With the Kryptonian gone I instantly relax, and take a deep breath. I honestly was one moment away from bringing out my stash of the green rock. After the major cause of all my stress left I finish calling all league members to the space headquarters. Now that everyone has the notification I start to head to the Zeta tube to head to the Justice League meeting hall.

Batman POV

~Justice League Space Station~

I walked into the Justice League meeting room to find most of the league already waiting in their seats for me to arrive. Just as they should be. I walk to the front of the long table and greet everybody with a quick nod of my head. I assume that the missing members of the league are busy with their patrols to keep the peace on Earth. With a quick scan of the table I look at every member of the league directly in the eyes.

"We have a situation. Young Justice member Superboy, also known as Connor Kent, the clone of our very own Superman, has kidnapped his team member Robin, my progeny. We had them under watch while they were in Gotham. We lost them when Superboy took Robin deep into the mountains. We suspect that he is keeping hidden in an abandoned Cabin or secluded cave."

"Wait a minute, Superboy kidnapped Robin?"

"Were you not paying attention Flash? I will not repeat myself."

"Oh, I was paying full attention, I just don't understand. Why on Earth would Superboy do such a thing?"

"Because he is a defective clone that's why. Now, as I was saying..."

"Batman! Tell them everything." Black Canary interrupted

"They don't need to know if it's not pertinent Dinah."

"Oh, it's pertinent enough" Superman interjected.

"Why don't we let J'onn explain. I think he should know what is going on considering it was his niece that informed us of Superboy's condition."

Every head in the room turned to the Martian Man Hunter. "I do not understand. What do you mean Batman? M'gann knew what ailed the Kryptonian?"

"Think real hard J'onn, back to a story that you probably told her through infancy."

It took only a few moments before the martian stood with realization. "No, it can't be. Can it?"

Superman looked away in shame. "It seems it is J'onn"

"I didn't think it was possible. Not after seeing first hand a Kryptonian male go through the challenges of battle with allies. Well I guess I shall explain."

"They don't need to know everything." Batman quickly mentioned

"Of course, I will make this as fast as I can. In essence. Superboy has mated with Robin, and Robin will have no choice but to mate with Superboy. Connor will not force Robin into any sort of relationship but due to pheromones he will release, Robin will mate with him. For life, and eventually he will be with child."

There was shocked silence in the room. Everyone took a few moments to try and grasp the fact that the youngest member of Young Justice was just about to be drawn into a forced marriage of sorts.

The moment of reflecting came to an abrupt end when laughter pierced the complete silence. Batman was taken aback by the rude gesture and immediately located the one responsible for the offending noise. Along with the Dark Knight, the rest of the league turned toward Green Arrow, who was bent over at the waist arms wrapped around himself as if he was in pain.

The league gave Green Arrow a moment to collect himself. As he righted himself he allowed a few more chuckles to pass his lips, covering his mouth with the back of his hand. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's just kind of ironic if you think about it. I mean, Robin, Batman's sidekick, trained to believe that powers aren't needed to preserve justice, is going to be forced into a relationship with a meta, and give birth to one. Not to mention the fact that it's Batman's protege that is the bitch in the relationship."

Batman was instantaneously furious and pounded the table with his fist. "That is not going to happen, and he is not going to be the bitch in the relationship because there will be no relationship to be had. Do you understand me? That is why we are here. We are here to discuss how we are going to rescue my son from that buffoon, and what his punishment will be for kidnapping a member of his team. I vote for immediate dismissal from the team and imprisonment on the station."

"Batman, that is a bit harsh don't ya think? He can't control what his biology is doing to him. It's a part of who he is, as much as it's a part of Superman. It just hasn't happened to him yet. We can't punish Superboy for wanting to love and protect your son. You would think you would be a bit happier about it. I mean seriously. Your son has his own man of steel to take care of him now. He will always be safe and cared for. You never have to be worried for him again. This is a good thing."

"It's good that my son is being taken from me and has had his will taken from him? It's okay that he isn't able to make his own choice in the matter? You don't understand Dinah. I can't lose my son again."

It was at this point that Superman stood up and voiced his opinions. "That's it isn't it? It's not that Superboy has fallen in love with Robin, it's that you are afraid you will lose your son to Connors love. You already almost lost him to death once and you can't bear the loss of him again, even if it's just emotional."

Batman just looked down at the table with his fists clenched. "I just want my son back. Do whatever you have to in order to bring him home." With Batman's final words he turned and walked out of the room, heading to the zeta tubes for a quick teleport back to his cave home.


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