Chapter Five : Anticipation
Emotion Rollercoaster
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Kizna woke up with a bright light shining over her eyes. She groaned inaudibly and slowly sat upright in bed, and saw a nurse rummaging around with all the medical supplies. She glanced downward at herself, in spite of the fact she felt revealed and very naked. She was wearing nothing but a white hospital dress that looked like a maternity thing. It was spotted with blue dots, and Kizna sighed worriedly, remembering the past events.
Her arm was sore, and she couldn't even feel anything. It was really numb. The broken arm was in a cast. She looked at the nurse, who still hadn't noticed that Kizna was awake. She sat back in bed, letting out a slight sigh, worrying. What had happened after he had attacked her? Had he gone after Ikhny? Was Ikhny okay? What about the others? Did Alec get away with abusing Ikhny? How had she ended up in the infirmary?
" Oh, dear! You're awake!" cried the pink haired girl in a squeal. " Wow, I should call Dr. Rill!"
Kizna waited as the girl rushed out of the room in a hurry, knocking over a silver cart with sharp looking knives on them. They were coated with thick blood. She shuddered. Was that her blood?
" Kizna, you're awake," said a patient voice.
She turned to see Dr. Rill.
" Oh um, hi," Kizna smiled.
" How are you feeling?" Dr. Rill asked, sitting down on a stool and dragging it towards the bed. She placed her hands on Kizna's, and smiled warmly.
" I'm feeling okay," Kizna nodded in appreciation. " What happened to Alec?"
" He's been arrested, so you don't have to worry," Dr. Rill sighed. " He went after Ikhny, but Hiead defended her and beat him up pretty badly. Ikhny is fine and are the others. They're anxious to see you, especially that Zero kid. But I told them to wait until you had regained consciousness. Here's good news : You're allowed to be released today."
" Really?" Kizna asked in excitement.
" Yes," Dr. Rill nodded, amused at her excitement. " In fact, if I get the papers..."

Thirty minutes later, Kizna was released, and walking down the halls, fazed. She heard ecstatic voices chattering, and it reminded her of Saki, Wrecka, Tsukasa. And of course, a silent Ikhny, who's genuine soft laugh could be traced throughout Wrecka's happy chatting. Kizna smiled, and moved her arm slightly. It was itchy and it was really annoying.
" Yeah, and--"
The girls turned the corner, right in front of Kizna. Kizna stopped, waiting for them to realize she was there in front of them. But they failed, just looking at each other and laughing.
" Kizna!"
Kizna's head snapped up when she heard the soft cry of disbelief and endless happiness. She smiled happily when she saw that it was Ikhny standing there, gasping.
" Kizna, you're out!" Saki screamed.
The girls rushed at Kizna, grabbing her in a five-person hug. The neko eared girl with pink hair giggled in satisfaction, basking in the glow of adoration and friendship. She felt so safe in their arms, as her friends began to cry as they hugged her even harder than before. But a stab of sorrow consumed Kizna, and she felt sad once again. She tried to enjoy her friend's joy, but was unable to.
Finally, they pulled away.
" Are you okay?" Wrecka asked, rubbing her eyes.
" We were so worried," Tsukasa murmured, her eyes teary.
" I'm fine, thanks," Kizna shook her head, smiling in a fake sense.
" Great! We missed you so much!" Saki sighed.
" Alec has been put away for good." Tsukasa informed her.
" Thank you," Kizna smiled. " I hope he can sort out his mind and live a happy life."
" Yes," Wrecka nodded. " I hate to be a rush, but we really need to get to training. It's just us four, and you're off, Kizna, since they said even if you did wake up, you needed rest."
" And they are right," Kizna nodded in approval. " I am tired."
" Then get some rest, and we'll go!" Saki smiled.
" Yes," Tsukasa nodded. " Again, wonderful seeing you awake at last."
" I'm happy for it," Kizna said.
They hugged again and the girls sauntered down the hall, while Ikhny lingered behind.
" Are you alright, Kizna?" Ikhny questioned.
" O-of course," Kizna shook her head, fighting back sobs. She bit her lip hard, and a spot of blood appeared. " I'm f-fine as usual, Ikhny. You've no need to ask."
" Why do you want to cry?"
And Kizna burst into tears.
" Kizna!" Ikhny cried and grasped Kizna in a hug. " Are you okay?"
" No!" Kizna wailed, and buried her face into Ikhny's shoulder. " It's Zero..."
" What about him?" Ikhny asked.
" I see him," Kizna shivered in Ikhny's warm embrace. " I need to see him so badly...please take me to him."
" Of course," Ikhny nodded.
They stood up. With a supportive arm wrapped around Kizna's trembling shoulders, Ikhny led her towards Zero's dorm room.

Zero sat on the edge of his bed, gazing at a framed picture of him and Kizna. It was cute. She was cute. He liked her. Or did he love her? -Too late to tell-, Zero thought sadly. For some reason, he was awfully sad. It didn't strike him as normal. He knew that someday, his neko eared partner would eventually wake up and come to him, giggling like she always did. But this time, it would be definently different.
" Because I love her..."
Zero loved her, and had always. When the whole Alec thing happened, Zero had gotten paranoid over Kizna's safety. And when he heard about her broken arm, He had broken down in front of his friends, just sobbing his eyes out. It'd been only two days since her unconscious state, but he had been crying so hard lately. He just needed to see her awake, and her eyes sparkling in that beautiful light once again. Or he'd die.
There was two knocks on the door.
" Come in," Zero muttered, wiping away his tear streaks and placing the framed picture beside his bed.
" Zero..."
He glanced up quickly, to see Ikhny and Kizna there. Ikhny had a concerned and somewhat relieved look on her face, while his beautiful Kizna stood there, her eyes red and watery. Kiza broke down into sobs, dropping to the floor. Her arm was stiff in the cast. Ikhny saw that Zero had it from there, and so left the room carefully.
Zero gathered her into his arms.
" Kizna, you're...awake," Zero said, his heart trembling.
" Yes, Zero...and I...I...need to tell you something."
" Anything, Kizna," Zero whispered into her air, breathing in her scent of strawberries and tears. A fresh scent that only belonged to Kizna Towryk.
A moment of silence reigned over the two, and Zero held her in his arms comfortably. The embrace was unparallel, and Zero knew at that moment, at that place in time this is where Kizna belonged. In his arms.
" I love you."
Zero's breath caught in his throat, and he couldn't speak. Kizna sobbed some more and wrapped an arm tightly around his waist, crying hard.
" Please don't leave me, Zero...I need you so badly. You're the air in my lungs, the one thing I cannot live without. You're the very reason for my existence in this world...because I love you."
Zero smiled, and tilted up her chin, gazing into her beautiful eyes, that lacked the once pretty sparkle of life.
" I love you, too, Kizna Towryk."
He pressed his lips on hers, and Kizna froze in shock. Zero closed his eyes, and slid his hands through Kizna's beautiful short pink hair, and roamed his hands down her back and all over her body. Kizna moaned slightly and opened her mouth, allowing his tongue to slip in. Kizna finally kissed back, nibbling down slightly on Zero's bottom lip. Zero groaned and felt a wave of passion. Kizna must have felt it too, because she trembled and bit down hair, massing Zero's lips with hers. They meshed together perfectly, like puzzle pieces.
Breathless, the two broke apart and Kizna began crying again, this time tears of disbelief and unbelievable happiness. Zero held her in his arms, cuddling her close to his heart.
" I love you," Zero whispered into her ear and kissed her lips gently.
" I love you too," Kizna shuddered and smiled.

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