I was inspired by the shawarma scene of The Avengers to incorporate this type of dialogue into any and all situations. Here is the first. When Infinite Stratos meets Community

I'm a newbie so don't be so hard on me. This takes places before the group returns to face Chifuyu at the end of episode 12 and after the group dinner in the first half of episode 13.

Ichika stood over the shell of the silver Gospel just after delivering the fatal blow to its central core. Houki was nearby while the other four girls hovered above them.

"Is it over?" Houki asks perplexed

"Yeah, it's over" He responded. He stood up allowed himself a few minutes and fell backward to the sand of the beach in complete exhaustion. The Byakushiki was treading the sand and water as it inprinted.

"Oh No," Charlotte yelled out as she was the first to land followed by Laura, Rin and Cecelia while Houki knelt down by him. Everyone powered down simultaneously as they all gathered by the slumped over Ichika. Houki cradled his head in her lap the other girls didn't mind that for now. He then turned and looked plainly in her eyes

"Hey Houki,"


"Have you ever seen a TV show from the past called Community?"

Houki looked confuses at the sentimental question "No what is it."

"I found it in Chifuyu's personal Blu-Ray collection, I don't know what it is but I want to watch it." "You can come by my house on an off day in the summer to watch it if you want"

The sheer sight of the boy she had grown to care for all over again asking her out on a pseudo date sent her nearly to tears

"Houki am I going to have to snap you out of this again" Rin responded infuriated.

"No its fine"

Cecelia tuned to help Ichika to his feet easing him up along with Houki. "I don't mean to be the bearer of odd news guys but, we got to get back."

"That is right" Laura pointed out "Mentor is sure to know we went out without clearance. "

"Calm down guys If I know my sister shell ease up on us after seeing the good we did."

"But," Charlotte questioned "Knowing Ms. Orimura she won't give us and honest answer."

"Easy Charl," he bounced back "let's just head back" Ichika started to walk all the few steps then slumped

"Ichika let me…" all 5 started to say before 3 got the gist that they weren't needed and stepped back "…help you walk." Houki and Charlotte finished as thy both got on either side of him.

"Guys I'm faltered but I,"

"Shut up and start walking." Both yelled out and they all started the long walk back to whatever fate they incurred together