Najica Blitz Tactics: Kirala Mitsubishi's Strange Adventure

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On the last chapter of Najica Blitz Tactics: Kirala Mitsubishi's Strange Adventure

"Najica has been caught in Iran," said Jin. "The state department of Iran is planning on releasing her when we meet her demand."

"What is the demand?" asked Gento.

"Iran wants Alpha within 189 hours," said Jin, "and that is one demand that we cannot meet."

"Now, Kirala," said Jin, "there is a rule that we had to kill you for knowing about this; however, I will overlook this if you work with Lila here on a mission."

Chapter 2: Kirala Accepts

16 of April 9:03 – Jin's Office, C.R.I. Headquarters, Japan

"What's the mission?" ask Kirala.

"The mission is to rescue Najica," said Jin.

"I'm in," said Kirala.

"What about her training?" asked Lila.

"Good question," said Jin. "I think that you should train her Lila and fast."

"How much time do I have to train?' asked Kirala.

"About 183 hours," said Jin.

16 of April 12:00 – Iranian Prison

Back in Iran, Najica was not in the best of places. Najica was being beaten by X. X asked,

"Why were you in Iran?"

"I am not going to answer that question," said Najica.

"Fine," said X, "have it your way."

16 of April 13:42 – Training Area, C.R.I. Headquarters, Japan

Back at C.R.I. Headquarters, Kirala was getting her training done, and Lila was being a good teacher to Kirala. Kirala asked,

"How about taking a break?"

"Sure," said Lila. "How do you know Najica?"

"I know Najica by working with here in the Perfuming department," said Kirala. "Have you heard about The Day Series?"

"What is that?" asked Lila.

"The Day Series is seven perfumes that are named by the days of the week," said Kirala. "Najica and I are working to get that finished by finding the Sunday sent."

"By the way," said Gento, "what about a date when all this is said and do…"

Before Gento said the word done Kirala spayed Gento with some rejected Sunday sent of The Day Series, and Kirala said,

"This is what you will get if you try to do your Najica tricks on me."

To Be Continued…

Next Chapter: Najica is getting torture for information on Alpha. Meanwhile Lila is going to tell Kirala about her relationship with Najica and then get ready to send off for their mission. What will Kirala and Lila do? Najica Blitz Tactics: Kirala Mitsubishi's Strange Adventure, Next Chapter: Najica Suffering and Kirala's Start. Anyway please REVIEW! REVIEW! REVIEW!