Laws of Nature 3

{Bumblebee has yet to recover his memories, Wasp is still loose somewhere in the city, and somewhere there's a new threat prowling around in the shadows. One that will stop at nothing to capture the minibot.}

Autobot Headquarters

The last few weeks have been quiet and peaceful around the city of Detroit. There have been a few minor incidences involving a robbery and yet another sting operation, which thankfully was successful this time around. The Autobots have made great progress with both finding information about the ringleader of the chop shop ring and with Bumblebee's training and reeducation. The young scout had gotten well acquainted with the rules and laws of the human city and the importance of doing chores. Such as his morning training session with his Sensei Prowl, whom was watching his young student run the assembly line at a moderate speed. This would make his third try for the morning, but the young bot was determined to pass this test and move on to the next level of training. He learned well from his Sensei that some things may take several practices before one could master any trail and so when the black and gold ninja gave the signal, Bumblebee plunged himself into the fry.

"Watch your footing, Bumblebee." Prowl had instructed the young bot in front of him as the young one tried to get at a fixed target while avoiding the multiple swinging pinchers of the assembly line. Perhaps he should have used a lower setting… "Don't just focus on hitting the target, it'll leave you open for-"

As he predicted the scout hadn't seen one pincher coming up from below as it swung and caught him in his waist and sent him flying off the moving belt. "Wwaaaah!" Thankfully there wasn't any sound of cracking metal when he landed.

"An attack." The black robot made his way over to his downed student as the smaller bot rubbed at his helm. Once the motorcycle came near the stunned compact, he kneeled next to him so as to help the minibot back up. "Are you injured?"

"Umm, no…" There didn't seem to be any real damage at all so the young scout began to get back up on his peds. "No, I think I'm-OW!" Prowl was quick to catch him as his leg suddenly shot out sparks from his lower ankle joint the instant he put his weight on it.

"Stand aside. Let me take a look." Ratchet had been watching from the sidelines the whole time and had quickly trotted over to the scene. The time he had spent repairing the little bot in the past still weighted heavily in his memory core and the last thing he wanted to deal with was yet another major surgery. "Aaaagh, this is what happens when you download more than you can process." The elder bot had muttered after learning that the injury was minor and only needed a bit of wielding and realignment.

"I'm sorry, Doctor Ratchet…" Bumblebee had quietly apologized to the medic. He had learn early from his other caregivers that your not suppose to make the doctor grumpy. Which apparently was very easy to do and the little scout tended to wonder if it was because he was older than everyone and needed to take naps like how he saw Sari's dad do when he was allowed to go play with her.

"Just don't let it happen again." Ratchet stated with a light huff, but without the normal steel he would usually put in it. Since the young robot's 'attitude adjustment', he had actually been much less trouble and was down right pleasant and respectful during his check ups. "I put you back together once before and I rather not have to do it again."

"Okay." The little Autobot sat patiently with his Sensei right by his side while he did his best not make the grumpy doctor-bot any grumpier.

As was expected, Ratchet repaired the injury without any trouble and soon helped his small patient to his peds. "There, try it now."

As expected the scout obediently shifted his weight from ped to ped and found nothing wrong. "That feels a lot better now." Giving his newly acquired habit of showing his appreciation to his mentors, the little bot unexpectedly rapped his servos around the old medic's frame. "Thank you, Doctor Ratchet." Naturally the look on the old Great War veteran's was a priceless rarity that anyone who knew the old medic personally would have paid to see. "Guess I better start over again, huh Sensei Prowl?" The young amnesiac asked once he turned to his teacher.

"Actually, I believe that will be enough training for today." Prowl managed to say with only an amused smile on his faceplate. Its not often one would catch the Great War veteran off his guard. "You've put in six whole mega cycles already and earlier four more with Optimus." Those early morning lessons were done mostly due to the fact that the minibot had gotten into the habit of waking up much earlier than necessary to watch the sun rise with his ninja teacher. "You've earned some time off and I'm sure Sari will be here soon."

"No, her dad said she has to catch up with her lessons." The scout informed his mentors as he gently rocked on his wheels with his servos behind his back, much like how he saw Sari do when she spoke sometimes. "She can't visit until this afternoon when she comes to get me for my appointment." An experience he hoped that would end with a play date later on. His tiny best friend promise to show him how to play a new video game today.

"Oh, then perhaps Bulkhead could use your help with his latest art piece?" The ninja bot suggested at this latest piece of news.

"Bulkhead went with Dad-bot on patrol." The young bot informed as he looked over his shoulder towards the funny desk his guardians tended to sit at for hours on end sometimes. "He said he thought he saw something funny on the monitor and said to make sure I practice the nerve blows you were teaching me."

The youngling tilted his head curiously at the way his caregivers had instantly glanced at each other after that statement. "In that case, you could lend me a servo in the infirmary." Ratchet had declared and began to nudge the yellow cybertronian into moving in the direction of the medbay. "I'm upgrading the systems' matrix and could use some help."

Ever eager to help out, Bumblebee allowed himself to be lead with a happy reply. "Okay!" He never noticed the old medic turn to face the ninja bot and nod his helm over towards the consol. To which the dark colored robot nodded in return and went to check the monitors.

"While we're at it, I can give you a quick look over before your appointment with the professor." The medic thought out loud to himself as they walked. The other Autobots had learned the more naïve Bumblebee was a little paranoid when they were in the same room with him and no bot would talk to him. For some reason he tended to believe that he might have done something wrong and would end up apologizing for nothing. "We'll be comparing notes today and I don't want any more surprises."

The little bot trotted next to his doctor listening carefully for anything he could learn from the eldest of his little family. "I thought surprises were good to have."

"Not when it comes to good maintenances." The red and white ambulance explained in an almost absent-minded manner. "That may be the one thing you don't want to find surprises in."

"Oh. Okay." As they continued on their short journey, Ratchet went into a lecture of the importance of good maintenance to which his single audience gave his full attention much like he does with his other teachers.

Ratchet's Medbay

The age-old Great War veteran took great pride in his make shift medical room. There was a place for everything and every single thing was in its place. Floors were kept polished, equipment were dust free, tools were clean to the point of gleaming and neatly ordered on a ready tray set near the med-berth. Just on the other side of said med-berth, the aged medic could be seen seemingly talking to his computer consul.

"And once you get those wires connected I need you to start up the central matrix manually." The medic spoke to an opening in his own medical consol as he lean on the piece of machinery in a light casual manner. "You got that?"

"Okay, Doctor Ratchet!" A young voice eagerly replied from within the large machine. Some sounds of movement could be heard as Bumblebee carefully shifted among the wires so as not to unhook anything. "Can you see it now?"

The medic checked his monitor for any changes. "Not yet."

A few clicks later and some more shifting and soon the yellow minibot had called out again. "How bout now?"

Another check of the screen revealed, once again, that there was no changed. "Nope." The older bot took a nano to consider what other options they haven't tried yet. "Try increasing the signal from your end. Remember how?"

"Yes, sir!" Came another eager reply.

Needless to say, the medic had really been enjoying the compact's new personality. He wasn't much of nuisance anymore and was now a very enthusiastic helper. His new eager to please attitude and patience had been a welcome change of pace, and it came in handy whenever Ratchet needed something done around the base. His innocent curiosity also made him an ideal audience and would ask Ratchet about how things were when the medic was younger. It's even gotten to the point that the war veteran became another honorary teacher of Cybertronian History. It made the medic wondered if this is how it was for Arcee when she was working as a schoolteacher on their home planet before the Great War. It was a good feeling.

"There we are." Ratchet declared once he got the expected results from his equipment. "Now maybe we can make this blasted thing to last longer than 260 thousand deca cycles." He muttered to himself as he replaced the consol over the opening.

"Ratchet?" The voice of Optimus Prime could soon be heard as he made his way into the medbay after a long and semi-disappointing shift.

"Prime." The red and white bot acknowledge his leader as he approached the medical berth. "Welcome back, kid. Any luck?"

The fire engine's first response had been a frown. "Nothing yet, but it has been pretty quiet." Far too quiet for his liking, all things considered. "That worries me." After what had happened three weeks ago just before the State Robotic's Fair, the young prime just couldn't trust quiet lengths of time anymore. Not with a deranged robot on the loose. "Is Bumblebee around?" He asked as he took a quick scan of the room for the youngest of his team.

"Hi Dadbot!" A happy voice had cried out from seemingly nowhere.

A startled Optimus Prime had instantly turned completely around looking for his protégé. "Bumblebee?"

"He's in the consol." Ratchet had explained when the younger bot had realized that the minibot was nowhere to be seen. "You know, you can get out now." He had knocked lightly on the machine to hurry the yellow scout along.

"What's he doing in the consol?" Optimus asked as he followed the doc-bot over to the edge of the consol where an opening on the side plate was located.

"Helping me." Ratchet had explained while leaning on the machine. "We upgraded it with the latest software back on Cybertron. Now we should be able to get a better trace of any energy signature no matter how faint." Throughout this short explanation the medic had been waiting to see for any sighs of his yellow helper. When the bot had yet to emerge from his hiding spot, the older model gave the scanner another set of knocks. "Get on outta there, kid. What are you waiting for?"

"I can't!" Came the young reply.

"What do you mean you can't?" Ratchet called while bending to look into the large enough opening for the minibot.

"I think I'm stuck!"

"What?" Both Prime and Medic yelled in near panic. One for the newly updated machine, and the other for the little bot among the active electrical wires.

"I'm caught in the wires!" The hidden bot called out from his position. "I can't move!"

"Don't move." Prime had called hunched over the side opening as Ratchet quickly began to detach the previous plate that had been his window to the inside of his scanner. "We'll get you out."

"Okay!" The ever-cheerful voice called as the minibot patiently waited for his mentors to rescue him. He knew there was nothing to fear so long as his father figure was near and soon enough rays of light began to appear above his head and Optimus was looking over him. "Hi Dad-bot."

"Are you alright?" The red and blue bot had asked as he carefully scanned over his smallest teammate for any sighs of injuries.

"Yeah, but I think the consol likes me too much." The young bot declared as he tried to carefully wiggle himself free. It was very much like seeing a caterpillar in its cocoon.

"Heh, here." The Autobot leader had stifled a light chuckle as he reached over and gently began to untangle his protégé. "So many wires, no wonder you got caught." He stated as he pulled the yellow compact out of his prison after about two clicks of untangling and settled the little body on his hip.

"Cruddy binding must have gotten knocked loose somehow." The medic mumbled to no one in particular as he loosened and studied some of the said wires that were still clinging into the seams of Bee's ped.

This had the little scout pouting sadly. "I'm sorry." That's twice today he seemed to make the nice doctor-bot grumpy.

"Naw, you're fine kid." Ratchet had stated while doing something not any bot had seen him do in well over four millennia. He patted the youngling on his helm. "Not your fault this equipment needs so many cruddy wires." Once the little robot gave him a smile, the medic had soon straightened out on his peds. "I can take care of this later." He had soon begun walking and motioned for the two to follow him over towards the medical berth. "Let's get your post check up out of the way before Sari shows up."

One hour later

The last Earth hour had been spent carefully monitoring the little scout's energy readings. Since the 'surgery' was going to be very delicate it was crucial that they had an exact reading on his energy levels in order keep his systems online throughout the procedure. "Hmm…" However, while going over the findings, the Cybertronian elder had been surprised to find that there was almost nothing to read. "That's odd…"

"What is it Ratchet?" Optimus had asked, from his position near the berth that his youngest soldier was laying down on, when he heard the tone of the medic's vocals.

The ambulance didn't respond right away as he made some adjustments to the readings. "Either this thing's out of focus or something's interfering with Bumblebee's spark readings." The sensitive machinery should have been able to effectively get a reading of the youngster's spark signature without a fail considering that he was laying right on the berth. Yet for some reason the signal was damped and couldn't be read clearly at all.

As everybot's attention was on the monitor none had noticed their tiny human friend entering the med-bay. "Hey what's going on?" Sari had asked after she finally found where her friends were.

Recognizing the voice the little bot had instantly propped himself up on his elbows to see. "Sari!" The youngling called out once he spotted his tiny best friend.

Before the minibot could make a move to his tiny friend, a pair of blue servos caught his shoulders and kept him still. "Stay put, I'll bring her over." Optimus stated calmly before walking over to the human girl. He didn't want to risk a misreading now after hearing that their resident medic was having difficulty.

"What's wrong?" Sari had asked once she carefully picked up by the large leader and was walked over to her best friend on the examining table. "Is Bumblebee okay?" That last she had seen him there had been a living nightmare and she doubted she could bare another incident like that again.

"He's fine, just a glitch in the system." Ratchet called over while giving the console a few smart raps with his fist. "The loosed wires are probably the cause." It was the only explanation he had since he himself saw that the scout had done everything he was supposed to do. "Other than that, he's functioning perfectly." Figuring that the network just needed more time to synchronize with the upgrade, ambulance decided that they would have better luck with the Professor's equipment. "Better get going to Sumdac Towers before heavy traffic sets in."

Streets of Detroit

It was fair weather day when the team set out for Sumdac towers. It had taken a little more time to leave due to the fact that Bumblebee had to dawn his wine red paint job again to ensure his safety on their visit. Bulkhead had taken extra care to make absolutely sure that the coat was even, and that it was completely dry all the way around. He even went as far as to make sure that the compact's false antennas were secure with some glue to hold them in place until they could get them off with a solvent later. Once Ratchet did the necessary staining to make those blue optics appear amber yellow, they had all set out into the city at a leisurely pace so as not to draw any attention. At least, not more so than they usually do.

Sari had been on Bee's shoulder as they chatted away about all they were going to do that day. She wanted to prepare the more timid bot as much as possible so that the appointment would run smoothly. "Dad's got everything ready in his lab." The red-headed eight-year-old mentioned as she distracted her friend from his caretakers wary behavior. She had noticed the way the Autobots were being extra careful with the preparations and figured it was best not to ask until they made it to her home. "He said that they're mostly just going to do x-rays and measure energy levels, so I don't think it'll take too long." She had already decided to activate the protective force shield once they were all safely inside for good measure and figured her father wouldn't mind too much considering what had happened the last time they had set up an appointment. "We could go up to my room and hang out afterwards."

"Okay, that sounds like fun!" The disguised minibot half cheered at the prospect of getting to visit his little best friend's room. He'd been there a few times and fell in love with the view it had to offer. "Just one thing though."

"What's that?" The child had asked instantly, ready to explain anything so that her friend wouldn't need to be nervous about the appointment.

"What's an x-ray?"

Town Square

The team had managed to enter the vast city without any incident of any kind. Which everyone had taken as a blessing considering the near scare the larger bots had earlier in the day. It seems that unless they managed to capture the elusive Wasp, they may never get any true peace. At least they all found comfort in the fact that they had numbers on their side and with Bumblebee's disguise, none should be wiser. However, it did took a great deal of restraint to not crowd around the disguised minibot so as not to draw attention to him. No sense in giving the false impression that the scout was some bot of great importance that he needed to be surrounded by bodyguards. The last thing they needed was for the Decepticons to have a misguided reason to attempt another botnapping. Especially now, when considering how important this appointment will prove to be in Bumblebee's memory recovery.

So far everything had been running smoothly and without any incidents that they were able to relax a little. Sari had been explaining in full detail on what to expect at the appointment so that the minibot wouldn't feel the need to be nervous about anything. It also gave the others, especially Ratchet, a chance to know what was going to happen in the laboratory where the appointment will take place. Neither one of them had noticed a bizarre object flying high above them.

"Autobots…!" The angry buzzing voice went unheard off by any of them since the source was too far away. But the owner of the sound could see them all very clearly and knew exactly who they were. "Autobots remember…" They were the friends of his most hated enemy. They had been chasing him for solar cycles, doing what ever they could to prevent him from eradicating the last remaining trace of that worthless bumbler. "Autobots remember and make Wasp remember…" They just wouldn't allow the yellow bot to fade away from memory. Fade from HIS memory! Soon enough Waspinator had his internal generators running and building up a charge. "Bumble-bot gone! Wasp make them not remember!" If he was going to completely obliterate every single scrap of data about that annoying walking malfunction; he would have to destroy his friends!