Ch. 2 Moths to Flames

Down in the streets Bumblebee had been enjoying their little family outing so much that he had begun waving at the tiny people as they went about their day. He liked the city! It wasn't at all as lonely and scary as he first thought when he ran off that one time. It only looked like that because it was dark, but its nice and bright today so he could see everything he had missed before. Like the little trees that lined the sidewalks, or the colorful lights that tell the none changing cars when to go and when to stopWhich made it the ample time for the Autobots to educate the amnesiac bot on the importance of safety on the roads and how to navigate he way around town. Prowl and Optimus took the time to instruct the youngling about the meaning of street signs, lights, and the overall 'Rules of the Road' as the humans say. It gave them the opportunity to stay just close enough to the little bot without crowding him too much, while Ratchet and Bulkhead had brought up the rear and kept and an audio out.

Although the disguised young scout had been enjoying the new lesson plan a great deal, he had also sensed that there was an odd feeling in his core. For some reason he had steadily grown tense and anxious with every single passing step. He had a powerful urge to look around at his surrounding for something, but for what he didn't know. An uneasiness that was gradually turning into fear…

Optimus had noticed the nervousness in his young protégée. "Bumblebee?" He had been glancing from side to side and was in taking air faster and faster. "What is it?" They all suddenly stop when the minibot began trembling.

Something was wrong. The little bot had been able to feel it from somewhere deep inside of him. Something was very, VERY wrong. 'Danger…!'

Sari could feel the uncontrollable shaking right underneath her. She quickly looked around wondering if something had triggered the behavior. Then she noticed a patch of tar that was newer and darker than the surrounding black top. "Are you remembering something?" They were in the exact spot where Wasp had first attacked them.

They were being followed. 'Danger…!' That's what the feeling had been telling him. Something, somewhere was following them at that moment! 'Danger…!' About to pounce! 'Danger…!' The disguised scout had soon sensed something from above and looked up and lunged forward.


A sudden blast had come down from out of nowhere and exploded right in the center of the group. The team had been blown back in literally every direction! Optimus had managed to land on an empty semi truck, Prowl had been thrown onto the middle of the streets, Ratchet had landed on his back just short of smashing into a small store, and Bulkhead had been sent rolling right over a few cars and into the side of an apartment complex. However, Bumblebee, being the smallest and momentarily air born when the attack started, had been sent flying right into a truck that was delivering a larger order of white vinegar. The stuff had splattered all over his frame as he slumped down hard with Sari cradled against his chassis until his servo slid onto the ground, opening his digits and allowing her to roll out onto the street dazed.

As everybot was too stunned to react right away, it left ample time for a recognizable military helicopter to swoop in and transform into a certain green minibot. "Wasp not remember!" The insane convict yelled as he activated and charge up his stingers. "Autobots not remember!" Now that all of his enemies were down, it was his chance to finish them off while he can. "Not remember Bumble-bot!" It was then that he had noticed something very odd about the new red minibot. "Hurg?" He seemed to have been melting… And was changing colors as he did.

Sari had managed to roll onto her hands and knees as she tried to clear the fog from her head. That had been very loud, sudden and very harsh. She even went as far as to put her hands on her temples to stop the throbbing, only to feel something wet on her palms. When she pulled her arm back to see, she had instantly panicked at the sight of red. The sight almost had her believing that she was badly hurt… until her eyes had caught sight of something large and yellow just in front of her. "Oh no." Realizing that the pool of red was actually paint that had been washed off by the vinegar spill, Sari, without really thinking, began cupping up the red slosh and desperately tried to reapply it to a dazed Bumblebee's leg but to no avail. "No-no-no-no!" It had been no use. The natural acidic property of the vinegar just wouldn't allow any of it to stick to the slick metal surface. Even the fake antennas were knocked clean off from the impact. For all her valiant efforts, she had only managed to stain her clothes and skin with the sloppy residue. It wasn't until a large shadow had loomed over her that she realized it was too late. "NO!"

Wasp had stood over the two, fuming in all his rage. 'Online.' There was his hated rival sitting there right in front of him. Still functioning, even after everything he did to extinguish his spark! 'Bumble-bot online!' He hadn't been seeing things when all that red practically melted off the minibot and revealed bright yellow. "Bumble Bot!"

At the sound of that horrible scream, the scout reacted by grabbing the tiny human girl just as the green maniac raised both his servos to strike. "Sari!" The instant he had her in her arms he sprang and rolled away as the fist came down and cracked the pavement.

At the exact moment of impact Prowl had shook of the static in his processor, and with the aide of his thrusters, practically flew forward and grabbed the now yellow minibot away from the insane bot. The action had allowed the three larger members of the team to come to their senses and quickly move in to surround Wasp. "Run, Bumblebee, run!" The cyber ninja had ordered, knowing fully well that the crazy green minibot would put up a violent fight. "Don't look back!" He again ordered when his pupil got his peds under him and began sprinting way with Sari in hand and gave a quick backwards glance at his caregivers. "Just keep running!" He had to get both of them to safety and fast.

For the life of him, the scout had no idea what had just happened. Only, that the mean green robot was back and that he was after him and Sari. His father figure and warned him constantly to never allow himself to be caught by the metal bully, especially if Sari was with him. He had to escape and get her to safety before something really bad happens. With these thoughts in his data banks, Bumblebee focused on his running. He had to get as far away as possible. He had to run faster! Faster! A familiar feeling came over him again and his optics glowed gold. A forgotten program had been initiated and the wheels that adorned the back of his peds had sprung out and extended until he was skating right on top of them.

"He's activated his heel wheels." The young leader of the Autobots had stated more to himself than anybot else and was glad to have trained the scout on how to use them for evading. However the sound of a transformation sequence brought him back to the current disadvantage they had with the fugitive. "Divert Wasp's attention!"

Meanwhile, Sari had been trying to get a grip on herself as she looked back after hearing helicopter blades chopping through the air. Knowing that the lunatic robot had transformed and would overtake them in an instant, she looked around wildly for something Bee could duck behind. Someplace where Bumblebee couldn't get cornered easily. What she saw was a near open area of green. "Bumblebee, the park!" She had pointed out the direction franticly once she recognized the area through her panic. "Hide in the park, quick!" She had remembered his training from the island! He could use his training there, hide among the trees, and stay out of sight until it was safe.

The bright yellow bot had caught on to the plan easily enough and made a beeline for the park. His sudden appearance and that of the military helicopter chasing after him cause the people that were there to panic and run in every direction. He had to hide or else the little people will get hurt if that mean bots catches up. A sudden spraying sound caught his attention and he saw the city playground on the other side of a grassy field that was just now automatically being watered. The speeding scout made it a point to avoid the tiny people as he ran through the activated sprinkler systems and headed for the large sandboxed area. He really wasn't looking forward to this, but maybe he could help to fix it later when it was safe again. With only a short warning for Sari to brace herself, he lunged and curled around her as best he could. As he feared, part of the playground, the Monkey Bars, Swing Set, and Slide to be exact, were knocked over as he made himself roll. The action and gotten sand to attach to and seep into his armor, before jumping straight into the heavy foliage just beyond the area.

Wasp had managed to follow them right up to that point. He had fired some shots just as his yellow target did his roll but missed and couldn't get another blast out before his prey disappeared altogether among the trees. The escaped convict hovered over the area, but couldn't find a trace of yellow anywhere! Eventually he was forced to transform and rush into the cluster of trees and brush believing he could track the cowardly bot down. Yet as he entered the green organic mess he could find any sign that a fairly large robot had even entered the area. He couldn't even register a Cybertronian energy signature from his position! He intended target had literally vanished!

Little did he know, that his prey was closer than he knew. Covered in wet sand and lying as low as possible, Bumblebee and Sari were hiding literally yards away from the derange robot. The coat of sand coupled with the surrounding brush had successfully masked his energy signature and allowed him to blend in well enough to escape their pursuer's line of sight. Sari was being held closely by the frighten scout and could see clearly from her spot what Wasp was doing.

"Bumble bot not get away!" The green minibot raged at everything around him. "Wasp destroy Bumble bot!" Fed up with all these accursed organic material constantly getting in his way, the green mech had activated his stingers and began to charge them. "Make Bumble bot never come back again!" That last declaration had made at the exact time the bot's chest opened and revealed two very familiar looking weapons.

Sari eyes had widen at the sight of those recognizable protrusions. 'Those are…!'

Before she could finish her thought, the crazed Cybertronian unleashed shot after wild shot of electricity in every direction he could aim at. His hidden target had quickly covered his tiny best friend and lay as flat as he could on the ground making him as small a target as possible. As frightening as all of this was, he had to protect Sari. She was much smaller than he could ever be and didn't have any protective armor like he did. If he stayed down like this and kept her covered, he should be able to dodge the rapid-fire shots and keep her safe. If she were to get hurt again because of him, he'd never be able to forgive himself. He only hoped that his Dad-bot and the others were on the way. For now, He had to hide... Had to stay safe… 'I need to stay hidden…'

City Park Entrance

The loud commotion had been easily heard and traced by the other Autobots as they finally arrived at the scene. Humans were running in a complete panic around their peds as they hurried in the opposite direction without stepping on anyone. Think black smoke began to appear and before long they found themselves in the middle of a huge fire created by the wild and random electrical blast from the crazed minibot. Wasp had been too busy shooting at literally everything in an attempt at flushing out his quarry. He'll burn this entire planet down if that's what it took!

"Ratchet, see to it that all the humans escape!" The Autobot leader had shouted over the screams and crackling fire to the team medic. Who quickly charged towards a cornered family nearby. "Prowl, try and subdue Wasp as best you can!" The ninja bot had been only too glad to carry out the order. All this needless destruction of the surrounding flora had been grinding at him. "Bulkhead, you and I will handle the fire and search for Bumblebee and Sari!"

The large green Autobot didn't have to be told twice and charged right into fray where the fire was thickest. "Bumblebee!" He up rooted trees that were too far-gone to save and hurled them into more open grounds to keep the hungry element from spreading. "Little Buddy, where are you?" He checked every spot for anything that moved as he did, hoping that his little friends weren't trapped somewhere in the inferno. "Sari?"

The fire truck robot had charged after his companion with his ax drawn in on servo and his fire hydrant fully engaged in the other. "Sari?" Optimus cried out as he chopped and foamed anything that had been lit up with flames. "Bumblebee?"

"Optimus!" Sari's voice cried out from somewhere to his left and had him immediately looking downward for the child. "Optimus, over here!"

He had found both her and the yellow minibot trying to get away from bush that somehow gotten its roots and vines tangled around the scout. "Dad-bot!" The youngling cried out to his guardian as he tried to pull himself free from the bush.

Sari had been yanking as hard as she was able to at one of the main vines. She didn't know how this had happened! One minute they were hiding from that crazy robot, the next she could have sworn she had heard a strange sound as if something was slithering near them, and suddenly these vines and roots were all over her friend! It was as if the plants came alive and where trying to eat the minibot. The fire was getting closer and hotter and left very little time to think it through other than to try and break the organic bonds that were pinning the yellow scout down.

Instantly the Autobot leader had charged towards the trapped younglings. He had to get them out of this inferno before they were seriously injured. The first action he had to take was to foam their surroundings in order to slow down the advancing element. As the foam hissed from contact, Prime wasted no time rushing over with his ax drawn and ready. He hacked and sliced with exact precision at roots, vines, and leafy bush until he had been able to physically lift his protégé off the ground completely. Bumblebee had instantly grabbed Sari as he was being picked up and carefully sandwiched her between him and his brave father figure and held on as they began to move. The little scout cringed and buried his faceplate into his chosen parental unit's neck cables in an attempt to block out the strange screeching noises he had been hearing since the fire started. Where they were coming from, or what they were, he didn't know, but it frightened him.

Streets of Detroit

Meanwhile Prowl had been grappling with Wasp throughout the rescue. Due to the two's near equal size neither gave or loss any ground in the struggle. The ninja had managed to wrestle the green minibot down to the ground and had been trying to securely pin him down, however, Wasp had been able to turn their positions around more than once. This time the escaped metal convict had noticed the large Autobot leader running off with his intended target cradled in his servos. Enraged the ex-Autobot elbowed Prowl in his middle and charged after the two with a flurry of electrical blast. However, this time Bulkhead had been nearby and intervened by placing himself in front of the attacker and blocking the every shot. Being build for industrial engineering, his heavily thick plating made it possible to endure those harsh blasts of plasma energy.

Taking advantage of the distraction, the young leader of the Autobots had bolted out of the park and towards the large buildings just outside of the park. He had to get his smallest charge to some cover and had noticed such a spot between two tall buildings and practically tossed the scout with the girl there once they had reached it. "Stay in this ally." Optimus ordered as he made sure Wasp hadn't seen which way he went in his retreat. He had to rejoin the fight before the fugitive could figure out what he just did to hide the minibot. "Don't move until it's all over, understand?"

No longer the one to argue, the little yellow robot only nodded and answered nervously. "Y-yes sir." With that acceptance of his authority, the Prime took off to deal with the dangerous convict once and for all.

As the two friend hid within the safety of the shadows in the ally, the rest of the team had surrounded the crazy ex-Autobot and tried what they could to subdue him. However, despite his mentality, he had remembered his combat training from Autobot Boot Camp and that combined with his unstable thinking, made it a deadly dance of insanity. His smaller size and agility made him fast and mobile enough to avoid most attacks, and counter immediately with strong electrical blast. The strategy had been highly effective against the three larger mechs of the team, but not so much against Prowl, whom so far had been the only bot able to get in close to grapple with the green minibot. Unfortunately the ninja-bot hadn't seen the slit in the green chassis opening enough to allow an unforeseeable shot to be taken at that close range. The black and gold Autobot literally flew back from the force and came to a very rough stop on the park's large sidewalk. Ratchet had immediately responded to the down comrade, which left only Bulkhead and Optimus to tangle with Wasp.

While witnessing all of this, Sari's anger had steadily grew. "Oh no you don't, not this time!" She refused to sit on the sidelines any further with this crazy psychopath. "Stay here Bumblebee!" Without any warning she had hopped down from the scout's shoulder and ran straight for the assisting police units.

"Sari!" The child had moved too fast for the distracted minibot and before he knew it she was out of his reach.

"Don't worry, I won't go far!" The eight-year-old had called as she rushed over to the police units that had arrived to isolate the incident at hand. "I'm just going to get you some pay back." Reaching the nearest and biggest of the police robots, Sari climbed until she reached the unit's electrical generator. Slipping her key from her neck, she held it to the small panel that lead to the generator and fitted into the keyhole that appeared. "This one's for Bumblebee!" Turning the key had increase the velocity of the police robot's electrical charge and had it shot out a huge serge right at Wasp's blind side. Causing all to shield their sight when the target got hit dead on.

The Alley

The yellow Autobot stared in awe from his hiding place as he watched his tiny best friend work. That key of hers sure was special to be able to make those smaller bots bots do something like that. Briefly he wondered if that's what his stingers were supposed to be like. He still hadn't been able to find them yet and really wanted to learn more about them since he found out he was suppose to have them. Maybe once he would ever get them back, he'd be able to fight along side and protect his little family for a change. Although for the time being he can only dream of the day that will happen, the young Autobot figured he better pay attention and take notes. His Dad-bot might want add some new lessons after this was all over.

"Hey." A voice called to him from behind and had him turning around in surprise.

He recognized the small turtle-like creature instantly. "It's you!" It was the same flame wielding being that helped them from the mean green bot before. How lucky that he was around now that they needed some help. "You can help…"

"You're coming with me." The statement hadn't been a request, but a direct order with absolutely no room for argument. He had finally found his target thanks to the raging flames burning within the park, alerting him of its movements, and he wasn't about to miss this chance.

The harsh tone was foreign to the young Autobot. "What?" A sudden feeling of dread and alarm had also grown within his tanks as well. "But my friends..."

"They can handle themselves." It had stated without so much as a glance at what was happening out there. Whatever domestic squabble was happening between a bunch of robots was none of his concern. He had a mission to complete. "Let's go."

"But…" The point glare he had received from the strange stranger had made it painfully clear to the young bot. "N-no…" He had no intention of helping and wasn't going leave unless Bee went with him. "No, I'm not leaving them!" You were never supposed to go anywhere with a stranger, and hopefully if he had answered firm enough, his size would discourage the creature from asking again.

"Did I sound like I was asking permission?" The strange being had growled out the words, clearly not liking the fact that he was being refused. "C'mon!" Without any warning, the green creature suddenly glowed red, flew right up to the scout, grabbed him by his arm and easily began to pull him down the alley.

"Hey!" The yellow mech had never expected such strength from such a small creature as it practically dragged him down the dark ally and away from his friends and caregivers. "Let me go!" In an attempt to free himself, Bumblebee had quickly lashed out with a fisted right hand. To his shock, the jab had been caught surprisingly easily by the thing's free hand. The creature had then squeezed on the metal fist and it began to dent under intense heat and pressure, causing the Bee to cry out from the pain. "Aarrhh!"

The fire being hadn't flinch in the least over the cry, nor did he acknowledge the fear that was clearly showing into those glass eyes. "I'm already ticked off." It had merely loomed over the distressed machine in an act of intimidation as it body flared and revealed that flame design from their first encounter. "Don't fire me up any further."