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Pairings: Canon and Bruce Banner/OFC

2012: Stark Tower

Anthony "Tony" Stark AKA Ironman juggles the data packet given to him by SHIELD before telling JARVIS to expand it.

Holographic images of battle appear in the air in front him coupling almost harmoniously with the large written information scrolling beside them.

Videos of Captain America, the Asgardian Thor, his former employee (and the current agent code named Black Widow), another SHIELD agent, the Hulk and a woman he's never seen before flutter across his transparent monitors.

Lifting his eyebrow he quickly pulls up the profile for the unknown female – Lucinda Hammer; daughter of Justin Hammer former CEO of Hammer industries and Marie-Claire Willow current Victoria Secret model.

Little shocks Tony now a days – this is something that nearly blows his billion-dollar mind.

Hammer? Did SHIELD even know how annoyingly reckless and irresponsible Justin was? The damage he had caused to Tony personally and Stark Industries was massive, now his DAUGHTER of all people was one of those selected in the avengers initiative? Fury wasn't going to hear then end of this.

Rubbing his temples in anger he magnifies her records and statistics.

First thing the disheveled genius notices is an old scanned photograph of Lucinda, her father and grandfather standing side by side. She's young (around ten years old) and stands proudly beside Justin Hammer – a perfect little mini-Hammer clone Anthony muses.

He flicks through the image carelessly – another comes up on screen, the same girl again only more mature. She's around her early teens and this time she's winning the science fair for her handmade robotic arm – probably built by one of Justin's cronies.

Another comes up of her graduating high school at fourteen scared and alone with a large group of older students.

A number of articles come up – dysfunctional family, young Hammer genius mirroring her fathers brilliance, her certificate of deferral and failure out of MIT, her disappearance and alleged drug addiction.

Another photo comes up – she's older, around twenty years old and laughing at the camera. She resembles nothing of her father in this photo.

He quickly reads through the photographs scripted background – it was the first day of her new businesses in India, a mechanics shop aimed at helping the slum dwellers with their "anything from electronic, water, car to technological" problems.

Detailed videos of her workshop follow – makeshift appliances made of trash, old beat up cars and high-tech computer equipment she seems to have built out of scrap metal. He smirks, bloody a-class hacking gear made from garbage.

There are more videos of her breaking down the film cameras sticking out her tongue childishly as she does so, and some photos of her flipping them off.

She looks so much different as she gets older – less like the spawn of Justin Hammer and more like (if he must say it) him.

He observes one of the close up photos – she has sun bleached blond hair that frames her tanned freckled face showing off her vivid green eyes. She grew up well Stark muses – beautiful even.

Tapping on the screen Tony fast-forwards to another document – Lucinda Hammer sitting down with an older man. He zooms in and chuckles – the infamous Bruce Banner.

There's more data collected on the two of them – walking together, eating lunch, playing "science" in her workshop with various equipment, her cuddled up to him on a comfy looking couch and one specific long range photo of them loosely holding hands.

Tony is almost disgusted – SHIELD didn't need to follow them this closely, this was by all means an invasion of privacy.

He pulls up her statistics – potential threat to national security, blah blah blah, one of the top hackers in America, blah blah, top-notch programmer, unparalleled knowledge of technological systems and one of the few people in the world able to preform a "fire sale" on the American defense system.

He's almost impressed.

A final video traces onto the screen - Lucinda clinging to the Hulk, well a shirtless Bruce Banner, tightly in the middle of a large impact crater.

She was crying.

Tony shivers and deletes all the information - vowing to hack SHIELD security and obliterate her personal data.

Sometimes he grumbles they went to far.

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