Hello, my friends. This is one I had inspiration for. It's sort of sad. :/ Monk is having another night of insomnia. It has elements of Mr. Monk Is Up All Night, and Mr. Monk And The Very, Very Old Man. It's not very long, but it's very Monk-Like.

I don't own Monk.

There's something amiss.

Tick. Tock.

No…Trudy…Don't start it.

Smiles, unaware.

Oh no.

Turns the ignition.


He finds himself running, yet he is going no where. The accident still haunts his dreams.

He picks up the phone to call Natalie.

"Natalie!" He says. "She died again…"

He slowly gets out of bed. He neatly folds his covers and pillows. He looks through old case files, new case files. Closed case files, and unsolved case files. He flips through one after the other.

The astronaut, the airplane. The secret Santa, the fashion show. Group therapy.

But there is one case file laying on the table that has never been solved, not for years. It seems like the impossible case.

He reaches into the cabinet and grabs the Lysol and Windex. He cleans his windows spotless- that is, more spotless than they already are.

He grabs his vacuum, and his backup vacuum to clean the big vacuum. He places the pictures all upright.

He puts everything in their symmetrical positions.

Except for one table.

One table: A grave reminder.

Please tell me what you think. :)