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Chapter 3: Greetings

Possibility could not even describe the current event appropriately.

The little girl knew it was bound to happen. She knew that in just the course of time, karma would come around and stab her family in the back. Despite her young age, at what she s witnessed, she confirmed happy endings were not always the outcome. That was just a mere type of trickery to fool the dumb and blind.

Under the dismal conditions she has been living in, she had not been prepared for when an unwanted guest would eventually make his way through her doorstep. Dana didn't know about the events taking place in her room, but she didn't want to notify her, either. Perhaps if she was cautious and quick enough, she could make a run for the back room. Then again, a girl like her could easily get caught by a man like him.

His figure engulfed the doorway in a sombre grey. His tall demeanor towered above her. The way his stance stood told her that he was not thinking of carrying out anything threatening, however this man would be the last person on her trustworthy list.

"May I come in?"

His sudden attempt of converse was like a clash of thunder in her very eardrums. His rough voice resulted in her jumping slightly. Dreadful to her, he spoke.

The rhythmic cadence in her chest made its way through her entire body. What did this man want from her?

"I'll just need a few quick words with Dana," he declared. "She wouldn't leave you alone at home by yourself, would she?"

Amaya assumed that this was his way of asking her if the said person was home. Fearing for her friends safety, she nods her head, hoping he would be convinced of her false whereabouts.

She watched the man's face. He expressed no emotion. She couldn't read him, he was an untranslated book, and the one's who could help her were both out of the room for the moment.

After a cadaverous pause, she ran towards the back room. Relying on her little legs to swiftly maneuver her to the door which only seemed to get father away every step she took.

She couldn't remember how she felt beforehand, but a wave of sanity came crashing back into her senses after slamming the door shut, and all seemed well again. That was, until she remembered the man stationed outside their peaceful confinement.

She ran and embraced Dana, who was thankfully clothed and slightly clammy.

"Maya, what's up?"

He's out there," she mewled.

Dana's heart abruptly skipped a beat.

"Who's he-"

A knock sounded at the door. Mutual feelings hovered between the two. Beads of sweat seeped through their skin as the light and shadows morphed underneath the door frame.

"Go and hide."

Maya quickly obeyed the demand and ran unto the bathroom at the back of the room. She refused to lock the door assuming that Dana would need use of an escape during a desperate situation. Thence, she opened the window and looked out, There was the roof of an apartment building straight across. It was just a leap away. After arranging a contrivance, she ran back towards the door and pressed her ear against it, eavesdropping on Dana and the intruder.

Summing up the courage to protect the the little child, Dana raised the back of her hand and wiped it against her forehead, cleansing it of her sweat, and left over residue of water.

Then, the doorknob turned, and the door slowly opened. Stepping inside was no other than her deceased brother.

"Well, well, well. Its nice to see you again, Dana."

It was if the sound of her name on his lips once more caused all havoc of the world to suddenly turn its direction and contrivance its ways from her. Her eyes and nose began to sting, making her eyes water. A distant pain began to rise out of her chest once again, secretly letting out her bottled emotions.

The look painted on his face was the same, but his eyes; fragments of grief linger behind the crystalline colours.

"Y-you're supposed to be dead."

"Yeah, I know," he replied.

An appalling silence filled the air. It formed the room into a tense, wary corridor or betrayal. She didn't know what to do. He didn't need her any more, he made it perfectly clear - ever since they were able to love on their own after their life with their mother and the orphanage. It was like her existence was futile, a deficient, wasted soul implanted into a dysfunctional body. She was merely his high of relieving his stressful thoughts, nothing else.

"What do you want? You shouldn't be here," she intimated by a cautious gesture.

"I know we've had our conflicts-"

"Our conflicts? Alex, you threw me into a bank vault and locked me in there," she stated. "If that wasn't over the top, then I don't know what was."

Alex mentally chuckled. Her train of thought was so naive. She truly didn't understand the reason behind his actions.

"Dana, the only reason I did what I did was because you interfered with my plans. You were helping the enemy."

"I was taking care of James' daughter! How in any way did that interfere with your work?" Fragments of suppressed anger began to rise on her voice.

Alex was disappointed. "No. You were sending out information to him, info that would not only hinder my plans, but destroy me. Dana, we had an agreement; an arrangement that meant we would no longer be able to have any type of contact with each other. The pressure was all going towards you, not me, that's why I wanted us to separate. I was the source of your stress."

Dana was silent. She thought back to their separation, and how it scarred her. It wounded her mentally, and she went mad from there. The only thing that would keep her grounded at the time was either work, or Alex. Since the latter was unavailable, she found commission with Father Luis Guerra, who coincidentally was connected to James.

'You were also the source of my sanity.'

"Well, why are you here? I thought you didn't need me anymore," she stated.

"Well, actually, I do. Come outside, we need to explain some things," he gestured towards the door.

"No. This conversation is over," she said as she turned to walk away. Alex quickly caught her movement, and immediately grabbed her wrist before she could proceed any further.

At short notice, she struggled to get away from him. Alex then gave in, and released her, but was soon shoved back by her hands on his abdomen.

"Don't-" she shrieked. "...Fucking touch me," her finger was raised towards his face as a threat, then hastily dropped to her side. Alex slightly inclined his head to the side, trying to apprehend the reason behind her sudden outburst.

Deciding to forget the irrelevant action, he spoke up. "Just come outside. I want to explain," he raised his hand towards the door again, inviting her to the living room.

Dana looked at his eyes, then to his hand. After a short altercation in her mind, she ceased. "Fine, but let me get Amaya. I'm not leaving her locked in a room."

"Very well," he replied, dropping his hand. He watched her figure until she turned a corner, disappearing from his view.

When she approached the white, bathroom door, she suspected Amaya to have heard every word. Finally out of her brothers' sight, she embodies her forehead against the door, and clenches her eyes, forcing back deprived emotions aching to be released. After a moment, Dana knocks on the door.

"Amaya?" No answer. "Sweetie, it's me. You can open the door now."

The doorknob turns and Amaya emerges, only to be shoved back in. Dana follows after, almost toppling over the girl.

Dana quickly closes the door behind them, then locks it.

She was not sure of she could trust this man again. He had been there for quite some time, but his sense of sanity became clouded with the greed and desire for cleansing the world. He became corrupt by the very thing he aimed to destroy. How did he even come back? Did he come from James? Was James even alive? If he wasn't, then they would be lost. Amaya had already lost her mother, she refuses to believe she lost her father to this monster as well.

Dana's thoughts told her that she needed to get out of there. She had to take Amaya to James, if he was somehow still alive.

"We're leaving, Maya."

Leaving? What did she mean by leaving? Did the man go away? Or was this an escape? Surely she would have been able to tell the man off.

"Is he still here?" she asked.

"Yes, he's still here. I'm afraid he might do something with us.. so we have to go."

Amaya nodded quickly, agreeing with the plan.

"The window!" Amaya said as she ran towards the said port. It was still open, and she leaned out. She gestured for Dana to come and follow, and pointed ahead.

"There, a ledge," she stated.

Dana looked out the window, and found out that Maya was already a whole step ahead.

"It's just a jump away," she smiled. "Will you be able to jump there? We're a little high."

Amaya nodded quickly, and decided it was time to get to the point. With Dana's help, she climbed onto the windowsill. Her hands were glued onto the frame, however, and couldn't decide when to make the jump.

"Don't worry, I know you can do it." Dana said softly, hoping not to provoke her into such circumstances. Amaya felt a lump forming in her throat. Since when was she afraid of heights? She feverishly enjoyed being on roller coasters, towers, monuments.. this was no big deal.

She crouched into position. Without looking down, she leapt across and tumbled onto the rooftop of the other building. There, she waited for Dana.

Dana climbed onto the windows ledge, and looked down. They were 12 stories high, consequently, a fall would indeed kill or incapacitate her. Holding her breath, she takes a leap, and lands on the rooftop without awkwardly falling over. Standing up, she examines Amaya for any injuries.

"Are you okay? Any scratches?"

Maya rubs her knee. "Just a small one, but it doesn't hurt."

Dana inspects her knee, and finds a white scratch. The very top layer of the skin is grazed, it is dry, however.

After checking her knee, Dana looks around the rooftop to locate a way down. Then she spots a door which most likely led to a stairwell.

"Okay, come with me."

She grabs hold of her hand, and heads for the steel door. She was correct, behind the door was a stairwell which spiraled down to the bottom. Each floor had a door which lead to the apartments, and a number beside it which indicated what level they were on.

"he'll probably think we went through here. Let's take an elevator," she said.

Dana opened the door with the number 11 beside it. Once they went through, there were two hallways that stretched across from each other, and two elevators centrally located in them. She pressed the button, and it lit up.

During the wait, Dana thought of an explanation for Amaya. She was young, which also meant she was very curious. She would soon ask what happened between she and Alex. By any means, she deserved to know. It was for the better that she understood their current situation; she could deviously help Dana, just like how she had already planned an escape from Alex.

"Dana, where are we gonna go?"

Dana's conscious laughed. 'She already knows what was going on.'

"We'll walk around. We found a home before, so I'm pretty sure we can find another," she smiled.

The elevator button dimmed, which indicated that an elevator had arrived. As they walked through the open doors, Dana scanned the inside for the 1st floor button.

As the shaft slowly began to descend, a dreadful silence filled the small space.

"I like elevators," said Maya, hoping to relieve the two of the awful void.

"Me too," Dana's eyes were downcast as she spoke. She refused to look anywhere but the ground during the time being.

The corridor opened, and revealed the Main Lobby. It's only inhabitants was a lone man, he was dressed in a black sailor jacket. The pair walked out of the building, hand in hand.

Alex walked out of the bedroom, and continued waiting in the fore-room. Refusing to sit, he makes himself comfortable as he leans against the computer desk across from the couch. His backside presses up against the corner of an object, and fails to ignore it as he casually turns around.

It's Dana's pink treasure box.

With the lid halfway open, he grabs gold of the top, and quickly flips it over. What he sees inside is enough to let the emotions within him accentuate.

He holds the picture in his hands, and delicately examines it.

He conveniently remembers the day the photo was taken. Dana had been reminiscing about their childhood experiences. Due to the fact that he couldn't remember any of it, she desired to show him, only to fuss over not possessing any picture albums. Refusing to not make another novice mistake, she forced him to take a picture with her.

Suddenly, he is drawn from his thoughts by the realization that Dana had been taking an excess amount of time. He then carries out the doubt of leaving her alone. Leaving the picture out on the table, he stands up.

Alex quickly strides into the white, master bedroom. He follows the corner which Dana had turned, only to find a closed, white door.

"Dana, lets go," he says, knocking lightly.

With no response given, he places his ear against the door, hoping to pick up any fragment of sound.

Instead of talking, all he heard was the consistent sound of loud honking and motors running. It was traffic.


They escaped. The woman finally agreed to communicate with him, and she decides to ditch. How could she leave him like that? Sure, he was delirious, sociopathic, and a little insane, but he was her brother, her only family.

Grasping the handle with his right hand, he realizes it's locked. Turning the doorknob, it simultaneously gives way, and breaks off. Pushing the door open with his hand, he winds the room to be empty, with the window entirely open.

"Shabby," he stated.

He runs towards the open window. Looking out, he scans for a way out for a simple human. After discovering a way out, his legs then launch him out of the building.

As Dana and Amaya sit on the park bench in illuminated silence, cars and civilians passed by. The pair didn't mind the noise or silence confined between the two. No, they just sat still, waiting for the other to begin conversing.

Maya just continued to gaze around. Her eyes wandered off to those fortunate, and unfortunate in this gloomy city.

"Dana," she spoke up.


"What did that man want with you? Why did he want to talk to you so bad?"

Dana knew this was a morbid question any person couldn't bring themselves to fathom. Why would she, anyways? It wasn't illegal to let her know.

"He's my brother.. He and I were very close."

It took a brief moment for Amaya to take in the preposterous information. Why didn't she tell her this before? Dana had been honest with her ever since they first met. She assumed they told each other everything.

"If you were so close, what happened? Why don't you want to see him?"

"Things are... complicated," she sighed. "We just slowly started to drift apart, and then one day, he asked to never see each other again."


"Yes, very weird, isn't it?" She smiled towards the child. "Usually family stick together forever, but I guess this family was just one of the different ones."

Amaya stopped to think. Surely, Dana didn't mind all the questions, otherwise she would have spoke up. "Are you afraid?"

Dana was taken aback. This one was not well defined; what was she asking? Was she afraid of what would happen? Of him?

"What?" she looked at her.

"Alex. With his powers, are you afraid of him? Of what he can do to you?"

This girl... she was an odd one. She asks the most complex questions for a child, and takes them as if they meant nothing. She is truly a deep thinker, since she has been through so much.

"Well, yes I have. When he told me about what he could do, he kind of blurted it out. I didn't even expect it, it was like something from a movie," she explained. "Then for the next few days I didn't even let him near me."

Amaya giggled at the last bit. She understood how it could be devastatingly frightening to experience this. She wouldn't even go near her father. Over time, however, things changed, and she appreciated his gift.

"Do you think he'll find us-"

"I already have."

Dana and Amaya's heartbeat accelerate from hearing the voice, and quickly turn their heads to its direction.

"Goddammit all," Dana curses to herself. This man is impossible. If you need him, he's never there. When you want him out of your peripheral vision, he'll be in your face. He never understood how to fairly comprehend boundaries.

As she eyeballs him move around from the back of the bench to stand before them, she stands up. "Get out of here, you're not wanted," she threatened.

"Dana, I'm not wanted anywhere, so I do believe that rule doesn't apply anymore," he affirms.

"Drop it," she yells.

He takes a step closer, deliberately attempting to invade, and control her vibe. Dana, however, casually stands her ground. With their eyes locked, she can feel his breath on her face.

"Well then," he continues. He cautiously moves around Dana, and takes a seat behind her. "Shall we continue?"

"Whatever, tell me what you have to say," she says facing him, arms crossed. She notices Amaya sitting beside him cowering away. She extends her arm towards her, and flicks her wrist, motioning for her to come stand by her side. As Amaya does so, he sighs.

"I won't bite, you know."

"No, I don't know," she objects.

Alex bit his lip, an old habit he picked up when he seemed human. "I'll get to the point. Dana, I want us to start over."

She slightly raises her eyebrows. "Oh really? So you've finally admitted defeat and decided to come crawling back for forgiveness?" she blackmailed.

"That's not a necessary statement," he admonished. Albeit being related to her, he never inherited her strange, unrequited outbursts. He does accept the fact that this was passed down from their alcohol abusing mother, however, and blames her for it. If only she could see how her kids have turned out, only to shove it in her fucking face.

"Even if it wasn't necessary, is it the truth?"

"N-no. Why are you so upset that I left you?"

"Upset over.. what? I wasn't upset over that. That's childish and completely naive!" she shouted.

"Dana, look, you need to get it together."

"Me?" She gestured to herself. "Alex, I don't know what's going on in your mind, and I never want to know, but seriously, what's up? I understand that leaving me is just opening up your own path to life, but you came back did something so stupid and unforgivable. Is your mission really worth the time?"

Dana's question appeared to get under his skin. How dare she say something so credulous to his nature. "What? Is my mission worth my time? Of course it's worth my time, it's not something someone arranged for me, it's something I personally desired to achieve," he spat.

"No, Alex. What you did had nothing to do with what you wanted to achieve."

Alex smirked. This was going downhill; he wanted to see how far she could take it.
"Well you seem to know everything in my head, so tell me, I want to hear what you have to say."

"Fine," she accepted his challenge. "Alex, I understand that you were just a victim before. You wanted to find out what happened to you, and when you found out, holy hell turned on you. Shit happened, and you decided it was time to make a change in life."

Alex nodded at her clarification.

"Then, you came back. I was thrilled, but you weren't the same. Something unforgivable probably happened to you and you hated the world for it. You lost purpose. The little things got to you, and with so much power and nothing to keep you grounded, you lost hope for humanity. Alex, you became corrupt by the selfishness you wanted to rid the city of."

The mood of the moment was spoiled. Spoiled by his sister's stupid rambling of selfishness. Why would she even make such a hilarious comment? Did she really believe this was going to change Alex's thoughts about his actions in any way slightly? Well, even if it did, did she feel happy about it? He certainly didn't. He felt like a selfish fuck who didn't give a fucking fuck about the fucking world, or his only fucking family.


She was right. She was discouragingly right. How could he stoop so low? To such a level that even the homeless man living under your balcony laughed at. He was an idiot. People had suffered because of him. Well, it's not like they wouldn't have suffered even if he was still the same man he was; hunger was a desire that filled him when he walked in crowds, wasn't his damned fault.

He sighed. Finally understanding his sister's assumption.

"That's nonsense."