I DO NOT own LOST GIRL or ANY of the characters.. IF I did DYSON would NEVER wear a shirt !

After a battle with a monster Bo needs healing and she goes to the last person any of us would think

I like lochlyn and thought it would intresting to do a story with him and Bo

Bo was walking down the street when she stopped in an alley and saw a Dullahan. SHe followed it and saw it getting ready to kill someone. Bo of course decided to get in the middle and start fighting the Dullahan. They ended up in an abandonded building trading blows. Bo knocked the Dullahan down but then the Dullahan cut her stomach.

Bo moaned and grabbed her side, she was pissed now and was determined to find the head. Bo took her knife out of her boot and went after the Dullahan. BO was thrown across the room and landed into a wall. Bo groaned and looked around and saw the Dullahan's head hid in a box a few feet away. Bo got up and ran to where she saw the head. She grabbed the head and stabbed it with her knife. Insantly the Dullahan fell to the ground.

Bo collapsed to the ground and blood was dripping down her shirt. BO groaned and knew that she needed healing. Bo got up and knew she couldn't walk down the street with blood dripping from her shirt so she took the back way to dyson's apartment building.

Bo came in the back door and walked up the flight of stairs. Bo collapsed at Dyson's door she knew she was losing blood. Bo got off the floor and knocked on the door. The door opened suddenly and Dyson sighed,

Bo looked at him and said, " I'm kinda bleeding in the hallway, can I come in?" Dyson then said, " Bo, I already told you, you can't come to me anymore for healing. I"m not your boyfriend or your boy toy."

Bo sneered at Dyson and said" For god sakes Dyson, I"m bleeding. Your place was the closest. Why the hell all of a sudden are you worried about me using you for sex?" Dyson growled and said, " Look the first time was a mistake and it's not going to happen anymore. Go find someone else ." Dyson gave his keys to Bo and shut the door in her face.

Bo slammed her fist on the door and said," Well screw you to dyson." BO was so pissed and wanted to kick dyson's door down and kick his ass but she was bleeding. Bo headed back down the stairs to the parking lot and to Dyson's truck. SHe got in it and took her jacket soaked with blood and threw it on the seat.

Bo started the truck and headed to the last place she wanted to go but it was her only choice. Bo pulled out of the parking lot and headed down the road.