Kenzi laughed then walked over and hugged Bo. Kenzi then said, "Sounds like you need to make a choice Bo-Bo."

Bo whimpered and said, "That's what I was afraid of Kenz."

Bo knew she was going to have to choose as her head lay on Kenzi's shoulder. Bo needed advice and she knew where she needed to go. Bo threw a pair of jeans and a shirt then her boots and she headed back to The Dall. When she walked in Trick was cleaning up glasses. Trick turned around, saw Bo and said," Heard what happened, you need to talk?"

Bo smiled, nodded and knew she came to the right place. Bo and Trick headed downstairs and sat down.

Bo took Trick's hand and said, "I need to make a choice between Dyson and Lochlyn. How do I even do that?"

Trick smiled and said, "If you choose Lochlyn you're going to have to choose a side and it's going to be Light Fae. It's not going to look good The Ash hooking up with a Dark Fae. You wouldn't have to live in the shack no more, you'd move in with Lochlyn. Dyson doesn't want to change you in the least. You could stay unaligned and keep helping people and stay in the shack with Kenzi."

Talking with Trick, Bo decided she was going to take some time to think about her decision. Bo also decided to keep her distance from both Lochlyn and Dyson so she wouldn't make an impulsive choice. Two weeks went by and she hadn't seen Dyson and Lochlyn. Before she made her choice she needed to talk to both of the guys. Bo woke up in the morning, threw some cloths on and headed to The Ash's compound first. The guards led Bo to Lochlyn; he was sitting on his throne. Lochlyn waved the guards away. Bo looked at Lochlyn and said, "Look I know I need to choose. I already know I'll have to choose Light Fae but would I need to change anything else?"

Lochlyn looked a little confused about the question. It took a minute but once Lochlyn understood, he smiled and said, "You could move in here with me and not have to worry about working."

Bo left the Ash's compound with even more to think about. Bo took another two weeks to think about her options. Bo finally made a choice one night when she got into a fight with another Dullahan. After she killed the Dullahan she was bleeding from her head and arm. She made it to her car and headed to The Ash's compound. Bo parked and made her way to the door and knocked. A second later a guard opened the door and she said "Need to see Lochlyn."

The guard nodded then helped Bo inside up a few stairs and down a long hallway and to a bedroom door. The guard knocked and Lochlyn opened the door and saw Bo. Lochlyn picked Bo up and nodded to the guard. The guard shut the door and Lochlyn took Bo over to his bed and said, "What the hell have you done to yourself."

Lochlyn took Bo's jacket off. Lochlyn was starting to take Bo's cloths off but she stopped him and said, "You don't wanna change me do you?"

Lochlyn didn't have a damn clue what the hell was going on. Lochlyn said, "You need to heal."

Lochlyn kissed Bo and she took off his shirt and said, "I want Kenzi to move in here with us. I know how you feel about humans but she's my family other than Trick."

Lochlyn knew Bo wasn't making any sense. Lochlyn just thought she lost a little too much blood getting here. Lochlyn starting taking off Bo's shoes, and pants. Bo was starting to pass out and Lochlyn started kissing Bo. Not even a second later Lochlyn 's chi spiraled out of his mouth and into Bo's mouth.

Bo then wrapped her legs around Lochlyn and he thrust his arousal all the way inside of her. Bo grabbed the satin sheets and her muscles were tight and hot against him. Lochlyn 's strokes were steady and deep and Bo moaned, totally enjoying herself.

Bo moved her hands to clutch his ass, urging him to move harder and faster. Each time he pushed into her he made her gasp and pant. Teetering on her own climax, Bo arched her back. The change in angle touched something deep inside her and she felt her orgasm spill down her spine. The sound of her getting off made him snap and he started slamming into her faster and faster until he threw his head back and shouted," Oh SHIT."

They were both completely exhausted as they tumbled to the sheets together, both breathing heavily. Lochlyn kissed Bo's forehead and said, "What the hell were you talking about earlier?"

Bo looked at Lochlyn and said, "I made my choice, and I choose you. I'll declare a side as soon as you let me. I only want one thing."

Lochlyn half smiled and said, "What is that?"

Bo then said, "Kenzi to move in here with us, she's Family Lochlyn." A huge grin crossed Lochlyn's face and he said. "We'll give Kenzi, a part of the compound."

A huge smile crossed Bo's face and Lochlyn knew he had made Bo happy. The two fell asleep. The next morning while Bo slept late, Lochlyn did what was necessary to let the other government that the unaligned succubus finally chooses the Light Fae.